Top 7 best running shoes for supination in 2023

Running is one of the most accessible forms of exercise out there, it can be done in any conditions, and does not require a gym membership or anything other than a great set of running shoes. 

Supination, also known as under-pronation, affects a number of runners. In this article, we will be looking at some of the best running shoes for supination.

In a Hurry? Here is our top pick:

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Best Running Shoes for Supination

  1. Nike React Infinity Run – Editor’s Choice
  2. Adidas Men’s Solar Glide 19
  3. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37
  4. Asics Gel Nimbus 22
  5. Adidas Run Falcon
  6. Saucony Men’s Endorphin Shift 
  7. Nike Joyride Dual Run
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Reviews – The Best Running Shoes for Supination

In this section, we will be looking at a selection of the best neutral running shoes for runners who under-pronate. 

1. Nike React Infinity Run – Editor’s Choice

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  • Gorgeous design
  • Amazing midsole that provides stability for each part of the stride
  • Very responsive


  • Not cheap

The Nike React Infinity running shoe is a superb product, they are responsive, comfortable,and supportive. They are the best looking running shoes for supination on this list by a long way. 

The shoes are well designed, the Nike React foam midsole is a case in point. It is designed to provide support throughout three phases of your running stride. As the manufacturer points out: It provides flexibility during the toe-off, a cushioning effect when you land, and the mid-stride is smooth. You will feel like you are running on air in these shoes.

As with all Nike shoes, they are not cheap, but the durability is excellent, and you will have these shoes for years provided you look after them.

2. Adidas Men’s Solar Glide 19

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  • Solar Propulsion Rail guides feet
  • Torsion system increases stability
  • Amazing traction


  • Not quite as comfortable as previous versions
  • Stitching is not the best, but this is only an aesthetic issue

Adidas know how to make fantastic running shoes, and the Adidas Solar Glide 19 is a great example of that. The shoe has amazing durability, uses a Solar Propulsion Rail to help guide the foot (important for supinators) and uses a torsion system to increase stability.

One of the best things about the Adidas Solar Glide 19 running shoes is their traction, in fact, they are the best traction running shoes for supination on this list. The outsole uses Continental Rubber allowing you to run confidently on both wet and dry terrain.

3. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37

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  • Amazingly responsive
  • Stunning aesthetics
  • Durable


  • Price is steep

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 is one of the best running shoes out there, the Pegasus range is famous for its high quality and performance. The Pegasus 37 continues that tradition, using Nike React foam in the midsole to provide a lightweight, durable, and elastic ride.

This shoe is one of the most responsive shoes around, it is the best response running shoe for supination on this list. The shoes are amazingly comfortable, and they look amazing. The only downside is the price, with these shoes being quite an investment. Well worth the money though as their durability is superb.

4. Asics Gel Nimbus 22

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  • Huge number of colour schemes available
  • Amazing shock absorption
  • Propels you forward
  • One of the best running shoes around


  • Expensive

Asics is not known for making cool shoes. They make amazing running shoes that are tailored to the individual runners’ needs. You can find an Asics shoe for any foot type, and the Asics Gel Nimbus 22 is the shoe for supination!

These are some of the bounciest shoes in town, using FlyteFoam technology to propel you forward with each step. They have incorporated GEL technology into the front and rearfoot of the shoe, which helps to prevent shock. These are the best shock absorbing running shoes for supination on this list. 

The shoes look great, and the number of colour schemes available is huge! Like the Nike shoes, you do have to invest quite a bit in a pair. But also like the Nike shoes, these Asics are built to last.

5. Adidas Run Falcon

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  • Amazing value for money
  • Comfortable
  • Very Breathable


  • Not as durable as some shoes on this list
  • Lack of variety in colour schemes

The Adidas Run Falcon are by far the best value for money running shoes for supination. They are a fantastic price, but they do not represent a drop in quality. They are comfortable, have a breathable mesh upper, and are surprisingly lightweight.

The shoes look excellent too, though there are not many colour schemes to choose from. While they may not be as durable as some of the running shoes on this list, they will perform fantastically in a race setting and are a great choice for supinated runners on a budget.

6. Saucony Men’s Endorphin Shift Running Shoe

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  • Fit your feet better than any other
  • Cushioning is superb
  • Breathable
  • Excellent traction


  • Expensive
  • Bit dull to look at

Saucony is a French company that has a reputation for making incredible running shoes, and the Saucony Men’s Endorphin Shift running shoe is certainly a perfect example of this.

The shoe is highly breathable, light, durable, and has excellent traction. Thanks to their design, these are the best fitting running shoes for supination. The cushioning is a class apart from most of the competition, using EVA-based PWRRUN cushioning makes every step feel like you are running on clouds.

The shoes do a great job of guiding your feet as you land, making them ideal for underpronators. They may be a bit of an investment, and they look a little dull, but these shoes deliver a great run.

7. Nike Joyride Dual Run

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  • Breathable
  • High Stability
  • Durable
  • Exceptionally comfortable


  • The design is a love/hate thing

The final running shoe on our list is perhaps the most innovative. It is the Nike Joyride Dual Run. These shoes look like something out of Science Fiction, with small foam beads held in two compartments on the shoe. One is situated under your heel, and one is situated around mid-foot.

These are added to increase stability, and as a result these are the best stable running shoes for supination. Despite these compartments, the shoes are lightweight and aesthetically they are beautiful. The shoes are also durable, thanks to the rubber that is placed on the outsole to prevent wear over time.

The shoes are very breathable thanks to the mesh upper, which also provides lightweight support during a run.

