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The 10 Best Rubber Flooring For Your Home Gym 2023 HomeGym101

Your home gym may be in the garage, basement, or spare room. It may even be outside.

Does it feel like a real gym? If not, have you considered rubber flooring?

Besides creating that gym atmosphere, rubber flooring will protect your home’s floor. Heavy equipment can scratch and damage your floor. It will deaden the sounds of any dropped plates or bars.

Finally, it’s a great surface to work out on!

This guide will look at the best rubber flooring for your home gym. Ready? Let’s check it out!

In a Hurry? Here is our top pick:

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Here’s our best overall rubber flooring for home gym. American Floor Rubber Mats Fit-Lock Tiles are an interlocking mat that comes in 4’ x 4’ to 12’ x 20’. They are ⅜” thick and come in an 8-pack. 

These rubber mats can accommodate any size home gym. You won’t need adhesive to install these mats. American Floor Fit-Lock tiles are commercial grade tiles. They create a flat, seamless look. Finally, they’re made of recycled rubber.

  • Available In Virtually Any Size
  • No Adhesive Required For Installation
  • Commercial Grade Recycled Rubber
  • Some Users Report The Same Color May Come In Different Shades

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This is our pick for the best for general free weight workouts. XMark Fitness XMat is a ½” thick, 4’ x 6’ rubber mat. The XMat is durable enough for any home exercise space. The XMat protects you, your equipment, and your floor. 

Use it for free weight training. It can also go under your weight stack or other home gym equipment. The textured surface prevents slipping. Finally, the XMat consists of  recycled rubber.

  • Extra Thick
  • Made Using Durable Recycled Rubber
  • Textured Non-Slip Surface
  • May Be Too Heavy For Some Users To Set Up By Themselves

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This is our pick for the best rolled rubber flooring. Installation takes a matter of minutes. You can install Rubber-Cal Elephant Bark Flooring with 2-sided carpet tape. This durable flooring is wear and abrasion-resistant. It’s ¼ inch thick recycled rubber. It comes in many sizes ranging from 4’ x 2’ to 4’ x 15’. 

  • Rolled Rubber Flooring
  • Available In 20 Sizes
  • Durable & Wear Resistant
  • May Smell Too Rubbery For Some Users

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Here’s an interlocking rubber tile that absorbs shock and noise. Rubber-Cal Armor-Lock Rubber Tiles are the best interlocking rubber tiles. These tiles use eco-friendly rubber. The easy to install interlocking tiles are comfortable to work out on. 

They also protect your home gym floor. Rubber-Cal Tiles are durable and wear resistant. One tile is ⅜” x 20” x 20”. You can arrange them any way you like. Also, you can uninstall them if needed.

  • Durable Interlocking Rubber Tiles
  • One Tile Equals ⅜” x 20” x 20”
  • Easy To Install
  • May Be Too Thin For Some Users

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This rubber mat is ¾” thick and comes in a 6, 10, or 20 pack. DWC Rubber Mat Flooring is commonly used for Crossfit gyms. That’s why it’s the best choice for Crossfit training. It’s made of recycled rubber tires. 

You can cut it to fit any size Crossfit home gym. There are two surface choices: smooth or diamond plate. The smooth texture works well under your equipment. The diamond plate texture supports traction and is anti-slip. Finally, these mats will withstand the impact of heavy plates and bars.

  • Designed To Withstand The Impact Of Heavy Weights
  • Available In Diamond Plated Or Smooth Surfaces
  • Cut It With A Box Cutter
  • Some Users Don’t Like The Smell

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The Rubber Flooring Inc Shock Mat is ¾” thick and comes in three sizes. The 47” x 71” and 6’ x 7’ 6” sizes are one-piece mats. There’s also an interlocking two-piece mat measuring 47” x  94”. These mats absorb sound and protect your floors. 

They are made from rubber tires and are slip-resistant. The beveled edges prevent tripping. These mats are thick enough to withstand the heavy Olympic barbells used by powerlifters. Also, they are durable enough for your heavy deadlifts and squats. That makes these the best rubber flooring for powerlifting.

  • Available In Several Sizes
  • Beveled Edges To Prevent Tripping
  • Sound And Shock Absorbent
  • Some Users Don’t Like The Beveled Edges

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Rubber-Cal Rubber Flooring Rolls are diamond plated for good traction. Made from a synthetic rubber material, they are ideal for an outdoor home gym. These weather-resistant rolls are available in various sizes. 

They are slip-resistant and wear-resistant. Rubber-Cal Flooring Rolls will protect your home gym floor from abrasions. These rubber rolls are comfortable to exercise on. Finally, they are easy to clean and maintain.

