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15 best supplements to burn fat and build muscle 2023

Losing fat and building muscle is known as body recomposition.

However, many individuals focus more on one goal over the other.

You might choose to burn fat and preserve muscle mass. Perhaps you’d rather build muscle while holding off fat gain.

No matter how you plan to do it, this guide covers the best supplements to burn fat and build muscle.

Ready to go? Let’s get started!

This guide will be laid out by product category for easier navigation. We will begin with fat burners and then look at muscle builders.

If you want the best results from fat burning products, use a product that stimulates thermogenesis, controls appetite, and improves focus. Adding a protein powder helps maintain muscle while you are following a restricted diet. We will cover protein powder in the “muscle builders” section. 

The best supplements to burn fat include:

If you want to lose excess body fat while preserving or gaining muscle, increase your activity levels and decrease your calories.

Additionally, add a supplement to your fat loss plan. A thermogenic fat burner is the best choice.

A thermogenic fat burner is a product that stimulates thermogenesis. This is the use of calories to produce heat in the body, which burns more calories.

The most effective thermogenic fat burners will contain caffeine, and sometimes extra stimulants. As noted above, they should also attack fat from multiple angles for the best results. (1,2)

No products found.

Jacked Factory Burn XT Black is a stronger, more complete version of the popular Burn XT. It’s also our best overall fat burner. The fully open formula contains more ingredients and higher doses.

However, you have to take 3 capsules to get a full-strength serving. There are two forms of caffeine plus theanine and theobromine, which helps smooth out caffeine’s effects. This product also has capsimax cayenne pepper, green tea, and acetyl-l-carnitine.

Burn XT Black stimulates thermogenesis, increases energy, and improves focus. It also suppresses your appetite.

Also this fat burner uses several patented ingredients.

This ensures a high-quality product.

  • Includes Several Trademarked Ingredients
  • Features Two Types Of Caffeine
  • Effectively Dosed
  • There’s Only A 15 Day Supply If Used Twice Per Day

Some users do not want caffeine or other stimulants. Caffeine-based thermogenic fat burners are more effective, several non-stim versions that work well. 

A non-stim thermogenic fat burner contains more ingredients that support mood and focus. The emphasis on cognitive enhancement helps offset the lack of energy ingredients.

No products found.

The Genius Brand is known for its emphasis on cognitive-based formulas. Genius Burn is no exception. This is a stimulant-free thermogenic that also contains focus-enhancing ingredients.

The stim-free thermogenic complex contains capsicum, leangbb, and paradoxine.

It’s common for people on a fat loss diet to suffer from a lack of clarity and focus.

For this reason, Genius Burn includes coline, huperzia, and theacrine for improved cognitive function. Also included are ingredients that control appetite.

This makes Genius Burn a complete stim-free thermogenic fat burner.

  • Stim-Free Thermogenic Fat Burner
  • Complete, Balanced Formula
  • Controls Appetite
  • Some Users Feel They Are Only Losing Water Weight

The Keto diet has become one of the most popular low carb diets currently in use.

The diet itself is designed to use stored fat for energy. This diet suggests that 10% or less of your total daily calories come from carbohydrates.

The purpose of the keto diet is to help the body enter a state of ketosis. As noted above, this is when the body uses fat for energy.

There are quite a few keto-friendly products but the best choice is exogenous ketones, which help dieters enter ketosis faster.

No products found.

Perfect Keto Base contains 3.8g of Calcium BHB, 3,8g of Sodium BHB, and 3.8g of Magnesium BHB.

Perfect Keto is doctor-designed to help users achieve a state of ketosis. Add It to your coffee, bake with it, use it any time of the day.

This product is all-natural and sweetened with stevia as well as monk fruit.

This product can be used by anyone following a low carb diet.

  • Mixes With Any Beverage – Or Bake With It
  • Contains All-Natural Ingredients
  • Caffeine Free – Can Be Used Any Time
  • May Be Too Sweet For Some Users

There’s a lot of products formulated to  build muscle naturally. You can target muscle growth and hold off fat gain with these products. 

If you choose to burn fat and build muscle at the same time, the best supplements are a combination, or stack, of different products.

