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10 best weight benches for your home gym 2023

Regardless of the type of exercise you do, a weight bench is one of the core pieces of equipment for your home gym or exercise space. 

A bench is the key to performing many of the most result-producing exercises.

Even if you mainly do dumbbell or band work, a bench can make the difference in how well you can perform your exercises.

Let’s face it, proper execution means better results, and an adjustable bench can help you do just that.

In this guide, we’ll look at the best weight benches on the market. Let’s take a look!   

In a Hurry? Here is our top pick:

The AB-5000 Zero Gap Adjustable Bench is commercial-grade and is manufactured from 11-gauge steel. This bench has a total weight capacity of 1,000 lbs.

There’s 7 backrest adjustments, 4 seat pad adjustments with no gap. This is because the seat slides along the frame, eliminating any potential gaps. 

This bench features a full steel plate seat support and 3 large steel back supports for durability. The seat and backrest align to create a decline position.

The AB-5000 has a grip handle and transport wheels for storage, there are steel guards around the wheels so a spotter that’s standing on the end of the bench won’t damage them. 

This bench comes partially assembled, all it takes is 20 minutes to put it together and you can start working out. It can be used by itself, in a power rack, or Smith machine.

The overall quality, strength, and features make this the best overall weight bench.

  • Features “Overbuilt” Steel Construction, Including Steel Seat & Back Supports
  • Holds Up To 1,000 lbs
  • There’s No-Gap Between The Seat & Back In Any Of The 7 Positions
  • May Be Too Pricey For Some Users

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The Marcy SB-10100 Utility Bench is a flat-decline-incline bench that can be adjusted to 4 positions and has an adjustable seat. It has foam rollers on the front to anchor your feet as needed during your workout. 

The bench is made of heavy-duty steel and has a 300lb capacity, making it the best choice for seniors, who usually don’t lift a lot of weight. 

The Marcy SB-10100 also features thick density foam and a vinyl cover that’s double stitched.

This bench can be used in a power rack, Smith machine, or on its own with a set of dumbbells. It’s ergonomically designed and folds for easy storage.

  • 300LB Weight Capacity
  • Flat, Incline & Decline Positions With An Adjustable Seat
  • Use It In A Rack Or Cage, Or On Its Own
  • Taller Users May Feel The Bench Is Too Short

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The CAP Deluxe Utility Weight Bench is made using 2” x 2” steel tubing and has a weight capacity of 500lbs flat and 400lbs incline. This includes the user’s weight. 

The CAP bench features 7 incline levels and 3 seat positions for good versatility.

This bench also has an exclusive resistance band post, making it a great fitness bench.

You can use dumbbells, and it can be used with a rack or cage. It’s a well-padded bench and it has transport wheels so it can be moved easily.

  • 7 Incline Positions
  • 3 Seat Positions
  • Anchor Posts For Resistance Bands
  • There Are No Decline Positions Available
  • Good For Fitness But Not Strong Enough For Bodybuilders Or Powerlifters

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The Bowflex SelectTech 5.1s Adjustable Bench is a heavy-duty commercial-level bench that can hold up to 600lbs.

It features 6 positions: flat, 4-position incline, and decline. It also has an adjustable seat. 

This bench has levelers to stabilize it, and it also has a leg extension/leg curl that could be attached to a Bowflex home gym, or similar home gym system.

It has thick padding, durable vinyl covering and transport wheels for storage if needed.

These features make it the best choice for women.

  • Features 6 Positions & Adjustable Seat
  • 600lb Weight Capacity
  • Transport Wheels For Storage
  • Some Users Feel That Not All Incline Positions Are Useful

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The Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Olympic Bench is designed to hold 600lbs total weight.

It’s a sturdy bench that can be used flat or in numerous incline positions.

This bench has the exclusive features of a plate-loaded leg extension/leg curl and preacher curl attachment.

That makes this a stand-alone exercise station, or you can use it with any Smith machine or power rack. 

The leg unit has 6 thick foam rollers and the padded preacher pad is removable. It comes with a wall exercise chart.

All of these features make the XRS 20 the best bench for versatility.

