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GNC Lean Shakes 25 Review 2023 HomeGym101

GNC is a big name in the supplement business. They’ve been around for decades. There are over 1000 retail locations plus their online presence. GNC’s Lean Shake 25 is a low-calorie high protein meal replacement designed to support fat loss.

Lean Shake 25 is a high protein shake that helps you get lean. It claims to help you feel full for a longer period. One of the ways it does this is by combating hunger. One of the things that help satisfy hunger is fiber. Lean Shake 25 contains 5 grams of fiber per serving. 

The “25” in the Lean Shake name refers to its protein content. It supplies 25g of whey concentrate and milk concentrate protein per serving. It also has 14g carbs with 3g sugar and 2.5g fat. Like many meal replacements, it has a well-rounded vitamin/mineral profile. In this case, there are 22 listed micronutrients. Finally, Lean Shake 25 is available in powder and RTDs. 

Lean Shake 25 follows a common approach to fat loss. Suggested use is two shakes per day along with a “healthy weight management program”. This means a calorie-restricted diet and exercise. Many shake-based diet programs follow a similar concept. One of the things that sets Lean Shake 25 apart is the high protein content. 

In our review of Lean Shake 25, we’ll look at the ingredients in more detail. We will look at who this product is best suited for. We’ll determine if this product is an effective, value-conscious fat loss tool. Finally, we’ll provide several alternatives for those users that do not want to use Lean Shake 25. 

Let’s get started!

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As noted, Lean Shake 25 is a meal replacement high in protein, fiber, and micronutrients. It’s designed to support your body recomposition goals. They come in several flavors to help keep users satisfied. Lean Shake 25 claims to provide the following fat loss benefits:

  • Satisfies Hunger To Help You Feel Full Longer
  • Features A Well Balanced Nutrient Profile 
  • 25 Grams Of High-Quality Protein 
  • 5 Grams Of Fiber
  • Works With Any Low-Carb Diet

There’s more than one version of Lean Shake made by GNC. Lean Shake 25 is part of the Total Lean program of fat loss products. There are other versions of Lean Shake. One of these versions contains thermogenic ingredients such as caffeine. This is a good energy ingredient that stimulates thermogenesis. Still, not everyone wants caffeine in their meal replacement. The other version is a greens shake with plant-based protein. This version is a good choice for vegan users. There are also meal bars, multi-vitamins, and various fat loss supplements. There are even Keto-based products within the Total Lean line.

As noted, Lean Shake 25 provides 25g of protein per serving. That’s more than many meal replacements offer. Also as noted, the protein sources are whey concentrate and milk protein concentrate. Both of these are common yet not the highest quality protein sources. The advantage of these sources is digestion time. Lean Shake 25 provides fast and slow-digesting protein. This can be helpful in the morning or after a workout. It’s also helpful if you go a long time between meals. 

If this product has a downside, it’s the use of artificial ingredients. Lean Shake 25 contains artificial flavors and sweeteners. Also, with 360mg per serving, it’s a little high in sodium. It’s a value-conscious product that doesn’t quite stack up against the competition. Additionally, as we will see, the vitamin & mineral profile is not well-dosed. Still, it does have a high protein content. In many cases, the protein quality is as good as other meal replacements. 

A good meal replacement shake should adequately replace the nutrient content of a meal.

Lean Shake 25 has 22 listed micronutrients altogether.  That means there should be reasonable doses of all 22 vitamins and minerals. That’s even more true if you use Lean Shake 25 twice per day as directed.   

The problem is, the dosing is almost nonexistent. For example, there’s only 20mg of vitamin C. There’s also zero vitamin D.  However, it does have 500mg calcium. Still, for the most part, the dosing is way too low for a quality meal replacement.

The reason for this is that, as noted, GNC has a complete Total Lean line. This includes a vitamin/mineral formula. There are several available fat loss products in this line. The idea is to buy a system, not only a meal replacement. One look at the label of Lean Shake 25, and they suggest two other products to support the shake. That means this is not a value-friendly product.

There’s no question that users of Lean Shake 25 can experience fat loss. As we have seen, they will have to invest in the complete Total Lean system. This will depend on your personal goals. Do you feel you have a lot of body fat you’d like to lose? There are several other formulas designed to support fat loss. The combination of products may help you achieve your goals faster.

Otherwise, you can use Lean Shake 25 by itself. Used this way, it can support fat loss as long as you exercise and eat clean. Additionally, you can use this as a meal replacement even if fat loss is not one of your goals. If you’re trying to gain lean mass, you can use Lean Shake 25 as a good source of protein. It’s a good choice first thing in the morning or post-workout. Also, you can drink a shake anytime during the day.

