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The 9 Best Full Body Workout Machine For Home 2023

Working out at home has become the new normal. Most people working out at home want to train their entire body, and if space is limited, you want to be able to use one machine. 

Whether you’re a bodybuilder, powerlifter, fitness enthusiast, or you just want to get in shape, there’s a home gym machine that’s right for you.

This guide covers the best full-body workout machines for home. Let’s check it out!

In a Hurry? Here is our top  pick:

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Unlike a Smith machine, which forces you to lift along a predetermined path, when you work inside a power rack, it’s just you and the bar.

If you are considering a power rack, there are safety pins so you can train in 100% safety. 

The Body-Solid Powerline PPRRACK5 is a package, which means you’re not only getting the power rack, you’re also getting a lat attachment, an adjustable bench, and a 300lb Olympic weight set. 

This rack can handle up to 500lbs, more than enough weight for the average lifter. The rack also has a built-in chin bar. You can do cardio by performing circuit training. 

If you are inexperienced, this is a great machine to gain experience with. You will never outgrow a power rack.

If you are experienced and plan on performing free weight squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and so on, this is the full-body home workout machine for you.

  • Power Rack Package With Lat Machine, Bench & Olympic Weight Set
  • Work Heavy Lifts In Complete Safety
  • Fits In A 7’ by 7’ Room
  • 10 Year Warranty On The Frame, 1 Year On Parts
  • 500lbs Max Weight Will Not Be Enough For Some Powerlifters & Strength Athletes

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The XMark Cable Machine Functional Trainer is one of the more versatile pieces of equipment in this guide. It includes an adjustable bench, dual 200lb weight stacks, and two D-handle pulleys that feature 19 settings.

There are also 8” hand straps, a triceps rope, leg strap, pull-up bar, short bar, and a long bar.

The XMark is made using 11 gauge steel construction and boasts a commercial-level pulley system. It’s adjustable to individuals of any height.

Users can perform any unilateral exercise for both upper or lower body as well as chins or pull-ups. The addition of the bench allows the use of dumbbells as desired by the user. 

The downside is that you’ll need to make sure you have the space for this unit, and once it’s set up, it’s not going anywhere. Still, for versatility and functional training, the XMark can’t be beat.

  • Two 200lb Weight Stacks
  • 19 Adjustments – Complete Accessories Included
  • Designed For Versatility
  • Some Users May Not Have Enough Space

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The SF-E3912 is a well built elliptical that can handle up to 330lbs user weight. It has 24 workout modes that include heart rate mode, body fat mode, and various pre-programmed modes. 

The on-board display tracks workout performance such as speed, calories burned, distance, time, rotations per minute, and magnetic resistance level. 

You can work your upper body with full-motion long arms while you work your lower body with the pedals. There’s a holder for your water bottle and a rack for your smart device. 

This unit does not fold but it can be easily moved as needed.

  • User Weight Capacity Is 330lbs
  • Features 24 Workout Apps
  • Works The Entire Body
  • Some Users Feel It’s Noisy And Can’t Be Used If Others Are Sleeping

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The Total Gym XLS has a steel frame and a user weight capacity of 400 lbs. There are 6 levels of incline resistance. You can work the entire body with 80 exercises. 

The accessories include a wing attachment, ribbed squat stand, and leg pull with 2 ankle cuffs.

There’s also a wall-mountable exercise chart, training card deck, and a Doctor formulated nutrition program with a meal plan.

For cardio, there’s the extra-cost Cyclo-Trainer, a cycling-type accessory. 

The XLS comes fully assembled, so you can train as soon as you get it unpacked. It has a lifetime warranty on the frame and 6 months on parts, and it folds up for storage.

  • 6 Levels Of Resistance & 80 Exercises
  • 400 lb User Weight Capacity 
  • Includes A Squat Stand, Leg Pull & Wing Attachment
  • Folds For Storage But May Be Hard To Move For Some Users

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The Bowflex Blaze has 210 lbs of Power Rod resistance that can be upgraded to 310 lbs and 410 lbs.

You can do 60 exercises with the Blaze and there’s 7 free trainer designed workout programs. 

The Blaze not only allows you to strength train, but you can also perform cardio with the sliding seat option. This feature lets you do both leg presses and aerobic rowing. 

There’s a bench, lat bar, squat bar, and ankle cuffs. The Blaze also provides multiple cable and pulley positions for a wide variety of exercises. 

The Bowflex Blaze folds and has transport wheels for easy storage.

  • Includes A Bench, Squat Bar, & Lat Bar 
  • Features Aerobic Rowing/Leg Press
  • 210 lbs Of Resistance That Can Be Upgraded To 410 lbs
  • Easy storage
  • You Have To Change Cables To Change Exercises

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The Body-Solid Fusion 500 Home Gym includes a single 210 weight stack and allows you to do over 60 exercises. 

There’s a 4-position press arm with multi-grip handles and functional multi-position handles for a complete workout. There’s also a lat bar and leg extension/leg curl unit. 

