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The 10 Best Training Masks Of 2023 HomeGym101

Don’t confuse a training mask with what you may wear to battle covid. A training mask is a training device that regulates how your body uses oxygen.

It does this by stimulating training in high-altitude conditions. As you adjust to the simulation, your body uses oxygen more efficiently.

This guide will review the best training masks available. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

In a Hurry? Here is out top pick:

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Here’s our pick for best overall. TRAININGMASK was one of the originators of the mask concept. This version is the best mask this company offers.

The Elevation Training Mask 3.0 is a respiratory conditioning mask. The 3.0 features over-molded construction for strength. There’s also a shrouded plate cover. This mask works well for any training style.

Also, the TRAININGMASK Elevation Training Mask 3.0 has 6 levels of resistance. Like other masks, you can adjust during your workout. Finally, this mask comes in small, medium, or large.

  • Features Molded Construction
  • There Are 6 Levels Of Resistance
  • The Shroud Plate Is Custom Designed

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Here’s one of the first training masks ever made. It’s also the best choice for beginners. TRAININGMASK Training Mask 2.0 is an updated version of the original design. This mask is one size fits all. It features 6 training levels ranging from 3,000-18,000 feet. Each training level increases in increments of 3,000 feet. 

You can use the mask with any type of workout. That’s one reason it is a good choice for beginners. It comes with a no-cost storage case and an instruction manual. Also, there’s an available head strap at extra cost.

  • One Of The Original Training Masks
  • Features 6 Levels – Ranges From 3,000 To 18,000 Feet 
  • One Size Fits All
  • The Strap May Have A Tendency To Slide During Workouts

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The Vikingstrength Training Mask works by stimulating pulmonary resistance. It uses the concept of high-altitude training. You’re inhaling less oxygen, but your lungs adjust. They become more efficient. Using the Vikingstrength Training Mask improves stamina and reduces fatigue. It’s made of silicone and fits most users.

The Training Mask provides 24 resistance levels. These are altitude-related. The levels stimulate 2,000 to 18,000 feet. This mask is easy to use. Users can adjust the resistance while training. That means in the middle of a rep or set. You don’t have to stop. Also, you can take it apart for cleaning easily. Finally, the mask comes with a free carrying bag.

  • Offers 24 Levels Of Resistance
  • One Size, Flexible Silicone Mask Fits Most Users
  • Includes A Travel Bag
  • Some Users Feel It Doesn’t Fit Tight Enough

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Here’s a training mask that’s designed to filter out dust and other unwanted particles. The Nextgen Altitude Training Mask also includes a spray cleaner, and a microfiber towel. Also, there are extra filters. 

The Nextgen Altitude Training Mask has a small accessory case. It has a clip that attaches to your belt, or other gear. Plus, there are 24 resistance levels. Finally, this is a one size fits all mask.

  • Hard Plastic Case Includes Filters, Spray Cleaner, And Microfiber Towel
  • Features 24 Resistance Levels
  • One Size Fits All
  • Some Users Find The Masks Slides Down During Use

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This mask features an anti-slip design. It features an anatomical design. Also, it’s a one size fits all mask. The Sparthos Training Mask has 16 levels of resistance. You can use it with all training styles. By restricting airflow, the lungs work harder. 

As you adjust to less oxygen, endurance increases. You also burn more calories. Plus, the muscles involved with breathing become stronger. The resistance is adjustable even while training. Finally, there’s a no-extra cost storage case.

  • No-Slip Design
  • 16 Resistance Levels
  • Includes Storage case
  • A Few Users Find It May Slide When Sweating

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Here’s a mask for any fitness level. The Newtion Training Mask has 24 levels of resistance. Users can adjust the resistance to fit their experience level. This mask is a durable material and features reinforced stitching. 

Also, the Newtion Training Mask has a no-slip design. Finally, it has an elastic band that users can pull up over their head. This provides a more secure fit and prevents sliding.

  • Designed For Any Fitness Level
  • There Are 24 Levels Of Resistance
  • Will Not Slip Or Slide During Use
  • A Few Users Feel It Fits Too Tight

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Here’s a training mask that comes with a lifetime warranty. The FITGAME Workout Mask features an ergonomic design. This mask has 24 levels of resistance. It is one size fits all, comfortable, and durable. It’s built to last, and will not slide during use. 

