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10 Best Free Standing Punching Bags 2023 HomeGym101

Adding a free standing punching bag to your workout provides several benefits. If cardio is your goal, you can get a great interval-style low-impact workout.

If you train in combat sports, you can work on your striking and kicking skills. A punching bag also develops reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

This guide will look at the best free standing punching bags on the market. Let’s take a look!

In a Hurry? Here is our top pick:

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Here’s our pick for best overall. The RDX Free Standing Punching Bag features multi-layer construction. It’s made using patent-pending, high-density foam. The foam provides a uniform striking surface. There’s also anti-rip nylon lining and leather covering. It uses reinforced stitching for durability.  

The RDX has numbered strike zones designed for specific strikes and kicks. The base uses 17 suction cups and has extendable legs for stability. Finally, you can use water or sand to fill the base. The RDX Free Standing Punching Bag includes a pair of gloves.

  • Patent Pending Design
  • Features Targeted Strike Zones
  • The Base Has Extendable Legs For Stability
  • The Pouring Hole In The Base Could Be Bigger

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Here’s another free standing punching bag that’s made using multi-layer construction. It consists of a steel tube, foam, and a hand-sewn leather covering. 

There are 12 suction cups that hold the Xsport Pro Freestanding Punching Bag in place. Each one has a sucking power of 173lbs. That makes this the best free standing punching bag for suction. 

Also, you can use sand or water to fill the base. The Xsport Pro stands 70” tall and you can use it anywhere. The upgraded shock absorption system provides good rebound during use. A pair of gloves comes with your purchase at no extra cost. Finally, the Xsport pro you can tilt the Xsport Pro and roll it for storage.

  • Held In Place By Suction Cups – Or Use Sand Or Water
  • Features Multi-Layer Construction
  • Stands 70” Tall
  • Some Users Feel It’s Not A Good Choice For Heavy Punching

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This is a free standing punching bag with a life-like upper torso. Sturdy plastisol is the material used to construct the Century Bob XL torso. The torso is filled with dense urethane foam. Century Bob sits on a polyurethane pole. 

You can choose either water or sand to fill the base. Bob is height adjustable for different-sized users. The height ranges from 60 to 82 inches. The torso dimensions are life-sized for realistic training. Finally, you can move Century Bob relatively easily.

  • Features A Life-Like Upper Torso
  • Height Adjustable From 60” To 82”
  • Upper Torso Is Foam Filled Plastisol
  • Made Be Hard To Roll For Some Users

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Everlast is one of the oldest manufacturers of punching bags. The Powercore Bag is a popular and durable freestanding bag. It’s a round, foam-filled nylon-covered bag. The size is compact and meant for small exercise spaces. 

You can use the Powercore Bag for cardio and leg conditioning. It’s also good for hand-eye coordination. The height is adjustable and ranges from 54 to 65 inches. You can fill the heavy-duty base with either sand or water.

  • The Round Design Allows 360-Degree Use
  • You Can Use Sand Or Water To Fill The Base 
  • Good For Cardio And Lower Body Conditioning
  • Some Users Find That Water Leaks Out Of The Base

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This free standing punching bag will take hard hits without falling over. The Ringside Free Standing Punching Bag uses a plastic base. You can choose sand or water to fill the base. The bag has a durable vinyl cover. It’s filled with shock-absorbing foam. 

The height is not adjustable, but there is 51” of striking space. Also, there’s an 11” protective pad around the bottom to protect your feet while kicking. That makes this the best punching bag for lower leg protection.

  • Designed To Stay Upright No Matter How Hard It’s Hit
  • Large 51 Inch Strike Area
  • Protective Pad Above The Base
  • It’s Non-Height Adjustable

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The Century Aerobic Wavemaster is our pick as the best for cardio. It’s smaller and designed for low-impact cardio boxing and kickboxing. You can also use it for light MMA work. This bag is 40 inches tall and filled with dense foam. 

The Wavemaster has four height adjustments, ranging from 53.5” to 65.5”. Finally, the base has a low profile and you can fill it with water or sand.

