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10 best clocks and timers for home gyms 2023 HomeGym101

A clock or timer for your home gym may not be something you think about. Yet it can be a great addition to your home gym.

No matter if it’s Crossfit, HIIT, or Time Under Tension, you can use a timer. After all, what better way to accurately time your sets or intervals?

This guide will look at the best clocks and timers for home gyms. Why wait? It’s time to get started!

In a Hurry? Here is our top pick:

Here’s our pick for the best overall. The Rogue Echo Gym Timer is a complete gym timer. You can use the Echo can for any training activity you need to keep time for. 

Use the Echo for Crossfit, intervals, or boxing rounds. Use it for tracking your bodybuilding sets. Are you doing sprints? It has a stopwatch setting. It has dozens of preset settings. You can also customize your own personalized settings. 

The display is in large red and green 4” numbers. There’s a remote control for ease of use. A tripod stand is also available. Or, mount it on the wall. Need a two-sided timer? There’s an Echo Gym Timer available. There’s an included in-depth manual.

  • Features 4” Numbers
  • Remote Control For Ease Of Use
  • Dozens Of Available Settings
  • May Not Be Loud Enough For Some Users

Here’s a compact version of the Rogue Echo Gym Timer. The Rogue Home Timer is about half the size of the Echo. That makes it ideal for smaller home gym use. It’s battery-operated and will hold a charge for up to 8 hours. 

You can use it as a tabletop timer. Or it’s big enough to mount to your wall. It has several customizable settings. It comes with a full-function remote control. Finally, there are complete instructions included.

  • Fits On A Tabletop Or Mount On The Wall
  • Includes A Remote Control
  • Customizable Settings
  • Some Feel It Could Be More User Friendly

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Here’s our pick for a basic wall clock for your home gym. The Body-Solid Weight Plate Wall Clock looks like a 45lb Olympic plate. yet it only weighs one lb and takes one AA battery. It’s 15” in diameter and 1” thick. 

Many users prefer the simplicity of a basic clock. A wall clock does more than tell you what time it is. You can use it to track your time while you’re working out. Even if it’s Crossfit or HIIT intervals. It uses quartz movement for accuracy. Finally, it has a lifetime warranty.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 15” Diameter – 100% Accurate
  • Looks Like A 45lb Olympic Plate
  • No Protective Clock Face Covering 

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The GymNext Flex Timer is the best choice for a wireless timer. It’s ideal for Crossfit, Boxing, HIIT, and all types of interval training. The GymNext Flex Timer has a 2.3” LED display and an adjustable buzzer. 

Also, there’s an audio sync feature. You can use Bluetooth or regular music to fade as desired. You can share and save an unlimited number of workouts with the GymNext Flex Timer. Combine this timer with a mobile app. It has a 100-foot Bluetooth range. 

Also, the Flex Timer features 6 modes. There’s a hands-free feature. You can use your Apple Watch or Android Gear. Finally, it mounts on a wall or sits on a table.

  • Ideal For Crossfit, HIIT, Or Boxing
  • Features A Mobile App 
  • 100 Foot Bluetooth Range
  • The Cord May Be Too Short For Some Home Gyms

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Here’s a professional-level timer with a crystal-clear LED display. The Synergee Premium Interval Wall Timer is our pick for the best for Crossfit. It uses customized programs such as EMOM, Tabata, Count Up, and Countdown. 

We will review these training programs in detail later in this guide. The Synergee Premium Interval Wall Timer can be wall-mounted. There’s a 60” cord which should be plenty for most home gyms. 

There’s also a fully programmable remote control with a signal range of 60ft. Finally, there’s no manual included, but it’s available on the Synergee website.

  • Designed For Crossfit
  • Large, Easy To Read LED Display
  • Fully Programmable Remote Control
  • Some Users Feel The Volume Is Too Loud, Even On The Lowest Setting

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You can use this gym timer as a wall clock or a multifunctional timer.  It’s our pick for the best combo unit. The Pellor Fitness Training Gym Timer features 5 different modes. These include a clock, stopwatch, count up, count down, and interval. 