  • Features A Leg & Arm Attachment
  • Holds Up To 600 lbs
  • There are 3 Incline Positions And A Flat Position
  • Not Designed For Very Heavy Lifting

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The Fitness Reality 2000 Super Max XL features a 2″ x 3″ steel frame and has a total weight capacity of 850lbs.

It can handle a user height up to 6’4”, and has 9 backrest positions, including 7 incline positions, flat, and decline. 

This weight bench offers 3 seat angle adjustments.

There’s a removable leg lock-down unit with 4 foam rollers that can be used for decline bench presses as well as ab work. 

The 2000 Super Max XL features an exclusive patent-pending no-gap design between the backrest and seat. This special design eliminates the gap regardless of the position.

These features make this the best bench for incline work. 

Use it by itself or in a power rack. This bench uses thick 2” padding, folds, and has wheels for easy storage.

  • Exclusive No-Gap Design
  • 850lbs Maximum Weight – 7 Incline Positions
  • Use It Alone Or In A Power Rack
  • Some Users Feel The Bench Is Not Wide Enough

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The Body-Solid SFID325 Pro Clubline Adjustable Bench is a commercial-quality bench that can be used by itself with dumbbells, in a Smith machine, or a power rack.

This bench is made using 2” x 3” 11-gauge steel and can handle 1,000lbs. 

It has a thickly-padded backrest and seat featuring DuraFirm upholstery.

There’s 6 incline positions, plus decline and flat. There’s also a height-adjustable, 3 position seat. 

Even though it can be used for any purpose, this bench was designed to be used in a power rack, making it the best choice for power rack use.

Finally, this bench has oversized transport wheels for easy moving.

  • Handles Up To 1000lbs
  • 6 Incline Positions, Decline & Flat
  • Use It In A Rack, Cage Or By Itself
  • Users Have Reported The Back & Seat Wobble

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This is a well-built bench featuring steel construction.

However, there’s some discrepancy over how much weight this bench can hold. 

Steelbody is a division of Marcy, and according to their website, this bench holds 800lbs.

If you’re interested in this bench, you’ll want to go with the manufacturer’s information. 

This is a 6-position bench (4 incline positions, decline, flat) with 2” padding. The seat adjusts to 5 positions, and it has wheels for easy transport.

These features make this a great bench for the wide variety of bodybuilding training.

  • This Bench Has A Total Weight Capacity Of 800lbs
  • Features 2” Thick Padding
  • There’s 6 Backrest Positions & 5 Seat Positions
  • There’s A Discrepancy On The Amazon Listing Regarding Maximum Weight – It’s Not 300lbs, It’s 800lbs.

No products found.

The MaxKare Adjustable Weight Bench has an 882lbs (not 800, as incorrectly listed) total weight capacity and features steel construction.

This bench has 7 backrest positions, 3 seat positions, and 2 foot positions, making it one of the more versatile benches in this guide.

It can be used for ab work, and it can be set with a completely straight back for arm work. 

The MaxKare Bench is designed for users from 4’9” to 6’6” in height.

There’s also no gap between the backrest and seat.

It’s ideal for small spaces because it’s a compact design, and it’s a foldable bench that can easily be stored out of the way when not in use.

  • Holds 882 lbs
  • 7 Incline/3 Seat/2 Foot Positions
  • Folds For Storage
  • Another Listing Discrepancy – It Holds 882lbs, Not 800lbs

No products found.

The XMark XM-7630 Bench has a weight capacity of 1500lbs, making this the strongest bench in our guide. That kind of strength makes this the best bench for powerlifting. 

This bench features heavy-duty steel construction and 3” padding.

The backrest adjusts to 7 positions and has dual back supports. The seat adjusts to 3 positions, both the feet and wheels are bolted to the bench.

Often the rubber feet will slide off if a bench is moved, that’s not going to happen with this bench.

It has a fold-down handlebar and wheels to let users easily move it as needed.

  • This Bench Has A Total Weight capacity Of 1500lbs
  • 3” Tear-Resistant Backrest & Seat Padding
  • Rubber Feet Bolted To The Bench To Prevent Sliding Off
  • Some Users May Feel The Bench Is Too High Off The Ground 

A bench is a “must-have” piece of equipment for virtually any kind of exercise routine.

