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The 9 best folding squat racks 2023 HomeGym101

The squat rack should be the heart of any home gym. After all, squats are the best exercise you can do. Home gym squat racks let you handle heavy weights on basic exercises like squats in complete safety.

What if you’re short on space? A foldable squat rack is the ultimate space-saver. Add some optional attachments, and you can build a complete yet compact home gym.

In this guide, we’ll look at the best folding squat racks you can buy. Don’t squat again until you’ve checked out this guide!

In a Hurry? Here is our top pick:

Here’s our pick for best overall. The Rogue Fitness RML-3W is a folding wall-mounted squat rack. This Rogue rack can handle up to 1,000lbs. It uses laser-cut, 3 x 3″, 11-gauge steel construction for strength and durability.

The RML-3W is 90″ tall, 49″ wide, and 5” deep when folded. There is a pin and hinge system that locks the rack closed or open.

You have two unfolded depth options. There’s a 21.5” depth rack, and a 41.5” depth rack. Most users choose the 21.5” depth. 

Also, this rack features Westside hole spacing. Plus, this rack includes a quick-install pull-up bar and a set of J-hooks.

The Rogue RML-3W is easy to install. Finally, this rack has a lifetime warranty. 

  • Easy To Install For Most Users
  • Holds 1,000lbs
  • Features A Lifetime Warranty
  • The Instructions May Be Hard To Follow For Some Users

If you have an unlimited budget, this is the rack for you. The Rogue Fitness Monster Lite RML-390FULLW Wall Rack features a patent-pending design.

This Rogue rack is a hardcore yet space-saving wall-mounted rack. Each side folds on top of the other to save space.

It features 3 x 3″, 11-gauge steel uprights. The Monster Lite has a depth of 30″ and comes with 30″ safety straps. Also, it’s 90″ tall, and 49″ wide. The mounting bracket itself is 59″ wide. Depth is 30″, and only 7″ when folded and using a mounting bracket.

The Rogue rack uses numbered Westside hole spacing. It comes with J-hooks and a detachable bar for pull-ups. All the hardware you need for installation is included.

If there is one downside, there’s no listing of weight capacity. Still, there are several extra-cost options. Plus, this quality squat rack has a lifetime warranty.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Sturdy 11-Gauge Steel Construction
  • Features Numbered Westside Spacing
  • No Mention Of Weight Limit

The ForceUSA MyRack is the original free-standing folding rack. This is a power rack that does not have to be mounted to a wall. The MyRack features 12-gauge steel construction and can hold up to 2000lbs. It uses laser-cut steel and robotic welding for strength.

This rack also uses Westside hole spacing. That’s 1” in the pull and bench part of the rack. Then, it’s 2” in the rest of the rack. In total, this rack has 54 numbered holes. This allows perfect exercise positioning for your squats and bench presses.

The ForceUSA Rack also has pegs on the side for plate storage while you train.

One of the things that set this rack apart is the options list. ForceUSA offers ten attachments. These include a bench, landmine bars, band pegs, and dip bars.

One downside is that J-hooks are extra-cost. They are necessary to use the rack, so you will have to add them to your purchase. Another extra-cost option is the long spotter arms.

Still, the basic rack is ideal for heavy squats. Finally, this rack has a lifetime structural warranty. 

  • The Original Folding Free-Standing Rack
  • Holds Up To 2,000lbs
  • This Rack Has A Lifetime Structural Warranty
  • All The Options Are Extra-Cost – That Means This Rack Is Not For Value-Minded Users 

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Here’s a squat rack that folds in more than one direction. Most wall-mounted folding racks fold in. With the Valor Fitness BD-20 Folding Squat Rack, both sides fold out. Or both sides can fold in like other racks. It’s held in place with pins that are easy to remove.

This rack is made of 2.5”x 2.5”11-gauge steel. It’s 94″ tall with a width of 47″. The J-hooks can be set from 13.75″ all the way to 61″ high. Rack depth from the wall is 21.5″.

It also has an adjustable pull-up bar. The height of this bar can be set anywhere from 69” to 92.5″.

This wall-mounted rack is great for garage gyms. It takes up so little space, you can park your car next to it! There are 4 pins that hold it securely in place. Just pull the pins, fold it out and start training.

Some space-saving accessories include weight plate storage pegs. Other storage space ideas beyond plate storage include bar racks for all your straight and EZ bars.

If there’s a downside, the rack only holds 750lbs. The other downside is that the description does not mention if spotter arms are included. Still, this wall-mounted rack works well for all but the strongest users.  

  • Folds In Multiple Ways
  • Easy To Lock And Unlock
  • The Pull Up Bar Is Height Adjustable
  • Works Great In Any Garage Gym

No products found.

A wall-mounted folding squat rack is the ultimate space-saving exercise unit. What if you need something even more compact? The Titan Series T-3 Series Short Folding Rack is the ideal choice.

