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7 Best Peloton Alternatives 2023

Peloton has become one of the most popular exercise bikes on the market, primarily because of its advanced workout app.

It lets you engage in live streaming workouts and personally interact with elite trainers. You can choose from a wide variety of on-demand workout sessions and exotic scenic trails. 

Of course, all of these features are not cheap. The best Peloton alternatives need to be able to offer a comparable workout experience and do so for less.

This guide covers the best choices. Let’s go!

In a Hurry? Here is our top pick:

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The Echelon Smart Connect EX5s features 35 magnetic resistance adjustments and is designed to comfortably fit any size user. Better still, it does it all with a compact space-saving design. 

The EX5s has a competition-style, fully adjustable seat, adjustable handlebars, and no-slip pedals with cage-style straps. 

What about workout apps and streaming classes? The Echelon has a 21.5” touchscreen that adjusts 180 degrees. You can participate in live-streaming classes, use on-demand classes, or choose from several scenic rides with the Echelon Fit App.

You can also choose to listen to music. The classes run from 20 to 75 minutes and feature 30+ world-class instructors. You can try the Fit App membership for 30 days free, and it covers all Echelon bikes. 

This bike offers many of the same benefits as a Peloton and has a similar design. The features of the Echelon EX5s combined with a comparable workout app make this the best Peloton alternative.

  • Features A Fit App That Offers Various Workouts & Scenic Apps, Or You Can Listen To Music
  • Bluetooth Capable
  • Adjustable Magnetic Resistance With 32 Levels
  • Some Users Complain Of Slow Customer Service

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The Schwinn 170 Upright Bike is a well-built, sturdy bike that has 25 levels of magnetic resistance. It features a contoured seat that can be exchanged with any clamp and rail-style seat. The pedals are oversized with straps to fit any size user. 

There’s an LCD screen that tracks basic exercise performance and features 29 workout programs.

It also has Bluetooth connectivity so users can choose from among a variety of popular workout apps.

Users can also access the Explore The World app for a wide range of courses, trails, and exotic locations. There are 3 free courses, and more are available with a subscription. 

The Schwinn 170 is a great bike to start with if you’re a beginner, or new to workout apps like the one offered on Peloton.

There are several good basic features, plus the quality and reputation of Schwinn, a respected name in the bike industry.

These benefits combine to make this the best Peloton alternative for beginners, all at a superior price point.

  • Features 25 Levels Of Resistance
  • The LCD Screen Provides 29 Workout Programs
  • Bluetooth Connectivity Allows Access To Popular Training Apps
  • There’s A Subscription To Explore The World Available – 3 Free Courses Included
  • May Be Hard To Assemble For Some Users

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The MaxKare Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike uses magnetic resistance and a belt-driven system for smooth, quiet cycling. This bike has a 35lb flywheel and the resistance is adjustable. 

The seat and handlebars are height adjustable, and the handlebars feature 3 different grip styles. The pedals are also adjustable, and your foot is securely held in place with a cage-style strap. 

The MaxKare has an emergency brake system for safety. There’s an LCD that tracks basic exercise performance, and an iPad holder so you can work out to music or follow your favorite routine.

Finally, there are two wheels so you can move the bike easily. 

The Maxkare doesn’t provide a workout library like Peloton does, it takes a simpler approach, but you can access generally available workout apps using your iPad.

Like Peloton, this is a well-built bike that focuses on user comfort and provides an effective workout experience. 

The MaxKare Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike has high-end features at a great price point, making this the best budget Peloton alternative.

  • There’s A 35lb Flywheel, A Belt-Driven System, & Adjustable Magnetic Resistance
  • Fully Adjustable Seat & Multi-Grip Handlebars
  • iPad Holder For Workout Videos Or Music
  • Exceptional Price Point
  • Unlike Peloton, There’s No Downloadable Workout Apps Or Live Streaming Exercise Classes

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The Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle features a unique V-shape frame and can fit users from 4’10” to 7’ tall. It has a rear-flywheel design for quiet operation and easier maintenance.

The pedals and crank arms are designed to accommodate any style of shoe and provide a secure fit. The handlebars offer several hand positions and are easy to adjust. 

