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The 11 best pre-workouts without creatine 2023 HomeGym101

There’s no denying that a good pre-workout improves athletic performance in the gym.

How can you go wrong with increased energy levels and elevated focus? Or better muscle pumps and increased muscle endurance?

There are several different types of pre-workouts. Some have a lot of stimulants, others none at all. Some also have creatine.

As good as creatine can be for a lot of users, not everybody will want it in their pre-workout.

That’s OK because we have the best pre-workouts without creatine right here. Let’s check it out!

In a Hurry? Here is our top pick:

Alpha Lion Superhuman Supreme is our best overall pre-workout without creatine. It has a fully disclosed label featuring a 5-complex formula.

First off, there’s an Energy & Focus Complex with 375mg of total caffeine. The caffeine comes from two sources, caffeine anhydrous and di-caffeine malate.

There are additional ingredients such as tyramine and n,n-dimethylphenethylamine citrate, a form of eria jarensis. These ingredients elevate focus and provide a good energy boost. Finally, there’s juniper berry to increase absorption of the stimulants.

The Pump Matrix contains patented S7™, citrulline malate, and taurine. These ingredients work together to boost nitric oxide production and increase blood flow for great muscle pumps. Plus, taurine helps pull water into the muscles for water-based pumps.

For the Strength Matrix, there’s beta-alanine to delay muscle fatigue and increase muscle endurance. There’s also betaine, another ingredient that pulls water into the muscles.

One of the things that set Superhuman Supreme apart is that beta-alanine is over-dosed. This ingredient is effective but causes a tingling effect that some users dislike. The clinical dose is 3.2g, and many companies under-dose it around 1.6g. Alpha Lion doses it at 3.5g.

There’s also an Anti-Crash Matrix with theanine to offset the effects of the stimulants.

Finally, there are several B vitamins and an Absorption Matrix with Astragin® and Bioperine® black pepper extract for improved absorption.

  • Fully Disclosed Label
  • Balanced Formula
  • High Endurance Formula With Extra Beta-Alanine
  • Contains Artificial Flavors & Sweeteners

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Even when you’re considering pre-workout supplements without creatine, fat loss can be important.

Sure, many users take a pre-workout powder as part of a muscle-building regimen. Still, some users may be trying to lose weight (or, fat) and are looking for the best fat-burning pre-workout.

Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn is the way to go if fat loss is a primary goal. Superhuman Burn helps increase your metabolism and burn calories.

This creatine-free pre-workout has a 4-ingredient fat burning complex. It consists of MitoBurn™, CaloriBurn GP™, cocoabuterol®, and Advantra Z®citrus aurantium. The ingredients in this complex work together to help you reach your fat-burning goals.

From here, Burn has acetyl-l-carnitine. This ingredient helps transport fat to the mitochondria where it is burned for energy by the body.

Superhuman Burn also helps you achieve high-intensity workouts. First, there’s 325 mg of total caffeine per 2-scoop serving. This is the same caffeine matrix found in Superhuman Supreme.

Of course, caffeine is a thermogenic, so it helps the body burn fat. Also, this pre-workout formula includes theanine to temper caffeine’s effects.

For pumps and performance, there’s citrulline, beta-alanine, and taurine.

For focus, we have choline and tyrosine. Plus there are several B vitamins.

Finally, Superhuman Burn has the same Absorption Matrix as Superhuman Supreme.

If your fitness goals include trying to burn fat, Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn is the creatine-free pre-workout for you.

  • Fat Burning Pre-Workout
  • Increases Focus – Boosts Energy Levels
  • Good Pump And Endurance Ingredients
  • May Not Have Enough Caffeine For Some Users
  • Contains Artificial Flavors And Sweeteners

No products found.

The Genius Brand Genius Pre is a pre-workout that’s not only creatine-free, it’s also stimulant-free.

In fact, it’s the best stimulant-free pre-workout without creatine. Genius Pre is a well-balanced formula that targets focus, pumps, strength, and endurance.

Focus and overall cognitive enhancement is a big thing with The Genius Brand and Genius Pre offers focus ingredients that include alpha gpc, tyrosine, rhodiola, and huperzine. 

Additionally, there’s citrulline and arginine for nitric oxide pumps. For water-based pumps, there’s taurine and betaine.

If you prefer to take your creatine separately, it will work well with these water-based pump ingredients. This is because one of the functions of creatine is to pull water into the muscles. 