Whether you want to do incline presses with 5lb dumbbells or go for a 1RM bench press inside a power rack, the right bench is crucial to your results. 

You need a stable, non-wobbly bench that’s the right height for your size. More than likely you’ll need a bench that’s adjustable with several incline settings, flat, and decline.

Some benches have foot supports, which you can hook your feet under for ab work or decline work.

Others have attachments such as a leg extension/leg curl or a preacher curl pad. 

If you plan to use your bench in a power rack, Smith machine, or squat stand, you’ll want a bench that does not have uprights to hold a barbell.

This makes it more versatile, meaning you can use it for dumbbell work as well as rack/cage work, and there are no uprights to get in the way. 

A bench is not something you want to cut corners with.

The best weight benches are the centerpiece of any home gym, it makes sense to invest in the highest quality bench you can find.

When making your investment in a weight bench, there are four critical factors:

  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Versatility

Let’s look at each of these:

Of course, safety is always the most important factor when training at home. The bench you choose needs to be strong enough to handle your body weight, plus the weight on the bar.

When you see the weight capacity listed for a bench you’re interested in, remember that it will always include the user weight. So a bench with a 500lb capacity includes your body weight.

If you weigh 200lbs, that leaves you with a max capacity of 300lbs, anything heavier won’t work on that bench. That may not be an issue for some users, but it will be for anyone training for strength. 

Also, you’ll need to make sure your bench is solid with no wobbling. The last thing you want is to be under a heavy bench press or incline press while lying on a wobbly bench.

The bench should be made of heavy steel construction, and the padding should be thick. It should feel secure no matter what position you’re using.

Also, there should be little to no gap between the seat and the backrest. No gap means uniform support on your back, which is important during a heavy lift.

What we mean here is that you should be able to use your bench without it causing a sore back. It has to have padding thick enough to do the job. Too thick, and you’ll sink into it, too thin, and your back will hurt under heavy weight. 

The materials used should be of high quality. Good padding should use a tough, tear-resistant covering. The wood used for the backrest and seat should be strong and reinforced with steel. 

The rubber feet shouldn’t constantly slide off. Finally, the bench should be rust-resistant. 

A non-adjustable flat bench is great but lacks versatility. That’s why you won’t find one in this guide.

Most people that exercise need a bench that does more. It should have several incline levels, and it should decline. This opens up ab work, especially if there’s foot supports to hook your feet under. 

An adjustable seat works with the incline levels so you can be in the best position to perform any exercise you want to do on the bench. This includes incline presses, incline dumbbell curls, and seated overhead shoulder presses. 

Of course, your budget determines the bench you choose. Most benches are not one of the more expensive pieces of equipment. That said, the best ones can be a little pricey.

As always, choose the best bench with the most features for the budget you have available.

Generally speaking, a bench is going to be used with other pieces of equipment such as a power rack or Smith machine.

If you have neither of these, have limited space, and just want to use your bench with dumbbells and resistance bands, some benches are foldable for storage. 

Even if they don’t fold, most benches have wheels so they can be moved easily, and some have a handle you can grab onto to help guide the bench. This allows you to move the bench out of your rack if you plan on doing squats.

If you use bands or dumbbells and store the bench somewhere else when not in use, the wheels make it easy to move. 

There’s more to a weight bench than you might think. The best weight benches are adjustable with several incline positions, a decline, and a flat position. The seat should also be adjustable, and it’s even better if you can hook your feet to do ab work. 

If versatility is your goal, the Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Olympic Bench is the right bench for you. It can do everything mentioned above, and more. There’s a plate loaded leg extension/leg curl unit, and an arm curl unit, making this a self-contained mini-gym. 

If you’re looking for the best possible bench, the The REP Fitness AB-5000 Zero Gap Adjustable Bench is our best overall. This bench has the strength – it can hold 1,000lbs – and the features to set it apart from the competition. 

Finally, for many users, space is always an issue. If that’s the case, the MaxKare Adjustable Weight Bench holds 882lbs yet features a compact design that won’t take up much space when in use. When you’re done, it folds up and can be wheeled away for easy storage. 

There are quite a few great benches available, let this guide help you choose the best weight bench for your needs.

Happy Training!


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