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Gazelle Edge Review: Does It Really Work? [2023]

This air glider promises to deliver a complete cardiovascular workout in the comfort of your home—while providing all-over body toning.

But, does it really work?—My Gazelle Edge review will expose the truth.

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This exercise machine comes from Gazelle Home LLC—a fitness equipment manufacturer based in Exton, Pennsylvania, USA. Established in 2013, it employs 26 people and has a declared revenue of $5.2 million.

However, this air glider has a much longer pedigree than that.

The Gazelle Edge first hit the market over fifteen years ago, after being developed by the now-defunct Fitness Quest Inc. brand. Throughout that time, Tony Little, the infomercial fitness guru, has been continually promoting this air glider.

Hence, it’s a product that has stood the test of time.

The Edge is the entry-level machine from Gazelle, a slightly less feature-packed exercise tool than its more advanced Freestyle and Supreme models.

Compared to the market-leading Sunny Edge SF-E902, it’s slightly harder on the wallet—yet offers better stability and greater weight capacity.

  • Five-function on-board computer.
  • Made from durable steel.
  • Foldable.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Simple to use even for beginners.
  • No resistance settings.
  • Lacks a pulse monitor.

Before I get down to the ‘meat’ of this Gazelle Edge review, let me say this.

Not all of us have room in our homes for numerous pieces of gym equipment. Ideally, we need one machine that can deliver an all-over body workout—while not taking up valuable space.

Air gliders could be the answer.

Not only do they push all the major muscle groups—but they’re also perfect for beginners—with no knowledge of gym training required to use them.

Admittedly, they’re not going to build massive bulk. If that’s your bag, go for a compact gym or bench. Yet, for those looking to tone, lose weight and boost cardiovascular health—they’re perfect.

When selecting the ideal air glider, consider:

  • Foldability and weight—a highly portable and compact machine may benefit those lacking in-home space.
  • Resistance settings—more advanced fitness enthusiasts might appreciate the ability to increase workout intensity.
  • On-board computer—some users may prefer the inclusion of a computer that details factors such as speed and calories burned.
  • Comfort—features such as gripping footrests and padded hand grips make exercising more pleasurable and safe.

So, down to the serious detail in this Gazelle Edge review. Here are the key features of this popular air walker.

The Gazelle Edge uses your body weight as resistance.

Place one foot on each of the plates and grip one of the upright bars in each hand. Then, in an almost scissor-like motion, you sweep your legs backward and forward—and in the same manner, push against the bars with your arms.

The beauty of this motion is that it’s low impact.

If you’ve ever pounded the concrete in an attempt to boost your fitness levels—you know how tough this can be on your knees, right? Yet the smooth motion of the Gazelle Edge means you can enjoy an intense training session—while protecting your joints.

While sounding simple—this machine can provide a comprehensive workout.

By making small adjustments to your speed, foot position and grip—you can target specific muscles such as the arms, abdomen, back, calves and glutes.

For example, taking a low-grip on the handlebars forces your legs to work harder. Conversely, a higher hand location combined with using little lower-body force enables you to give the arms an intense session. The manufacturer indicates there are ten different exercise options on this one machine.

We all want to drop a few pounds, right?

Losing the excess fat gives us more self-confidence and allows us to wear those clothes that we have consigned to the back of the closet.

If you’re carrying a little more poundage than you’d prefer—the Gazelle Edge should be able to cope.

Research shows that the average American (male) weighs in at 197.9 pounds. This machine has a maximum capacity of 250 pounds—more than adequate for the majority of users.

If you’re looking to gain a beach-ready body for your summer vacation—this machine may appeal.

The manufacturer states that the Gazelle Edge burns a similar amount of energy to an elliptical—which, according to Harvard Medical School, is 270 calories.

However, bear in mind that the majority of this energy expenditure is through aerobic exercise. Hence, while it will boost cardio health and drop the pounds, you’re unlikely to make Schwarzenegger-like muscle gains.

Yet, if all your after is toned definition—I’d suggest the Gazelle Edge will be ideal.

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You may be lucky enough to have a large home—sufficiently expansive to dedicate a specific room just for exercise equipment. But, if your residence is similar to mine—you don’t have enough space to swing a cat—or even a kitten for that matter.

The truth is—year on year homes in the USA are becoming smaller—making it challenging to accommodate sizeable workout machines.

The Gazelle Edge could suit those with a limited floor area.

With a footprint of 43 x 28 inches, it’s remarkably smaller than a standard treadmill. Yet, what may appeal most is that this machine is foldable—meaning you can lean it against a wall, store it under a closet or slip it underneath your bed.

Additionally, weighing just 42 pounds—you’re not going to break your back moving the Gazelle Edge—which may be a crucial factor to those lacking upper-body strength.

Unlike some other air gliders on the market, the Gazelle Edge doesn’t have a choice of resistance settings.

Hence, only by moving your hands, feet or leaning forwards or backward can you adjust the amount of effort you require to use the machine. Alternatively, as long as you remain within the capacity of the Gazelle Edge, you could utilize a weight vest or wrist and ankle weights to elevate difficulty.

