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Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout Review 2023 HomeGym101

Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout is a newer pre-workout that’s taken the market by storm.

That’s because, at full strength, it’s extremely well dosed. Full strength is two scoops. You can take one scoop if you like. Gorilla Mode comes in a 40 serving container.

Besides max dosing, it features a well-balanced profile and open labeling. 

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How does it compare to the top pre-workouts currently available? Gorilla Mode features 12 total ingredients.

So does our market leader, Transparent Labs Bulk Black. This product features 8g of citrulline malate. This is a 50/50 blend of both citrulline and malic acid. That’s 4g pure citrulline.

One scoop of Gorilla Mode provides 4.5g pure citrulline, two scoops provide 9g. That’s double! For those lifters that want malic acid, it’s in here. Gorilla Mode provides 3g malic acid per two scoops. That’s quite a difference in dosing.

The company that makes Gorilla Mode is Gorilla Mind. The owner’s name is Derek. He’s a YouTuber with quite a few subscribers. He worked in the industry for other supplement companies.

After that, he launched More Plates, More Dates. That’s a site that supplies bodybuilding, dating, and lifestyle information. Derek started Gorilla Mind in 2017. In 2019, it became a full-time commitment. 

  • Full Disclosure Labeling
  • It’s Better Dosed Than Most Pre-Workouts
  • Flexible One Or Two Scoop Dosing
  • 40 Servings Per Container (For One Scoop)
  • Contains Artificial Ingredients
  • Many Ingredients Are Underdosed When Using One Scoop
  • Some Users May Want Beta-Alanine – Gorilla Mode Has None

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A good pre-workout makes all the difference in how good your workout can be. You’ll have more energy, better focus, and improved endurance. You will be more motivated to train. Also, you’ll experience increased strength and great pumps. Serious bodybuilders and athletes always use a pre-workout. 

There are several sub-categories within the pre-workout category. You can choose one that’s caffeine-based or one with exotic stimulants. Also, you can choose a stim-free version. This targets pumps, performance, and sometimes focus. There are even pre-workouts with all-natural ingredients. That’s a good option for users wishing to avoid artificial sweeteners or flavors. The great thing about this category is there’s something for everybody.

Here are the things you should consider before trying a pre-workout:

  1. Do I Need More Energy – Are you tired before it’s time to train? Then a pre-workout can help. Whether you choose one that uses caffeine or exotic stims is your choice. Most caffeine-based products contain other ingredients that help smooth out caffeine’s effects. This means no jitters or mid-workout crash. Either type will give you plenty of energy.
  1. How Much Caffeine Do I Want – Some pre-workouts have flexible dosing. That means one or two-scoop servings. That makes it easier to start low and work up to the full dosage. This is an advantage if the two-scoop caffeine content is high. Are you advanced and like a lot of caffeine? You can jump right into the full serving size.  
  1. What Time Of Day Do You Train – Are you using a caffeine or stim-based pre-workout? Then the ideal time to train is early in the day. By the time you’re near bedtime, all the stimulants will have worn off. If you train late in the day, avoid caffeine and stim-based pre-workouts. You can still get a good workout with a pre-workout using pump and focus ingredients.
  1. Do I Need More Focus – The ability to focus during your workout is crucial. A good pre-workout provides ingredients that elevate focus, improve mood, and enhance concentration. This is one of the best reasons to use a pre-workout. You should be mentally engaged with the weights. That’s how you can have the best workouts. 
  1. Do I Need More Endurance – Getting some extra reps when you train pushes your progress a little farther. A pre-workout will help you get through your training session. It will also help you extend your sets beyond what you could do on your own. 

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As noted, Gorilla Mode contains 12 total ingredients. Also, as noted, it features an open-label. That means Gorilla Mode lists both the ingredients and the dosage. Plus, there’s a complete nutrient breakdown for one and two-scoop servings. This is responsible labeling. It gives clear information for users of all experience levels.

This makes it a great choice for users that may be new to pre-workouts. The main reason is that, with one scoop, the caffeine content is only 175 mg. Other ingredients are also reasonably dosed. 