  • Created For Cardio
  • Four Height Adjustments
  • Easy To Move
  • Not Meant For Serious Martial Arts Training

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This is a free standing punch bag made for serious Martial Arts athletes. Century Versys Fight Simulator was created to help both ground work and regular training. The Fight Simulator has top handles for knee strikes and takedowns. 

These handles combined with a narrow design allow easy maneuvering. The Fight Simulator is ideal for endurance training and conditioning. It’s also good for speed and technique training.

  • Created For Martial Arts Training
  • Features A Narrow Design
  • Top Handles Allow Knee Strikes & Groundwork
  • May Topple Over If You Use Power Punches

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This is a free standing punching bag for speed, accuracy, and timing. It looks like a regular speed bag. The Ringside Fitness Reflex Bag is height-adjustable from 49” to 69”. 

You can fill the plastic base with sand or water. The bag is made of durable synthetic leather. The pole design has a steel spring right below the bag. This allows the bag to mimic movements a real opponent might make.

  • Height-Adjustable Speed/Reflex Bag
  • Height Adjustable From 49” To 69”
  • Made Of Durable Synthetic Leather
  • Some Users Feel It’s Best Used By Beginners

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Here’s the best bag for heavy punching and kicking. The Everlast Omniflex Free Standing Punching Bag has a “Nevatear” outer shell for durability. Shock absorbing, high-grade foam fills the bag. The “Omniflex” neck absorbs impact and limits base movement. 

This is a bag designed for power punching and kicking. The bag is height adjustable to suit users of all heights. You can use sand or water to fill the base.

  • Designed For Durability
  • Height Adjustable
  • Absorbs Maximum Impact
  • Some Users Find It Awkward To Fill With Sand – You Have To Pour It At An Angle

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Here’s our pick for the best punching bag for beginners. The PEXMOR 47” Free Standing Punching Bag works well for beginners of all ages. It’s meant for fitness training, kickboxing, or MMA training. 

The base has 12 suction cups, you do not need to use water or sand. It’s made of solid steel. The bag is a steel tube covered with foam. It has a durable PU leather cover. The cover is tear-resistant and has good rebound.

  • Designed For Beginners 
  • Good For Cardio, Kickboxing & MMA
  • No Water Or Sand Needed
  • You Can Only Use The Bag On Smooth Floors Like Marble, Tile, Or Wood.
  • Some Users Feel The Suction Cups Are Not Strong Enough

A free standing punching bag is a piece of equipment that’s used for punching and kicking practice. You can use them for cardio, boxing, kickboxing, and MMA. Free standing punching bags are made of foam covered in nylon, vinyl, or leather. Suction cups are often used on the base to hold them in place. You can also fill them with either sand or water. This will add 100-200 extra pounds.

There are three basic types of free standing punching bags:

  • Beginners – These are free standing punching bags that are good for any use and any age. Kids often begin learning combat sports at a young age. Our pick for the best 

beginner bag, the PEXMOR 47” Free Standing Punching Bag, is ideal for this purpose.

  • Cardio – These are free standing punching bags used for cardio boxing and kickboxing. Cardio using a free standing punching bag has become a popular way to train. It’s low impact and burns a lot of calories. It also provides a good whole-body workout. The Century Aerobic Wavemaster is the best example of this type of bag.
  • Combat Sports – These are free standing punching bags made for real fighters. They are more durable, larger, and more stable. One good example of this type of bag is Century Bob XL. Another good example is the Century Versys Fight Simulator. This bag has handles at the top and you can use it for grappling. You can also use it for striking and kicking.

It’s important to buy according to your goals and current level of experience. 

Most home gyms will have space for a free standing punching bag. They are a compact piece of training equipment. Still, some users may need to store their bag when not in use. You can tilt most bags to the side and roll them for storage. The Everlast Powercore Bag is our pick for the best bag for a small home gym. Another good choice for small spaces is the Ringside Fitness Reflex Bag. This is a smaller speed-style bag. Any bag with a base that’s filled with sand or water will be hard to move. Still, this one is one of the easiest to move. 

The striking surface of punching bags usually has a durable nylon or vinyl covering. Some have leather. Many bags, such as the Xsport Pro Freestanding Punching Bag, use a foam-covered steel tube underneath.

