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The 11 Best Abs Mats 2023 HomeGym101

Do you want to work your abs with more intensity? Then it’s time to consider an abs mat.

What does an abs mat do? It supports your lower back.

Also, it positions your midsection for a better range of motion. A longer range of motion means improved muscle contraction. This, in turn, leads to more complete ab development.

Isn’t that what you want from your abs work?

This guide will review the best abs mats on the market. Let’s jump right in!

In a Hurry? Here is our top pick:

Here’s our pick for the best overall. The Rogue Original AbMat is an essential piece of core training equipment. This is the original AbMat. It features a contoured design. This flexes your spine, which in turn stretches your ab muscles. This means your ab work will be more effective. 

This is because the Rogue AbMat allows you to achieve a full range of motion. Plus, it will work the entire ab region. This mat consists of dense foam that’s covered in vinyl. Finally, you can use it on any flat surface. 

  • Firm Design Supports Your Lower Back
  • Helps You Stay In The Correct Position For Ab Exercises
  • Consists Of Foam Covered In Durable Vinyl
  • May Not Be Firm Enough For All Users

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Here’s our pick for the best value-conscious abs mat. Plus, it comes with a free resistance band. That makes it an even better value. The Elite Sportz Abdominals Mat consists of high-density foam. Its contoured design promotes a complete range of motion. The Abdominals Mat is vinyl-covered for durability and easy cleaning. 

Also, the compact design means good portability. Finally, use it by itself for all your ab exercises. Or, use it with the free band for additional exercises. Using the band, you can do a complete whole-body workout. 

  • Value-Minded Design
  • Compact For Portability
  • Includes A Resistance Band At No Extra Cost
  • Not Ideal For Smaller Users

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This mat is made by athletes for use by athletes. The Gymreapers Ab Mat is dense, firm, and durable. The seam is double stitched for strength. You can use this mat for any style of training. Use it for high-rep ab exercises. Or, use it for lower rep general core work. 

The Gymreapers Abs Mat protects your spine and promotes stability during exercise. It supports your back while you work out. The mat works on any flat surface and will not slide during use. Finally, this mat has a lifetime warranty. It’s the only mat in this guide with a warranty this good.  

  • Features A Lifetime Warranty
  • Double Stitched Seam For Durability
  • Consists Of Extra Dense Foam
  • May Not Be Comfortable For Taller Users

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Here’s a mat that keeps your back out of your ab exercises. It directly targets your ab region. That makes it the favorite of fitness enthusiasts. Like other abs mats, the Iron Bull Strength Abs Mat has a contoured design. The design allows a complete range of motion for effective ab workouts. 

Plus, it is a contoured design that supports your lower back. Also, this mat consists of dense foam for durability and strength. This allows a full stretch, and an improved contraction. The Iron Bull Strength Abs Mat uses durable vinyl covering. Finally, it’s lightweight and portable. 

  • Contoured, Ergonomically Designed
  • Made Of Heavy-Duty Foam
  • Portable
  • Some Users Feel The Mat Is Not Comfortable

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Here’s an abs mat that is designed to be a good size for any user. The Solofit Abs Mat provides good support and stability for users of any height. It’s designed to promote a complete range of motion. This is a no-slip mat, there’s no sliding while you train. 

The Solofit Abs Mat is also durable, lightweight, and ergonomically designed. This mat consists of high-density foam with a durable leather covering. Finally, the Solofit Abs Mat is designed to last a long time. 

  • Designed To Be A Good Size For Anyone
  • Allows A Complete Range Of Motion
  • Supports Your Lower Back
  • An Optional Tailbone Protector Is Extra Cost 

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Here’s an abs mat with the right amount of firmness. Balancefrom Abs Mat is neither too soft nor too hard. The high-density foam is designed to provide good, balanced firmness. Also, it’s contoured to support the lower back and maintain comfort. The Balancefrom Abs Mat has a vinyl covering for good durability. 