This compact squat rack is only 82” high. That’s compared to other racks that are a foot higher. For users that want more height, a model that’s 91″ is also available.

The width is 46” and the unfolded depth is 22.5”. Once folded, this folding power rack has a depth of only 5″.

The T-3 Series Short Rack also has a built-in pull-up bar. Plus, J-hooks are standard.

This rack uses Westside hole spacing. In this case, from 34 to 58” there’s a hole every 1”. From 59” and up, it’s every 2”.

The Titan T-3 uses a pin and hinge system for easy folding, unfolding, and locking. Finally, this rack uses 11-gauge steel construction. It will hold up to 1100lbs. 

  • Features A Small Footprint
  • Easy To Fold And Unfold
  • Holds 1100lbs
  • Does Not Include Mounting Hardware

No products found.

The PRx Performance Murphy Rack features a patented design. Plus, this wall-mounted folding rack includes a fitness app for your phone or tablet. The app sends free daily workouts and challenges. That’s two exclusive design features.

Also, this company makes other folding exercise equipment that’s usable with this rack. One example is an extra-cost bench. This bench folds up and fits inside the rack when not in use.

You can use the Murphy Rack for a complete full-body workout. That includes pull-ups and chin-ups on the attached pull-up bar. The bar unattaches and folds down when you’re done working out.

This is a 90” high rack. The rack extends to an unfolded depth of 27.5″, folded depth is only 6.75″. It’s 14-gauge steel and holds 1,000lbs. The holes are spaced every 2”. The Murphy Rack includes steel J-hooks covered in plastic.

Also, it’s easy to install. Finally, this is a folding squat rack meant for value-conscious users.

It should be noted that there are two other PRx racks. The Murphy Rack is a cheaper rack in cost but not quality. 

  • Exclusive Patented Design
  • Holds 1,000 lbs
  • Includes A Fitness App For Your Smartphone Or Tablet
  • Some Users May Have A Difficult Time Installing The Murphy Rack

The REP Fitness PR-4100 Folding Squat Rack is made of 11-gauge steel. It’s a smaller rack designed to save space. Yet, it can hold 1,000lbs when correctly mounted.

This fold-back wall-mounted rack is just over 92″ tall. Width is 41″.

The PR-4100 is available in 21.5” or 41” depths. Each depth has different folding capabilities. The 41” depth can fold left to right, or one side in and the other side out. With the 21.5” depth, both sides fold inward. 

The PR-4100 is great for exercises such as kipping pull-ups. The 41″ depth is recommended. The pull-up bar is 1.25″ thick and works well as a kipping bar.

Like others in this guide, this rack features Westside hole spacing. That means the pull and bench press area uses 1” spacing. The rest of the rack uses 2” spacing.

The rack comes with J-hooks. Finally, this rack offers several extra-cost attachments. These include a landmine attachment, dip bars, and spotter arms.

  • Ideal For Your Garage Gym Or Spare Room
  • Available In Two Depths
  • Uses Pull Pins For Locking And Unlocking The Rack

No products found.

For some users, affordable racks are the best option. Here’s a wall-mounted folding rack that’s made for value-minded users.

The Merax Folding Squat Rack is wall mounted to save space. It includes extra long spotter arms.

The Merax Rack is made of 3″ x 2″ steel. It’s 91″ tall with a width of 47″. Unfolded depth is 23″. Folded depth is not listed.

This rack also includes a removable pull-up bar. With this rack, you can quickly remove the pull-up bar and fold it up for storage.

The holes are 1″ apart and the rack includes J-hooks as standard equipment.

Also, this is a value-minded rack users can grow into. It has a load capacity of 1000lbs. That’s more weight than many lifters will ever use. It’s easy to install, and easy to use. 

  • Holds Up To 1000lbs
  • Features Extra Long Safety Catches
  • Includes A Removable Pull-Up Bar
  • Ideal For Value-Conscious Users
  • There’s No Listing Of Optional Attachments
  • No Listing Of Folded Depth

Here’s a wall-mounted folding rack that’s ideal for beginners. The ProForm Carbon Foldable Rack is a good choice for users new to fitness, bodybuilding, and general conditioning. 

The sturdy steel construction holds up to 610lbs. That’s for the safety bars. The included J-hooks can handle 300lbs. This is ideal for beginners.

Also, this wall-mounted rack is a good choice for users with reasonable space. It’s 88″ high and 55″ wide. That’s wider than most folding racks. Unfolded depth is 40″, more than most squat racks in this guide.

The ProForm Carbon Rack features an iFit Membership for a complete streaming workout experience. iFit streams workout classes and tracks your progress, all on your phone or tablet. That can be a helpful feature for beginners.

You can use Olympic or standard weights and bars with this rack. That’s a good feature since many beginners start with standard weights.

