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The 10 best crossfit gloves in 2023 HomeGym101

Are you a CrossFit athlete? No doubt you’ve had your share of calluses, blisters, and bruises on your hands.

Does your WOD demand heavy weights? You’ll need a strong grip.

Chances are, you’ve decided to get a good pair of Crossfit gloves. These gloves can improve your grip and support your wrists.

This guide will help you find the best Crossfit gloves on the market. Let’s dive right in! 

In a Hurry? Here is our top pick:

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Here’s our pick for the best overall Crossfit gloves. Grip Power Pads NOVA Lifting Gloves are like two gloves in one. They improve your grip and support your wrists. 

Also, these gloves are an open finger design. They feature a loop between two of the fingers that allows quick and easy removal. The thick padding supports grip and prevents bruises and calluses. 

They’re designed to fit perfectly and keep your hands cool. They’re made of a durable material designed to last a long time.

  • These Gloves Provide Wrist Support & An Improved Grip
  • There’s A Loop For Easy Removal
  • Padded For Good Protection
  • May Be Too Small For Large Hands

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Here’s a pair of Crossfit gloves that keep your hands cool while you train. These are the best full finger Crossfit gloves. The Bionic Beast Mode Gloves use a patented design. They will help you train harder. The palm padding will optimize your grip. 

The Bionic Beast Mode Gloves provide padded thumbs to prevent calluses. The material allows you to access your smart device even when you’re working out. Track your progress on your device with your gloves on.

  • Patented Design Improves Your Grip
  • The Material Allows You To Touch Your Smart Device & Track Your Workouts
  • Keeps Your Hands Cool
  • The Touch screen Feature May Not Work Well For Some Users

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Here’s our pick for the best value. SIMARI Workout Gloves provide full hand protection during your toughest workouts. The thick foam palm pad absorbs shock and heavy impact. These gloves are breathable, so your hands won’t excessively sweat while you’re training. 

They also have wrist supports to protect your wrists. The wrist straps also support grip strength. The material has a honeycomb design for good durability. The stretchable material fits any sized hand.

  • Padded To Absorb Impact
  • There Are Attached Wrist Supports 
  • Features Wear Resistant Material
  • The Listed Sizes May Be Too Small For Some Users

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These Crossfit gloves use an open hand design to keep hands cool. The Mava Sports Cross Training Gloves use breathable neoprene material. There are leather and silicone palm pads for an improved grip. 

Also, the Mava Sports Cross Training Gloves include 18” adjustable wrist straps. These straps support grip and protect your wrists. That makes the Mava Sports Gloves the best choice for integrated wrist straps. Finally, these gloves will support all your Crossfit workouts.

  • Features Integrated 18” Wrist Straps
  • Open-Hand Design To Keep Your Hands Cool
  • Thick Padding For Support

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Crossfit includes several weightlifting exercises as part of your training. These are the best gloves to wear when using the weights. 

Nordic Lifting Weight Lifting Gloves have 12’ integrated wrist straps. They’re made using breathable mesh material. The padded palm area is durable leather. Nordic Lifting Weightlifting Gloves will improve your grip no matter what the exercise.

  • Features Integrated Wrist Straps
  • Made Of Breathable Mesh Material
  • Padded Palms For Support
  • The Wrist Straps May Be Too Short For Some Users

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Here are the best Crossfit gloves for women. The RIMSports Premium Leather Workout Gloves have air pockets. They use breathable lycra mesh material. 

The combination of material and air pockets provide good ventilation. The gloves are double-stitched for durability. There’s padded thumb protection. There’s also padded leather palms for extra support.

  • Features Air Pockets For Ventilation
  • Double-Stitched For Strength
  • Padded Palms For Good Support
  • Some Users Feel the Thumb Area Is Restrictive

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These Crossfit gloves feature an open back and finger design to keep hands cool. They provide good palm protection from bruises and blisters. There’s silicone padding to prevent slipping. There are also integrated wrist straps. 

These straps improve grip strength and endurance. Finally, the ProFitness Cross Training Gloves are ventilated. This helps keep your hands cool. These features make ProFitness the best open finger Crossfit gloves.

  • Open Back & Finger Design 
  • Padded Non-Slip Palm
  • Prevents Blisters & Supports Grip
  • The Wrist Strap May Be Too Thick For Some Users – They Cause A Lot Of Heat In The Wrist Area

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Here are the best grip-style Crossfit gloves. These Crossfit gloves feature an open design. Bear Komplex 3 Hole Hand Grips give you the grip support you need. Yet, they leave your hands open for a more natural connection to the bar. 

They’re designed from patented carbon fiber and provide your palm with good grip support. They also protect your palms from blisters and bruises. In addition, there’s an integrated wrist strap that also supports your grip. Finally, you can use chalk with these gloves.

  • Protects The Palms
  • Supports Grip Strength
  • Made Of Patented Carbon Fiber
  • May Not Provide Enough Overall Hand Protection

No products found.

Here’s a pair of vented full finger Crossfit gloves that protect the entire hand. GRIPAD Airflow Cross Training Gloves decrease sweat and heat. They’re made with small air holes throughout the glove. The design keeps your hands cool. 