  • Diamond Plate Design For Sure Footing
  • Made For Outdoor Or Indoor Use
  • Weather-Resistant
  • May Be Too Thin (⅛”) For Some Users

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Here’s the best choice for the versatility of bodybuilding training. Do you use medium or heavy weights, and some machines? These mats are the best choice. 

The Body-Solid RF546 Rubber Mat has an inverted texture design. These mats provide natural, stable footing. They also protect floors against impact. They are tear, stretch, and crack-resistant. 

Body-Solid RF546 Rubber Mats are ⅜” thick. It’s available in one size, 48” x 72”. You can cut these to fit as needed.

  • Textured For Traction
  • Tear And Crack Resistant
  • Provides Good Impact Protection
  • Only Available In One Size

No products found.

Here are 1/2 inch thick, 100% rubber tiles for your home gym floor. They are interlocking tiles made using pressure and heat. IncStores Rubber Gym Flooring is our choice for the best durable rubber flooring. 

They are also skid-resistant. This means they will not absorb moisture. IncStores Rubber Gym Flooring is slip-resistant wet or dry. They are also abrasion and tear-resistant. Each tile is 4’ x 4’ in size.

  • Made Of One Half Inch Thick Rubber
  • Will Not Absorb Moisture
  • Tear Resistant
  • Some Users Feel The Tiles Smell Too Rubbery

No products found.

Here’s our pick for the best value-conscious rubber flooring. Dinoflex Rubber King Fitness Mats are available in several sizes. These sizes range from  2’ x 6’ to 4’ x 6’. Depending on size, the mats range from 1/10”, 1/20”, and 1/28” thickness. 

Rubber King Mats are waterproof and anti-slip. They are low-odor, eco-friendly, and made to be durable. They are made of water-resistant recycled rubber.

  • Available In Four Value-Conscious Sizes
  • Durable & Slip-Resistant
  • Waterproof
  • May Not Be Thick Enough For Some Users

No doubt you’ve put a lot of thought into your home gym. Maybe you’ve considered flooring. If so, it’s a good idea to look at rubber flooring. Here’s why you should consider rubber for your home gym flooring.

A rubber floor for home gym will protect your floors from the wear and tear of equipment. If you have a power rack and an Olympic set, a rubber floor preserves your own floor. How? Dropping plates or bars on the floor can damage them. So can moving plates, bars, and attachments around. The wear and tear of moving while exercising can also cause wear. A rubber floor prevents this.

A rubber floor acts as sound deadening. A dropped bar or plate can be loud. The act of working out can be loud. By using a sound damping rubber floor, you won’t disturb others in the home. That means you can work out when you want to. That’s a lot better than waiting until it’s convenient for others. 

A rubber floor also protects your joints. Imagine walking on a concrete floor as opposed to a softer floor. As you might imagine, it’s easier on your feet, knees, and lower back. They are also slip-resistant for safety. Finally, a rubber floor will be more comfortable to exercise on. This can make a difference if you do floor work in your routine.

Rubber flooring for home gym comes in three main types. Here is a look at each.

A roll of rubber can cover a lot of floor area. You can cut a rubber roll to fit. An example would be Rubber-Cal Rubber Flooring Rolls. All you need is a box cutter. This allows you to fit your rubber floor to your unique home gym layout.

Based on the brand, you can cover a big home gym space or a small one. Also, you can use some rubber rolls, such as  for outdoor home gyms. Again, a good example is  Rubber-Cal Rubber Flooring Rolls. In this case, they are weather and water-resistant.

There is one problem with a roll. It won’t be as thick as most tiles or mats. This may mean less floor protection. It will also mean less cushioning for your joints. Finally, like other types of rubber flooring, a roll may be hard to move. In some cases, it may take two people to install.

A mat is more specific in the area it covers than a roll. For example, the XMark Fitness XMat covers an area that’s 4’ x 6’ large. This might be all you need for your area. Many people want a mat under their exercise equipment. If you want to cover a larger space, you can buy several mats. 

Mats are thicker than a roll. This means they will protect your joints more. They will also be more comfortable to train on. Finally, they will absorb more sound and protect your floors better.

Yet, mats will be heavier than a rubber roll or interlocking tiles. This means it will be hard for one person to install it. Also, some brands may not be budget-friendly. Still, our pick for best value-conscious, the Dinoflex Rubber King Fitness Mats, will work for anyone.  

