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The 12 Best Egg White Protein Powders in 2023 HomeGym101

Egg white protein powder was considered the protein “king” for decades. That is until whey protein came along. 

Still, egg white protein scores very high in all the tests that determine protein quality and digestibility. 

If you’re looking for a good protein powder and do not want whey, egg protein powder is the way to go. Let’s take a look at the best egg white protein powders currently available.

In a Hurry? Here is our top pick:

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NOW Sports Egg White Protein contains only egg white powder. That’s the only ingredient.

Here’s a product you can mix up as a shake or use for baking. This means excellent versatility.

There’s 16g of egg protein per serving with zero sugar and 2g of naturally occurring carbohydrates. The amount of protein per serving is a little lower than many of the products on this list. Still, this is a complete protein with a good profile of amino acids, including essential amino acids.

Also, NOW is a trusted, high-quality brand with quite a few quality endorsements to its credit. These include Informed Choice and Informed Sport.

NOW Sports Egg White Protein can be used to increase daily protein intake. Or you can use it as your primary protein supplement. Like other proteins, egg white protein powder promotes lean muscle and helps users lose weight.

These features combined with exceptional quality, good versatility, and a great price point make this the best overall egg white protein powder.


  • Only One Ingredient
  • Premium Quality
  • Drink It Or Bake With It


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MRM Natural Egg White Protein contains 23g of high-quality, pure protein per serving. There’s also 7.7g of BCAAs and glutamine per serving. One serving is sourced from 6 large eggs.  

There are more ingredients in this product compared to others on this list. MRM Egg White Protein uses natural chocolate flavoring, cocoa powder, and sunflower lecithin. 

Also, there are 4g of total carbs but zero sugar. It’s sweetened with stevia and monk fruit. 

Plus, there’s an exclusive Digest-ALL® Enzyme Blend that sets this product apart. It’s a plant-based blend of digestive enzymes that ensure complete digestion and absorption. No other product on this list has anything like it. 

The superior absorption helps build lean muscle mass. It also preserves muscle during weight loss. That makes MRM Natural Egg White Protein Powder the best-absorbed egg white protein powder.  


  • 23g Egg White Protein Per Serving
  • 7.7g Essential Amino Acids – Including Branched Chain Amino Acids & Glutamine
  • All Natural – No Artificial Flavors, Colors, Or Sweeteners


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Julian Bakery Paleo Thin Organic Egg White Protein Powder provides 25g protein per serving with just 1g of sugar. This is pure egg white protein that’s USDA Certified Organic.

There’s not a lot to this product. It’s unflavored, and besides the organic egg whites, there’s organic sunflower lecithin. That’s it. 

The only downside is one that plagues all egg white protein, which is a naturally high sodium content. 

Still, Paleo Thin Egg Organic White Protein Powder can be used for weight loss and lean muscle mass. Also, it’s designed for the Paleo or any low-carb diet, and it’s IKDiet® Phase 1 compliant.

With only certified organic ingredients, Julian Bakery Paleo Thin Organic Egg White Protein is the best organic egg white protein powder.


  • 25g Egg White Protein Per Serving
  • Only Two Ingredients
  • USDA Certified Organic – Climate Pledge Friendly
  • Low Carb Diet Compliant – Including The Keto Or Paleo Diet


  • Some Users May Not Enjoy The Flavor

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Jay Robb Egg White Protein Powder provides 25g of pure egg white protein with zero sugar and just 2g total carbs per serving.

There are only two ingredients in this 100% natural protein supplement. They are egg albumen and sunflower lecithin. Egg albumen is another term for egg white.

This is marketed as a quick meal replacement or on-the-go snack for users of all ages. Plus, there are shake recipes available. Jay Robb Egg White Protein Powder can be mixed with water, juice, milk, or your favorite beverage.

Depending on your diet goals, you can blend it with fruit, nuts, seeds, veggies, or other carbs. These benefits make it an ideal meal replacement powder.


  • Well-Rounded Meal Replacement
  • 25g Egg Protein Per Serving – High Content Of Amino Acids
  • No Artificial Flavors, Colors, Or Sweeteners


  • Does Not Mix Well – You’ll Have To Use A Blender

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Naked Nutrition Naked Egg contains 25g protein per serving and just 2g total carbs with zero sugar. There are almost 6g of BCAAs per serving. This includes 2.3g of leucine, the most anabolic of any amino acid.

