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The 10 best gloves for pull ups 2023

Pull ups are one of the best back exercises you can do. They directly target width.

Do you want the start of a good back routine?

Combine them with an exercise for thickness. What makes them even more important is a simple grip change. Use an underhand grip and you are working biceps.

There’s one problem with pull ups. Your hands can take a beating. A pair of workout gloves protect your hands. They also support your wrists and improve your grip.

This guide will review the best gloves for pull ups. Ready to dive in? Let’s go!

In a Hurry? Here is our top pick:

Here’s our pick for best overall. Mechanix Original are full gloves that cover your entire hand. They enhance your grip and do not compromise your range of motion. Also, they are touchscreen compatible. These gloves are synthetic leather and form-fitting. 

Mechanix Original Gloves are breathable and keep your hands cool. The thumb and index finger are reinforced for durability. Finally, they have an adjustable wrist closure for a secure fit. They are available in 5 sizes, from small to xx-large.  

  • Form Fitting Synthetic Leather
  • Breathable – Keeps Your Hands Cool
  • Touchscreen Compatible 
  • Some Users Prefer An Open Finger Glove

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Some gloves for pull ups don’t fit their advertised size. RIMSports Premium Workout Gloves is a pair that fits true to their advertised size. They also have built-in extra-strength Velcro wrist wraps. RIMSports Premium Workout Gloves feature adjustable wrist wraps for a secure grip. 

Also, these gloves are a lycra-spandex blend. This is a flexible and breathable material. They are sweat absorbing and easy on your skin. The glove is leather reinforced and padded. This improves both grip and comfort. Plus, the open design finger lengths provide good control. Finally, these gloves are available in 5 sizes, from x-small to x-large.

  • They Fit True To Size – 5 Sizes Available
  • Feature Sturdy Velcro Wrist Wraps
  • The Lycra-Spandex Material Is Leather Reinforced
  • A Few Users Feel The Finger Lengths Should Be Slightly Longer

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Ihuan Workout Gloves feature a specially designed wrist wrap with Velcro closures. The wrap is 15” long and provides excellent wrist support. Also, these gloves offer good palm padding for protection against calluses. 

The silicone neoprene padding provides a good grip. The gloves themselves are a light microfiber material for good breathability. They also absorb sweat and moisture. Finally, there are 4 sizes available from small to x-large.

  • Feature Powerlifting-Style Built-in 15” Wrist Wraps With Velcro Closures
  • They Include Silicone Neoprene Palm Padding
  • Made Using Light Microfiber Material
  • Some Users Find That The Lettering And Stitching On The Wrist Wraps Frays After A Few Workouts

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Here’s a pair of open hand pull up gloves. The Mava Sports Ventilated Workout Gloves are a fingerless design. Yet they provide a loop for each finger and thumb. This provides finger protection and support. 

Also, the open hand design provides good ventilation. These gloves promote a natural non-bulky grip. Plus, there are adjustable wrist wraps for good wrist support. Finally, there are 5 sizes, x-small to x-large.

  • Open Hand Design For Ventilation
  • Adjustable Wrist Wraps
  • Features Finger And Thumb Loops
  • Some Users Complain Of A Plastic Odor

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These are the best pull up gloves for women bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, and athletes. The Harbinger Women’s Workout Gloves feature an open-back design. These gloves do not have wrist wraps. They do have extra thick adjustable wrap-around thumb protectors. The gloves use stretchable mesh material for good breathability. 

Also, the finger lengths include a pull tab for easy removal of the gloves. Plus, there are padded palms for comfort and improved grip. Finally, they are available in 3 women’s sizes. These are small, medium, and large.

  • Features Adjustable Thumb Wrap
  • Padded Palm For Comfort
  • There’s A Pull Tab For Easy Removal
  • Some Users Feel They Run A Little Small

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Gloves for pull ups come in various styles. There are full gloves, open-fingered gloves, and assorted pad-style hand grips. The Bear KompleX Grips are a leather grip pad type of glove. They fit over your entire palm and fingers. They have an open back with 2 or 3 holes for your fingers. The grips wrap over the bar and provide a solid grip. 

Also, they have a wrist strap for a secure fit. Finally, there are 4 sizes ranging from x-small to large. The grip will expand a little over time. This works well for users with large hands.

  • Leather Grip Pads That Cover The Entire Front Of Your Hand
  • There Are 2 or 3 Finger Holes
  • Improves Your Grip
  • Some Users Find They Run Small

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This is another type of grip pad. PULLUP & DIP Neoprene Pads are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. The extreme open design helps keep your hands cool. Also, they protect your palms and improve your grip. They have 4 loops that fit over your fingers. 