With these aspects understood, muscle builders cover a lot of categories. These include:

Protein powder is critical regardless of goal. There are quite a few types of protein powders available. These include whey, casein, egg, and plant-based. 

Some protein powders combine several of these into one blend. Protein is the most important macronutrient and critical for muscle growth. Here are some of the benefits of protein:

  • Stimulates Muscle Growth
  • Promotes Recovery
  • Maintains An Anabolic Environment
  • Prevents Catabolism
  • Preserves Muscle While Restricting Calories

No products found.

NutraBio was the company that began the current trend of full disclosure labeling.

They take their open-label concept seriously, and 100% Whey Isolate is no exception.

This product provides 25g of protein per serving. Whey isolate is the highest quality protein available, and it’s fast digesting. This means it’s a great choice for pre and post-workout use.

Also, it’s a good choice for first thing in the morning.

NutraBio 100% Whey Isolate is naturally flavored.

It can be mixed with the beverage/smoothie of your choice, or used in your favorite baking recipe.

  • Premium Quality Whey Isolate
  • 25g Protein Per Serving
  • Extreme Label Transparency

No products found.

Casein protein is slow digesting, which means it’s a great choice for nighttime use. Also, it’s a good protein to start the day with. This is especially true if you will be at work and can’t get to a protein meal easily. 

The best casein protein is Naked Nutrition Naked Casein Protein Powder. 

This product provides 26g of micellar casein protein per serving. Micellar casein is the purest form of casein. 

Naked Casein is unflavored and contains no other ingredients. 

This powder can be added to your shake or smoothie, and it can be used for baking.

  • 26g Micellar Casein Per Serving
  • There’s Just One Ingredient
  • Slower Digesting Protein – Good For Bedtime Use
  • Some Users Won’t Enjoy The Taste

No products found.

Besides whey and casein, plant-based protein sources are a popular trend in protein powders.

If you follow a vegan lifestyle, PEScience Select Vegan is the best choice.

This product contains 20g of pea and brown rice protein per serving.

This combination creates a complete high-quality protein with zero sugar and low fat.

There are no artificial ingredients of any kind. Select Vegan is naturally flavored and sweetened with stevia.

  • 20g Complete Plant-Based Protein Per Serving
  • No Artificial Ingredients
  • Sweetened Naturally With Stevia
  • Some Users Find The Texture To Be Chalky

Protein synthesis is considered a direct trigger of muscle growth. It used to be thought that BCAAs were the key supplement responsible for stimulating protein synthesis. 

Branched Chain Amino Acids are three of the nine Essential Amino Acids. There are amino acids that can’t be made by the body. 

They must come from supplements and all nine are important. They can be used by themselves, or added to your pre-workout. 

Of the nine EAAs or any amino acid, leucine is the most important in regards to protein synthesis.  BCAAs also preserve muscle while following a calorie restricted fat loss diet, and support recovery. 

No products found.

Myokem mTOR Pro is a complete BCAA/EAA complex that features 5g BCAAs in a ratio of 2:1:1. This means there’s twice as much leucine as the other two BCAAs. 

Leucine is the most anabolic amino acid and the one that’s most responsible for protein synthesis stimulation. 

Myokem mTOR Pro also contains the other six EAAs and a hydration complex. What sets this product apart is that it includes 3g Active TR, or time-release leucine. 

This stimulates protein synthesis every 2 hours over 8 hours. (4) 

  • Contains All 9 EAAs
  • Features 3g Active Timed Release Leucine
  • Total Leucine Content Is 5.5g
  • Contains Artificial Sweeteners

It should be noted that the BCAAs make up about a third of the protein in muscle tissue. The rest is mostly glutamine.

Like the BCAAs, glutamine is believed to be involved in protein synthesis stimulation. It also prevents muscle protein breakdown and supports recovery. It makes sense, therefore, to include glutamine with a BCAA supplement.

One scoop of Transparent Labs BCAA Glutamine contains 8g BCAAs with 5g glutamine. There’s also coconut water for hydration. As noted above, this combination makes up most of the protein in muscle tissue. 

This combination helps preserve muscle, supports muscle growth and recovery. This all-natural powder is part of the “Coreseries” line of essential, or core, products. 

Transparent Labs is one of the companies that have fully open labels, including the flavoring and sweeteners. 

