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The 11 best knee sleeves for Crossfit 2023 HomeGym101

Knee sleeves protect your knees during your Crossfit workouts. This is especially important if you lift heavy. It’s also important if your workouts call for a lot of twisting and moving.

A good pair of knee sleeves help prevent injury. This is crucial if you’ve had knee problems in the past. Like a lifting belt, knee sleeves are an important piece of gear. They help you have a successful workout.

This guide will look at the best knee sleeves for Crossfit. Don’t train again until you’ve checked it out!

In a Hurry? Here is our top pick:

Here’s a pair of knee sleeves that have an exclusive feature. The Rogue Custom Knee Sleeves have the Zeus feature. This means they can be personally customized to the Crossfit athlete’s specs. 

This includes the thickness, color, size, and logo. It’s no wonder they are the best overall. They use an SBR/neoprene material that’s flexible and uses contoured seams. The fit is comfortable yet snug. 

These sleeves reduce joint discomfort and provide good support. The Rogue Custom Knee Sleeves are competition-approved. 

  • Blend Of SBR & Neoprene
  • Features Knee Compression To Ease Discomfort & Provide Good Support
  • Fully Customizable
  • The Size May Run A Little Small

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Here’s our pick for the best heavy Crossfit workouts. The Element 26 Knee Sleeves are 6mm thick and are ideal for Crossfit. At this thickness, they are flexible enough for any Crossfit workout. 

They are also firm enough for your heaviest exercises. These contoured sleeves form to the knee. Also, they feature reinforced stitching. They use neoprene and will not itch or irritate your skin. These knee sleeves are competition-approved.

  • 6mm Thickness For Good Flexibility
  • Reinforced Stitching For Durability
  • Contoured To Fit Your Knee
  • Some Athletes May Prefer A Thicker Sleeve

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Here’s our pick for the best knee sleeves for Crossfit competitions. The Gymreapers Knee Sleeves are 7mm thick. This is a good thickness for support and protection during heavy lifts. The Gymreapers Knee Sleeves are double-stitched for strength. 

These sleeves consist of competition-level neoprene. These sleeves keep the knees warm and allow for good blood flow. This improves joint flexibility and mobility. Finally, there’s a gym bag included.

  • 7m Thick For Durability & Strength
  • Provides Good Knee Support & Protection
  • Made Of Neoprene
  • Some Users Feel They Are Uncomfortable

Manufactured using heavy duty 7mm neoprene, these are the best choice for heavy squats. The SBD Knee Sleeves support your knees and improve performance during heavy lifts. They feature reinforced seams for durability. 

Also, they help keep your knees in the proper position for squats. The SBD Knee Sleeves have a patented design and are competition-approved.

  • Made Using Durable 7mm Neoprene
  • Reinforced Stitching
  • Competition Approved
  • May Not Be The Best Choice For Value-Conscious Users

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The best sleeves for compression are the Nordic Lifting Knee Sleeves. They are 100% neoprene and 7mm thick. Made for fit and comfort, they provide good support and protection. 

Compression sleeves provide several benefits. They ease pain and provide joint protection. Also, they improve recovery and performance. Finally, they keep your knees warm during your training sessions.

  • Made Of 7mm Neoprene
  • Provides Good Compression
  • Reinforced Stitching For Strength
  • May Be Too Warm To Wear For Some Users

Here’s another pair of sleeves sold by Rogue. The Hookgrip Knee Sleeves provide good compression for Crossfit. This means they will keep your knees warm. 

Also, they promote blood flow. These updated knee sleeves have a slightly shorter length for the best fit. The Hookgrip Knee Sleeves consist of nylon (55%), rubber (35%), and spandex (10%). This is a flexible knee sleeve that’s ideal for general Crossfit training.

  • Made Of A Blend Of Nylon, Rubber & Spandex
  • Designed For Good Compression
  • Made To Fit Snug
  • These Knee Sleeves Run Small

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These knee sleeves are available in both 5mm and 7mm. A 5mm knee sleeve is a good choice for general Crossfit workouts. A 7mm sleeve is the way to go for heavy lifting. 