There is another stimulant that makes this a pre-workout that’s not ideal for first-time users. It’s better used by lifters with experience. Still, if you’ve been using pre-workouts for at least 6 months, you can step up to Gorilla Mode. 

If you have more experience, two scoops will give you maximum dosing. In many cases, max dosing is more than the competition offers.

Let’s check out the ingredients:

L-Citrulline (4.5g/9g): This is one of the most effective ingredients for promoting nitric oxide production. It does this by converting into arginine once in the body. Citrulline is better absorbed than regular arginine. That means it does a better job of stimulating nitric oxide production. The two-scoop dose used in Gorilla Mode is one of the highest in the industry. (1)

Creatine Monohydrate (2.5g/4.5g): Tested and proven, creatine increases cell volume and extends endurance. By increasing cell volume, creatine causes water-based pumps.

It works together with GlycerPump in this regard. Creatine and GlycerPump also work with the nitric oxide-boosting ingredients in Gorilla Mode. The combination creates great pumps and increases the delivery of nutrients and oxygen. It also aids in the removal of waste products.

By extending endurance, it covers for the fact that there’s no beta-alanine in Gorilla Mode. Beta-alanine is not included because Gorilla Mind feels it has no effect. They believe the tingling sensation makes you think it’s working. Yet, they feel it does not really do anything. (2)

GlycerPump™ 65% Glycerol Powder (1.5g/3g): As noted, GlycerPump is an osmolyte. That means that, like creatine, it pulls water into the muscles, creating cell volume. This means water-based pumps. As noted, it’s one of several ingredients that targets good pumps. (3)

Malic Acid (1.5g/3g): Also known as malate, it’s part of the energy cycles of the body. This is often combined with citrulline. When a pre-workout contains the blend, it cuts pure citrulline in half. Yet some people want the endurance benefits of this blend. Gorilla Mode has solved this dilemma. As noted, citrulline is very well dosed. Rather than mix it, or not include it, malic acid is a separate ingredient. Also, like citrulline, malic acid is very well dosed. Gorilla Mode is one of the few pre-workouts that uses this approach. (4)

Betaine Anhydrous (1.25g/2.5g): Betaine is another cell volumizer. Like creatine and GlycerPump, it pulls water into the muscle cells. It’s thought to work similar to creatine. For that reason, many companies combine the two in one product. Also, some research suggests it promotes power and strength. (5)

L-Tyrosine (750mg/1.5g): This is an amino acid well known for its ability to elevate focus. It’s also shown to improve mental performance when under stress. This includes the physical stress of a workout. This is another ingredient that’s very well dosed at two scoops. Also, at one scoop, the dose matches the amount used by many competitors.  (6)

Agmatine Sulfate (500mg/1g): Like citrulline, agmatine is made from arginine in the human body. Agmatine blocks enzymes in our body that shut down nitric oxide production. By doing this, agmatine extends the production of nitric oxide longer than normal. This is one of several ingredients in Gorilla Mode that promote good pumps. (7)

Kanna (250mg/500mg): This is a plant that originates in South Africa. You may have seen this in some pre-workouts as sceletium tortuosum. It improves mood and enhances cognitive function. Like eria jarensis, kanna stimulates feelings of euphoria. (8)

Caffeine Anhydrous (175mg/350mg): Of course, this is the most common energy enhancer in the world. Many pre-workouts only use caffeine as an energy source. In the case of Gorilla Mode, it’s complexed with eria jarensis and kanna. There’s one difference in how Gorilla Mode uses caffeine. There’s no slow-release forms of caffeine. Also, there are no ingredients like theanine that help even out caffeine’s effects. (9)

N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine (175mg/350mg): This ingredient may be better known as eria jarensis. On its own, this ingredient acts as a stimulant and creates euphoric feelings. Also, it improves cognitive function. It works well with caffeine, kanna, and the focus enhancers in Gorilla Mode.  (10)

Huperzine A (200mcg/400mcg): This is another ingredient well known for mood and focus enhancement. Huperzine A is an herb with an extended history of use in Chinese medicine.  (11)

Bioperine® Black Pepper (5mg/10mg): This is an absorption enhancer. Of course, how well a pre-workout works depends on how well you absorb the ingredients. Black Pepper improves the absorption of the nutrients it is combined with. After all, absorption defines effectiveness.