So, I have to state in this Gazelle Edge review, that this air glider may not be ideal for more experienced fitness enthusiasts, or those looking for the most intense workouts.

I recall the first time I entered a gym—and felt a huge knot develop in my stomach.

It can be genuinely intimidating. It’s not just being surrounded by already phenomenally ripped gym-freaks that make you feel inadequate, but it’s also the absolute plethora of complicated machines.

With all their pulleys, knobs, seat settings, pins and plates—you know your one-hour session will have elapsed by the time you’ve figured out how they work.

Luckily, the Gazelle Edge is simple.

You just jump on (not literally—that could be dangerous) and begin to exercise. 

I’d say this may be attractive to beginners—or just those who want a straightforward and no-nonsense exercise tool.

It’s one thing feeling the (rather pleasant) pain that a vigorous workout induces—but you don’t want your user experience on an air glider to be uncomfortable in the first few minutes.

The Gazelle Edge includes high-density foam handlebars. Firstly, they will improve grip, meaning that you’re unlikely to slip, even with excessive perspiration. Secondly, they will reduce hand fatigue—you don’t want your exercise session curtailed just because you have tired hands.

For the feet, this air glider possesses extra-wide, knobbled-rubber footplates. Hence, ensuring a secure footing—which may appeal to the more senior generation.

I need information—especially when exercising. Otherwise, I’m left wondering whether my workout session has actually provided any benefits.

The issue is, training results aren’t instantaneous. It’s not as if after 30 minutes of jogging, my waistline is an inch smaller.

Hence, I’m pleased to mention the Gazelle Edge air glider includes an on-board computer. With five functions, including time spent, distance, speed and calories burned—you have immediate access to your progress.

This may prove particularly beneficial if you’re looking to lose weight and are counting your calories. 

Furthermore, it allows you to set yourself targets—whether they be total exercise time or energy expended.

However, while information-packed—it’s essential to mention that the LCD readout could be a little hard to read. It’s not backlit, and with a smaller screen than seen on competitor models, it may not be perfect for those who have visual impairments.

Reassuringly, the manufacturer has made the Gazelle Edge frame out of 1.5-inch diameter tubed-steel.

This means a sturdy air glider that should stand up to frequent use—possibly making it suitable as an all-family machine. Furthermore, with a little heft behind it, the Gazelle Edge should remain stable even during intense use.

The tube ends are finished with hard plastic covers—providing protection for your air walker, walls and floor.

While it does require a little bit of self-assembly before use—many users indicate that it’s simple to put together, even with little-to-no technological knowledge.

One factor that’s worth emphasizing is that the Gazelle Edge is a relatively quiet machine. In my house, where I’m often exercising in the living room while my partner is watching TV—that’s quite important.

However, from time to time, some of the movable areas will need a little oil—as it can be prone to the odd squeak.

I’m happy to state that overall, customer opinions of this air glider are rather favorable.

Two main positives consistently appear in the feedback—the way the machine is suitable for people of all ages and abilities—and how simple it is to use.

Furthermore, customers often indicated how easy it has been for them to lose weight—and the way it provides an all-over body workout.

If this Gazelle Edge review hasn’t whetted your appetite for this machine, take a look at these other notable air gliders:

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If you’re looking for a more intense workout, this air glider may appeal.

Coming from the same stable as the Edge, the Gazelle Supreme is a step up. The hydraulic resistance increases difficulty, which may suit those demanding a hard training session.

  • The Supreme incorporates a pulse monitor—not seen on the Edge.
  • For rehydration, this product includes a 22-ounce water bottle and holder—absent on the more basic incarnation.
  • The Edge only has bodyweight resistance—on the Supreme, you can select between body weight or hydraulic resistance.
  • This air walker has a larger and easier to read LCD screen than the Edge.
  • Comes complete with three Tony Little exercise DVDs—no such aids come with the Edge.
  • The Gazelle is slightly harder on the bank balance.

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This air glider, coming from the respected exercise brand Sunny Health & Fitness, may suit those looking for a more budget-friendly machine—being lighter on the wallet than the Edge.

Yet, despite its price, this unit will still provide an all-over workout, although the short stride length (30-inches) may restrict its intensity.

  • Both machines have an on-board computer with identical information features.
  • Having a lighter weight capacity than the Edge (220 pounds), it may not appeal to more substantial people.
  • With a footprint of just 28 inches by 17 inches—it’s smaller than the Edge and hence may suit those severely restricted on space.
  • The Sunny Health & Fitness glider includes abdominal support for comfort—not included on the Edge.
  • With no side supports—this air glider may be less stable than its competitor.

We want to elevate our fitness, drop excess pounds and achieve that toned appearance.

Yet, we don’t have the space or bank balance for individual exercise equipment.

For many people, the Gazelle Edge could be the answer.

It’s low-impact and easy-operation makes it ideal for users of all abilities. By delivering an all-over body workout, using this air walker should leave you tight and toned, and noticeably slimmer.

Furthermore, being lightweight and foldable, those with smaller homes can easily slip this machine away into a closet or beneath the bed.

Admittedly, for massive muscle gains or extreme athletes, it may prove insufficient. But, for enhanced cardio health and definition—it should more than satisfy.

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