Made of bamboo charcoal fiber, the Bear KompleX Knee Sleeves provide a comfortable fit. These sleeves also provide good compression. 

They help ease pain and improve circulation. The Bear KompleX knee sleeves fit snug and support the entire knee.  

  • Made Of Bamboo Charcoal Fiber
  • Your Choice Of 5mm Or 7mm
  • Provides Complete Knee Support
  • Some Users Feel They Bunch Up

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Here’s our pick for the best no-slip knee sleeves. ProFitness neoprene 7mm thick Knee Sleeves feature a silicone grip. This is crucial during heavy squats, deadlifts, and other weightlifting exercises. 

ProFitness Knee Sleeves help keep your knees in the right position for heavy lifts. Also, they are compression sleeves. They provide good protection and keep the knees warm. They improve blood flow. This helps reduce swelling. Finally, they provide sore joint protection while lifting.

  • 7mm Thick Neoprene
  • Double Stitched Seams
  • These Sleeves Feature A Non-Slip Design
  • Some Users Feel They Are Too Wide At The Top

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The Rocktape Assassins Knee Sleeves are made of SBR neoprene for durability. They also use double mouser stitching for flexibility and to prevent tears. 

Rocktape Knee Sleeves feature a new front panel that’s flexible and durable. The side panels stretch four ways for ease of movement while exercising. 

The Rocktape Assassins Knee Sleeves come in 5 mm for general WOD. They also come in 7mm for heavier lifts.

  • Made Of SBR Neoprene
  • Available in 5mm Or 7mm
  • Features Double Mouser Stitching
  • Some Users Find They Stretch Out Over Time

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Here’s our pick for the best value-conscious knee sleeves. The Mava Knee Compression Sleeves consist of sweat-wicking, breathable fabric. 

They fit your knees snugly but allow good flexibility. The compression protects your knees and supports performance. These knee sleeves are designed for any Crossfit workout.

  • Made Of Moisture Wicking Fabric
  • Designed To BeBreathable
  • Anatomically Made To Fit Your Knees
  • Some Users Don’t Like The Fit

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Here’s our pick for the best knee sleeves for Crossfit beginners. The Rehband Rx Knee Sleeves provide comfortable, supportive knee compression. These sleeves have a patented anatomical design that provides a secure fit. 

Also, they support the entire knee for complete protection. The Rehband Rx Knee Sleeves provide good mobility and flexibility. Made from a durable, tear-resistant material, these sleeves are 5mm thick. Finally, these sleeves feature non-irritating seams.

  • These Sleeves Feature A Patented Design For A Good Fit
  • Provides Complete Knee Protection
  • Promotes Good Mobility
  • Some Users Feel The Sizing May Be Off

Knee sleeves help stabilize and protect your knees during your Crossfit workouts. They help prevent an injury from recurring and can help with injury recovery. Many knee sleeves for Crossfit are compression sleeves. A compression sleeve improves blood flow and helps prevent swelling. This type of sleeve provides good stability during heavy lifts. 

Knee sleeves come in various thicknesses, such as 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm. The thickness relates to the type of Crossfit workout you do. For example, for general Crossfit workouts, a 3mm or 5mm is best. For heavy lifts, a 7mm is best. 

Knee sleeves provide several benefits. Here are some of the reasons why Crossfit athletes wear knee sleeves:

  • They Can Help Warm Up Your Knees Before Your Crossfit Workout
  • Help Keep Your Knees Warm. 
  • They Help Increase Blood Flow And Decrease Pain.
  • Support The Correct Anatomical Position Of Your Knees During Heavy Lifts
  • They May Help Lower Joint Discomfort
  • Provide Good Lateral Support For An Improved Range Of Motion
  • They Directly Impact Your Flexibility

Here’s what you should consider when looking for the best knee sleeves for Crossfit.  

As noted, knee sleeves come in 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm thicknesses. The 3mm knee sleeves keep your knees warm. They do not provide good support for heavy lifts. That means they are ideal for endurance-style workouts. This is because they are flexible. 3mm sleeves are a good choice for Crossfit workouts that do not include heavy lifts.

The 5mm sleeves are good for workouts that require agility. You can use them for lifting, but not for heavy lifts.

