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It Works! ThermoFight X Review 2023

It Works! ThermoFight X is a thermogenic fat burner that claims to help users lose an average of 31lbs in 90 days.

ThermoFight X contains a combination of caffeine and jalapeno pepper that’s designed to increase your metabolism and burn fat.

Additionally, it increases energy and is keto-friendly. Keto-dieters may find ThermoFight X helps them achieve a state of ketosis faster.

Does it do everything it says it will? This ThermoFight X review will find out!

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As a thermogenic fat burner, ThermoFight X competes directly with market-leading products like Jacked Factory Burn XT.

This thermogenic also uses caffeine, but at a higher dose. It also has cayenne pepper extract. However, ThermoFight X has a variety of pepper extracts, including jalapeno.

Another difference is that Burn XT features full disclosure labeling. In contrast, ThermoFight X uses partial disclosure. Unfortunately, the primary ingredients are contained in two prop blends.

It Works! is an MLM company with products across several categories.

These include anti-aging, keto, post-workout, and weight loss. They are well known for their Keto Coffee and the post-workout product Hydrate+.

If you become a distributor, you can save up to 60% but you have to build your business and meet your sales goals.

  • No Artificial Colors or Flavors
  • Keto-Friendly
  • Contains Antioxidants – Patented Greenselect Green Tea
  • Contains Naturally Sourced Caffeine
  • Contains A Blend Of Pepper Extracts
  • Uses Two Prop Blends
  • Some Users Experience Negative Side Effects


A thermogenic fat burner is a very effective way to burn excess body fat. It provides energy and stimulates the metabolism to burn more calories.

Most thermogenic fat burners contain caffeine in varying dosages. Some products contain additional stimulants.

If you don’t have a problem with caffeine, a thermogenic fat burner will be an effective choice in your quest to burn fat.

If you want lower caffeine, there are quite a few choices available.

If you prefer a stim-free thermogenic, they are not as common and not as effective.

Here’s what you should consider before buying a thermogenic fat burner:

Do I Need More Energy?

You may be experiencing fatigue if you’re following a calorie-restricted diet. A good thermogenic fat burner will increase energy and focus.

Most thermogenics contain caffeine, some may include yohimbine or other stimulants.

Ultimately, you should choose a thermogenic that fits your goals and level of experience.

How Much Caffeine Do I Want?

Caffeine is great for increasing energy, focus, and alertness.

However, not everyone wants a high amount of caffeine. Depending on the product, thermogenic fat burners might contain between 70mg to 300mg.

Look for ingredients like theanine which helps smooth the effects of caffeine. Make sure you understand exactly how caffeine is in the thermogenic you are considering before making your purchase.

Also, if you’re considering a low caffeine product, be sure it’s the only stimulant.

Is Stimulant-Free Thermogenics Effective?

If you are sensitive to caffeine or don’t want stimulants, there are stim-free options. Many of these will feature cayenne pepper, so make sure you choose one that has a patented form of cayenne. This way you won’t experience the digestive discomfort that can be caused by the heat of these peppers.

Am I OK With A High Hot Pepper Content?

As noted, many thermogenics contain various types of hot pepper extracts. They have become almost as common as caffeine. Make sure you don’t mind the effects of hot peppers before buying.

Is This The First Time Using A Thermogenic Fat Burner?

If you are new to using a thermogenic, begin with half the recommended serving. Once you’ve determined your tolerance, you can move up to a full serving.

If the recommended serving is one capsule, it can be taken with a meal. This will help temper the effects.

Once you have determined how you react, you can take it with water. You should take it approximately 30 minutes before eating breakfast.

Calcium is an important mineral that’s important for bone health. Some research suggests that calcium may play a role in thermogenesis. As noted, this process helps the body burn fat.

Chromium is a mineral that helps control blood sugar levels. Stable levels of blood sugar help keep excess glucose from being stored as fat. This can happen as a result of insulin spikes in response to a high carb meal.

ThermoFight X contains chromium dinicotinate glycinate. This form attaches chromium with niacin and glycine which improves absorption. (1)

This blend consists of Greenselect Green Tea Leaf/Sunflower Phospholipid Complex and Green Tea Extract.

Green tea is an antioxidant and a natural source of caffeine. It promotes energy, focus, and alertness. It also stimulates thermogenesis.

Green tea contains active ingredients called catechins, which are antioxidants. EGCG is the best known of these catechins and has several health benefits.

In terms of fat loss, EGCG stimulates the production of epinephrine and norepinephrine. These are two stress hormones found in the body.