There are also pre-programmed timer settings, and you can save up to 10 preset training times. For example, you can pre-set your interval training goals. This might be 20 seconds of training followed by 10 seconds of rest for 8 total times. 

Pellor Fitness Training Gym Timer mounts on the wall. It comes with a full-function remote control.

  • Multifunction – Features 5 Modes 
  • Save Up To 10 Preset Workout Times
  • Wall Mounted – Remote Included

Here’s a compact, portable timer that can be used for numerous training styles. You can use the Gymboss Timer for regular weight training. 

You can also use it for cardio and Crossfit. It has a clear, easy-to-read display. It’s customizable with both a vibrating and beep alarm. It’s water-resistant and shock-resistant. This means you can use it in all weather conditions. There’s also a belt clip so you can wear it while training.

  • Compact And Portable
  • Weather Resistant – Shock Resistant
  • Customizable
  • Some Users Feel It’s Too Small

No products found.

Here’s a portable timer that’s ideal for runners. The FomaTrade Digital Stopwatch Timer can be used in all weather conditions. 

The Stopwatch Timer features the date, alarm, and time functions. The digital display is a large size and easy to see. There’s also an included lanyard for easy carrying.

  • Weather Resistant – Use It In Any Weather Conditions
  • Large Digital Display
  • Included Lanyard For Easy Carrying
  • The Lanyard May Be Too Short For Some Users

No products found.

The TITLE Boxing Deluxe Gym Time is the best timer for boxing. This timer works well in any size training area. You can adjust it for 2 or 3 minute training rounds. Rest periods of 30 seconds to 1 minute are also adjustable. 

There’s a 30-second end-of-round audible warning. Finally, the Deluxe Gym Timer is color-coded. It shows green numbers for your training rounds. It also shows yellow for the 30-second warning. Finally, there’s red for rest periods.

  • Color-Coded To Signify Training And Rest Periods
  • Adjusts Rounds, End Of Round Warning, And Rest Periods
  • Ideal For Any Size Training Area
  • Some Users Feel It’s Not Loud Enough

No products found.

Here’s our pick for the best value. The Seesii Gym Timer is a wireless Bluetooth timer. It’s compatible with IOS and Androidx. This allows you to use it with any mobile fitness app. The Seesii Gym Timer is small enough to carry in your backpack. 

It also has a magnetic side so you can stick it on any metal surface. This means you can train anywhere. It’s a multifunction gym timer with 5 modes. These include normal, interval, stopwatch, and count up. It also has several pre-programmed settings. Finally, it uses a rechargeable battery.

  • Lightweight And Portable
  • Bluetooth Compatible
  • Lets You Train Anywhere
  • Some Users Feel It Would Not Survive If Dropped

A wall-mounted clock can be an important addition to your home gym. Beyond telling time, the main use of a wall clock is to track your workout time. If you’re a serious bodybuilder or strength athlete, you keep a training journal. That journal should include your start and stop times. You can even track your rest times with a wall clock. You can keep this data in your training journal. If you manipulate rest periods, a wall clock is a must for your home gym.

A timer is best used with any program that breaks your session into predetermined lengths. You can use a timer for more intricate training programs. For example, HIIT Interval, Crossfit, and boxing are three good examples. Another example might be Time Under Tension. We will detail the best training styles to use a timer with below.

 What Training Styles Can You Use With A Clock Or Timer?

As noted, you can use a clock or timer to track training performance and length.  There are several training styles that this works well with. 

