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The 8 Best Advocare Spark Alternatives 2023

If you have a long day at work, school, or a tough workout ahead of you, you want the energy to power through it. 

For some users, Advocare Spark may be the answer because it supplies 13 vitamins and minerals, 120mg of caffeine, and ingredients for focus. 

Is Spark the best choice, or is it simply overpriced? There are quite a few Spark alternatives, such as our best overall, New Health Morning Buzz. 

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In a Hurry? Here is our top pick:

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No products found.

New Health Morning Buzz advertises itself as a “great alternative to Spark”, so users know right from the start what this product is going for. 

However, there’s no nutrient facts panel available on Amazon. Going to the New Health homepage, we can find a nutrient facts panel. 

Morning Buzz contains 14 vitamins and minerals, all dosed similarly to Spark. The remaining ingredients are the same as Spark, with 180mg caffeine, and the addition of 900mg of BCAAs. This is a nice addition, but it is underdosed.

Morning Buzz sets itself apart with 500mg choline for enhanced cognitive function. Like Spark, Morning Buzz contains artificial sweeteners, colors, and flavors. 

This is the best overall Spark alternative because it takes the basic Spark formula and attempts to improve it with BCAAs.

  • Contains 14 Vitamins & Minerals, Focus Ingredients & BCAAs
  • 180 mg Caffeine
  • Good Daily Energy Source – Can Be Used Before Your Workout
  • BCAAs Are A Little Underdosed

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Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy contains a 5g blend of amino acids plus 100mg caffeine from green tea and green coffee bean. There are just 5 calories and zero sugar. 

The downside of this product is that it does contain artificial ingredients. 

Compared to Advocare Spark, Amino Energy does not contain any vitamins or minerals but does contain an amino acid blend that’s good for muscle support. It also contains beta-alanine for greater exercise endurance. The downside is that this blend is a prop blend. 

The caffeine content is comparable, making both drinks good for energy. Advocare Spark is designed to promote energy and focus by using a synergistic combination of nutrients. Amino Energy promotes energy for daily life with an emphasis on workout performance.

  • 5 Calories – Zero Sugar
  • 5g Amino Acid Complex – Natural Caffeine
  • Good Price Point
  • Does Not Contain Vitamins Or Minerals
  • The Label Is Not Fully Disclosed

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Muscletech Prime Series Amino-BCAAs is an essential amino acid formula that contains 5g BCAAs, an EAA/Recovery blend, electrolytes, and 100mg caffeine. The label is fully disclosed, and there are zero calories. 

The downside is that there are artificial ingredients. There’s also no vitamins or minerals, unlike Spark. 

While Amino-BCAAs competes well in terms of energy, it’s more of a workout performance product and not as much a daily energy product. Spark can be used for both purposes and has more focus ingredients. Still, Muscletech Prime Series Amino-BCAAs is a good amino energy alternative.

  • Full Disclosure Labeling
  • 5g BCAAs – Full EAA Complex
  • Zero Sugar
  • 100mg Caffeine 
  • Does Not Contain Vitamins Or Minerals
  • Contains Artificial Ingredients

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Gamma Labs G Fuel contains vitamins and minerals, yet not to the same extent as Spark. 

G Fuel features 3 reasonably dosed prop blends: an Energy Complex, Focus Complex, and Antioxidant Complex. While each of these blends contains impressive ingredients, users will have no idea how much of anything they are getting, other than 150mg of caffeine. Also, there’s no indication of the sources of caffeine. 

G Fuel has 25 calories and zero sugar per serving and does contain artificial ingredients. 

Despite its drawbacks, this product competes well with Spark and offers more complete blends for energy and focus. 

G Fuel also offers one thing Spark does not, an antioxidant blend that contains 19 ingredients.

  • Contains 3 Comprehensive Ingredient Blends 
  • 150 mg Caffeine
  • Zero Sugar
  • The Label Is Not Fully Disclosed – All 3 Complexes Are Prop Blends

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Evlution Nutrition BCAA Energy contains 5g BCAAs, Vitamins C, B6, and B12, and 110mg of natural caffeine. Also, 3 additional ingredients support workout performance. 

