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The 10 Best Pull-Up Assist Bands 2023 HomeGym101

Pull-ups are one of the better exercises for wide lats. Yet for many people, they can be a hard exercise.

Do you struggle with pull-ups? Are you only able to do 1 or 2?

Then you need pull-up assist bands. This is a heavy duty resistance band. You use them to help decrease the weight you have to pull. Think of it as using a spotter to help with a heavy bench press.

This guide will review the best pull-up assist bands on the market. Don’t train your back until you check it out!

In a Hurry? Here is our top pick:

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This is our pick for best overall. MummyStrength Resistance Bands feature a how-to guide so you can choose the correct band. 

Also, there’s a downloadable quick-start guide. This guide shows you 9 warmups and 11 exercises. 

Besides helping with pull-ups, MummyStrength Bands are good for physical therapy. These bands range from 5-175lbs and come in 5 available resistance levels. Each level is color-coded. The bands are premium latex rubber for strength and durability. Finally, they feature a lifetime warranty.

  • Available In Five Resistance Levels
  • Each Level Is Color-Coded
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Some Users Feel The Plastic Smell Is Too Strong – A Few Have Returned The Product

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Here’s a pull-up assist band that’s made for bodybuilding. Serious Steel Fitness Assisted 41” Pull-Up Band has 6 resistance levels. It ranges from 2lbs to 150lbs resistance. These bands come with a pull-up guide. 

This is ideal for helping you choose the right band. The guide goes by user body weight. It also goes by the current number of pull-ups you can do. 

Buying several resistance ranges allows you to add resistance as you get stronger. There’s a guide covering the right way to set up a pull-up assist band. It’s included at no extra cost. Finally, these bands are 41” long.

  • Resistance Ranges From 2lbs to 150lbs Over 6 Different Bands
  • Includes A Chart That Helps You Determine The Best Band To Buy
  • Also Includes A Set-Up Guide 
  • Some Users Feel The Bands Have An Unpleasant Latex Smell

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Here’s the best pull-assist band for CrossFit. They come in 5 color-coded resistance levels. These range from 10 lbs to 175lbs. Like others in this guide, there’s a chart showing users how to choose the right band. 

Also, there’s a 4 band set, and a 5 band set. These sets include one band from each resistance range. This option works well as users gain more strength. 

The WODFitters Pull Up Assistance Bands are 41” long and differ in thickness according to color. Finally, there’s a guide that shows you how to use a band for pull-up assistance. 

  • These Bands Range From 10lbs To 175lbs
  • Color-Coded To Match Each Resistance Level
  • Made Of 100% Rubber
  • Some Users Feel The Bands Are Not Stretchy Enough

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POWER GUIDANCE Pull-Up Assist Bands come as a pack. One pack includes a single band, a mesh travel bag, and a user guide. There are 3 color-coded latex bands. The latex is 100% natural and has durable elasticity. In fact, they can be repeatedly stretched for years while maintaining durability. Each one is a different level of resistance. 

There’s a tension chart showing you which band you should choose. Of course, you can use several bands of different resistance at the same time.

  • Includes A Mesh Travel Bag
  • Features Color-Coded Resistance Levels
  • Bands Are 41” Long
  • Some Users Feel The Bands Are Difficult To Learn How To Use

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Here’s a band that offers 2 lbs all the way to 200lbs. There are 5 color-coded levels of resistance to choose from. Draper’s Strength Heavy Duty Resistance Bands are latex and designed to be long-lasting. They have a higher resistance level than most other bands. That makes them a good choice for experienced athletes. 

These bands have a limited lifetime warranty. Included is an emailed workout program at no extra cost. 

  • Resistance Up To 200lbs – More Than Many Of The Bands In This Guide
  • Made Of Latex
  • They Are A Good Choice For Experienced Athletes
  • Some Users Feel They Should Have More Stretch

No products found.

Here’s a pull-up assist band made of 100% latex rubber. Our pick for the best value, CANWAY Pull Up Bands come in a 4-band kit. Each kit includes one color-coded band from four different resistance levels. 