If you do not use creatine, these two compounds provide a good pump alternative.

Plus, there’s beta-alanine for endurance. Also, there is elevATP®, which helps the body produce more ATP, thereby increasing endurance.

Genius Pre contains HICA, a leucine metabolite. Leucine is a highly anabolic amino acid that supports protein synthesis.

Like other pre-workout supplements in this guide, there are absorption enhancers.

Finally, this is a clean formula with no artificial sweeteners or other artificial ingredients.

  • Well-Balanced Stim-Free Pre-Workout Supplement
  • Effectively Dosed
  • Fully Disclosed Label
  • There Are Only 20 Servings Per Container
  • No Artificial Ingredients

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Legion Pulse Pre-Workout is a simple, no-frills pre-workout powder when compared to many other products available.

Simple, but effective. So much so it’s our best no-frills creatine-free pre-workout.

Legion Pulse Pre-Workout contains 6 well-dosed ingredients plus the electrolyte minerals potassium, sodium, and calcium.

It includes citrulline malate for muscle pumps and patented CarnoSyn® beta-alanine for muscle endurance.

There’s also betaine anhydrous for power and strength, and a well-dosed 350mg of caffeine anhydrous. Plus, Legion Pulse supplies theanine to help smooth out any harshness caused by caffeine.

Finally, there’s AlphaSize® alpha choline gpc for focus.

Legion Pulse Pre-Workout contains zero artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors. Legion Pulse is a natural pre-workout powder. It contains two types of natural sweeteners, stevia, and Swerve®, a natural sweetener from erythritol and oligosaccha.

There’s also natural flavoring and coloring.

  • Only 6 Primary Ingredients
  • Effectively Dosed No Frills Formula
  • Full Disclosure Labeling
  • It May Be Too Sweet For Some Users

No products found.

Most pre-workout supplements use similar formulas. Many of them also use proprietary blends. The best pre-workouts use full disclosure labeling as well as effectively dosed ingredients.

Dymatize PreW.O., like the best pre-workout supplements, features an open-label. It’s also effectively dosed.

From there, it displays 1-scoop and 2-scoop serving sizes for flexible dosing.

The 1-scoop dose is great for beginners. It gives first-time pre-workout users a chance to try out a good product using reasonable dosing.

Once users begin to get used to using a pre-workout, they can go up to a full serving (2 scoops).

At full strength, there is 300mg of caffeine anhydrous. There are also effective doses of citrulline malate, CarnoSyn® beta-alanine, and taurine.

Plus, this pre-workout contains BetaPower® betaine for water-based pumps and improved strength.

PreW.O. covers everything you need for a good training session, including pumps, focus, endurance, and energy.

There’s one downside to this product. Betaine is underdosed even at full strength.

Still, this is a good pre-workout drink and the best pre-workout without creatine for beginners.

Finally, PreW.O. contains vitamin C, several B-vitamins, and electrolyte minerals.

  • Personalized Full Or Half Strength Dosing, A Great Option For Beginners
  • Fully Open Label
  • Effectively Dosed 
  • Expensive When Used At Full Strength

Apollon Nutrition Assassin is an extreme high-stim creatine-free pre-workout drink. It comes in 2 serving sizes. There’s a 1-scoop dose and a 2-scoop dose.

Taking 1 scoop makes sense for anyone new to this pre-workout. Once you’ve determined your tolerance, you can move up to the full 2-scoop serving.

At full strength, there’s 450mg caffeine anhydrous. There’s also 200mg di-caffeine malate, which is 75% caffeine and slow releasing. You don’t get hit with all that caffeine at once, and the slow release effect avoids jitters and any crashes.

Other stims include juglans regia extract and eria jarensis. Now that’s going to be a massive energy boost!

For focus, Assassin combines the amino acid tyrosine with lion’s mane, noopept, hordenine, and higenamine.

There’s also citrulline and agmatine for nitric oxide production. Plus, there’s betaine which, as noted, promotes water-based pumps as well as strength and power.

Finally, there’s beta-alanine for endurance.

Apollon Nutrition Assassin is a high stim creatine-free pre-workout that targets each area of in-the-gym athletic performance. 

  • Complete Fully Disclosed Formula
  • Good Stim Complex 
  • Well-Dosed Pre-Workout Formula
  • May Be Too Much Caffeine For Some Users
  • Contains Artificial Ingredients

No products found.

