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The 10 best compression shirts for workouts 2023 HomeGym101

The use of a compression shirt to improve athletic performance has gained quite a bit of popularity.

They can keep athletes of any experience level warm or cool depending on the weather.

Also, compression gear will keep you dry and provide support to your muscles. Some are designed to help you recover faster.

Others enhance appearance by making the midsection look slimmer. You’ll find a compression shirt fits very tight, like a second skin. Yet they still allow users to move freely.

If you’ve been thinking about trying one, our guide will review the best compression shirts on the market. Let’s go!

In a Hurry? Here is our top pick:

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Here’s a Compression Shirt designed for bodybuilders and athletes.

The CompressionZ Men’s Quick Dry Compression Athletic Shirt is a long sleeve base layer shirt designed to be supportive and comfortable. It’s made from a nylon and spandex blend that’s sweat-wicking and breathable.

Also, the blend is a light material that will help keep athletes cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Compression gear like the CompressionZ Men’s Compression Shirt protects the muscles as well as helps them recover faster. One of the ways this shirt does this is by boosting blood circulation.

When you look at the features, it’s easy to see why the CompressionZ Men’s Compression Shirt is our pick for best overall. 

  • Breathable – Prevents Moisture From Reaching Your Body
  • Supports Recovery
  • Lightweight & Comfortable
  • It May Be Too Tight For Some Users

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Have you heard about compression shirts and would like to try one? The Nike Men Pro Compression Mock Top is our pick for the best compression shirt for beginners.

It is made of Dri-Fit stretchable nylon fabric that’s both supportive and comfortable. Even so, it fits tight. The ergonomic design provides support for your muscles yet lets you move freely.

The fabric helps keep moisture away from the skin, and there are mesh sections built-in, including shoulder mesh material. This helps improve airflow. Additionally, the seams lay flat against the skin to avoid irritation.

The Nike Pro Compression Mock Top has good features that fit the needs of most beginners. 

  • Tight Supportive Fit
  • Keeps Your Skin Dry
  • Ergonomically Designed
  • Some Users Do Not Like The Way The Neck Fits

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This Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Sonic Compression Tee uses a fabric blend consisting of 84% polyester and 16% elastane. This gives it a tight yet unrestrictive fit.

This long sleeve shirt features a Moisture Transport System that helps you stay warm and keeps moisture away from your body.

There’s also a special anti-odor technology that prevents odor bacteria growth.

This Tee is a supportive skin-tight shirt. Yet it’s comfortable enough to wear all day, like one of your favourite T-shirts.

  • Fits Tight Yet Unrestrictive
  • Designed To Wear All Day
  • Sweat Wicking & Odor Control 
  • Some Users Feel The Shirt Fits Too Small

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The Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Polartec Mock Shirt is specifically designed for cooler weather athletic activities.

The shirt consists of dual-layer fabric with a thermal layer on the inside and a quick-drying outer layer. The fabric is an 87% polyester/13% elastane blend with moisture-wicking technology. This blend allows movement in any direction.

The Polartec Shirt fits tight yet allows easy mobility and good breathability.

If you spend a lot of time training outside in cold weather conditions, this is the best men’s compression shirt for cold weather.

  • Dual-Layer Compression Shirt Specifically Designed For Cold Weather
  • Thermal Interior Layer & Water-Repellent Exterior Layer
  • Fits Tight For Support & Protection

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Here’s compression wear that’s available as a value-oriented 3-pack. The Neleus Men’s Compression Sport Tank Top is a sleeveless compression shirt made of an 85% polyester/15% spandex blend.

The material is tight-fitting yet stretchable, and the fabric is sweat-wicking. The seams are meant to lay flat against the skin to prevent irritation.

These Tanks perform well for any sport or athletic activity, indoors or outdoors.

They are designed to keep you dry, provide support, and keep you comfortable.

  • Comes In A Value 3-Pack
  • Moisture-Wicking Fabric
  • Sleeveless Compression Shirt Designed For Any Athletic Activity
  • Some Users Feel The Inside Tags Cause Irritation

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The Neleus Women’s Dry Fit is our pick for the best women’s compression shirt. It’s ergonomically designed to provide good compression and an improved range of motion.

This compression garment is 85% polyester and 15% spandex. It’s lightweight and provides a perfectly snug fit for good support.

Also, these shirts have ergonomic seams that will not cause skin irritation. Plus, this compression shirt is comfortable enough to wear all day.

The Neleus Women’s Dry Fit Shirt is breathable and sweat-wicking. The shirt is ideal for both indoor and outdoor athletic activities.

Additionally, they come in a value-oriented 3-pack.