The Fusion 500 lets you work your entire body, and it’s very easy to use. This type of home gym is a good choice for seniors that want to exercise but are unable to use a lot of weight. 

It’s compact and will fit in most small exercise spaces. It’s well-built and includes a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Features A 210lb Weight Stack
  • Multi-Function Press Arm & Synchronized Functional Training Handles
  • There’s A Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Some Users Feel There Are Minor Quality Issues With This Machine

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The Marcy Diamond Elite is a full-body home workout machine that provides the versatility of a Smith machine, a pulley machine, and free weights.

Also, there’s a pec deck station, a dual-function leg developer, a low pulley, and a high pulley. 

The Elite Smith Cage has spotter bars so you can safely train with heavy weights. This is a well-built machine manufactured using steel construction. 

The attached Olympic bar holds 300 lbs. If you need more weight, free-weight exercises can be done standing outside the cage. There are short safety bars for individuals training this way. 

One downside is that the Diamond Elite takes Olympic-size plates only. These plates cost more than standard plates, so if you need more weight, it will cost more than if you could use standard plates. 

Still, this is a safe, all in one home gym designed for serious lifters that want to work their entire body with one machine.

  • Smith Machine Lets You Train In Complete Safety
  • Space Saving Home Gym 
  • Includes An Adjustable Bench
  • The Maximum Amount Of Weight The Smith Bar Holds Is Only 300lbs.

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The Body-Solid GLGS100 Corner Leverage Gym is an all in one home gym using pivot-point handles and pulleys that have a free weight-like feel. This is a compact design that will fit in most smaller home gyms. 

The advantage of a leverage gym is that you can train to failure without any fear of getting stuck. It’s a plate-loaded machine that is 100% safe.

There’s safety catches in the handles, once you are done lifting, or if you get stuck, just drop the handle. 

The GLGS100 has 3 stations: a Lat Pulldown station for your back, arms, and shoulders; and a Press/Squat station for your chest, arms, legs, and core.

Finally, there’s a Low Pulley station so you can work your arms, shoulders, back, and legs. 

The weight capacity of the GLGS100 is 600 lbs, more than enough for most lifters. This home gym features commercial-level quality. One downside is that a bench is an extra-cost option. 

Still, this is a great choice if you want a safe, free-weight feel full body home gym machine.  

  • Compact Space Saving Design 
  • Features 3 Stations For A Complete Workout
  • There’s No Need For A Spotter – Designed For Training To Failure
  • The Bench Costs Extra
  • The Olympic Plates Cost Extra  

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Unlike other rowing machines, the Teeter Power10 Magnetic Rowing Machine features both pull and push resistance. You can only pull with traditional rowers.

This feature makes the Power10 good for both cardio and strength, plus you can work your entire body using this one machine.

The Power10 has 7 levels of magnetic resistance, and the rowing long arms have multi-grip handles for specific muscle targeting.

Users can adjust the resistance right in the middle of a repetition. This means you can increase the resistance for a strength emphasis, or lower it for a cardio emphasis.

There’s also access to a free trainer-led workout app that provides routines for all experience levels.

The Digital Performance Monitor tracks distance, time, calories burned, strokes per minute, and total strokes.

You can track your heart rate with the Coded Polar Telemetric Heart Rate transmitter with connecting T34 Polar Chest Strap. 

Finally, the seat and handles are adjustable, plus the footplates are designed for quick-release. The Teeter Power10 is a compact design that folds and has transport wheels for easy storage.

  • Features Exclusive Bi-Directional Resistance
  • 7 Levels Of Magnetic Resistance
  • Allows A Complete Full Body Strength & Cardio Workout
  • May Require Two People For Assembly

A full-body workout machine is a single piece of exercise equipment that can effectively work the entire body. 

Not every home workout machine will provide a direct option for cardio, but the majority of machines have an option available. This is an important point and is related to your personal goals. 

Not every individual that exercises at home wants or needs to do cardio. Some users prefer to perform cardio outside. Others may prefer to use a separate but specific machine. 

This guide provides options for cardio, and some units have a cardio feature built-in. For example, the Bowflex Blaze has an aerobic rowing feature, and Total Gym has a Cyclo-Trainer attachment.

Other machines, like the Smith or Power rack, have the option of performing circuit training. Ultimately, it all depends on what you want in a home workout machine.

Here’s a look at the different types of full-body workout machines for home use:

This type of full-body workout machine has a single weight stack of 100 to 300 lbs depending on which brand you choose. This type of home gym is a good choice for smaller spaces and features a variety of exercises. 

You can work your entire body easily using a single stack gym. This type of gym is a good choice for many users but is not the best choice for those interested in strength and size. The only option for cardio is to use a circuit-style training style.

The Bowflex is the most well-known resistance rod-style home gym. This is a similar concept as the single stack gym but in this case, the weight stack has been replaced with Power Rod resistance.