This bike has an adjustable seat, and there’s a water bottle holder for your convenience.

The media tray can hold your smart device and you can use it to access the M Series workout logs and the workout app or video of your choice.

This bike also has an LCD that tracks basic exercise performance. With the bundle pack, you also get a stretch mat and a heart rate monitor. 

The Keiser M3i competes well with Peloton by providing an innovative bike design and allowing access to the app of your choice, and it does it at a reasonable price point.

However, it doesn’t quite match the workout app of the Peloton.

Still, if you’re a taller user that wants a Peloton alternative that will fit your height, this is the best choice.

  • Industry First V-Shape That Allows Seat & Handlebar To Adjust For Users From 4’10” – 7’ Tall
  • Users Can Connect To The M-Series App Or The Workout App Of Their Choice
  • There’s Transport Wheels For Easy Moving
  • Some Users Feel The Quality Is Low

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The Nordictrack S22i Studio Cycle is a commercial-level exercise bike designed to be used at home. It has adjustable leveling feet to stabilize the bike.

It features SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance for a quiet workout and 24 digital resistance levels. 

Like Peloton, the big thing about this bike is the workout app. A 1-year iFit family membership is included with the purchase of this bike, and there’s a 22” touchscreen for the iFit Interactive Personal Training app. 

iFit allows you to create 5 individual workout profiles and you can access live, studio, or global workouts. These workouts are led by highly respected trainers and there are 16,000 workouts available for unlimited variety. 

The bike also includes a pair of 3lb dumbbells to add variety. This bike competes well with Peloton and has a similar workout app. It also has brand name recognition and quality.

  • Includes A 1-Year iFit Family Membership
  • Offers Access To 16,000 On-Demand Workouts
  • Features Live, Studio & Global Workouts With Elite Coaches
  • There’s 24 Digital Resistance Levels
  • iFit May Not Appeal To All Users

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The Bowflex VeloCore Exercise Bike provides 100 levels of smooth, quiet, magnetic resistance. The seat and handlebars are adjustable, while the pedals feature caged straps.

There’s a media rack, Bluetooth speakers, cup holders, and a Bluetooth heart rate arm strap. There’s also 3lb dumbbells included. 

The Bowflex also offers a unique Leaning mode and a Stationary mode. The Leaning mode allows you to lean like you would on a real road bike. This feature fits in with the JRNY workout app. 

The JRNY membership provides trainer-led workouts, up to 40 scenic destinations, and workouts that adjust to your level of fitness.

You can also stream your favorite TV shows. The manufacturer lets you have from a 16” touchscreen or an extra-cost 22” touchscreen. 

The Bowflex VeloCore is a high-end Peloton alternative that provides a similar workout app experience and adds a better real-world feel with the exclusive Leaning mode.

  • Provides A Similar Workout App Experience
  • The Leaning Mode Gives This Bike Has A Real-World Feel
  • Offers 100 Levels Of Resistance
  • The Bowflex Price Point Is Similar To A Peloton

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The Spinning P3 Spin Bike is a chain-drive bike with an 18kg flywheel that provides a feel like a real road bike. It has adjustable resistance and a pedal design that fits any type of shoe. 

This bike features a lightweight aluminum design that is strong and resists rust. Both the handlebars and seat are fully adjustable. 

With this bike, you get a free subscription to SPINtv, which provides access to a library of trainer-led rides that you can stream. There’s also 4 free DVD’s.

Finally, you can track your basic exercise performance, and you can move the bike easily thanks to the two transport wheels located on the front. 

The Spinning P3 is a good alternative to Peloton because it offers a reasonable price point, a great road bike-type feel, and free access to a similar workout app. The fact that the app is free makes the P3 a better choice.

  • Designed To Provide An Authentic Road Bike Feel
  • Features A Free SPINtv Workout App Subscription
  • Includes 4 Free DVDs
  • The SPINtv Is Not As Comprehensive As The Peloton App

The Peloton Bike is a relatively recent entry in the exercise bike marketplace. It sets itself apart by offering an elaborate workout app. It comes with a large front-facing screen and offers live, studio, and global workouts conducted by personal trainers. 