These hormones help the body break down stored fat to be used as a source of cellular energy. As a prop blend, you don’t know how much you’re getting of regular green tea to the patented Greenselect Complex. (2)

These are unroasted coffee beans. In their unroasted state, coffee beans are naturally high in antioxidants.

The process of roasting removes these compounds. The main antioxidant is known as chlorogenic acid and may have fat loss properties.

One way chlorogenic acid supports fat loss is by inhibiting an enzyme known as alpha-glucosidase.

This enzyme controls the breakdown of carbohydrates. This helps reduce carbohydrate absorption after a meal.

The jury is still out on green coffee beans, however. Since most studies have been conducted on animals, more research needs to be done to determine if this is an effective fat loss compound. 

This blend consists of Jalapeno Pepper, Black Pepper, Ginger, Cinnamon, and Cayenne Pepper.

The pepper extracts stimulate thermogenesis, which as noted above burns more calories for energy.

Cinnamon helps improve insulin resistance, which is the reduced ability of the cells to respond to the effects of insulin. Individuals that are insulin resistant often gain unwanted weight.

Ginger is included because it supports stable blood sugar levels as well as digestion.

While these are all useful ingredients, the problem here it’s a prop blend.

That means you have no idea how much of each ingredient you are getting. Realistically, at least some of the ingredients in this blend are underdosed. (3)

We did an exhausting online search on ThermoFight X and found several reviews. Many of these reviews are positive with users pleased by their results.

However, there are also several negative reviews. Some users do not feel ThermoFight X works, and others do not like the MLM tie-in because you have to sign up for a recurring monthly order.

Some users experienced mild negative side effects, such as gastric discomfort.

Some users complained of gaining weight while using this product. It should be noted that, like any fat loss supplement, ThermoFight X should be used with a sensible diet and exercise plan for the best results.

Some users may feel the claims of losing 31lb in 90 days are extreme. Other individuals that have tried ThermoFight X may not be happy with their results.

If you do not feel ThermoFight X is a good choice, here are some alternatives:

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Burn XT is one of the best selling thermogenic fat burners on the market. It features a fully disclosed formula that contains only 5 ingredients.

There’s caffeine, and in this case, it’s 270mg per 2 capsule serving. There’s also 450mg of green tea and 50mg of patented capsimax cayenne pepper.

This is similar to ThermoFight X except Burn XT has considerably more caffeine. The green tea content is similar.

Burn XT provides a strong dose of an effective patented form of cayenne pepper. You don’t know how much pepper content you’re getting with ThermoFight X because it’s a 5-ingredient prop blend.

There’s also acetyl-l-carnitine which transports stored fat to the mitochondria to be burned as energy. This ingredient is also good for focus and overall cognitive function. This can be helpful when you are following a restricted-calorie diet. (4)

Finally, there’s black pepper extract for improved absorption. Here, it’s a separate fully disclosed ingredient. In ThermoFight X it’s part of the pepper-based prop blend.

A possible downside is that Burn XT has a higher caffeine content, which not everyone wants. Still, if you’re serious about fat loss and you don’t like ThermoFight X, Burn XT may be a good choice for you.

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Whenever the topic of a good thermogenic fat burner comes up, MuscleTech Hydroxycut is always in the conversation. Several versions have been introduced over the years.

Currently, there are several versions available. One of the top-selling versions is Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite.

This version is a good choice for more experienced users, although new users can safely use it.

It provides 270mg of caffeine per two capsules. It also contains theanine and theobromine which help smooth out any harsh effects.

Additionally, there’s coleus forskohlii, c.canephora robusta, and yohimbine.

Like Burn XT, this is another higher caffeine product. One key difference is that it has the additional stimulant effect of yohimbine.

Yet this is balanced out with the aforementioned two ingredients, theanine, and theobromine. This means users will experience a much smoother energy and alertness boost.

If ThermoFight X isn’t the choice for you, but you want a smooth caffeine experience, Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite is a good choice.

ThermoFight X is a popular thermogenic that claims to promote rapid fat loss in just 90 days.

It claims to do this by stimulating thermogenesis and increasing energy.

It’s also keto-friendly, so if you’re a keto dieter, this may help you reach ketosis faster.

There are some good ingredients, such as caffeine, jalapeno pepper, and cayenne pepper.

Yet, the formula is not fully disclosed and the dosages will not be effective enough to meet the claims.

The alternative products suggested in this review may be a better choice. They offer fully open labels, more effective dosing, and good ingredient profiles.

As always, the choice is yours!

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