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The 10 Best Squat Stands [2023]

The squat is one of the most effective exercises you can do. Regardless of your goals, it should be a mainstay in your program. 

If you train at home, you need to think about squatting safely.  You want a piece of equipment that can help keep you safe when you train. That’s especially true if you train alone. 

This is where squat stands come in. They will allow you to train safely with maximum loads. But you don’t want just any stands, you want the best squat stands for your training goals.

That’s what this guide is all about. Let’s dive in!

In a Hurry? Here is our top pick:

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The HulkFit Multi-Function Squat Stand is made to handle heavy loads with an 800lb weight capacity. This is a multi-function squat stand made for strength with heavy-duty 2.5 x 2.5 12-gauge steel construction and an H-frame base for extra stability. 

The unit comes with J-hooks and safety catches that also hold dip bars. 

Additionally, there’s a thin and fat chin bar that can be mounted at the user’s chosen height. You can do a wide range of exercises with this unit, from squats to standing presses to arm work. Add a bench and you can do flat and incline bench presses. These features allow a complete workout. 

Finally, there are plate holders for even more stability. The strength of this unit combined with the included attachments makes the HulkFit Multi-Function Squat Stand the best overall.

  • This Unit Lets You Do A Complete Workout
  • 800lb Capacity Works For Most Lifters
  • Good Attachments That Are Standard Features 
  • Stands Just Under 7’, May Not Fit In All Exercise Spaces


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The Icon Health & Fitness Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Squat Rack are designed to handle up to 300lbs.

This unit has adjustable uprights and safety spotters. This allows users to perform other movements, such as overhead presses. 

It’s made using tubular steel with a “U” shaped base for extra stability. There are also plate holders for extra storage and additional stability. 

If you’re a beginner, working up to a 300lb squat will be an accomplishment to be proud of. That means you can get a lot of use out of this unit. That makes the Icon Health & Fitness Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Squat Rack the best squat stands for beginners.

  • Good Features Allow A Complete Workout 
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Holds Up To 300lbs – Ideal For Beginners
  • Some Users May Find Assembly Difficult


The Rogue SML-3 Monster Lite Squat Stand is a hardcore squat stand designed to handle heavy weights. The stands are made using 3 x 3 11-gauge steel and can handle up to 1000lbs. 

The SML-3 features Westside Barbell hole spacing and uses an “H” frame for stability. 

You have the option of one skinny chin-up bar, or a fat and a skinny bar. You can do a variety of exercises with these stands. 

There are several extra-cost accessories such as a bench, bolt-to-the-floor mounting feet, and wheels. The SML-3 comes with J hooks but safety spotter arms are an extra-cost option. This is a tall stand at 108”, so you’ll need to make sure it fits. 

With a 1000 lb load capacity, the Rogue SML-3 Monster Lite Squat Stand is the best squat stand for intermediate strength athletes.

  • Can Handle 1000 Lbs.
  • Your Choice Of Chin-Up Bars
  • Wide Range Of Accessories
  • Safety Spotter Arms Cost Extra
  • Very Tall At 108”


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The Merax Max Load Squat Stand is made using all-steel construction and can handle up to 550lbs. 

It features 13 height adjustments with 2” hole spacings and  an “H” type base for stability. 

The Max Load Squat Stand is a compact design standing only 5’6” tall. It also includes dip handles, safety catches, and plate holders. 

This unit works well for bench presses, overhead presses, and any exercise you want to do. 

One downside is that there are no chin bars at the top. Yet, many squat stands use an open-top design. 

The features of this unit and the pricepoint combine to make the Merax Max Load Squat Stand the best value.

  • Features 13 Height Adjustments 
  • Compact Design – Only 67.5” Tall 
  • Good Price Point


The Rogue Echo 2.0 Squat Stand is manufactured using 2×3” 11-gauge steel uprights with a 2×2″ 11 gauge steel base for strength and stability. 

The weight limit on the Echo is tested at 1000lbs, so you know it’s strong enough for most users. 

The Rogue Echo 2.0 is an open stand design, so there are no chin bars. It has an “H” frame base for strength. 

This is a bare-bones stand, there are just 2 J-hooks, no safety catches or dip handles.  