Huge Supplements Wrecked is an effectively dosed, fully transparent pre-workout powder.

It features an excellent stim/focus complex that includes 350 total mg of 2 types of caffeine. First, there’s caffeine anhydrous for a quick energy boost. Next, there’s di-caffeine malate for sustained energy levels.

There’s a huge 8g pure citrulline plus agmatine and S7 for pumps. This is the best combination of nitric oxide boosters for pumps of any pre-workout in this guide.

For focus, Wrecked supplies lion’s mane, tyrosine, and alpha-gpc. Plus there’s beta-alanine for endurance.

Like many creatine-free pre-workout supplements, there’s black pepper extract for absorption. This is a popular ingredient that makes the ingredients it’s paired with more effective.

The serving size is 1 scoop which gives you 20 servings. Finally, Wrecked does contain artificial sweeteners. It’s naturally and artificially flavored.

  • 350mg Of Total Caffeine
  • Well-Balanced Formula
  • Features Very Potent 8g Pure Citrulline
  • Some Users Don’t Like The Tingling Effect Of Beta-Alanine
  • Contains Artificial Sweeteners

No products found.

Here’s a product that’s our pick for the best new pre-workout supplement. AP Sports Regimen is a subdivision of Alpha Prime. AP Sports Regimen has quickly become known as an innovator in the industry.

Their Legacy Series Pre-Workout is packed with well-dosed, effective ingredients. Here’s a creatine-free pre-workout supplement with ATP-promoting ingredients.

Combine that with beta-alanine, which reduces muscle fatigue, and helps you hit more reps in your workout.

As you can see, Legacy Series is a strong endurance-based pre-workout supplement.

There are also 2 forms of betaine for increased cell volume, more power, and more strength. These are the common betaine anhydrous, and NO3-T® betaine nitrate.

Plus, this pre-workout powder has 300mg of caffeine complexed with theobromine and dynamine to increase energy levels.

The downside to this impressive pre-workout supplement is that there are no nitric oxide boosters. You will have to buy another pre-workout, Legacy Series Pump.

Still, Legacy Series Pre-Workout will effectively enhance in-the-gym athletic performance. If pumps are important to you, combine pre-workout products by adding Legacy Series Pump to the mix.

Finally, this pre-workout supplement contains B vitamins and several minerals. Also, it has artificial sweeteners and flavors.

  • Strong Endurance-Based Formula
  • No Proprietary Blends
  • 300mg Total Caffeine
  • May Not Be Enough Caffeine For Some Users
  • Contains Artificial Sweeteners
  • There’s No Nitric Oxide Boosters – Users Have To Buy Legacy Series Pump

Transparent Labs PreSeries Bulk Pre-Workout is different from most creatine-free pre-workout supplements.

That’s because it contains a testosterone complex consisting of boron, vitamin D3, and zinc. That means PreSeries Bulk helps promote muscle growth.

Plus, this makes Bulk the best pre-workout supplement without creatine for stimulating testosterone production. As noted, more testosterone means more muscle mass.

For energy, there is 180mg of caffeine anhydrous, and 30mg of di-caffeine malate. The total amount of caffeine is low by most pre-workout standards.

However, there’s also synephrine, a mild stimulant as well as theanine, another mild stimulant that helps smooth out the effects of caffeine.

There are focus ingredients, citrulline malate, and beta-alanine. There are also BCAAs, which are amino acids important for muscle growth.

Plus, there are also B vitamins. For absorption, PreSeries Bulk contains Astrgin.

Finally, the label is open and there are no artificial sweeteners or other artificial ingredients.  

  • Fully Disclosed Label
  • Contains BCAAs
  • Features A Testosterone Complex
  • No Artificial Ingredients
  • There May Not Be Enough Caffeine For Some Users

No products found.

Here’s a pre-workout supplement with more flavors than ingredients. Jacked Factory Nitro Surge is a basic pre-workout with only 7 ingredients.

In contrast, there are 12 flavor options. These include popular flavors such as fruit punch and green apple.

Similar to fruit punch, there’s black cherry, pineapple, and watermelon. Exotic flavors include cotton candy and sour peach rings.

Flavors notwithstanding, Nitro Surge offers a 1-scoop and 2-scoop serving size. At the full 2 scoops, there’s 360mg of caffeine, plus a solid 6g of citrulline.