The PULLUP & DIP Neoprene Pads won’t slip off the pull up bar. These pads are for people that dislike regular workout gloves. Finally, they are one-size-fits-all.

  • Small Neoprene Pads That Improve Your Grip
  • Keeps Your Hands Cool
  • Protects Your Palms From Abrasions
  • Some Users Feel They Are Not Thick Enough

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Harbinger Training Gloves use TechGel padding in the palm and finger areas. This allows you to maintain grip feel while being comfortable to wear. The open finger design supports your grip. It does this by keeping your fingers in contact with the bar. 

Also, there’s an adjustable wrist wrap for good wrist support. Harbinger Training Gloves are ventilated to prevent moisture buildup. This feature helps keep your hands cool. Finally, these pull up gloves are flexible and comfortable. Harbinger Training Gloves are available in 6 sizes from x-small to xx-large.

  • Features Exclusive TechGel Padding For Grip And Comfort
  • Open Finger Design Promotes Good Contact With The Bar
  • Adjustable Wrist Strap For Good Support
  • The Sizing Is Not Accurate – They Run A Little Small

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This is a type of “glove” that uses a flat metal hook. The RIMSports Workout Hooks is a wrist strap with hooks that fit into your palms. Is your grip the weak point in your pullups and other pulling exercises? 

Then these Workout Hooks can help. You place the hooks over the bar and do your reps. With your grip taken out of the exercise, your back does all the work. The wraps are thick adjustable neoprene. The downside is that you will need a lift-off platform to stand on. Once you fail, you will need to stand at the proper height. This way, you can un-attach your hooks. 

This is only true for pull ups. They are easy to unhook from a barbell or dumbbells. Finally, these are one-size-fits-all.

  • Takes Your Hands And Grip Out Of The Movement
  • Metal Hooks Attach To The Bar – Isolates Your Back
  • Thick Neoprene Wrist Straps Holds The Hooks Securely
  • Requires Being Able To Unhook From The Pullup Bar When You’re Done

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Dibear Workout Gloves are value-conscious pull up gloves with a lot of features. They have silicone particles on the palm and thumb areas for a better grip. The thumb area is terry cloth. This is so you can wipe off sweat while you train. 

The rest of the glove is a mesh material that allows good ventilation. Dibear Workout Gloves also have an adjustable wrist wrap for support and protection. These gloves have loops on the finger area for easy removal. Finally, they come in sizes small to x-large.

  • Features Silicone Particles To Improve Grip
  • Adjustable Wrist Wraps
  • Easy To Take Off Using The Integrated Finger Loop
  • Some Users Feel They Fit Too Tight

Before we look at gloves for pull-ups in more detail, let’s define what pull ups are. A pull up is a compound bodyweight exercise. It targets the back, especially lat width. It also targets biceps and forearms. The supporting muscles are the upper chest and deltoids.

Gloves for pull ups are weightlifting gloves. They range from grip pads to full gloves. 

Some variations will provide wrist support. Gloves for pull ups provide a better grip on the bar. They also protect the hands from calluses and sores. 

Pull up variations consist of grip changes and width adjustments. Different grips and grip width affect the back muscles differently. Certain grips also bring the biceps more into play. There are three types of grips:

Palms Down (Overhand, or Pronated) – This is the standard pull up grip. You can use this grip for both close or wide variations.

Palms Up (Underhand, or Supinated) – You use this grip for close grip chins and other exercises. This grip targets the biceps more.

Palms In (Neutral) – The palms face each other when using this grip. This targets the back and chest more. 

Width – You can increase or decrease hand width. Some pull up bars have several angled crossbars for this purpose. Others are a straight bar. A close grip targets biceps more. It can also target a different part of the back. The most common is shoulder width. 

The advantage of using multiple grips is that you can target different back or arm muscles more. Using a regular Overhand grip, you can target lat width. Move to a close underhand and you have a good biceps builder. Target the back even more with a palms-in grip. 

This is the most common type of gloves for pull ups. They have a half finger, or open finger design. The open design allows you to maintain skin contact with the bar. Using this type of glove promotes a good sense of the feel of the bar. One example of this design is the RIMSports Premium Leather Workout Gloves. 