This is one of the highest BCAA content of any egg protein powder in this guide. That makes this one of the better egg protein powders for muscle mass. It’s also ideal for muscle preservation for users attempting to lose weight.

These qualities make Naked Nutrition Naked Egg the best egg white protein powder for BCAAs.

This is a clean formula with only two ingredients, egg white protein and sunflower lecithin. 

Naked Egg features non-GMO eggs that are shipped for manufacturing in less than one day. They are not shipped as a liquid, like some egg protein powders. The rapid processing time is one thing that ensures Naked Egg’s high nutritional value.

There’s nothing artificial in this product. It’s dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, and Paleo diet/low carb friendly.


  • 25g Protein Including Almost 6g BCAAs
  • Exceptionally Clean Formula
  • Mixes Easier Than Other Egg White Protein Powders


  • The Naturally High Sodium Can Lead To A Salty Taste

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Bulk Supplements Egg White Protein contains just one ingredient, egg white protein powder. There’s nothing else. 

With 25g of protein and just 1g of carbs per serving, this product is a contender for the best overall. However, quality is everything. While Bulk Supplements Egg White Protein is lab tested, it just doesn’t have the quality endorsements that our best overall has. 

That’s not to say this isn’t an excellent product. It’s a high-quality protein that can be mixed with any beverage. This unflavored egg white protein is an ideal choice to help build muscle and support recovery.

It’s also a good choice for anyone following the Keto or other low-carb diet. Plus, it’s lactose-free, making it a healthy protein for lactose intolerant users.

This egg white protein powder is a good combination of quality at a great price point. That makes Bulk Supplements Egg White Protein the best value in egg protein powders.


  • 25g Protein Per Serving
  • Quality Tested
  • Only One Ingredient


No products found.

Healthy ‘N Fit 100% Egg Protein was one of the first egg white protein supplements on the market. This is a high-quality product with 24g of protein from egg whites. It also has zero carbs. 

A great thing about Healthy ‘N Fit 100% Egg Protein is that it contains just 295mg of sodium. Compare the sodium content in this product with the other egg white powders on this list. What an accomplishment.

Healthy ‘N Fit 100% Egg protein is naturally flavored and sweetened with stevia. There are also digestive enzymes to support absorption.

It’s good enough to be a top contender for best overall. Even so, the low sodium content makes Healthy ‘N Fit 100% Egg Protein the best low sodium egg white protein powder.


  • 24g Protein Per Serving
  • Only 295mg Naturally Occurring Sodium Per Serving
  • All Natural Ingredients 


  • Some Users May Not Like The Taste & Texture

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It’s Just! Egg White Protein contains only egg white protein. That’s it. There’s only 13g of protein per serving. 

The small 13g serving size creates the illusion of virtually no carbs and very low sodium. This may fool some users. They might think it’s one of the healthiest egg white protein powders on this list. 

The truth is, it just has a small serving size. Double it, and the protein content becomes 26g. The carbs and sodium go up also. That’s more in line with the other egg proteins in this guide.

Still, a 13g serving has certain benefits. Seniors and those with slow metabolisms can benefit from a smaller protein serving.

Some seniors may not be as active as they once were. They do not need 25g of protein every time they want a protein shake. With a smaller serving size, seniors can control how much protein they are taking in. That’s important. Many seniors may not eat meat and other protein foods as often as they once did.

That makes It’s Just! Egg White Protein is the best egg white protein powder for seniors.


  • Only One Ingredient
  • Bake With It Or Make A Smoothie
  • Smaller Serving Size – Perfect For Seniors & Slower Metabolisms


  • Not Every User Will Like The Taste

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Judee’s Gluten Free Paleo Egg White Powder provides 20g of protein with no sugar and no fat. It’s unflavored with no sweeteners of any kind. The only ingredient besides egg white powder is a small amount of sunflower lecithin. 

This is a high-quality egg white protein powder that’s also versatile. You can bake with it as well as mix it up for your protein shake. The company also offers a variety of products to meet your baking needs. 

This is an unflavored egg powder, so it can be added to anything. This boosts the protein content of foods, shakes, or smoothies.