BCAA Glutamine can be taken before and after training, or anytime during the day. 

You can also add it to your protein shakes.

  • Contains 8g BCAAs In A 2:1:1 Ratio
  • Includes 5g Glutamine
  • 100% Natural – Fully Transparent Label
  • Some Users Don’t Like The Taste & Texture

Creatine is without question a foundation supplement. This is because it’s been heavily researched and proven effective. Creatine monohydrate is the original form of creatine and the one that’s been researched the most.  

Look for the patented Creapure version. You don’t have to load creatine (4-5 doses a day for 5-7 days), but it will saturate your muscles faster if you do. 

Otherwise, simply take one serving per day. When users do not load, it may take 2-3 weeks to fully saturate your muscles. (5)

No products found.

Nutricost Creapure provides 5g of pure creatine monohydrate per serving. There are no other ingredients. 

This is an unflavored powder and can be mixed with water or juice. You can also add it to your pre-workout, or even your BCAA powder. 

Creapure is the patented version of creatine monohydrate and ensures purity and quality. It’s also micronized for faster absorption.

  • Contains Patented Creapure
  • There’s No Other Ingredients
  • Also Available In Capsules
  • Some Users Don’t Like The Texture

Testosterone boosters usually include ingredients such as d-aspartic acid, magnesium, zinc, boron, and tribulus. Some users feel this is best used by older men.

Still, they are commonly marketed to men of any age and are sometimes hyped to be a natural steroid replacement. Learn to look past the hype and use one that has researched, well-dosed ingredients. (6)

No products found.

Just Test Me is by Tim Miurello’s Spazmatic Supplements. This is a well rounded formula centered around overdosed DAA. The clinical dose is 3.2g, this product uses over 3.7g.

Just Test Me contains 13 total ingredients, some of these support prostate health and act as estrogen blockers.

This is important because estrogen levels can increase in response to increased test levels.

Just Test Me prevents that and targets higher levels of testosterone.

This product is natural but can be used as post-cycle therapy after a cycle of prohormones. 

  • Well Rounded Formula
  • Transparent Label
  • At Minimum, Just Test Me Is Clinically Dosed
  • Some Users Don’t Like The Product Smell

Pre-workouts improve your training performance by increasing energy, focus, motivation, pumps and endurance. There are two main types:

  • Stim-Based – Many users want a stimulant effect when they train. It should be noted that while it’s good for energy, you don’t want to use a stim-based pre-workout later than early afternoon. This is because if taken too late in the day, the stims may prevent a good night’s sleep. Otherwise, it makes sense to choose one that’s balanced in dosing and ingredients.
  • Non-Stim – If you train at night or don’t like caffeine or stims, there are stim-free pump & focus pre-workouts. This type of pre-workout can be used anytime, night or day.

This pre-workout has a fully disclosed label, and features an effectively dosed 5 complex formula.

For energy, there’s 375mg of caffeine from two sources.

Additional stims include tyramine and eria jarensis, plus juniper berry to increase absorption.

For pumps, there’s 7g citrulline malate, 1g taurine, 2.5g betaine, and the patented S7.

Also, this complex contains a high amount of beta alanine for extended training endurance.

Finally, there’s AstraGin and Bioperine Black Pepper for improved absorption.

  • Features A Fully Disclosed Label
  • There’s A Balanced 5-Complex Formula
  • Generously Dosed Ingredients
  • This Product Does Contain Artificial Ingredients

No products found.

Genius Pre is a complete, well-balanced stim-free, all-natural pre-workout. It’s formulated to target focus, pumps, strength and endurance. 

The Genius Brand is known for their emphasis on cognitive ingredients and Genius Pre features several. These include tyrosine, alpha gpc, rhodiola, and huperzine. 

There’s also beta-alanine for endurance and a complete pump complex.

  • Well-Balanced, Complete Formula
  • Caffeine/Stimulant Free
  • Good Emphasis On Focus Elevation
  • There’s Only 20 Servings Per Container

This category includes both nitric oxide enhancers and cell volumizers. The best ingredients that increase production of nitric oxide are citrulline and agmatine sulfate.

Many companies use citrulline malate which supports ATP energy but dilutes the amount of pure citrulline. 