That makes GRIPAD Airflow Cross Training Gloves our pick for the best breathability.  In addition, these gloves enhance your grip for a more effective workout.

  • Designed With Small Air Holes Throughout The Glove
  • Keeps Your Hands Cool
  • Supports Grip Strength
  • Some Users Feel The Grip Could Be Better

No products found.

Here’s a pair of simple open finger design Crossfit gloves. They are the best choice for a beginner. Harbinger Power Weightlifting Gloves are a mesh design with padded thumb and palm areas. There are no wrist straps integrated with these gloves. 

They are an easy on, easy off glove. They use Velcro to tighten the fit. They work well for beginners or anyone that wants a simple design.

  • Mesh Design
  • Extra Padding On Thumbs And Palms
  • Open Finger Style Gloves
  • The Overall Design Is Too Basic For Some Users

Crossfit gloves are made for Crossfit workouts. Many Crossfitters feel that the hands should be protected from blisters and calluses. Crossfit gloves support the grip and protect the hands. Some may also provide wrist support. 

This is a glove that completely covers your hand. They feature a mesh style material for breathability. They feature good padding in the palm. Some gloves, such as Bionic Beast Mode Gloves, have extra padding in the thumb area. 

These are like typical weightlifting gloves with open fingers. They will use a breathable material, such as lycra. They also feature good palm padding. Some use extra thumb padding. Some open gloves, such as Grip Power Pads NOVA Lifting Gloves, have a loop that allows easy removal. 

This is a type of material that covers the palms and provides a good grip. There are finger holes for your fingers to fit through. Bear Komplex grip-style gloves use a patented carbon fiber material. This provides a solid grip with no slipping. 

Many gloves of all types include integrated wrist straps. Some of these, such as Mava Sports Cross Training Gloves, have straps as long as 18”. 

Crossfit incorporates a variety of workouts. Changing grips and the use of many different bars can damage your hands. Here’s a list of benefits from using Crossfit gloves.

  • They’re Hygienic – When you don’t wear gloves, blisters are unavoidable. If you keep training with blisters, they can open and become infected.  
  • They Prevent Sore Hands – What happens if you train without gloves and blisters open on your hands? They can become sore, Also, they can be painful to touch. Gloves prevent this from happening. 
  • Your Hands Stay Fresh – Are you a professional Crossfitter? If not, there’s no reason to have rough, cut up hands. People outside the gym will find rough hands unappealing. This is especially when shaking hands.
  • Your Performance Will Improve – Your grip will be better when you’re wearing gloves. The improved grip will translate to better performance. Your times will also be better in timed workouts. This is because you won’t need to keep using chalk. Finally, damaged, sore to the touch hands will hurt performance.  
  • You Won’t Need to Miss Any Workouts – If you develop severe blisters, you might miss an entire workout. You could miss more than one. Why not avoid that by wearing gloves? 

Some people don’t think they need gloves for Crossfit training. They may think blisters are a badge of honor. That makes no sense. You should be willing to do what’s best for your health. That includes the health of your hands. 

You should look for Crossfit gloves that are durable. You should be able to use them for an extended length of time. Good durability is determined by the type of material used and the stitching. Many Crossfit gloves are double-stitched. Crossfit gloves can be made from a number of materials. They should have leather palms and use spandex or neoprene for other parts of the glove.

Lighter gloves are better for tough workouts. A heavy Crossfit glove means your hands will sweat easily. You should look for gloves that provide a natural feel. Some gloves have open fingers, still others are little more than padding for the palms. There’s also the question of integrated wrist straps. You will have to consider your personal needs to find the best Crossfit gloves for you.

Gloves that breathe are important for both comfort and grip. Nothing is worse than sweaty hands when you’re working out. Breathability helps keep your hands cool and dry. The material has a lot to do with breathability. Do your hands sweat excessively? Look for gloves that allow good ventilation. 

Gloves with integrated wrist support are a good addition. There are gloves available with integrated straps that completely wrap around your wrist. This type of glove will protect your wrists and support your grip. This will enhance workout performance. 

Any type of Crossfit glove you consider should fit snugly. They should not be too tight. Some gloves may run small when compared to the listed sizes. It’s important to follow all manufacturer directions when choosing the correct size. 

The best Crossfit gloves can make a big difference in your training. They improve grip, protect your hands and provide good wrist support. If you’re considering a pair, our best overall is Grip Power Pads NOVA Lifting Gloves. These open finger gloves have a loop that you grab to pull the gloves off. They’re well-padded and made using durable, breathable material. Finally, they’re made to last.

Do you prefer a full finger glove? The best choice is Bionic Beast Mode Gloves. These 

gloves provide complete hand protection. They use a material that allows users to access their smart device. This means you can input workout data while leaving your gloves on.

Are you interested in pure grip strength? Then the best choice is Bear Komplex 3 Hole Hand Grips. These use a patented carbon fiber material. Also, these gloves use a 3-hole design. Your fingers fit right through the holes. You can handle the heaviest weights with this style of glove.

As you can see, there’s several choices available. You’ll need to look at your goals to make the right choice. Use our guide to find the best Crossfit gloves for you!


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