From there, beta-alanine and betaine are correctly dosed.

All that’s left are theanine and theobromine. These are both mild stims that help ease any caffeine harshness.

Finally, Nitro Surge contains artificial sweeteners but no artificial flavors. Yep, old favorites such as fruit punch, and new standouts such as cotton candy are all naturally flavored.

  • Simple Formula
  • Quite A Few Flavor Choices
  • Effectively Dosed
  • Uses Some Artificial Ingredients

No products found.

Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy is one of the pre-workout supplements without creatine that’s based on EAAs or essential amino acids.

Amino Energy contains natural caffeine from 50mg of green tea, 10mg of green coffee bean, and 100mg of caffeine. Compared to other creatine-free pre-workouts in this guide, that’s not really a lot.

Still, Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy can work well as a pre-workout supplement, intra-workout, or muscle recovery. That’s because it provides BCAAs, which are important for muscle building and muscle recovery. They are also important for muscle mass preservation when trying to lose weight.

Besides amino acids and caffeine, there are beta-alanine and citrulline.

There is also a problem. The main Amino Energy formula is a 5g proprietary blend. That’s 5g for 9 amino acids, taurine, citrulline, glutamine, and beta-alanine.

That’s a lot of ingredients, 14 to be exact. Citrulline alone could easily be 5g, if not higher. What can the doses possibly be for any of these?

The bottom line is to make sure your pre-workout, or any other supplement, is effectively dosed with an open-label. The right pre-workout supplement needs to give you results you can see and feel. That won’t happen with underdosed prop blends.

Still, when used as an intra-workout, Amino Energy can work just fine. It has enough caffeine for a good energy boost. It has enough of the other ingredients to work synergistically with many of the same ingredients in your pre-workout.

If you plan to use BCAAs and other amino acids for muscular weight gain, we suggest choosing a BCAA/EAA formula that’s generously dosed.

If you want an intra-workout energy boost, and something that supports your pre-workout, use Amino Energy. Also, use it anytime during the day for a little more energy.

  • Good Source Of Natural Caffeine
  • Works As An Intra-Workout – Mix It With Your Post-Workout
  • Mix It With Your Favorite Pre-Workout Supplements Without Creatine
  • Uses A Significantly Underdosed Proprietary Blend
  • Contains Artificial Ingredients

The best pre-workout supplements increase energy, focus, motivation, endurance, athletic performance, and pumps. Most pre-workout supplements use several ingredient complexes that support any or all of these effects. The best pre-workout supplements without creatine also use at least clinical dosing and fully transparent labeling.

A pre-workout powder is without a doubt one of the most popular supplements and for good reason. A good pre-workout can dramatically improve your training performance. A good pre-workout should have a balanced formula that will provide the following benefits:

The amount of energy in a creatine-free pre-workout depends on how much caffeine is in the product. The amount of caffeine will vary, from 160mg in Amino Energy to 375mg in our best pre-workout without creatine, Alpha Lion Superhuman Supreme.

Most high caffeine products will contain ingredients that smooth the sometimes harsh effects of caffeine. Energy also depends on the other stimulants being used, such as in our best high-stim pre-workout supplement, Apollon Nutrition Assassin.

A good pump is cosmetic but it’s also functional. Nitric oxide relaxes blood vessels, allowing greater blood flow. The increased blood flow improves nutrient delivery and the removal of waste products. The best example of a creatine-free pre-workout that targets the pump is Huge Supplements Wrecked Pre-Workout.

As we have seen, several ingredients pull water into the muscle cells. This is also known as cell volume, and one theory of muscle growth is based on this concept.

Ironically, creatine is the original cell volumizer. Creatine-free pre-workout supplements use the other osmolyte ingredients mentioned in this guide to achieve this.

You can buy a creatine pre-workout supplement, such as Huge Supplements Wrecked, that targets cell volume.

Some users reading this guide, may use creatine separately. That’s one reason they might want creatine-free pre-workouts.

More focus means you have the right mindset for your training session. These ingredients also support motivation, elevate concentration, improve learning, and enhance memory.

Some ingredients, primarily beta-alanine, block fatigue and extend your endurance. More reps mean you can push farther in your working sets. This means more growth stimulation. 

Also, any ingredients that support ATP production, such as Peak ATP®, as found in AP Sports Regimen Legacy Series Pre-Workout, help extend endurance.