You can use the FITGAME Workout Mask regardless of your experience level. Finally, athletes from all sports recommend this mask for durability and results.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • There Are 24 Resistance Adjustments
  • Designed For All Fitness Levels
  • May Be Too Small For Some Users

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The Dimok Training Mask is for users involved in running-based endurance sports. It’s also suggested for boxers and MMA athletes. This mask has 16 resistance levels. You can adjust the level as you’re training. 

This mask is also called a hypoxic training mask. Hypoxemia means low oxygen levels because of high altitude conditions. Training masks simulate high altitude conditions, which induce hypoxemia. This causes the lungs to work harder to increase airflow. Available sizes are small, medium, and large. 

Finally, users can take the Dimok Training Mask apart. It’s easy to clean using warm soapy water.  

  • Designed For Runners And Endurance Athletes
  • There Are 16 Levels Of Resistance
  • This Mask Is Easy To Disassemble And Clean
  • Some Users With Glasses Find They Can’t Wear This Mask

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Here’s our pick for the best value. The Vexoline Training Device Mask is a value-conscious mask designed for all workout styles. This mask has 16 resistance adjustments. 

The Vexoline mask is one size fits all design. It has a snug, secure fit and will not slide during use. It’s made using durable materials. If you train outside, it can handle all weather conditions. Finally, the Veoxline Training Device Mask comes with a travel bag and head sleeve.

  • Good For Value-Conscious Users
  • 16 Resistance Levels
  • Includes A Head Strap And Storage Bag 
  • Not For Fitness Beginners – Some Complain Of Feeling Lightheaded

No products found.

Here’s our pick for the best training mask for women. The FDBRO Training Mask comes in small, medium, or large. The mask consists of silicone gel. This provides a better fit. Also, it’s certified for quality. 

There are 6 levels of resistance. It’s a no-slip mask with mesh lycra covering to keep users cool. The ear frames are larger for a better fit. Finally, any experience level can use the FDBRO Training Mask.

  • Designed For Women Users
  • There Are 6 Levels Of Resistance
  • The Mask Consists Of Silicone Gel With A Lycra Covering
  • Some Users Don’t Like The Odor

A Training Mask is a device that imitates training in high altitudes. It does this by restricting airflow. There are various levels of resistance. Some masks, such as Vikingstrength Training Mask, have 24 resistance levels. Others, such as TRAININGMASK Training Mask 2.0, have 6 levels.

A training mask involves Respiratory Muscle Training or RMT. By limiting airflow intake, a training mask forces the lungs to pull air in harder. This is how users get the same amount of air they would normally use while training. The effects are similar to working out in high altitudes.

Here’s how RMT works. The resistance of airflow forces your diaphragm and intercostal muscles to work harder. This allows them to pull air through the mask. It’s like weight lifting. Using heavier weights increases strength. Likewise, a training mask will increase the strength of the intercostal and diaphragm muscles. As these muscles get stronger, you will find it easier to breathe. Your endurance will increase.

Below are several benefits of training masks.

A strong core is a must for any athlete or fitness enthusiast. A strong core improves your posture. It will also improve your workouts. A training mask strengthens your diaphragm. This is the muscle below the lungs. This is the foundation of the midsection. As your diaphragm gets stronger, you can take in more air. That means more oxygen, which leads to increased red blood cell production. That, in turn, means better endurance. 

As noted, training masks improve endurance by strengthening the lungs. Your aerobic and anaerobic productivity increases. This helps your body become more oxygen-efficient. If you provide more oxygen to your muscles, you increase your stamina. This means you can work out longer and more efficiently. 

Like stamina, improved endurance is a byproduct of increased respiratory system efficiency. When you breathe in a steady manner, your endurance improves. However, if you’re exerting yourself, you find that controlling breathing is difficult. 

A training mask increases CO2 tolerance. This means you can control your breathing more efficiently. The body’s CO2 levels still create the urge to inhale. This means that the urge to breathe increases as CO2 levels increase. If you can develop a higher tolerance to CO2, you won’t need to breathe in so much. You’ll use the air you breathe in more effectively.

This may not have a direct link to. Performance. Still, it’s an important benefit. As we know, fat loss takes place when your body burns more calories than it takes in. There’s more to it than that, but that’s a major part of the equation. There are two ways to achieve this. First, you have to eat less of certain calories. Basically, less sugar and less total carbs are a great place to start. 

Next, you have to burn more calories by being more physically active. This means exercise. One of the best ways to increase physical activity intensity is by wearing a training mask. 