Buying Guide – How To Choose The Best Running Shoes for Supination

running shoes supination guide

What is Supination?

Supination is a term for under-pronating while you run. What happens is as you run, your foot lands on the floor, when you supinate, your foot naturally lands on its outside edge and then rolls inwards.

Most of the force of impact will land on your little toes and the outside edge of the foot. This can lead to issues such as hip pain, lower back pain, and knee pain. It also prevents you from running at 100%. 

How to Check for Supination?

The best way to check for supination is to get your running style professionally analysed, but this isn’t always practical. Many running shops offer this service, but the tests can be expensive. 

Another way to check is to take a look at your current shoes, see where they are wearing out. If you supinate, then the outside of your shoes should be more worn than the rest. 

There is also the wet foot test, where you get your feet wet (barefoot) and walk on a surface where your footprints will remain (concrete is good for this). Take a look at the footprints after walking (running on a surface while wet is a recipe for slipping).

A footprint that looks very similar to a question mark (with emphasis on the outside edge of your foot) is indicative of supination.

What to do if you Supinate?

There are several exercises and stretches that you can do to help manage your supination. This article [1] recommends jumping rope as it helps to “retrain your body”. Fully warming up before a run can also help to improve the situation.

One of the best things that you can do though is to purchase the best running shoes for supination. The type of shoe that you want is known as a neutral running shoe. The shoe provides extra comfort and shock absorption to mitigate the increased pressure on the outside of your foot.

They are still lightweight enough for you to run well in them though, and the extra shock absorption will really help, particularly on longer distances.

What to Look for in a Running Shoe for Supination

Finding the right running shoe for supination is not as difficult as it may seem. Most running shoes are well-made, and neutral shoes for under-pronation/supination have been around for a long time. But there are some things that you should really look out for when searching for the ideal neutral running shoe.


Stability is not as big an issue for underpronators as it is for overpronators, you still require some help from your shoes. Running shoes that have a guide rail along the outside of the sole are excellent for supinated runners.

The Nike Joyride Dual Run puts particular effort into improving the stability of the shoe, making it great for supinated running.


Because of how you run, your shoe is going to need more cushioning than usual. There is a lot of impact on the outside of your foot, then when your foot rolls in, there is even more impact. To improve shock absorption, running shoes have lots of cushioning.

But you can’t just add as much cushioning as possible (like a Hoka One One shoe), because the shoe still needs to be lightweight enough to run fast in. It is a balancing act. 

Luckily, the cushioning technology has massively improved in recent years, meaning that you can have amazing comfort without losing any speed. The Asics Gel Nimbus 22 running shoes are great for this as they have amazing shock absorption.


All running shoes need to be durable, otherwise you are just throwing your money away! But neutral running shoes need to be particularly durable as supinated running can really increase wear and tear on shoes.

As with the cushioning issue, neutral shoes need extra durability around the outside of the sole. If this area is not focussed on, the shoes will fall apart a lot quicker than they would for a runner with no pronation issues.

Adidas Run Falcon running shoes are an excellent example of durability at an affordable price. This is why they are our best value for money shoes. 


This is not so much a specific issue for supinated runners or neutral shoes. This is an issue for all running shoes. Traction is crucial for generating speed, keeping your balance, and running in a variety of environments. A running shoe with bad traction is not going to help you much.

The Adidas Men’s Solar Glide 19 has excellent traction, making it an ideal running shoe for most weather conditions and running surfaces. 

Value for Money

Obviously, if you have unlimited wealth then the value for money of your running shoe is not going to be that important. But running shoes are a significant investment, and you need to ensure that you are spending your money wisely.

The main things to look out for are durability, comfort, and how well the shoes fit. If you have got all of these factors then your shoe is going to be worth pretty much whatever you pay for it. Because that value for money will increase for every year you own and enjoy your running shoes.

Factors that Affect Supination

At the end of the day, what you really need is a running shoe that is designed to help you run better while under-pronating. 

One thing to look out for is where the cushioning is placed on the shoe. Shoes designed to treat supination will have most of the cushioning situated around the heel and the outer edge of the shoe.

Running shoes for under-pronators may also use technology to try and correct the running gait during a run. For example, the Nike React Infinity running shoes do just that. They help you to land better and push off better even when supinating.


The final factor to consider (other than aesthetics) is breathability. This may not be as important as traction, stability, or cushioning. But breathability is the sort of thing that nobody worries about until they experience a running shoe with poor breathability! Look for a good mesh upper and your feet will thank you.

Final Thoughts on the Best Running Shoes for Supination

When searching for the best running shoes for supination, you should pay attention to all the factors that we mentioned above. You want stability, lots of cushioning, durability, traction, and you want your shoe to be good value for money.

All of the shoes on this list fit these factors. But which is our favourite? Well, the Asics Gel Nimbus 22 is a seriously good shoe with amazing shock absorption and the ability to help you propel yourself forward. 

The Saucony Men’s Endorphin Shift running shoe is another prime candidate. It is excellent in a number of criteria: traction, durability, shock absorption. 

We also really like the Nike Joyride Dual Run as they are so cleverly designed. Though the design may put some people off! 

But our favourite is actually the Nike React Infinity Run running shoe. We just feel that it was a little better designed for supinated running. The shoes are also incredibly durable, and look out of this world. 

The Adidas Run Falcon may be the best running shoe on this list for those on a budget though, so definitely check it out if you are starting out and want a decent set of running shoes at a reasonable price. They may pleasantly surprise you. 



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