Progressive overload is a key to progress. The best pre-workout supplements support strength and power. 

Creatine is a naturally occurring compound that is involved in the ATP energy system. As noted, it also pulls water into the muscles (water-based pumps), and supports strength.

It also supports muscular weight gain. More than any other supplement, creatine has been studied and proven effective. (1, 2)

Let’s be clear. As noted, creatine is the most researched ingredient on the market. It has been proven safe and effective time and time again.

Are there side effects? Of course. They include:

The side effects of creatine are relatively mild and do not occur in all users. If you experience any of these side effects, you can stop using creatine completely.

Also, you can try a different form that’s designed to reduce side effects and be better absorbed. Otherwise, if your goal is more muscle, creatine is a cornerstone supplement.

As we have seen, creatine is a popular pre-workout ingredient.

However, as noted, not everybody wants it in their pre-workout. As mentioned, this is because some users take it separately, and choose to cycle it.

That means if you’re not using it right now, you won’t want it in your pre-workout supplement.

Other users may find it does not fit with their goals. For example, anyone trying to lose weight really has no reason to use creatine.

Finally, some users may experience excess water retention. This may not be ideal if you’re trying to stay lean and look ripped. For example, if you’re a bodybuilder planning to compete, you can’t afford to look bloated.

Most creatine-free pre-workouts use an energy complex that often contains caffeine as the main ingredient.

Here’s a rundown of the types of caffeine you’ll usually see in a typical pre-workout supplement, creatine free or otherwise.

  • Caffeine Anhydrous – This type of caffeine has all the moisture removed, leaving a dry powder. This makes the caffeine more concentrated.
  • Dicaffeine Malate – This version is a combination of 75% caffeine and 25% malic acid. The caffeine is absorbed slowly. This limits jitters and a “crash”.
  • Green Tea Extract – This is a natural form of caffeine that provides a natural energy boost. Green tea also contains EGCG, a potent antioxidant. You may not find green tea in a lot of pre-workouts without creatine. (3,4)
  • Green Coffee Bean – These are unroasted coffee beans. They are believed to have health benefits due to their chlorogenic acid content. Mainly, they can help with weight loss and high blood pressure.

Additionally, there will be ingredients such as theanine and theobromine to help smooth out any harsh effects.

The best pre-workouts contain additional stimulants. These include:

Dynamine – This fast-acting energy and focus ingredient will increase energy, alertness, and motivation. By increasing motivation, dynamite helps promote the mind-muscle connection.

Synephrine – This is the original ephedra replacement. It’s milder but similar in its effects.

Eria Jarensis – Similar to the potent stimulant DMHA, this originates from astragalus root.

Juglans Regia – This is a natural version of the stimulant DMAA.

The best example of a creatine-free pre-workout with exotic stims is Apollon Nutrition Assassin.

In fact, Assassin is one of the most extreme stim-based pre-workouts on the market.

Every pre-workout contains pump-enhancing ingredients. As noted, there are two kinds of pumps.

First, there’s nitric oxide-induced pumps that happen as a result of increased blood flow. Second, there are water-based pumps that happen as a result of water being pulled into the muscles.

L-Citrulline – One of the best nitric oxide pump ingredients is l-citrulline. This is an amino acid that converts into the amino acid l-arginine in the body. Citrulline is used instead of arginine because it absorbs better.

This ingredient is the most common nitric oxide booster on the market. Check the label, no doubt your favorite pre-workout powder has it. (5)

Citrulline Malate – Some pre-workouts, like Legion Pulse, contain citrulline malate. This is a mix of malic acid and citrulline.

Why malic acid? It’s involved in the production of ATP. This is what the body uses to fuel muscular energy.

The downside of citrulline malate is that it cuts the amount of pure citrulline in half. So, while you may have a little more endurance, you won’t have the pumps.

Agmatine Sulfate – This ingredient extends the benefits of nitric oxide.

Nitrosigine™ – This popular compound is a patented blend of arginine and silicon. Nitrosigine works in the body for 6 hours, thereby promoting longer-lasting pumps.

S7™ – This is another patented compound consisting of 7 herbal extracts. Like the other ingredients mentioned here, it stimulates nitric oxide. It can do this with a much smaller dose than other compounds. An example of a creatine free pre workout containing S7 is Huge Supplements Wrecked.