The spotter arms are long, and there’s an optional bench. It also works well with resistance bands. Finally, it’s easy to fold or unfold.

  • Good Rack For Beginners
  • Features iFit Access
  • Fits In Any Space With An 8’ Ceiling
  • Only Holds Up To 610lbs – This Is Fine For Beginners, But They May Outgrow The Rack

First, let’s define what a regular squat rack is. A regular free-standing squat rack looks a lot like a power rack. There are two main uprights with predetermined holes for J-hooks and safety pins.

J-hooks hold the bar. The longer safety pins catch the bar if needed. Folding squat racks allow users to safely perform squats and other exercises in their home gym. If you have a bench, you can safely perform the bench press.

Also, a folding squat rack folds into itself after use. This saves quite a bit of space. Most of the racks in this guide are 5-6” thick when folded. That works in a garage or any tight space.

Foldable squat racks can be free-standing, such as the ForceUSA Folding Squat Rack. Still, most folding racks are wall-mountable. The racks in this guide are easy to mount to the wall of your home gym, garage, or spare room. The only rack that does not need to be mounted is the ForceUSA MyRack.

The difference between power racks and wall-mounted racks is that a power rack has four main uprights. It’s free-standing and doesn’t fold. You train inside the rack.

With a wall-mounted rack, you stand in front of the rack. With some folding squat racks, you can train inside the rack. The best example of this is the Rogue Monster Lite RML-390W.

Both types of racks can be used for performing various compound exercises. These include squats, bench presses, overhead presses, and rack pulls. By adding a bench and a pull-up bar you have a complete home gym.

Some squat racks, such as the ForceUSA Folding Rack, offer ten total attachments. Many squat racks offer a pull-up bar as standard equipment and several optional attachments.

A half rack consists of two uprights held together at the bottom. A full rack has four uprights. Folding squat racks can also have two or four uprights. Folding racks look very similar to a power rack.

Most of the folding racks in this guide have two uprights. An example of a wall-mounted squat rack with four uprights is the Rogue Monster Lite RML-390W. This is probably the most serious looking wall mounted squat rack in this guide.

Portable squat stands are a piece of gym equipment that also allows you to safely perform squats. They are free-standing and portable. They usually go up to about 58″ in height.

These stands are simply two uprights with a bar on the bottom that attaches them. You can also do bench presses and overhead presses. They do not include any pull-up bars or accessories other than, in some cases, built-in push-up bars.

There’s a reason users buy a folding squat rack. As noted, they want to be able to safely perform squats in their home gym. That’s the dilemma of training in a home gym, especially if you train alone.

A rack is the best way to lift heavy on squats and bench presses. Of course, the squat itself is a key mass and power movement. It’s an exercise that should be in the training arsenal of any serious lifter.

While mainly a lower body exercise, the squat works the entire body. It’s essential for anyone that wants to build muscle. No doubt it can be a tough exercise. Yet it’s important for a complete, balanced physique.

That’s why your home gym needs a squat rack. What you don’t need is to get stuck in a squat. The safety pins of a squat or power rack solve this problem. The best squat racks can handle the heaviest weight you can lift. This is also true of the best folding wall-mounted racks.

A folding squat rack has all the safety and compact home gym features of regular racks. They also have the following benefits:

  • Space Saving – As noted, a folding squat rack saves quite a bit of space. If your home gym is small, a shorter rack like the Titan Fitness T-3 Series Rack is ideal. A folding wall-mounted rack like this creates space for other exercises not done in the rack.
  • If you’re really limited on space, folding squat racks are the way to go. You can install a wall-mounted squat rack on any wall in your garage or spare room. As noted, when not in use, they only have a depth of a few inches, depending on the brand. That’s not a lot of space. In fact, you can still have full use of your garage or spare room. 
  • Multi-Function – Like any squat or power rack, a folding squat rack can be a complete home gym. Some racks, like the Valor Fitness BD-20 Folding Squat Rack, include an adjustable pull-up bar. This opens up back and biceps exercises. Our best overall, the Rogue RML-3W, also has a pull-up bar. Plus, many of the racks in this guide have optional benches. If not, a good bench is easy to find. Finally, many folding racks have several additional attachments available. 
  • Value – Any folding rack is a good value. The benefits far outweigh the cost of the rack. Some folding squat racks, such as the PRx Performance Murphy Rack, offer several extras. This value-minded rack includes a fitness app for your phone and features a patented design. Other folding squats racks that are a good value include the ProForm Carbon Foldable Rack, and our best budget rack, the Merax Folding Rack.

Here are a few things to look for when considering folding squat racks.

As we have seen, pull-up bars add several exercise options. As noted, you can use these as a kipping bar, as long as you have enough rack depth. A kipping bar can be defined as a pull-up bar that’s at least 30″ from the wall. The ProForm Carbon Rack is a good example with a depth of 40″.