It’s value-priced, but primarily it’s a very compact design that can fit in most exercise spaces. In fact, Rogue Echo 2.0 Squat Stand is the best compact squat stand in our list.

  • Built For Strength – Tested With A 1000lb Load
  • Space-Saving Design
  • Features Rogue Quality
  • May Be To Limited In Features For Some Users


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The Titan Fitness Independent Squat Stand is made using 2” x 3” 11-gauge steel construction. 

This stand uses the Westside Barbell hole spacing and has reinforced J-hooks. It has a 1000lb weight capacity. 

The Titan Fitness Independent Squat Stand is sturdy and does not need to be bolted to the floor. It is easy to transport, which means you can work out anywhere. Add a bench and you can do bench presses. 

The only downside is that you’ll have to order two. Still, the ease of transport makes the Titan Fitness Independent Squat Stand the best portable squat stand.

  • Easy To Transport
  • Steel Construction
  • Portable


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The Valor Fitness Squat Stand is an open design with a width-adjustable connection piece to improve stability. 

Since there’s no chin bar at the top, this simple design is portable. It’s sturdy too, with 2.375” x 2.375” 12-gauge construction. 

There’s J-hooks, safety catches, and dip handles. The hole spacing features a numbered system for easy reference. 

The max load is 600lbs and these stands can be used for all types of presses as well as squats. 

The design, portability, and ease of use is a good choice for fitness enthusiasts and athletes in general. 

The downside is that many users like the option of a chin bar. Also, it’s not really strong enough for the heavy weights strength athletes prefer. 

Still, the Valor Fitness Squat Stand has the features to make it the best squat stand for fitness enthusiasts. 4.5 Stars.

  • Width & Height Adjustable
  • Steel Construction
  • Portable
  • Open Design Lacks A Chin Bar
  • Not Sturdy Enough For Very Heavy Weights


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The Titan T-3 Series Short Squat Stand is made using 2” x 3” 11-gauge steel for strength. It also has an “H” frame design for stability. 

The open design adjusts to a maximum height of 6ft. This means it can fit in virtually any space, room height won’t be a problem. 

The Short Squat Stand has a 1000lb weight capacity and uses the Westside Barbell hole pattern. There’s also reinforced J-hooks.

While there’s a nice assortment of accessories such as safety catches, dip handles, and even a chin bar, they are all extra cost. Still, the Titan T-3 Series has the features to make it the best short squat stand.

  • Handles Up To 1000lbs
  • Features 11-Gauge Steel Construction
  • Uses The Westside Hole Spacing
  • Only 6 ft Maximum Height
  • Accessories Such As Safety Catches Cost Extra


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The TDS Super Open Rack Gym is a closed design which means it has a knurled chin bar at the top. This helps add exercise variety as well as improve unit stability. 

This unit features steel construction and has an “H” frame base for strength. 

There are plate holders for storage, which also add to the stability. 

The TDS Super Open Rack Gym has 8 total band holders on the bottom, 4 on each side. This allows the users to add bands for more training variety. Many strength athletes add bands to their lifts for increased resistance. 

Like the other units on this list, you can do virtually any exercise you want in this unit. The holes are numbered and set 2” apart. The unit has a 1000lb load capacity and comes with J-Hooks. 

This unit is indeed similar to several of the units on this list. Still, the quality, the exercises you can do and band pegs make the TDS Super Open Rack Gym the best squats stand for advanced lifters.

  • Handles Up To 1000 lbs.
  • Numbered Hole System
  • Features 8 Band Hooks
  • Only Offers One Type Of Chin Bar


No products found.

The Ollieroo Multi-Function Squat Stand is designed to be a family-oriented lifting rack. 

It’s made using steel construction and has a max load of 480 lbs. It has a partial “H”-style frame for strength. The base also has upright supports for more stability. 

It has safety catches and can be used for squats, bench presses, and overhead presses. 

There are dip handles but with the open-top design, there’s no available chin bar. The Ollieroo Multi-Function Squat Stand is marketed for all levels of fitness training and is meant to be used by the entire family. It’s the best squat stand for women & younger users.

  • Designed For Stability
  • Handles Up To 480lbs
  • Designed For Family Use
  • Not Enough Load Capacity For Many Users


At its most simple, squat stands are a piece of exercise equipment that consists of one height-adjustable vertical post. In this case, you’ll need two. It will have J-hooks and some type of safety catch in case you fail in a lift. 