All of these benefits make Judee’s Gluten Free Paleo Protein Egg White Powder the best egg white protein for baking.


  • 20g Egg White Protein Per Serving
  • Zero Sugar
  • Drink It Or Bake With It


  • Some Users Will Not Like The Taste

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Gaspari Nutrition is a name you don’t see on lists like this. That’s not to say that they don’t make quality products. They do, and Gaspari Nutrition Proven Egg is a great example of that. 

There’s 25g of egg white protein with 6.5g BCAAs per serving. Proven Egg contains zero artificial ingredients and is sweetened with stevia. 

This product uses 7 hormone and antibiotic-free large eggs per serving. While it’s Paleo and keto-friendly, this is a bodybuilder’s protein. 

Rich Gaspari has a considerable reputation in bodybuilding. He was a fierce competitor and is now a manufacturer of hardcore bodybuilding supplements. With Proven Egg, he has created a protein that advertises as being more efficient than whey protein powder for muscle growth.

Of course, bodybuilders look for quality protein sources. Along with a high protein diet, protein supplementation is essential to bodybuilders and serious athletes.

The features of Gaspari Nutrition Proven Egg make it the best egg white protein powder for bodybuilders.  


  • 25g Protein Per Serving
  • 100% Natural
  • Instantized For Easy Mixing
  • High Protein Efficiency Rating


  • May Be Too Sweet For Some Users

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Here’s an egg white protein powder that’s ideal for anyone trying to build muscle mass. One serving provides 25g of protein.

Source Nutrition Egg White Protein is 100% natural. It’s a complete protein with a good profile of amino acids. This includes the critical branched chain amino acids. This helps build lean muscle and support weight loss.

This egg protein powder is soy-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free. There’s also no added sugar.

Besides a good protein powder to help build muscle, this egg protein supports weight loss. Finally, this uses instantized egg whites, so they mix up in a shaker as well as a blender.


  • 25g Of Egg White Protein Powder Per Serving
  • No Artificial Ingredients
  • No Added Sugar


  • Some Users Don’t Like The Taste

No products found.

This is different than every other egg white protein powder in this guide. 5% Nutrition Egg White Crystals provide 20g of pure egg white protein per serving.

They can be mixed up as a protein powder. It can be added to any recipe or used to make any type of eggs you like. Scrambled eggs? No problem. An omelet? Not a problem.

Egg White Crystals are gently dehydrated to retain flavor and nutrients. 5% Crystals can be mixed with water and cooked in the microwave or on the stove. Use them to boost the protein content of any protein powder. There’s no refrigeration needed.

Finally, egg white crystals are the only thing in this product.


  • s20g Protein Per Serving
  • Only One Ingredient
  • Drink It, Add It To Any Recipe, Or Make Up Your Favorite Egg Dish


  • Some Users May Not Like The Taste

Egg whites are the clear liquid you see when you crack an egg. Compared to the yolk, egg whites contain most of the protein without the fat. Here is a look at how egg white and egg yolk compares:  

  • Protein – 2.5g
  • Fat – 4.5g

A natural downside to eggs in general as well as egg white protein is the sodium content. One whole egg contains 62mg. There’s just 46mg in the egg white from one large egg. That may not seem like much, but if a protein powder uses the whites from 6 large eggs as its protein source, that’s 276mg of naturally occurring sodium. 

Yet some products tip 400mg per serving and almost all of them are over 350mg per serving. As a point of reference, the AHA recommends an upper limit of 2300mg per day, with 1500mg being the desirable amount. 

If sodium is a concern, you’ll want to limit your egg white protein shakes to 1-2 per day. Some individuals have 1 egg white shake a day. Then they use a lower sodium whey or casein protein at other times of the day. 

This type of use is largely determined by the digestion speed of each type of protein and your personal goals. Bodybuilders and athletes put a lot of thought into the digestion speed of various proteins. They want to know how that relates to their timing of protein consumption. 