For water-based pumps, look for taurine, betaine, and glycerol. The best pump boosters will contain a combination of both types of ingredients. (7)

No products found.

This is the company that started it all. 

N.O.2 came out in the early 2000’s and led the way as far as nitric oxide boosters. 

MRI Performance NO2 Black is dosed effectively and targets both nitric oxide and water-based pumps. Used at the suggested 2 scoop dose, MRI NO2 Black provides a huge 8g of pure citrulline, 3g Hydromax® glycerol. 

There’s also two more trademarked ingredients: an SR7 N1284 complex and Nitrosigine. 

This product is hands-down the best pump supplement on the market.

  • This Is Original Pump Supplement Updated For 2021
  • Effectively Dosed & Fully Disclosed
  • Covers Nitric Oxide & Water-Based Pumps
  • It Does Contain Artificial Ingredients

This refers to such ingredients as laxogenin and epicatechin.

Laxogenin – This compound is a plant steroid. It provides two main benefits. First, it stimulates protein synthesis, which leads to muscle growth. Secondly it can help increase strength.  (8)

Epicatechin – This flavonoid occurs naturally in dark chocolate. It stimulates muscle growth and increases production of nitric oxide. Additionally, it might inhibit myostatin. This is a type of protein that controls how large your muscles can get. In theory, epicatechin removes muscle growth limits. (9)

Bigger By The Day contains effective doses of both laxogenin and epicatechin. This product also contains leucine and a leucine derivative, HICA. 

Rich Piana 5% Nutrition Bigger By The Day stimulates protein synthesis, supports recovery and promotes muscle growth. 

It also inhibits myostatin, a protein that limits the amount of muscle growth you can achieve.  

It’s a capsule-based product, one serving equals three capsules per day.

  • Open Label
  • Contains Laxogenin & Epicatechin
  • Also Contains HICA


No products found.

Recon1 MOAB is one of the first products to combine epicatechin with 3g HMB and 1g HICA.

HMB is an anti-catabolic compound that also supports muscle growth.

There’s also vitamin D3, which has been shown to support the actions of HMB.

Astragin is included to improve absorption.

MOAB comes in a powder and mixes in cold water. It can also be mixed into other products such as a BCAA or pre-workout.

  • Features Effective Dosing
  • The Label Is Fully Transparent
  • Includes 3000 IU D3 To Support HMB
  • MOAB Contains Artificial Ingredients

As indicated above, if your goal is to burn fat while preserving muscle, be sure you are eating a high protein, low carb diet. Additionally, keep weight training to preserve muscle mass.

If your goal is to build muscle while holding off fat gain, as noted you will need to eat a high protein, moderate carb, healthy fat diet. Your training program should rely on basic exercises that use progressively heavier weight. Keep your reps in the 6-8 range. 

If you are trying to do both at the same time, here is a body recomposition stack:

Stack #1

  • Jacked Factory Burn XT Black
  • NutraBio 100% Whey Isolate
  • Nutricost Creapure Creatine Monohydrate
  • Alpha Lion Superhuman Supreme

This stack combines our best thermogenic fat burner with key supplements that will help stimulate lean muscle gains and help you get the most out for your workouts.

If you want to burn fat and build muscle at the same time, one of the key products to use is protein powder. Protein preserves muscle if you’re following a calorie restricted diet, and stimulates muscle if you’re focusing on that. NutraBio 100% Whey Isolate is our best protein. It provides 25g of whey isolate per serving and features 100% label transparency.

If you want to target fat loss, the best supplement is Jacked Factory Burn XT Black. This is a thermogenic fat burner that stimulates the use of fat for energy. It also controls appetite and improves focus.

If you want the best results possible, use both of these products as part of a stack as presented above.

Our guide provides you with the best supplements to burn fat and build muscle.

It’s up to you to choose the ones that fit your goal. Happy training!

  3. Jackman, S. R., Witard, O. C., Philp, A., Wallis, G. A., Baar, K., & Tipton, K. D. (2017). Branched-Chain Amino Acid Ingestion Stimulates Muscle Myofibrillar Protein Synthesis following Resistance Exercise in Humans. Frontiers in physiology, 8, 390.
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