Some designs will have the two vertical posts attached to a base as one unit. This helps  to improve stability. This is usually an “H” frame, but sometimes it’s just a partial “H”. 

As the name implies, squat stands are used to perform squats but can also be used for all types of presses. Some include a chin bar or two across the top for more available exercises and improved frame strength. 

Stands with an attached chin bar across the top are sometimes called “squat racks”, but the name is interchangeable. This type of stand is considered more multi-functional. 

Regardless of the design, the best squat stands can handle loads up to 1000lbs. 

A power rack is an enclosed “cage” that is designed for safety. 

The load capacity is about the same as  squat stands. The type of exercises you can do in each is also similar. 

Power racks will have accessories such as lat attachments, whereas squat stands won’t due to the design. Some power racks may even be a complete self-contained gym with multiple attachments. 

Some users may feel safer in a power rack but good squat stands can provide more than enough safety. 

As far as which one you should choose, it depends on the size of your home gym space and what your goals are. 

If space is limited and you want the most bang for your buck, a power rack with accessories might be the way to go. If you have room for multiple pieces, squat stands will be the ideal choice. 

What kind of accessories can you get in a squat stand? The best ones offer a good variety that may include: 

  • Plate Storage Pegs
  • Dip Handles
  • Chin-Up Bar – Sometimes both a skinny and a fat bar.
  • Fitness Band Pegs

Add a bench and you can do any type of bench press. On some units, the safety catches are an extra cost option, and many of the above accessories may be extra cost.

One of the most important considerations should be the weight capacity of the squat stand you are interested in. This is largely based on your goals and your current strength. If you squat with 500lbs and you’re training for strength, don’t buy a stand with a 550lb limit. You’ll need one with a 1000lb limit. If you are a beginner and squat 100lbs, a 550lb max load unit is fine. The point is, buy to support your goals. 

Most squat stands include safety catches but in some cases, they are an extra-cost option. By all means, buy them! Safety is what it’s all about and without them, you have nothing to catch the bar in a failed lift. 

The best squat stands are height adjustable up to as much as 7’. They will also have a uniform hole spacing. Some stands have holes spaced every 2”. Others add a numbering system for easy reference. The more serious strength-oriented stands use Westside Barbell hole spacing. This means that the holes are closer together near the bottom of the rack. Then they are farther apart at the middle and top of the rack. This allows for precise J-hook and safety catch positioning on the bench press for an ideal lift-off position. 

Most stands have pegs for plate storage. This is a good feature because the extra weight of the plates allows for more stability. It also gives you a place to store your plates, which can be a lifesaver if your home gym is a little small.

All but the simplest stands have good versatility. This means they will include at least one chin bar as well as dip handles. It also means they are designed for a wide range of exercises, such as all types of presses as well as squats. It depends on the design you want. 

The type of squat stand you buy should reflect the space you have available. Most squat stands should fit in virtually any size exercise space. The biggest concern is to make sure your room or space has enough height. Since the adjustable uprights on most stands go up to 7’, you need to make sure your room can hold it. 

Finally, there’s the price. You may have to do a little shopping to get the most features for the best price. Of course, you’ll want to work within your budget. This guide includes excellent value-conscious options to help you make the choice that works best for you.

As you can see, squat stands can be an invaluable addition to your home gym. 

We’ve found that the HulkFit Multi-Function Squat Stand is the best overall. This unit has excellent standard features that include height-adjustable skinny & fat chin bars. There are also dip handles and storage pegs. Add in the heavy-duty construction and 800lb max load and all you need is a bench. 

If you’re a beginner, the Icon Health & Fitness Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Squat Rack is a great choice. There’s adjustable uprights and a max load of 300lbs, a good goal for a beginner to shoot for. 

Finally, there’s the Titan Fitness Independent Squat Stand. This is the best portable stand. It’s a simple design so you might not get the accessories, but you will get good portability. That can be a big deal if you like to train outside, or just need to store your stands out of the way when not in use. 

Ultimately, the best squat stands are the ones that fit your needs the most, look over this guide and buy to your goals. Happy Training!


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