They are designed to provide easier resistance at the start of an exercise, and then increase as you continue the movement. You can work your entire body with a Bowflex, and as noted above, the Blaze has a rowing feature for cardio. 

This is a celebrity-endorsed home gym that uses body weight and an adjustable incline board for resistance. You can work your entire body with a Total Gym, and there are options for cardio, such as the Cyclo Trainer, a pedaling attachment.  

This is a full-body workout machine that has a free-weight feel and uses Olympic weight plates. It’s designed for safety and uses lever arms with built-in safety stops. This allows you to lift heavy and train to failure in complete safety. 

The Smith machine is another free-weight workout machine that emphasizes safety. There’s an Olympic bar attached to guide rails with safety catches along the path of resistance. Like other safety-based home gyms, you can train heavy on a Smith Machine. 

If there’s a downside it’s that the path of motion does not change. This means that the fixed bar takes the stabilizer muscles out of the movement. 

This is a pure free weight style home workout machine that centers around a steel cage with long safety rods. You stand inside the Rack and can safely lift as much weight as you can handle. If you fail on a lift, the long rods will catch the weight. 

A Combo style Power Rack includes a lat machine attachment with high and low pulleys, a built-in chin bar, and an adjustable bench. Some of these may also include a Pec-Dec attachment, and attachments for the bench, such as a leg unit or arm curl pad. 

There is no direct cardio option, but you can do circuit training. For bodybuilders, powerlifters, and other strength athletes, a Power Rack Combo can’t be beat. It’s also a good choice for anyone that wants to use free weights and do so safely.

This is a workout machine with a weight stack on each side that uses cables. You can attach D-handles or a straight bar. This allows you to train functionally, which means that with this machine, you can duplicate real-life movements and become stronger in those movements. 

Most exercises are done standing but you can use a bench as desired. This is another machine that lets you exercise your entire body in complete safety. The only downside is that you can’t directly perform cardio with this machine.

Some of the machines listed here treat cardio as a secondary goal. An elliptical treats strength and muscle mass as secondary goals. While our pick lets you work your upper body as well as your legs, the primary focus is to burn calories and lose body fat. If some of the other machines are well-suited to strength and size, an elliptical is well suited to cardio and general conditioning. 

Similar to an elliptical, most rowers emphasize cardio first and strength second. Our choice, the Teeter Power10, is bi-directional and will not only burn calories so you lose fat, but also help you gain a little size and strength. Like an elliptical, this is not the best choice for a bodybuilder or powerlifter, but it’s a great choice for fitness enthusiasts and anyone interested in general conditioning. 

One of the primary deciding factors in your purchase will always be the amount of space you have available. You might want a larger home workout machine like a Power Rack Combo or Leverage Gym.

However, you may only have room for a Total Gym that needs to be stored when not in use. 

Also, the advantage of a single piece of equipment is that it will save space over buying several individual machines. Make sure you measure your intended workout space and have enough room for your chosen piece of equipment. 

The other primary factor is your budget. Everything on this list has expensive versions, yet most of the options presented here are budget conscious. 

It’s true with price like it is with space, your budget largely determines what home workout machine you can own. Buying one piece of equipment that works the entire body is cheaper than buying several individual pieces. 

If you’re inexperienced and aren’t exactly sure what you want, you’ll probably want a machine that’s easy to use. You may want a simple machine that does not require a lot of work to go from exercise to exercise.

If you are experienced, you won’t mind the effort required to perform a wide range of exercises in one session.

Along with space and budget, your personal goals will determine what home workout machine you decide to purchase.

For example, it makes no sense to buy a Smith Machine Combo if your primary goal is to burn fat. Make sure you understand the full capabilities of any machine you’re interested in before making a purchase.

There’s a full-body workout machine for home use that meets any training need. 

If cardio is your goal, but you want to gain some strength and build a little muscle, the Teeter Power10 Rower is the best choice.

The Power10 has something most rowers do not, bi-directional resistance. That means you can push and pull with the Power10. You can focus on cardio, and by adjusting the resistance, you can emphasize strength. 

However, you may be a bodybuilder or powerlifter that needs something safe and lets you train your entire body with heavy weights.

If that’s the case, the Body-Solid Powerline PPRPACK5 Power Rack Package is the best choice, and our best overall. This is a power rack-based home gym, so you can lift heavy and train in 100% safety.

There’s also a lat attachment with a high and low pulley, and an adjustable bench. You can train any way you like with a machine like this, whether it’s heavy basics or lighter isolation moves. 

Plus, if you want to include cardio, you can use a circuit routine. 

If you want an easier to use machine, there’s the Body-Solid Fusion 500 Home Gym. This is a single stack home gym that includes functional training arms.

It’s a great choice for seniors because it’s easy to use and the weight is easy to adjust. Also, anyone can use a machine like this. 

There’s a full-body home workout machine for any experience level and any goal.

Our guide will help you make the best choice!


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