They also included a training guide at no extra cost. Users can combine these bands for extra resistance. A chart helps users choose the best resistance level to start with. Finally, there’s a no-cost travel bag.

  • One Kit Includes Four Different Bands
  • Made Using 100% Latex Rubber
  • Includes A Training Chart
  • A Few Users Feel The Bands Crack Too Easily

This is our pick for the assist bands with the best resistance options. Rogue Monster Bands are 41” long and come in 8 color-coded resistance levels. The resistance levels go from 15lbs up to 200lbs. 

They are 100% latex rubber. Of note is if you want to buy a pair, it’s an extra-cost option. Still, Rogue Monster Bands are a high quality and durable choice. 

  • Available Resistance Up To 200lbs
  • Seven Color Coded Levels
  • Consists Of Latex Rubber
  • Some Users Feel The Latex Odor Is Too Strong

No products found.

AmazonBasics Pull Up Assistance Bands are the best choice for beginners. Here’s a pull-up assist band that provides four resistance levels. You can choose from 10lbs to 125 lbs. Each range is color-coded. 

These pull-up assist bands consist of durable 100% rubber. They are also value-minded. Each band is 41” long. The thickness will vary based on the resistance level.

  • 100% Durable Rubber
  • Four Color-Coded Levels Of Resistance
  • Good Stretch For Pull-Ups And Other Exercises
  • There Are No Guidelines To Help Users Pick The Right Resistance Level

No products found.

Here’s a pull-up assist band that uses a different approach. It’s our pick for the best pull-up assist system. INTENT SPORTS Pull Up Assist Bands feature one band that has a metal clip on one end. The clip is adjustable and can increase or decrease the resistance. It does this by shortening or lengthening the band. 

There’s a resistance indicator directly on the band. The available resistance goes up to 120lbs. It fits any pull-up bar and has a reinforced foot strap. 

Also, there’s an app with several exercise videos. As well, there’s an included travel bag. Finally, this portable system has a lifetime warranty.

  • Pull-Up Assist System
  • Adjust Resistance With A Metal Clip That Shortens Or Lengthens The Band
  • Includes An App With Several Exercise Videos
  • Some Users Feel It’s Not A Good Choice For 200lb And Up Users

No products found.

Many of the bands in this guide have some complaints about the latex/rubber odor. Here’s our pick for the best odor-free bands. Iron Infidel Pull Up Assistance Bands consist of 100% natural, odor-free latex. There are five resistance levels. They range from 20-150lbs. 

The colors are all military-influenced, so they are various shades of Army green. 

A travel bag comes with these bands. You can use them anywhere. If you travel frequently, use them in your hotel room. 

Finally, Iron Infidel donates a part of all sales to wounded military veteran charities.

  • No Odor Natural Latex Material
  • Resistance Ranges From 20-150lbs
  • This Company Donates A Part Of All Proceeds To Military Charities
  • Some Users Feel The Bands Stretch Out Too Easily

A pull-up assist band is a large resistance band. It reduces the amount of body weight as you perform a pull-up or chin-up. Here’s an example. An athlete weighs 150 pounds and uses a pull-up assist band. The band has 25lbs of resistance. The athlete is pulling up 125 pounds rather than the total body weight.

The range of resistance varies based on brand. There are usually 4-6 levels with each level color-coded. This is ideal for beginners to learn the correct form for pull-ups. For many users, pull-ups can be difficult. Using bands can relieve some of their body weight so the pull-ups aren’t as hard. As users gain strength, less help is necessary. 

Pull-up assist bands are very easy to carry with you. Many of the bands in this guide include a travel bag. You can take them anywhere. Some, like the Iron Infidel Pull Up Assistance Bands, work great for travelers. They can be easily used in a hotel room. Also, many users like to train outside when the weather is nice. 