The live-streamed workouts allow you to interact with a live trainer. You also have access to numerous scenic riding trails. This benefit is personalized by the trainer calling out your name and encouraging you as you exercise. An additional benefit is that you can also interact with other exercisers in the class. 

There is a monthly subscription fee for access to this level of workout experience. It’s like attending a real exercise bike session, except you’re doing it in the comfort of your own home. 

To summarize, here are the major benefits of the Peloton workout app:

  • Access To On-Demand Video Workout Library 
  • A Variety Of Cycling Class Options 
  • Instructors That Engage Personally With Exercisers
  • There Are More Than 90 Weekly Classes Available 

As you might guess, it can be an expensive undertaking to own a Peloton. The bike itself is not cheap, and you have to pay a hefty monthly subscription fee to access the workouts. 

The Peloton is largely considered to be a spin bike. What is a spin bike? It’s a stationary bike like those found in a gym. It’s designed to allow you to stand up while pedaling, thereby burning more calories. It’s also designed with strong pedals, textured handlebars that may feature more than one grip, and can hold up to 350lbs. 

From a mechanical standpoint, most of these bikes are similar. As noted, they all have adjustable levels of magnetic resistance. They all have seats and handlebars that adjust. Also, they all offer smooth, quiet operation. Finally, they all have heavy-duty pedals that securely strap you in. You can expect each one of these bikes to be well built and durable. 

If you’re looking for a Peloton alternative, the primary consideration is the workout app. It makes no sense to consider a standard exercise bike that only offers a basic LCD. That’s not a Peloton alternative, that’s just an average exercise bike. 

The best alternatives offer comparable workout apps that provide on-demand, and streaming exercise classes led by trainers that, preferably, can personally interact with exercisers. Where Peloton alternatives stand out is, can they offer more, and can they offer it for less money? 

The answer is yes. 

All of the bikes in this guide feature magnetic resistance. The primary factor to consider here is the number of available levels. Some have as few as 20, others have over 30. 

The other advantage of magnetic resistance is that it offers smooth, quiet performance. This is an important consideration if you’re exercising and don’t want to disturb other household members. 

When shopping for a good Peloton alternative, look for sturdy pedals with cage-like straps for a secure fit. You may also want a pedal design that can accommodate any size shoe. 

Regardless of how tall you are, you want a bike that fits your size. The best Peloton alternatives offer seat and handlebars that are height adjustable, and a few are designed to accommodate any size user. For example, the Keiser M3i can fit users from under 5′ to 7′ tall.

Some bikes are designed to imitate the feel of a real road bike. One bike, the Bowflex VeloCore, even has an exclusive “Leaning” mode that allows you to lean into turns, thereby taking road feel to a more authentic level. For users that simply want to ride an exercise bike in a normal fashion, the Bowflex also offers a “stationary” mode.

A Peloton alternative does not take up much space, so most if not all users will have enough room for the bike of their choice. If you prefer to move the bike to another area when not in use, the majority of bikes have transport wheels. This allows the bike to be easily moved to another area for storage as needed. 

Some of the accessories include water bottle holders, a pair of light dumbbells, and of course a media holder. A few options include Bluetooth accessibility. 

As good as Peloton is, it’s expensive. In this guide, you’ve seen several high-quality Peloton alternatives. 

If you want the best overall, it’s the Echelon Smart Connect EX5s. There are 35 levels of magnetic resistance, a competition-style, adjustable seat, and adjustable handlebars. It also has a 21.5” touchscreen, and with the Echelon Fit App, there’s live-streaming classes, on-demand classes, and scenic rides. The EX5s features a high-quality design and has a workout app that provides a similar workout experience for a lot less. 

Maybe you need the best budget Peloton alternative. That’s the MaxKare Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike. It has adjustable resistance, an adjustable seat, and the handlebars have a tri-grip design. The MaxKare does not come with a workout app, but it does have a mount for your iPad so you can download and use the workout apps of your choice. 

For additional options, the Nordictrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle is a commercial-quality bike that features a comparable workout app. In fact, of all the bikes reviewed in this guide, the s22i has an app that’s closest to Peloton. 

As you can tell, there’s no reason to let budget hold you back from getting a workout experience similar to Peloton.

The choice is yours!


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