This mat is lightweight, so you can carry it anywhere. Train outside, in a hotel room, or at the office. These mats will make your abs workout more effective. Your range of motion is greater. This means more ab involvement which leads to greater development. 

  • Provides The Right Amount Of Firmness
  • Consists Of High-Density Foam
  • Improves Range Of Motion For A Better Ab Workout
  • Some Users Feel There’s Too Much Contour

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Here’s an all-in-one ab mat that also functions as a mini home gym. The Togedi Core Trainers Ab Crunch is an abs mat with built-in roller pads. Plus, there’s a resistance band with dual D-handles. Also, there are 3 levels of resistance. You can do any number of upper body exercises with the band or pads. 

Plus, you can work your core and legs. You can also cycle with it so you can get your cardio in. This means with one unit you can work your abs, your entire body, and do cardio. Finally, it’s compact, lightweight, and portable. This works well for anyone with limited exercise space. 

  • Supports Your Tailbone While You Work Your Abs
  • Use The Roller Pads And Resistance Band For A Complete Workout
  • You Can Also Used It For Cycling
  • Some Users Feel It’s Not Value-Minded Enough

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Here’s an abs mat that includes a no extra cost massage stick roller. The Yes4All Ab Mat comes as a set. It includes an abs mat and the massage stick roller. The mat comes in one standard size. This mat consists of dense foam that provides good support. It has good contour for a better range of motion. As noted, this means improved ab stimulation. Finally the cover consists of durable PVC leather.

The massage stick roller has a steel base. The massage area features 9 points for deep tissue massage. It also includes wheels that fit on at various points for a complete massage. Finally, using the wheels, it turns into an ab roller. Used with the ab mat, you can get a complete ab workout. Both the ab mat and massage stick are portable. You can use it anywhere.

  • A Complete Set That Includes The Ab Mat And A Massage Roller
  • The Mat Consists Of Dense, Firm Foam
  • Covered In PVC Leather
  • The Mat May Be Too Firm For Some Users

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Here’s an abs mat with thick, dense foam padding. The Rep Fitness Abs Mat has the thickest mat on the market at 2.75”. It’s contoured for excellent lower back support. There’s also an extra cost optional tailbone protector. This option provides a flat pad that extends out from the mat. This extension protects your tailbone as you exercise.

Also, this mat has a no-slip vinyl covering. You can use it with or without the tailbone protector. Plus, you can use this abs mat for other exercises. Or use it to kneel on. You can lie on it because it provides good head/neck support. Also, you can take it and use it anywhere there’s a flat surface. Finally, this abs mat consists of high quality materials for durability. 

  • Extremely Thick For Good Support
  • Made Of Dense Foam
  • Use It Anywhere You Have A Flat Surface
  • Some Users Say They Can Still Feel The Mat Is Too Stiff

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Here’s an abs mat that comes with an exercise manual. This manual is included free with the Synergee Abs Mat. That means the manual is helpful for beginners. 

This mat has a durable PVC leather cover. Also, it uses dense, firm foam to provide good support. There’s an anti-slide base for security while using. As with other mats, there’s good contour for lower back support. 

Also as noted, it provides a more complete  range of motion. That means more effective abs exercises. Finally, the Synergee Abs Mat is lightweight. You can carry it anywhere.  

  • Includes An Exercise Manual For Beginners
  • Made Using PVC Leather Cover
  • High Density, Firm, Contoured Foam
  • May Be Too Small For Tall Users

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While not every abs mat provides it, tailbone protection may be an important benefit for many users. In fact, only a couple other mats in this guide offer it. The Athlos Fitness Ab Mat with Tailbone Protector includes a no-cost tailbone protection pad. 

This allows users to lay back on the pad for complete back support. The tailbone protector also prevents abrasions to your back. The abs mat is made of dense foam for firmness and good contour. This improves range of motion for good ab isolation. Finally, this mat is portable. Take it with you and train anywhere. 