  • Available In A Value Priced 3 Pack
  • Fits Tight – Provides Support & Protection
  • Designed For Outdoor Or Indoor Training
  • Some Users Feel The Shirt Is Not Tight Enough

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The 2XU Men’s Compression Top is the best compression undershirt for men. It’s made of a 72% nylon/28% elastane blend that uses certified gradient compression. This means it will promote blood flow and oxygen to your muscles.

Plus, it protects the upper body muscles, supports performance, and enhances recovery.

Additionally, by supporting correct muscle alignment, the 2XU Compression Tops improve posture, power, and endurance.

The fabric is moisture and sweat-wicking and includes mesh panels for breathability.

Also, they are antibacterial and feature SPF 50 sun protection. Finally, the 2XU provides balanced compression that allows users to move in multiple directions.

  • Gradual Compression Protects & Supports Your Muscles
  • Improves Power & Athletic Performance
  • Polyester/Elastane Blend

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The Champion Men’s Double Dry Compression Shirt is long sleeve and features an 84% polyester/16% spandex blend.

The fabric is moisture-wicking. Plus, the logo is reflective for safety if you are training outdoors around sunrise or sunset.

The shirt is tight-fitting, and all seams are flat so there’s no skin irritation.

Also, there are no loose inside tags that may cause chafing.

Overall, the Champion Men’s Double Dry has good features and is the best budget compression shirt.

  • Excellent Price Point
  • Tight Fitting, Moisture Wicking Fabric 
  • No Inside Tags & Flat Seams To Protect Skin 
  • May Not Be The Best Fit For Taller Users

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The Wonderience Undershirt Slimming Tank Top is a body-shaping zippered vest that’s meant to pull in the stomach and improve posture. Have a beer belly? This compression binding shirt has an instant slimming effect.

The Wonderience Undershirt is 60% nylon and 40% spandex tightly knitted. It gives men a smooth upper body appearance under a business shirt or form-fitting regular shirt.

This men’s compression shirt has a chest slimming appearance that hides chest fat, sometimes called man boobs. This is known as gynecomastia. The Wonderscience Compression Undershirt is made of fabric that fits tight, like a second skin. As noted, this “second skin” material hides gynecomastia.

It also provides back support with steel “bones” in the lower back and double-layer fabric on the upper back.

There’s double compression in the front stomach area to hide any midsection problems.

This shirt is designed to be worn under form-fitting shirts or business suits comfortably.

It can be worn to work or when you work out to create a chest and stomach slimming appearance.

  • Improves Body Appearance
  • Compression Undershirts You Wear Under A Dress Shirt Or Regular Shirt
  • Wear It To Work, Special Occasions & When You Work Out
  • May Not Fit Men With Larger Stomachs And Unwanted Fat Rolls

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The uniquely styled Huge Sports Compression Shirt features a blend of 80% polyamide and 20% elastane.

This shirt combines animal and geometry designs for a one-of-a-kind look. It also provides UPF 50+ sun protection.

This shirt is meant for outdoor athletic activities including water sports.

It’s made of a breathable 2-way stretch fabric that helps eliminate moisture and excessive heat.

Additionally, it provides support to your muscles to help prevent energy loss.

The unique style makes this the compression shirt with the best design.

  • Provides UV Protection
  • Features Exclusive Animal & Geometric Designs
  • Relieves Muscular Fatigue

A compression shirt is a tight-fitting shirt that provides support to your muscles. It can be long sleeve, short sleeve, or sleeveless. They are hard to get into and fit very tight, like a “second-skin”.

If you wear a compression shirt, it keeps your muscles warm and dry. It also reduces fatigue. Some shirts improve performance and support post-workout recovery by increasing blood and oxygen flow.

Others help posture and improve overall upper body appearance. This means they hide fat, the appearance of man boobs, and overall upper body fat.

In fact, some men’s compression shirts provide an immediate chest slimming appearance. In addition, there are specific gynecomastia compression shirts, such as the Wonderience Undershirt Slimming Tank Top.

In the case of women’s compression shirts, they hide the appearance of upper body and midsection fat. This includes loose skin and belly fat. It should be noted that both women’s and men’s compression shirts hide belly fat.

Beyond these features, the best men’s compression shirts are moisture and sweat-wicking, anti-odor, and have flat seams that prevent skin irritation. 

This is the most popular compression shirt. It works well as a base layer for colder weather athletic activities but can be used in any climate. It’s also popular for people engaged in weight training or CrossFit. These shirts are moisture-wicking and keep the body warm or cool, depending on the weather.

Also known as compression undershirts or chest binder undershirts, this style is common and has the same advantages as long sleeve compression shirts. 

Body shaping style compression shirts, also known as shapewear binding vests, may come as regular style shirts. They may also come in a vest style that can be zippered.