The density of the foam should be hard enough to provide resistance. Yet, you should not feel any pain from striking. Still, it’s a good idea to use a pair of gloves. Our best overall, the RDX Free Standing Punching Bag, includes a pair of good quality gloves. 

Most of the free standing punching bags in our guide are adjustable for height. They all work well for short users, such as teens of any age. As well, they work well for taller users. For example, Century Bob is adjustable to 82” tall. That’s tall enough for anyone!

Most of the bags in this guide have a base that uses suction cups. On average, they will have 12 suction cups. Also, in most cases you can fill the base with water or sand. All of these features ensure stability while using. Our best overall, the RDX Free Standing Punching Bag, has 17 suction cups. It also has extendable legs for even more stability.

Since most bags have suction cups on the base, they may be all you need. If not, adding sand is the best way to go. This is because some bags have complaints about water leaking. Some also have complaints about awkward fill holes. Still, you can use whichever is easiest for you. Remember, once you add sand or water, it will be very hard to move.  

With a bag, there’s no complicated installation. Still, you may need to put some punching bags together. This usually means attaching the base to the bag. Also, as noted you’ll have to add water or sand as desired. Otherwise, all you have to do is move it where you want it. What if you want to move it? In most cases you can tilt it and roll it to another area.

In terms of space, a punching bag is a compact piece of equipment. As noted, you can move most bags. If your exercise space is small, there are compact options as noted above. Make sure you check the measurements of any punching bag you’re considering. Also, you may want to check the weight when filled with sand or water. Adding either usually adds up to 200lbs. 

Many people use a free standing punching bag for cardio. However, many serious athletes train for combat sports using one of these. Punching bags such as Century Bob XL or the Century Versys Fight Simulator are designed for this. Either way, you will get a good whole body workout. 

Nearly anyone can use a punching bag. It’s good for kids coming up in karate. It’s also good for fitness enthusiasts performing cardio boxing. Even older people can get in some light cardio work. Plus, using a bag is a low impact workout. That means it’s easy on the joints. 

  • Hand Protection – First, it’s important to use gloves for hand protection. This is true regardless of your intended use. 
  • Use Good Form – Most users interested in buying a punching bag train in combat sports. They may also do cardio using a bag. Make sure you understand how to use a bag if you’re a beginner. Good form is always important regardless of the type of exercise.
  • You Can Practice Timed Rounds – This approach works well for both cardio and combat sports. You can start with three 2-minute rounds and work up. A goal to aim for is five 5-minute rounds with 1-minute rest in-between. 

Here are some techniques you should know:

  • Cardio – Of course, this increases your heart rate. Cardio keeps it elevated for a predetermined amount of time. You can do interval-style cardio by doing timed rounds. 
  • Joint Rotations – These are circular motions or twists you make using various joints in the body. For example, your knees, shoulders, hips, and legs. This type of motion is more specialized. Make sure you understand how to perform your strikes and kicks this way. 
  • Cross Punches – This is punching with your dominant hand at an opponent’s head area.
  • Jab Punches – This is punching with the dominant hand at an opponent’s body. 
  • Uppercut Punches – This is a vertical punch upwards at an opponent’s chin.
  • Hook Punches – This is throwing a punch with your dominant hand at an opponent’s head. You’ll twist your torso to follow through.

Have you chosen to add a free standing punching bag to your program? A good place to start is with our best overall. The RDX Free Standing Punching Bag comes with a good pair of gloves. It’s made using dense patent-pending, shock-absorbing foam. It has a durable leather covering. It also has numbered strike zones for specific strikes and kicks. 

If you would prefer a life-like punching bag, Century BOB XL is the way to go. Using Bob is like facing a real opponent. If you’re doing cardio workouts, it’s like doing drills with a real partner. 

Finally, if you’re a beginner, The PEXMOR 47” Free Standing Punching Bag is designed for kids and beginners of all ages. It’s held in place by 12 suction cups and features a steel plate for a base. You don’t need sand or water. That means it will be easier to move if you need to. 

As you can see, there are quite a few choices available. The best free standing punching bag is the one that helps you reach your goals the most. Let’s start training!


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