You can use Lean Shake 25 if you lead a busy lifestyle and need a quick meal. You can have a shake in the morning before work or school. Plus you can take an RTD or two with you to replace meals during the day. This works well for people that find themselves skipping meals. With the RTDs, all you do is shake, open, and drink. It can’t be any easier.

We’ve seen that Lean Shake 25 is a good source of protein. As noted, it can help you meet your daily protein requirements. This is important when you’re cutting calories. Two shakes per day provide 50 grams of protein. Yet there’s nothing in this product specifically designed to help you lose fat. Several competitor’s shakes contain specific nutrients that stimulate fat loss. They also include nutrients that help control appetite. That’s on top of providing a good all-around formula with plenty of protein.

Do you want to get more fat loss support? As noted, you’ll have to invest in other products in the Total Lean lineup. Remember, you are encouraged to buy at least two more products. It wouldn’t be hard to buy several more. By itself, Lean Shake 25 is not value-conscious. It’s not hard to push yourself out of your value comfort zone with these products. That needs to be considered as you decide on the best option for your needs.

The other downside to this product is the number of servings. We mentioned value. The most servings you can get is 16 for the powder. There’s a 12-pack and 4-pack for the RTDs. In terms of good value, it’s not there for the number of settings you get. For example, take your shake twice per day as suggested. A16 serving container will last you 8 days. That’s it. You will need 4 containers to get through a month. Now add in the additional suggested products. There’s nothing value-minded about it.

You’ve seen the value and nutritional shortcomings of Lean Shake 25. Would you prefer something else that may have better nutrition and value?  Here are several good alternatives. 

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Here’s a product for vegan users. It’s a meal replacement specifically designed for fat loss. In this case, there’s 28g organic plant protein per serving. There are also four organic nutrient formulas. These include a 17-ingredient protein blend and a superfood blend. There’s also a probiotic blend and specific fat loss blend. This complex includes green coffee bean and ashwagandha. This complex combats hunger and cravings. It also helps the body burn fat. Fit Meal is certified organic, vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free. Finally, it’s low carb, low sugar, high fiber and contains no artificial ingredients. 

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This meal replacement is marketed for bodybuilders, weightlifters, and athletes. Still, it can be used by anyone. MRE Lite features whole-food ingredients. You won’t find whey protein here. The 24g protein complex consists of beef, salmon, chicken, egg, brown rice, and pea. There are 4g carbs from the brown rice and pea protein sources. MRE Lite works well for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts that believe in eating real food first. It’s meant to be like a real food meal. It can support fat loss or lean muscle gain. 

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Fit & Lean combines the best of Lean Shake 25 and Fit Powder. It contains all-natural ingredients. It also has some organic ingredients. There’s 20g of protein from whey, pea, micellar casein, milk, and caseinate. This is a blend of proteins that feature various digestion speeds. As well, there are 24 vitamins and minerals, and many of these are well dosed. For example, there’s 100% of the DA of Vitamin C, and 60% Vitamin A. That’s significantly more than Lean Shake 25 provides. There are also antioxidants, superfoods, probiotics, and digestive enzymes. To support fat loss, there’s garcinia cambogia, green tea, and green coffee bean.

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Lean 1 is another meal replacement that targets fat loss. This product provides 20g of protein per serving. The protein sources come from milk isolate, whey isolate, and micellar casein. There’s also added glutamine for muscle preservation and recovery support. In addition, there’s a fiber and fruit blend that includes green coffee bean. It targets fat loss and hunger control and is meant to replace 1-2 meals a day. Plus this product contains a complete vitamin/mineral blend and digestive enzymes. You can use Lean1 for fat loss and muscle support.  

Lean Shake 25 features 25g of fast and slow-digesting protein. That makes it a good choice for anyone working out. It also makes it worthwhile for anyone that works long hours. With the option of RTDs, you can replace a meal quickly and easily. For fat loss, Lean Shake 25 suggests replacing two meals per day, eating right, and exercising. Also suggested are additional products to help you achieve your fat loss goals.

This product has a good macronutrient profile but uses lower-quality protein sources. As noted, whey concentrate and milk concentrate are common, but not the highest quality. There are also 22 micronutrients. That sounds good, but one look at the lack of dosing, and it’s not good enough. To get a complete micronutrient profile that’s reasonably dosed, you’ll need an extra product. Of course, there’s a multi available in the Total Lean line. 

Finally, even if you use the largest container, you’ll only have 16 servings. That’s enough for 8 days. With the need for additional products it’s not a value-conscious meal replacement. Still, GNC is a well-known name. Many individuals won’t use anything else. If you want to try Lean Shake 25, you can find it almost anywhere. Your local GNC will have it. Other brick and mortar retail stores will carry it. This includes drug stores and discount chains. You can find it online as well, including Amazon. Give Lean Shake 25 a try and see how it works for you!

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