Egg white protein is considered to be one of the highest quality proteins on the market. Yes, even compared to whey protein isolate. Egg white protein provides the following benefits:

  • Medium digestion speed
  • Supports Muscle Growth
  • Promotes Recovery
  • Helps Maintain An Anabolic State
  • Supports Fat Loss
  • Well Absorbed 

Additionally, egg white protein is lactose-free, making it a good choice for lactose-sensitive individuals. (1, 2)

Some companies may take shortcuts in the manufacturing process which leads to a poor quality product. Look for a company that sources from hormone and antibiotic-free non-GMO eggs. Eggs should come from domestic sources. Some companies may store liquid egg whites for several days before manufacturing. This leads to a breakdown in nutrients thereby causing a breakdown in quality. 

Depending on your needs, look for at least 20g. Many of the powders on this list have up to 25g. The main reason you may not want 20g or higher is if you’re a senior that’s not as active as you used to be. Some low-carb dieters with very slow metabolisms may also prefer a lower protein total per serving. 

Some users, such as Paleo, keto, and low carb dieters, may wish to look at the protein to calorie ratios of egg protein. First, 1g of protein equals 4 calories. Second, let’s look at it in terms of total protein to total daily calories.

If you’re beginning a high protein diet, begin with 30% protein, 40% carbs, and 30% fat. Then adjust from there.

Are you a bodybuilder looking to add mass? Up your protein to 40%. Drop fat down to 20%. Are you following a low-carb diet? Drop carbs to 10% but cycle your intake. Go up to 20-30% on workout days and eat most of your carbs in the hours around your workout. Drop back on off days.

The bottom line is that protein to calorie ratios should line up with your goals.

Look for an egg white powder that has all the amino acids. Most egg protein powders should be a complete protein with a good amino profile. A good example of this is Naked Nutrition Naked Egg with its high content of BCAAs and other aminos.

There’s no reason to pay more than you have to. You should look at the cost per serving. Then you should look at the number of servings you are getting for the price. Take the time to compare, and when you’re done, compare some more. 

Taste should never be the most important concern. Yet, an egg white protein powder needs to taste good if you’re going to drink it every day.

Many egg protein powders are unflavored. Still, brands such as Healthy ‘N Fit 100% Egg Protein, and Gaspari Proven Egg are available in a variety of flavors. These include milk chocolate, vanilla, and exotic flavors like coconut custard pie.

Also, it should mix up quickly and easily with no clumps.

Egg white protein can be a great source of supplemental protein. It’s a high-quality, cost-effective complete protein with a good amino acid profile. Plus, it’s naturally low in carbs and fat.

Protein sources like whey protein, pea protein, or even soy protein are more popular. Still, egg white protein is becoming better known. That’s partially due to the fact it’s a lean protein, making it Paleo, keto, and low carb friendly.

Also, egg white protein is more cost-effective than whey protein. That’s because eggs are not costly. That makes egg protein a good value-minded alternative.

Egg protein is also popular among users that do Paleo or low-carb baking. It can be added to anything. Some products, such as 5% Nutrition Egg White Crystals, can be used exactly the same way as regular eggs.

Complete proteins have an advantage when it comes to building muscle and losing weight. That includes proteins with a naturally high BCAA content. Also, the BCAAs in egg protein are in the proper ratio. 

Finally, egg protein powder is not a dairy product like whey protein. That makes it useful for anyone avoiding lactose. 

Read the label and follow all directions. You can mix egg white protein powder with any beverage. As noted some egg white protein powders can be used for baking or cooking. A good example of this is 5% Nutrition Egg White Crystals or Judee’s Gluten Free Paleo Egg White Powder.

As a medium digesting protein, egg white protein powder is best used in-between meals. Egg protein can also be used post-workout. Use it with whey and casein for the best results.

It’s no surprise that NOW Sports Egg White Protein is the overall best egg protein powder. This is a brand that prides itself on quality and Egg White Protein is no exception. 

One drawback of egg white protein powder is the high sodium content. When it comes to a product with low sodium, Healthy ‘N Fit 100% Egg Protein leads the market. If high sodium is a concern, this is the protein you’ll want. 

Finally, who doesn’t bake using eggs? Countless recipes call for eggs. You can get the maximum protein benefit if you use Judee’s Gluten Free Paleo Protein Egg White Powder the next time you bake. It’s the best egg white protein powder for baking. Your recipe will thank you!

As you can see, there’s a lot of great choices. When it is time to choose, this guide is where you want to start!



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