An interlocking rubber tile floor is easy to install. You’ll find you can uninstall it or change it as needed. Since tiles are smaller, they are not as heavy as most rubber mats or rolls. Plus, you can cover a large area using interlocking tiles. They use a simple tab and slot system. They fit tight and will not pop loose during your workout. The only downside is that it may take longer to install tiles across a large area. Also, you may need to trim loose edges for a straight, even look. 

Rubber has several advantages as home gym flooring:

  • They Are Durable
  • Rubber Flooring Absorbs Sound
  • They Are Easy To Clean
  • A Rubber Floor Does Not Absorb Moisture
  • You Can Install Them Without Adhesives
  • Rubber Floors Are Comfortable To Exercise On
  • Depending On Thickness, They Are Easy On Your Joints

What kind of exercise equipment do you use? Choosing the right type of rubber flooring for your exercise program is important. Here is a rundown of the type of rubber flooring you should consider. The type you choose will depend on the equipment you have.

  • Cardio – This type of exercise equipment includes treadmills, exercise bikes, rowers, elliptical trainers, and steppers. You should choose a type of rubber flooring that will resist dirt and liquid. Also, some machines may leak small amounts of grease. A rubber mat works well for this kind of equipment. Rubber mats can range in size. For example, XMark XMat is 4’ x 6’ and ½” thick. DWC Rubber Mat Flooring is ¾” thick and is also 4’ x 6’. There are several pack sizes of XMats available. Also, in the case of XMark XMats, you can choose smooth or diamond texture.
  • Weight Stack Home Gym – A weight stack-based home gym can be heavy. It can also require a lot of space. Some are up to 6-7 feet long. These machines stay in one place, so a rubber roll or interlocking mat works fine. It does not have to be thick. For example, Rubber-Cal Elephant Bark Flooring is ¼” thick.
  • Light Free Weight Workouts – This would include dumbbells and barbells that would not create much impact if dropped. An example would be a 30lb barbell or pair of dumbbells. This type of rubber flooring used for a weight stack machine works well here.
  • Heavy Free Weight Workouts  – This is a full-blown, hardcore home gym. This would apply to powerlifters, Olympic lifters, Crossfitters, and bodybuilders. This home gym will consist of heavy barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells. Most trainers will be using a power rack and various other pieces of equipment. Thick mats or interlocking tiles will work best here. For example, mats that are ½” to ¾” thick. For example,  IncStores Rubber Gym Flooring interlocking tiles are ½” thick. Either a mat or tile will absorb the shock if you drop a heavy weight. They will also help protect your joints and deaden sound.
  • General Fitness – This is exercise such as yoga, or resistance band work. A basic rubber mat, such as the Xmark XMat, works well for this type of exercise. 

Here are the different types of rubber used to make rubber flooring for home gym. 

Recycled rubber is a common type of rubber used for home gyms. Many of the rubber flooring in this guide uses recycled rubber. This type comes from old car and truck tires. Manufacturers use black tires for the plain black flooring. They use car tires with whitewalls to make rubber flooring with flecks. This is an eco-friendly process that saves old tires from filling up a landfill. 

Vulcanized rubber flooring also uses old consumer products such as tires. This type of rubber uses the outside of the tire. There are no belts or wires and are easier to make. This type of rubber may be mixed with other compounds. This includes latex, oil, or sulfur. If needed, manufacturers add color granules. Odor control is also added to the process. This type of rubber works well for home gym flooring.

There is no form of recycled rubber in virgin rubber flooring. This type can be made from virgin rubber or synthetic rubber. It can also be crude rubber. This type of rubber is durable and a good choice for heavy free weight-based home gyms. Virgin rubber can withstand the impact of a dropped heavy weight.  In our guide, Rubber-Cal Rubber Flooring Rolls use synthetic rubber. Every other rubber flooring uses eco-friendly recycled rubber.

A rubber floor is a great addition to your home gym. It makes your gym look professional, and protects the floors of your home.

Do you want our best overall? The American Floor Rubber Mats Fit-Lock Tiles are the way to go. These ⅜ inch thick tiles interlock and come in various sizes. There’s 8 to a pack so they fit any size home gym.

Would you rather use a single mat for a self-contained home gym? The XMark Fitness XMat is the best choice. The XMark Fitness XMat is ½ inch thick and comes in 4’ x 6’. Put this mat under your weight stack or similar home gym and you’re all set.

Finally, how about using rolled rubber for your floor? The Rubber-Cal Elephant Bark Flooring is ¼ inch thick. It’s durable and available in various sizes. It’s also easy to install and comes with double-sided tape.

Have you decided you want the best rubber flooring for home gym? Our guide is the place to find it!


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