We did an extensive search online on Gorilla Mode and found a number of positive reviews. It has an overwhelming positive review rating of 83%. Some of the more stim-heavy lifters weren’t as impressed with Gorilla Mode. That’s because while it has 350mg of caffeine and eria jarensis, it’s not as stim-crazy as a lot of pre-workouts. Still, most users find Gorilla Mode to be an effective pre-workout. 

Gorilla Mode has made quite a name for itself. Most users feel it’s one of the best pre-workouts on the market. Still, you may find it does not meet your needs. If you would rather use something different, here are two good alternatives. 

NutraBio Pre Extreme is the best pre-workout NutraBio makes. The main differences are the extreme label transparency, and the ingredient profile. Gorilla Mode has 12 ingredients, Pre Extreme has 18, plus 10 vitamins and minerals.

Pre Extreme contains beta-alanine, which is not in Gorilla Mode. There’s also a caffeine complex with fast and slow digesting caffeine sources. Plus, there’s leucine, electrolytes, and cluster dextrin. There’s the addition of cluster dextrin. These are designer carbs that digest fast yet don’t cause an insulin spike. There’s also beta-alanine for increased endurance.

Users that want a more comprehensive formula should use Pre Extreme.

Gorilla Mode Pre Extreme
Caffeine 175mg/350mg 350mg
Beta-Alanine None 3.2g
Citrulline 4.5g/9g 6g
Creatine 2.5g/5g 3.5g/two kinds
Servings Per Container 40/20 20
Scoops Per Serving 1/2 1
Fully Disclosed Label Y Y, even “other ingredients”

Some users complain that Gorilla Mode is not great for energy. This is from users that like a lot of stimulants. Superhuman Supreme is a high-stim pre-workout. That said, it’s not one of those high stim pre-workouts that sacrifices everything else. Products like that require you to buy a separate pump and performance pre-workout. While that might be a clever marketing tool, it’s not very cost-effective.

With Superhuman Supreme you get more stims. You also get a good mix of focus, pumps, endurance and performance ingredients. While it has 300mg of caffeine anhydrous, it also has a slow absorbing caffeine. That makes the total caffeine content 375mg. Plus, it has eria jarensis, tyramine, and juniper berry. Theanine is also included to prevent that mid-workout crash. 

Finally, it has a good pump matrix, but uses 7g of citrulline malate. This means it only has 3.5g pure citrulline. To compensate, it also contains S7, taurine, and betaine. Experienced users should use Alpha Lion Superhuman Supreme. It’s not a good choice for beginners. 

Gorilla Mode Superhuman Supreme
Caffeine 175mg/350mg 375mg and other stims
Beta-Alanine None 3.5g
Citrulline 4.5g/9g 7g, but malate form
Creatine 2.5gh/5g None
Servings Per Container 40/20 21
Scoops Per Serving 1/2 1
Fully Disclosed Label Y Y

Gorilla Mode is an advanced, well-dosed pre-workout. It’s best used by experienced lifters. Yet that’s really only true if you use two scoops. Using one scoop turns it into a lower dosed, “beginner” pre-workout. That means you can start off with one scoop of Gorilla Mode. Then, as you become more experienced, you move up to two scoops. In other words, it may be the only pre-workout you ever need to use.

The main advantage of Gorilla Mode is that, at full strength, it offers maximum dosing. In many cases, it offers the highest doses of any pre-workout available. Also, the label is transparent. There’s no doubt this is a formula that gets straight to the point. If you’re looking for a great pre-workout that has maximum dosing, check out Gorilla Mode. You’ll be glad you did!

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