This is like a regular pair of gloves. The full or closed design covers your entire hand. This style protects your hand. It’s comfortable and provides a good grip. Our best overall, the Mechanix Original Gloves is the best example of this style of gloves for pull ups. These are made of breathable mesh material, so your hands stay cool.

A grip pad can come in more than one style. They are a leather or neoprene pad. One style covers the palm and fingers. An example of this is Bear KompleX Grips. They are a simple leather pad with 2 or 3 holes for your fingers. Another design is the PULLUP & DIP Pad. This is a small neoprene pad that fits in your palm. There’s finger loops to hold it in place. The design of these keeps your hands cool, yet improves grip and protects from abrasions.  

Some users prefer grip hooks, such as RIMSports Workout Hooks. These hook right onto the bar and take your grip out of it. Your grip can give out and you can keep on training. This is because the hooks keep your hands attached. Yet that can also be a problem. You have to be sure you can unhook your hands from the pullup bar. Most users bend their legs when doing pull ups. What’s the best way to unhook your hands? Straighten your legs and have a bench or platform to put your feet on. Then unhook your hands. This is much less of a problem if you’re doing exercises with a barbell or dumbbells. 

You can use the best gloves for pull ups for all your exercises. The only type of glove that may be awkward on some exercises is the small PULLUP & DIP Pads. Also, the hook-style gloves won’t work on every exercise. They may be awkward on squats or pushing movements.

Still, any style of pull up glove you use provides several benefits: 

  • Prevent Slipping – Do you train in your bare hands and sweat a lot? You may find you lose your grip. Gloves will solve that problem.
  • Improved Grip – A better grip means you can knock out more reps. Your exercise execution will improve. You can focus on the exercise rather than your grip strength.
  • Prevents Calluses – If you don’t wear pull up gloves, you will develop calluses and sores. Continuing training with sores can lead to infection.  
  • Prevent Sore Hands – As noted, gloves prevent sores from opening. They also keep your hands smooth. 
  • Wrist Support – Many of the gloves in this guide have built-in wrist wraps. Keeping your wrists supported improves your hold on the bar. The last thing you want is to bend back your wrists. Also, a weak wrist weakens your grip. 

We should note one thing. Gloves will not improve a weak grip. In this case, you will need to strengthen your grip. You do this by performing forearm exercises. You can also use a spring-loaded hand “gripper”. Treat your forearms like any other body part and include exercises on arm day. 

The first thing is to choose the style of glove. Do you want a full glove or an open finger glove? Perhaps you’d like to try a grip pad. Finally, do you want built-in wrist wraps? Once you’ve made these choices, your gloves should feel natural and comfortable. 

Tied into glove style is the thickness of the material. Do they have padded palms? Are they too thick, or not thick enough? The Mava Sports Ventilated Workout Gloves are a good example of gloves with the right amount of thickness.

While a padded palm is important, the rest of the glove should be lightweight. Many gloves are a mesh-like material that provides good breathability. This means they will keep your hands cool and also absorb moisture. Our best overall, Mechanix Original Gloves, are a good example of gloves with good breathability. 

One of the keys to a good pair of pull up gloves is fit. Once you have chosen your style of glove, it should fit snug but not too tight. Many gloves fit small compared to their advertised size. One glove that fits true to size is RIMSports Premium Workout Gloves. If you have concerns about fit, these may be an ideal option.

Many of the pull up gloves in this guide have integrated wrist wraps. This supports and protects your wrists. The pull up gloves with the best wrist wraps are Ihuan Workout Gloves. These gloves have 15” wraps for secure support. 

Your pull up gloves should be tough and long lasting. You will be using them for the length of your workout. Chances are, you will expose your gloves to at least one knurled bar. You’ll want them to be able to take the punishment. Every glove in this guide is durable. 

Mechanix Original Gloves are full-fingered gloves. These gloves are a breathable synthetic leather material. They support your grip and keep your hands cool. Also, they are touchscreen compatible.

Are you a female bodybuilder, athlete, or fitness enthusiast? Harbinger Women’s Workout Gloves are the ideal choice for you. These gloves are lightweight and breathable. Also, they have a pull tab so you can take them off easily.

Finally, do you need pull up gloves that are a good value? Dibear Workout Gloves are the way to go. Yet these gloves are feature-packed. The thumb area is terry cloth so you can wipe excess sweat. The glove itself is breathable mesh. Also, there are wrist wraps for good support.

Pull ups are a great exercise. If you’re not using them, it’s time to add them to your program. Before you do your first rep, use our guide to find the best pull gloves for you!


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