The label is fully disclosed but beyond the BCAAs, it’s a little underdosed. There are zero calories and, like Spark, it does contain artificial ingredients. 

Like some of the other products on this list, BCAA Energy supports workouts and recovery and could be used as a daily energy drink. However, it does not contain the extensive vitamins and minerals Spark does. 

While Spark isn’t as strong as a workout product, BCAA Energy isn’t as strong as a daily energy formula.

  • 5g BCAAs
  • Supports Workout Energy & Recovery
  • Zero Sugar – Zero Calories
  • A Little Underdosed
  • Not A Complete EAA Formula
  • Spark Contains More Vitamins & Minerals

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Pure Boost has 18 vitamins and minerals, 100mg caffeine from green tea, taurine, and antioxidants. 

Unlike Spark, there are no ingredients that directly target focus. Still, this product does support immune health and has significantly more vitamin C and B12, as well as a better mineral complex. 

Pure Boost is also natural, there are no artificial ingredients of any kind. This is a good choice for daily energy and comes in easy to carry packets, so you can use it anywhere. In comparison, Spark also offers packets. 

These two products compare well, but the all-natural profile of Pure Boost makes it a good alternative to Spark.

  • All Natural – Sweetened With Stevia
  • 18 Vitamins & Minerals – High Vitamin C & B12 Content
  • High Electrolyte Content 
  • Antioxidant Blend

No products found.

The formula in Celsius Zero Sugar Fitness Drink is similar to Spark. There are 10 vitamins and minerals, plus the MetaPlus prop blend. 

This 1810mg complex contains 200 mg caffeine from caffeine anhydrous, green tea and guarana. 

Of course, the caffeine content is the only dose we know for sure in this 6 ingredient blend. 

There are 10 calories, zero sugar, and natural flavoring, but there is also sucralose. 

Celsius is a good alternative to Spark for daily energy or as a pre-workout drink. It comes in single-serving cans for convenience. Overall, it’s a good alternative but falls short by using a prop blend.

  • 200mg Of Caffeine
  • Zero Sugar
  • Good Vitamin/Mineral Complex

No products found.

Lenogize Anytime Energy contains 13 vitamins and minerals, plus an energy and focus complex that’s similar to Spark, with 180mg caffeine. 

Lenogize has some things Spark does not have, such as 2.5g creatine, 1g BCAAs, and 500mg choline, which works synergistically with tyrosine, the main focus ingredient used in Spark. 

This is an impressive formula that’s fully disclosed, but one downside is that the BCAAs are underdosed. 

Anytime Energy has 5 calories, no sugar, but does contain artificial ingredients. Like Spark, this is a good daily energy product, and it’s superior in terms of focus ingredients and as a workout performance enhancer.  

  • Contains Choline For Focus
  • Contains Performance Ingredients Spark Does Not
  • 180mg Caffeine
  • BCAA Blend Is Dramatically Underdosed

Advocare Spark is a popular energy drink that contains a synergistic blend of vitamins, minerals, energizers, and focus ingredients. The glaring drawback to this product is the price. 

If you’re looking for an alternative, Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy is a good alternative. Amino Energy contains a 5g blend of amino acids, and 100mg naturally sourced caffeine. While there are no vitamins or minerals like Spark, Amino Energy is a better choice for workout performance. 

If you want the best overall Spark alternative, it’s New Health Morning Buzz Sports Energy Drink. This product contains 14 vitamins and minerals, and the dosages compare well with Spark. The remaining ingredients are comparable, with 180mg caffeine instead of the 120mg in Spark. One difference is that Morning Buzz contains choline, which works well with tyrosine to enhance focus and overall cognitive function. 

So, what’s the best Advocare Spark alternative? That depends on your lifestyle and goals. Let this guide help choose the right one for you!


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