The 7mm sleeves give the best protection and support.  The 7mm thickness is ideal for lifts such as squats and deadlifts. These are the best sleeves for any lift that demands a lot of weight. 

Most knee sleeves for Crossfit are made of neoprene. This material provides good support for the knees. Other types of material may provide better breathability. Nylon and spandex are often used in a blend with neoprene. This combination keeps your knees warm and improves circulation.

There are also Bear KompleX Compression Knee Sleeves. Made of bamboo charcoal fiber, these knee sleeves are somewhat unique.  The bamboo material provides a comfortable fit. They also provide a snug fit.

A stiffer sleeve is better for heavy lifts. There are three main types of knee sleeve stiffness:

The stiffest knee sleeves use SBD neoprene material. In our guide, Rogue and SBD are two examples of knee sleeves using this material. They will be a little hard to put on. Yet they provide the best support. This is a powerlifting-level sleeve that works well for heavy Crossfit lifts.

The most common Crossfit sleeves are flexible and supportive. They are not as stiff as those made of SBD neoprene. You can wear this type of sleeve for your entire workout.

The lightest stiffness sleeves keep your knees warm. They will allow the best mobility and flexibility. You can wear light sleeves all day long. Also, you can wear them even when you aren’t working out. For Crossfit, they are best used for exercises using lighter weight.

Some users feel that long sleeves offer the best support. Other users feel that long sleeves are too bulky. Still, shorter sleeves may have a tendency to bunch up. Ultimately, length is a matter of personal preference.

The knee sleeves in this guide all use reinforced stitching on the seams. This improves durability. Also, most brands use non-irritating seams to protect your skin. One brand, Rocktape Assassins Knee Sleeves, uses double mouser stitching. This prevents tears and provides good strength.

The knees can take a beating during heavy lifts. Of course, using the correct form is important. A good pair of knee sleeves for Crossfit supports knee positioning. They also support the integrity of your knees under heavy loads. It’s important to keep your knees warm and protected during your lifts. This helps prevent injuries from occurring.

Here are some more reasons why you should use knee sleeves for Crossfit:

Your body responds better when it is warmed up. Your muscles also respond better. The heat helps lubricate the knees. This translates to being able to perform a full range of motion easier. Warm knees are less likely to become injured. Also, heat supports circulation. This helps promote recovery between Crossfit workouts.

As noted, compression eases joint pain, improves blood flow, and reduces any swelling. It also helps promote proper knee position while training. Finally, like heat, compression supports recovery between workouts.  This is crucial. You will not perform at your best if your muscles and joints have not recovered.

A good knee sleeve consists of contoured edges that help the sleeve fit snugly. This helps it stay in place. The material used provides tightness and stability. The stitching promotes durability. If a sleeve is competition-approved, you can train and compete using the same sleeves. Many of the knee sleeves in this guide are competition-approved


Knee sleeves are not a Crossfit requirement. Yet they should be an invaluable piece of 

training equipment. If you use a belt, you should use knee sleeves. They provide knee stability and protection. Why not use them? Also, if your knees are generally sore, you should use sleeves. Finally, if you’ve ever had knee injuries, add knee sleeves.

The knee sleeves presented here are the top sleeves on the market. Have you decided you want to add a pair to your program? Our best overall is a good place to start.

The Rogue Custom Knee Sleeves offer something no other sleeves in this guide have: customizing. You can choose your preferred thickness, size, logo, and color. Made using SBR neoprene, these sleeves provide exceptional support.

If you’re more concerned with flexibility, the Rocktape Assassins Knee Sleeves are the way to go. Like the Rogue sleeves, these use SBR neoprene. Also, they feature double mouser stitching for flexibility. The Rocktape Assassins Knee Sleeves have a new front panel for more flexibility. Finally, the side panels stretch 4 ways for flexible movement while training.

Do you want the most comfortable knee sleeves? The Bear KompleX Knee Sleeves are made from bamboo charcoal fiber. These sleeves are comfortable yet provide good stability. They also cover the entire knee for maximum support.

As you can see, the best knee sleeves for Crossfit are the ones you need to meet your goals. Use our guide to make the best choice for you. Let’s train!


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