From here, you can do kipping pull-ups. This is a type of pull-up done by swinging your legs back and forth. There are also variations of this exercise that require even more swinging. The bottom line is you need room to use a pull-up bar as a kipping bar.

Of course, you can perform a regular pull-up and chin-up using varied grip options. Also, depending on brand, you’ll see either straight or lat bar-styled pull-up bars.

For the more advanced users out there, another exercise you can do is muscle-ups. This is a CrossFit exercise. It’s also an advanced movement that requires swinging the legs, good upper-body strength, and good coordination. The other requirement for this exercise is good depth between your wall and the bar.

You should measure the distance between your wall studs. Match that up to the rack you’re considering. If you’re looking at the free-standing ForceUSA MyRack, measure your ceiling height. Actually, measuring the height is important for any rack. The last thing you need is a rack that’s too tall for your home gym space. 

Still, the best folding squat racks are designed to fit most walls. Once you’ve determined your wall space, you just have to mount it. The brackets will require more width on your wall.

All of our folding squat racks have minimal folded depth and width. If you use brackets, expect another 4-5″ width per side.

You should choose your rack based on your goals. For example, if you are training to be a powerlifter, do not choose the Valor Fitness BD-20 Folding Squat Rack. The reason is, that it holds a max of 750lbs. For serious powerlifters, that’s not a lot of weight.

A rack such as our best overall, the Rogue RML-3W, holds 1,000lbs. Still others in this guide can handle even more. That’s enough weight for any powerlifter. This ties into choosing a rack that you can use for a long time. There’s no sense buying a rack you’ll outgrow in a year. 

Many racks use Westside hole spacing. As noted, the holes are 1” apart in the lower part of the rack. Higher up, the holes switch to 2” apart. This is well-suited to individual height. It’s also suited to exercises like bench presses, rack pulls, and squats. One example of a rack using this spacing is the REP Fitness PR-4100 Folding Squat Rack. Many others in this guide use it as well.

Others, such as the PRx Murphy Rack, are spaced every 2” all the way up. Still other folding racks, such as the Merax Folding Squat Rack, have holes spaced 1″ all the way up.

The bottom line? Decide what type of spacing you prefer before you make your choice. 

First, the uprights need to be strong enough to handle your heaviest weights. All the racks in this guide are made of steel. Many are 11-gauge, and a few are 12 gauge.

If you know you’ll be lifting heavy weights, choose a thicker rack. As noted, in this guide you will find many racks with 3 x 3 11-gauge steel uprights. The best example of a rack with 3 x 3 11-gauge steel is our overall best folding rack, the Rogue RML-3W Rack.

Another good example of a 3 x 3 11-gauge steel rack is the Rogue Fitness Monster Lite RML-390FULLW Wall Rack.

If you can, get a rack that’s more than sturdy enough for your toughest workouts.

As mentioned, it’s better to order mounting brackets, or stringers, with your folding squat rack. This ensures correct installation and maximum support.

When you assemble your wall-mounted squat rack, you will begin with the stringers. Save yourself a trip to the hardware store by checking that you have everything you need before starting assembly.

We talked above about beginning assembly with the stringers. If you choose a free-standing rack like the ForceUSA MyRack, there’s no installation required. However, as noted, you will still have to assemble it.

A wall-mountable rack will include instructions. For the most part, they are easy to install. One of the racks that are easy to install is our best, the Rogue RML-3W. Most users have no installation problems with this rack.

Any wall-mounted squat rack you consider should be easy to unfold and use. Typically, pins lock the rack in place once folded.

To use, you just pull out the pins, unfold it, lock it with the pins, and train.

When you’re done, it should be easy to fold back up and lock in place with the pins.

A folding squat rack is sturdier than squat stands. That’s because they are mounted to the wall. Plus, the best folding squat racks offer quite a few accessories. With squat stands, about the only usable accessories are a bench and built-in push-up bars, if available.

While a squat stand can be moved, wall-mounted racks take up little space when not in use. As noted, our best squat rack, the Rogue RML-3W, only takes up 5″ of depth when folded.

The Rogue RML-3W Fold Back Wall Mount Rack holds a 1,000lbs. The RML-3W Rack features laser-cut steel construction and a lifetime warranty.

Would you prefer a free-standing rack? If you don’t want to drill holes in your wall, the ForceUSA MyRack Folding Power Rack is for you. Here’s a rack that can handle up to 2,000lbs. With the available optional attachments, there’s no exercise you can’t do. 

Finally, do you want a patented rack? The PRx Performance Murphy Rack features a patented design. It also features a fitness app that downloads free workouts. There are also free challenges for you to attempt. You’ll never agonize over what workout to do again. 

The best folding squat rack depends on your available space and your goals. From compact wall mount to free-standing, the choice is yours! Now let’s do some squats!


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