A pull-up band’s ability to stretch, or elasticity, determines its durability. Good elasticity means the band won’t tear, degrade, or snap. As resistance goes up, bands get thicker. This is good for durability and strength. Pull-up assist bands are rubber or natural latex rubber. This type of material will have good elasticity regardless of thickness. 

The quality of a pull-up assist band relates to its elasticity. A good quality band will stretch without fear of tearing or snapping. Check the warranty of any band you are considering. Some bands, such as the MummyStrength Resistance Bands, have a lifetime warranty. 

Many CrossFit athletes use bands to help with pull-ups. It’s not only good for CrossFit. Any athlete can benefit. Also, anyone simply interested in general fitness can benefit. 

Here’s how you can use bands to get the most out of your pull-ups. There are two principles:

  1. Manage Progression 
  2. Combine Band-Assisted Pull-Ups With Other Exercises.

You can make good progress towards your pull-up goals by using these two principles. Let’s look closer at each.

Band-assisted pull-ups allow you to overload the pull-up movement. This gives your back muscles a chance to develop strength. Bands take the common sticking point out of the exercise. This is the lower third of the movement. By using a band, you can get your reps on pull-ups.

Also, the band-assisted pull-up eases stress off the shoulder joint. You can decrease joint stress by using bands to help movement execution. You’ll want to concentrate on adding reps using the same band and then decrease the use of the band.

As you increase your reps, you’ll need less help. Like any exercise, you’ll need to push towards more reps. That builds strength and means you can ease off using the bands.

Adding other exercises is essential for complete development. Pull-ups are a key back exercise. Still, there are other back exercises you can do with pull-ups. 

Done in a regular style, they develop lat width. You can switch your grip to a close underhand grip. This targets biceps. Back thickness is developed by doing rowing movements. For complete development, users should perform both.

Besides the lats, pull-ups work biceps, traps, and rear deltoids. Including work for these areas also helps develop pull-up strength.

All but one of the bands in this guide includes use guidelines. Still, here are simple directions to using a pull-up assist band:

  1. Loop the assist band over the pull-up bar. Pull it back through itself. 
  2. Pull the band down until it’s taut around the pull-up bar. Most of the band hanging down. This is the correct position for your foot. 
  3. Put one foot in the loop of the band. Of note is that INTENT SPORTS Pull-Up Assist Bands have a pre-shaped foot strap. 
  4. Keep your legs straight and your feet together. Stay tight in your core. 
  5. Do not bend your legs. Keeping your legs straight allows the stretch in the band. This is what makes pull-ups easier.
  6. Lower yourself into the band tension. Maintain a controlled, smooth bounce out of the bottom. This helps you improve your pull-up strength. It uses band momentum, causing undue shoulder stress.

No doubt pull-ups are one of the best upper body movements you can do. There are other benefits to using pull-up assist bands. These include:

  • They can help experienced lifters push past fatigue. This is the popular training to failure technique.
  • Assist band pull-ups work well in training routines that use a high volume workload with pull-ups.
  • You can use them for pull-up drop sets. 
  • You can use band-assisted pull-ups as part of a superset.
  • Using pull-up assist bands helps beginners learn the correct pull-up form.

If you have a hard time doing pull-ups for reps, assist bands are a great solution. If you’re interested in choosing a set, the best place to start is with our best overall. 

MummyStrength Resistance Bands feature resistance levels from 5 to 175lbs. 

They are color-coded over five levels. Made of latex rubber, they have a lifetime warranty.

If you’d like an assist band that has adjustable resistance and a foot strap. INTENT SPORTS Pull Up Assist Bands have a metal clip that can lengthen or shorten the band. This adds or reduces resistance. There’s a foot strap and an app with exercise videos.

Are you a beginner? Then AmazonBasics Pull Up Assistance Bands are the best choice. They are 100% rubber and are available from 10lbs to 125lbs. Finally, they’re value-minded.

No doubt you can gain pull-up strength. Getting in your reps means a great workout. Use this guide to choose the best pull-up assist band for you. Happy training!


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