These include:

  • EMOM – Crossfit – This is a workout structure that typically lasts for 20 minutes. For example, you would perform your WOD using an Every Minute On the Minute. This means you would perform each exercise for one minute. You would, “on the minute”, change to your next exercise. 
  • Fight Gone Bad (FGB) – Crossfit – This is 5 workout stations done in 5 minutes. You then rest 1 minute and do it again. 
  • Count Up, Count Down – Crossfit – This refers to how you count your predetermined reps. You count halfway up, then count backward. For example, you have a set of 20 burpees to do. Count to 10, then count back to 1. That’s 20 total burpees. 
  • Tabata – Crossfit – This is an interval style of training. You go all-out for 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds. You do this up to 8 times. 
  • HIIT Interval – This a short burst of all-out effort followed by a rest period of slow walking. For example, sprint on a treadmill for 20-30 seconds. Then slow to a walk while you catch your breath. Your rest period should be no more than 40-60 seconds. Or, double the length of your all-out effort. Continue in this manner for 10-20 minutes. 
  • General Cardio – You can use a timer to time your sessions. You can also time them with a gym wall clock.
  • Boxing Rounds – A timer, such as the TITLE Boxing Deluxe Timer, allows you to set rounds. There’s also a 30-second warning buzzer. Finally, it sets your between-rounds rest period. In this way, it provides strict in-ring training. 
  • Running – A stop watch-style timer is ideal for runners. For example, the FomaTrade Digital Stopwatch is easy to carry. It’s also water and weatherproof. 
  • Stretching – You can set a timer so you know how long to hold your stretches.
  • General Weightlifting – Time your sets and your workout with a wall clock or timer. You also time tour rest periods. 
  • Bodybuilding – A home gym timer can be beneficial for bodybuilders using Time Under Tension (TUT). The suggested TUT for muscle growth is sets of at least 40 seconds. You can set the timer for your goal time frame, say, 40 seconds. Another good use of a timer for bodybuilding might be to time your rep length. For example, you should complete the negative portion of the rep more slowly. Sure, you can count your tempo. But if you’re using a timer, all you have to do is execute your rep. 

As noted, you can time specific training sessions, rest periods, or set lengths. This can benefit any experience level. Beginners need to learn about tracking their training time. Are you new to Crossfit or HIIT? Then, it’s all about timing. You can use a clock or timer for virtually any style of training. 

This depends on how big your home gym is. Are you mounting this on the wall? Then you need to see it from anywhere in your gym. Is it mounted outside? You’ll need to be able to see it from your training area. Are you going to put it on a shelf or table? You have to be able to see it. Choose one that’s large enough for your needs.

For a wall-mounted timer, you should consider a large display. Many timers, such as the Rogue Echo Gym Timer, have a 4” display. The numbers should be clear and easy to see. As noted, you need to be able to see it when you’re training.

Any timer you’re considering should be programmable. Many of them feature pre-set modes. You can also save several settings based on your personal needs. For example, the GymNext Flex Timer lets you save an unlimited number of training routines. 

Most gym timers come with a remote control. This controls your custom settings and any pre-programmed settings. It also has more basic controls. Most remotes have an extended range. This means they will work in any size home gym. Some also have Bluetooth connectivity. 

If your timer has Bluetooth, can you use it to work out to music? This may be a feature to look for. You could also sync to mobile training apps. 

Many clocks and timers for the home gym can be mounted on a wall. Some, like the Rogue Echo, have an available tripod. Others can sit on a tabletop or other flat surfaces. If your clock or timer wall mounts, make sure brackets and instructions are included. 

Adding a clock or timer to your home gym can be valuable to your training progress. You can choose whichever you feel meets your needs the most. Or, you can go with both. Why not have a wall clock and a specialized timer? 

Regardless, if you want our best overall, you want the Rogue Echo Gym Timer. This unit features 4” numbers and a clear display. You can mount it on a wall or use a tripod stand. Use it with any training style. Finally, there’s a detailed manual included. 

Do you want a simple, basic wall clock? The Body-Solid Weight Plate Wall Clock looks like a 45lb Olympic plate. It’s lightweight and keeps accurate time. It only needs one AA battery. 

Finally, do you need a compact timer? If you train outside a lot, the Gymboss Timer is ideal. It’s weather-resistant, and you can use it anywhere you like to train. You can also use it for any training style.

As you can tell, a clock or timer for your home gym makes a big difference in exercise execution. You can precisely time your Crossfit, HIIT, or other sessions. Or, you can keep track of time with a wall clock. The best clock and timers for home gym is whichever one meets your training needs. Use our guide and find the best clock and timer for you! 


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