A training mask needs to fit your face securely. The materials it’s made from will determine how comfortable it is. Training masks are made of several materials. These help the mask stay in place. They also determine comfort and durability. 

These materials include:

  • Rubber – This material is often used for training masks. A good rubber mask stays in place. It will hold up well during normal use. Still, they can be uncomfortable during warmer weather.
  • Nylon – This is the stretchy material that helps the mask fit on your face and head. The material will stretch over your ears and head. Nylon is durable and works well in any type of weather. Some masks, such as the FDBRO Training Mask, use lycra. This material uses nylon as part of its fabric.
  • Latex – This is another popular material. It doesn’t slide on your face. It’s also durable. 
  • Neoprene – This is a durable, flexible material. It will hold its shape in any weather condition. It will also stay in place while you train.
  • Silicone – This is another durable, non-slip material. It feels comfortable against your skin. It also resists heat and won’t lose its shape.

Regardless of the material the mask you choose is made of, notice its thickness. Thicker masks are comfortable. Yet they can feel heavy. This may make them seem more likely to slip when training. A thicker training mask provides more levels of resistance. 

A thinner training mask feels lighter. Yet, that doesn’t mean more comfort. This is because they lack the cushioning of heavier masks. A thinner mask may slide easier. Also, they may not have as many levels of resistance. Still, they will most likely be more valued-minded. 

A training mask needs to have a secure, snug fit. They need to create a firm seal around your face. You don’t want air escaping when you’re working out. Many masks, such as the FITGAME Workout Mask, are one size fits all. Others, such as TRAININGMASK Elevation 3.0, come in small, medium, and large sizes. Many manufacturers provide a size chart so you can determine which size is the best for you.

A training mask has valves so you can adjust resistance levels. The settings are usually labeled with the altitude levels they simulate. Some masks, such as FDBRO Training Mask, feature 6 resistance levels. Usually, a mask like this has resistance in increments of 3,000. They can be in intensity or feet.For example, the mask may range from “light” to “extreme”. Or, it may range anywhere from 2,000 to 18,000 feet. The higher altitude settings provide more airflow resistance.

Here’s a look at the different altitude settings:

Lower Altitude – These range from 2,000 to 5,000 feet. These levels don’t activate respiratory muscles. Also, they don’t enhance the way the body uses oxygen. Still, lower levels allow a new user to get used to training with a mask. 

Medium Altitude – These range from 5,000 to 12,000 feet. They improve the way the body uses oxygen. They provide better overall results than lower altitude settings. 

High Altitude – These range from 12,000 to 18,000 feet. They provide the best training sessions for your respiratory muscles. Also, they improve oxygen utilization the most.

The training masks in our guide range from 6, 16, and 24 resistance levels. As noted, a few use intensity levels instead.

All training masks have an elastic strap that holds the mask to your face. Some masks have a single strap. Others have two. A few have a strap that acts as a head strap. An example of this is the Newtion Training Mask.

Single-Strap – This style of mask is a good value. Still, they may not provide the most secure fit. Also, they may not adjust as easily. An example of this design is the Sparthos Training Mask. 

Two-Strap – This style of mask fits better. Usually, they are heavier. An example of this style is the Newtion Training Mask. As noted, the second strap can be used as a head strap if desired. 

A training mask can get dirty and sweaty. Therefore, it’s a good idea to choose a model that isn’t hard to clean. Many masks can be hand washed. Some, such as the Dimok Training Mask, are easy to take apart and clean. You can use warm water and mild dishwashing soap. Others, such as the Nextgen Altitude Training Mask, come with a spray bottle and towel for cleaning. 

Training masks are a great way to build your oxygen and endurance. Are you considering trying one out? Then you should start with our best overall. TRAINING MASK Elevation Training Mask 3.0 is the best mask from one of the original mask companies. This mask comes in small, medium, or large. There are 6 levels of resistance available. You can adjust the resistance as you’re training.

Are you looking for a mask that won’t slip? The Sparthos Training Mask has a secure fit and will not slip. It’s also one size fits all design. Finally, there are 6 resistance levels.

Do you want the mask with the best warranty? Then the FITGAME Workout Mask is the choice for you. This mask features a lifetime warranty. It’s also athlete-recommended for comfort, results, and durability.

Adding a training mask to your program can make a big difference in endurance. This guide has a mask for all experience levels. Why wait? The best training mask is the one that fits your workout goals the most. Get yours and get training!


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