A mens slimming compression undershirt helps hide fat and minimize the appearance of an overweight midsection. These slimming shirts allow users to hide fat and look trimer in a dress shirt, polo shirt, or any other form-fitting shirt.

As noted, compression shirts are meant to be tight-fitting. To get the benefits of a compression shirt, it needs to fit right. The best compression shirts should be hard to put on. They are tight but not restrictive. With a good compression shirt, you should be able to move in any direction. 

Many compression shirts are made of a blend of polyester and nylon or spandex. Some use elastane, which is essentially the same thing as spandex.

A properly made shirt should stretch 4-5 times its normal size. As noted, expect these to fit tight but still allow you to perform your workout or activity. 

Compression shirts can be designed for cold weather activities like football, winter sports, or jogging/running. Some are designed for warmer weather events and are moisture-wicking as well as quick cooling. Make sure your shirt fits the style of athletic activities you plan to engage in. 

To prevent skin irritation, most compression shirts have seams that lay flat and feel smooth to the touch. Many others do not include loose tags on the inside, instead of using tags printed into the shirt. These features prevent the irritating chafing that occurs from rough seams or loose tags. 

Of course, budget is a consideration for many people and some of these shirts are pricey. It goes without saying that if budget is a concern, value-shop for the best features. Your budget does not have to stop you from getting a high-quality compression shirt. 

There are three fundamental types of compression shirts. Let’s look at each one.

This type of compression shirt is thin and stretchy. They are designed to support but also reveal the muscles. They allow good movement, are moisture-wicking and prevent odor. This style can be cooling, or provide warmth, and some may have sun protection. 

Recovery shirts are made of a material that’s designed to keep the muscles warm. They are a good choice for outside training and help stabilize the working muscles. These shirts blend support and stretchability to improve post-workout blood flow. This improves nutrient delivery and helps the body flush out lactic acid. They also help decrease post-workout soreness.

Additionally, some shirts have gradual compression. This means they are tight in some areas and loose in others. This helps improve oxygen delivery. It should be noted that these shirts are tight and may be uncomfortable for some users. 

This type is a compression shirt for slimming. It’s meant for people that may have allowed themselves to slip out of shape. Perhaps your lifestyle has become too hectic but you plan to get back to the gym.

In the meantime, a body-shaping compression shirt can help you look your best. They will have a lot of midsection compression and will be hard to put on. Some, like the Wonderience Compression Tank, are vest-style and use a zipper. Others will need to be stepped into. 

Some users may be concerned about parts of the body showing. The best shirts do not allow this to happen. This means there are no armhole problems or any other problems of fat bulging out. Also, these shirts often have metal strips that prevent them from rolling up.

Finally, choosing a shirt that fits smooth with flat seams and no zipper will help others from detecting what you are wearing. 

Compression garments help ease fatigue and muscle soreness. These benefits occur when you wear them during a workout. This means you can perform more efficiently for a longer period of time.

For these reasons, the best men’s compression shirts are like favorite workout shirts. You’ll want to wear one for every workout. Let’s not forget women. The best compression shirts for women athletes and fitness enthusiasts meet all the same criteria.

Generally, you should wear compression clothing no longer than the length of your event, workout, or work shift.

As noted, a compression shirt for slimming fits tight and therefore helps tighten loose skin. A slimming shirt can hide the appearance of excess fat. Also as noted, a men’s slimming compression undershirt, for example, can hide the appearance of man boobs. Of course, a shirt cannot correct the medical condition of gynecomastia. Relief from gynecomastia requires following your doctor’s advice.

Also, these shirts have nothing to do with fat burning or weight loss. They create an illusion, nothing more. Weight loss requires hard work in the gym and the kitchen.

Are you considering compression shirts for men? If you want the best overall, the CompressionZ Men’s Quick Dry Compression Athletic Shirt is the choice for you. It acts as a long sleeve base layer shirt that’s lightweight, tight, and supportive. It’s designed for anyone but specifically bodybuilders, weightlifters, and athletes that want good protection and muscle recovery.

Are you not quite the athlete you want to be but still want to look good? The Wonderience Undershirt Slimming Tank Top can be worn underneath your dress shirt or polo shirt. It’s a zip-up vest-style shirt that will make you look slimmer in the midsection. 

Perhaps you need something to wear in the cold weather. The Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Polartec Mock Shirt is designed for cold-weather training. From intense winter sports to simply jogging or running in cold temperatures, this is the shirt for you. It’s dual-layer with a thermal layer inside and a quick-drying, windbreaker-like outer layer. It will keep you warm and provide the support you need. 

As you’ve seen in our guide, there’s a compression shirt that will work best for you. 

Why wait, get yours and get more out of your training!


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