  • Includes A Tailbone Protector
  • Provides Good Firmness
  • Use It On Any Flat Surface
  • Some Users Feel It’s Best For Taller People

An abs mat is a piece of exercise equipment that protects your lower back during core work. It provides a comfortable surface to exercise on. Also, it improves your exercise form. Finally, it helps you achieve a full range of motion.

The best abs mats provide the following benefits:

  • Stabilizes and Supports The Lower Back
  • The Contour Allows A Full Range Of Motion For Ab Exercises
  • Improved Muscle Contraction – This Means Better Muscle Stimulation And Development
  • Prevents “Cheating”   

To begin:

  1. Place your abs mat on the floor or a flat surface if you’re training outside.
  2. Sit down with your lower back against the end of the mat. 
  3. The steeper part of the curve should be at the top of the mat. Your shoulders will contact this area when you lay back. 
  4. As you lean back onto the mat, you should feel the mat fit the curve of your spine.
  5. Your tailbone will not be in contact with the floor or flat surface. However, if your abs mat has a tailbone protector pad, such as The Solofit Abs Mat, it will be. 
  6. Once you are set up on the abs mat, you can start your workout.

There are a number of exercises you can do using an abs mat. These exercises include crunches and various crunch variations. Some examples are side to side crunches, reverse crunches, and bicycle crunches. You can use a ball, a resistance band, or dumbbells. Plus, you can do exercises while you lie on your stomach. One of the abs mat in this guide, the Synergee Abs Mat, includes a free exercise manual. That’s an important consideration for anyone new to exercising.

This is one of the most important features of an abs mat. You want enough firmness to provide good support. As the abs mat is broken in, it will soften a little. One example of a mat with good firmness is the Balancefrom Abs Mat. It’s not overly hard or soft, but balanced. 

This reflects the firmness of your mat. The support provided by the mat is one of the primary benefits. The best abs mats should support your lower back and spine. Laying directly on a hard floor can be hard on your back. The best abs mats curve with your spine. This reduces any chance of injury. It also helps to stretch out the area. This stretch improves your range of motion and muscle contraction.

The thickness of an abs mat also relates to its firmness and support. All of the abs mats in this guide have good thickness. For example, the Rep Fitness Abs Mat is 2.75” thick. That’s the best of any mat listed in our guide. Any good abs mat should be at least 2” thick. The thickness of the mat will dictate your range of motion. Also, it affects your level of support.

Some mats, such as the Rep Fitness Abs Mat, have an optional pad extension that cushions your tailbone. This pad does not have an arch. It’s padded but flat. 

An abs mat will help you isolate your abs muscles for better muscle stimulation. Good muscle isolation improves muscle development. You’ll see more strength and size by directly targeting the abs. The abs mat does that. 

Some offer extras that can help you isolate your abs. One example of this is the Yes4All Ab Mat Set. This mat includes a massage stick with wheels to double as an ab roller. This is a good exercise that targets the abs.

While abs mats are not adjustable, some come in different sizes. Check the description of any abs mat you’re considering for a size listing. Most are approximately the same size. Abs mats are lightweight and portable. You can use them anywhere you want to train. 

The Rogue Original AbMat helps flex your spine for an improved range of motion. This leads to better isolation and contraction. Also, this mat has a durable vinyl covering. 

Do you want an abs mat that offers a no-extra-cost ab roller? The Yes4All Ab Mat Set is the choice for you. It includes a massage roller stick with 9 points of deep tissue massage. It also includes massage wheels that double as an ab roller. That means you can work your abs using both the mat and roller. Then, you can get the benefits of a deep tissue massage. 

Finally, is tailbone protection on your list of must-haves? Then you’ll want the Athlos Fitness Ab Mat With Tailbone Protector. This comes with a no extra cost flat pad that protects your tailbone. 

As you can tell, there are several choices when it comes to abs mats. The one that fits your list of needs the most is the right one for you. Use our guide to help you make your choice!


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