As noted, this is an osmolyte and helps pull water into the muscle cells. This has a hydration effect and promotes fullness, or water-based pumps. Finally, betaine is believed to improve strength and power output. In effect, it is believed to be similar to creatine in its effects. (6)

Every pre-workout has at least a couple of ingredients designed to increase focus. Additionally, stimulants often support elevated focus. (7)

Tyrosine – This is an amino acid that improves focus and cognitive function.

Choline – This stimulates the synthesis of acetylcholine. That’s a neurotransmitter that helps enhance your mood as well as promote a good mind-muscle connection. The mind-muscle connection is your ability to connect with your working muscles.

Alpha GPC – This is a form of choline. In fact, it’s 40% choline by weight. It occurs naturally in the body. When taken as a supplement, it absorbs better than other forms of choline. Besides superior absorption, it has the same benefits as standard forms of choline.

Huperzine A – You won’t find this ingredient in every creatine-free pre-workout. Huperzine A elevates focus and supports memory.

Plus, it works together with choline by increasing the levels of acetylcholine. It does this by blocking an enzyme known as acetylcholinesterase. This enzyme regulates acetylcholine breakdown. Blocking this enzyme means there will be more acetylcholine available.

The best example of a focus-driven creatine-free pre workout supplement is Genius Pre.

We know that beta-alanine blocks acid build-up and improves endurance. The way it does this is indirectly. It’s actually carnosine that directly blocks acid and improves your endurance. Beta-alanine increases the body’s carnosine levels. (8)

As we have seen in our reviews, this compound is known for its short-term, harmless tingling and itching effect. Drinking a glass of water will help ease the effects.

Still, some users don’t want to have to deal with these effects. Some companies under-dose it in an attempt to lessen the side effects.

Side effects notwithstanding, you should use the full clinical dose if you want the best results from beta-alanine.

There are a few thermogenic pre-workout supplements without creatine. In the case of our best pre-workout supplement for weight loss, Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn, here’s a look at its fat loss patented ingredients.

Mitoburn™ – This is β-aminoisobutyric acid, an ingredient that targets white fat, supports fat burning, and improves sensitivity to insulin.

Cocobuterol® – This is cocoa extract and contains theobromine, a mild thermogenic.

Advantra Z® – This compound is citrus aurantium or a source of synephrine, the ephedra replacement mentioned earlier.

CaloriBurn™ – This ingredient is grains of paradise, which helps increase the use of calories for energy.

This would include electrolyte minerals, B vitamins, and maybe vitamin C. Some creatine-free pre-workouts will include amino acids. This will usually be BCAAs or all the EAAs. Amino acids like this are important for muscle growth.

It will also include an absorption ingredient such as astragin or Bioperine black pepper.

If you’re shopping for a pre-workout drink without creatine, the first thing you need to do is be sure the label clearly states what is in the product.

Avoid prop blends. There is no good reason any quality product should use prop blends. All they do is hide the dosing of the ingredients. This means you are paying for a product that you have no idea if it’s well-dosed or not. 

Along with a clear label, effective pre-workout drinks come down to clinical dosing. No matter how good those ingredients are, a product with dramatically underdosed ingredients will not help you achieve your goals.

As always, read the label and follow all directions. If you are new to pre-workouts, test your tolerance by first using one-half of the suggested serving size. Once you have determined your tolerance, you can use a full serving.

Most pre-workouts will suggest taking it with 6-8oz of cold water 20-30 minutes before training.

If you have any gastric discomfort, mix more water in when you drink it, and drink a lot of water while using it. 

A pre-workout without creatine can be just as effective as one that has it.

Alpha Lion Superhuman Supreme proves that. It’s our best overall and features a well-dosed 5-complex formula that covers all aspects of training performance.

If you want the best stim-free pre-workout without creatine, The Genius Brand Genius Pre is the one for you. It’s heavy on focus ingredients and has the pump as well as endurance covered.

Are you looking for a simple, no-frills pre-workout supplement? Legion Pulse is the way to go. With only 6 well-dosed ingredients in a natural pre-workout powder, Legion Pulse is as basic, yet effective, as it gets.

Finally, Dymatize PreW.O. is the best choice for beginners because it gives users the choice of first-time dosing.

No creatine? That’s OK.

There’s a pre-workout that will exceed your needs right here in our guide. Happy Training!


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