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The 9 Best Reflex Bags 2023 HomeGym101

Are you into boxing or MMA? Then it’s time to add a reflex bag to your home gym.

This type of bag is a freestanding unit. It will reflex or rebound, when hit. This allows you to work on timing, accuracy, footwork, and defensive skills. Beginner or advanced, a reflex bag is a great addition to your program.

This guide will review the best reflex bags on the market. Ready? Let’s go!

In a Hurry? Here is our top pick:

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The MaxxMMA Advanced Cobra Reflex Bag Kit 2.0 is a cobra-style reflex bag. That means that the stand has a spring positioned higher than a regular reflex bag. When you hit the bag, it rebounds (or reflexes) much faster than standard bags. 

The MaxxMMA Cobra Reflex Bag is also speed-adjustable. That makes it good for beginners as well as advanced athletes. Finally, the inflatable bag includes an air pump. The stand is height adjustable from 48” to 61.5”. Also, you can use water or sand to fill the large plastic base.

  • Cobra-Style Bag Rebounds Quickly
  • Features A Height-Adjustable Bag
  • You Can Adjust The Rebound Speed Of The Bag 
  • Some Users Feel This Reflex Bag Is Not Suitable For Hard-Hitting

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This standing reflex bag has a frame featuring tubular steel construction. The bag has a flat base you can bolt into your home gym floor. That makes this the reflex bag with the best base. No other bag in this guide has a base this secure. 

That means you can hit or kick the bag as hard as you want. The reflex bag itself is medium-density rubber and offers a 9” target. 

The Title Boxing Lighting Strike Pro Reflex Bag helps you develop speed and blocking. It has a height-adjustable stand. There’s a heavy-duty steel spring for good rebound after you’ve hit the bag. The stand is adjustable by turning a knob. It can be set from 48” to 72” to accommodate any size user. 

  • The Stand Uses Tubular Steel
  • Features A Steel Spring For Good Rebound
  • The Reflex Bag Is Medium Density Rubber For Good Resistance
  • Some Users Feel The Bag Does Not Have Enough Reflex

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Here’s a speed adjustable reflex bag with a height-adjustable stand. The MaxxMMA Speed Adjustable Freestanding Reflex Bag Kit is ideal for kids. It can be height adjusted for younger trainers. It’s meant for kids age 6 and up. 

The Reflex Ball also works well for teens and adults. It’s an inflatable ball and there’s an included air pump. The durable stand is spring loaded. Finally, you fill the large base with water or sand. 

  • Designed For Kids – And The Entire Family
  • Speed Adjustable For Beginners To Advanced Experience Level
  • The Reflex Bag Is Inflatable – There’s An Air Pump Included With Purchase
  • The Bag May Need To Be Frequently Re-Inflated

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The Ringside Fitness Reflex Bag has a low spring meant to mimic an opponent’s movements. Still, the rebound is slower than other reflex bags. 

That makes it the best bag for working on ducking and dodging. The reflex bag itself is dense foam covered with synthetic leather.

Also, timing and footwork. Users can adjust the stand to heights between 49” and 69”. Finally, you can use water or sand to fill the base.

  • Develops Ducking And Dodging Ability
  • Height Adjustable Stand
  • Synthetic Leather Bag
  • The Rebound May Be Too Slow For Some Users – Even Inexperienced Ones

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Here’s our pick for the best reflex bag for a fast rebound. The Prize Form Cobra Reflex bag has a double-mounted spring. That means it will bounce back quickly. The stand is height adjustable for users that are 4’11” to 6’ tall. The 7.5” ball is high-density foam. That gives it a realistic boxing feel. 

The tubular stand has a small but sturdy base that’s held in place with 8 suction cups. Also, it can be filled with 100lbs of sand or water. The Prize Form Cobra Reflex Bag will develop speed, timing, and footwork. It will also develop advanced ducking and dodging skills.

  • Ideal For Female Athletes
  • Height Adjustable Stand For Users From 4’11” To 6’ Tall
  • Base Has 8 Suction Cups – You Can Fill It With Water Or Sand
  • Some Users Feel It May Fall Over If Hit Too Hard

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Here’s a bag that will develop speed, eye/hand coordination, and agility. The Everlast Reflex Bag has a height-adjustable stand with a space-saving base. You can fill the base with your choice of water or sand. 

The reflex ball is synthetic leather with dense foam inside. This is a compact design that fits well in any sized training space. That makes it our pick as the best reflex bag for small home gyms.

  • Height Adjustable Stand
  • Space-Saving Base – You Can Fill The Base With Water Or Sand
  • The Reflex Ball Is Dense Foam Cover With Synthetic Leather
  • Some Feel It’s Not A Good Choice For Younger Users

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The Tech Tools Reflex Bag is the ideal beginner kit. It comes with the reflex ball on a height-adjustable stand. 

Also included are an air pump and a pair of boxing gloves. The stand adjusts from 48” to 58”. Since most beginners are younger, this is an ideal height range. 

The stand is spring loaded for good rebound. It’s not too fast, which is good for beginners. You can fill the compact base with either sand or water.

  • Includes The Reflex Ball With Stand, Gloves, And Air Pump
  • Height Adjustable Stand Ideal For Beginners
  • The Base Is Compact Base – Use Sand Or Water To Fill It
  • Some Users Feel The Gloves Could Be Better

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Here’s our pick for the best bag and gloves combo. The Protocol Heavy Duty Reflex Bag adjusts from a height of 49” to 63”. The durable spring is set at the bottom of the stand. 

That means the rebound is not too fast. The reflex ball consists of EVA foam. It’s designed to take hard hits. 

Included in this set are high quality boxing gloves. They have strap closures for a secure fit. You can use either water or sand to fill the economically sized base. Finally, this set works well for anyone from beginners to pros.

  • The Set Includes Boxing Gloves
  • Height Adjustable From 49” To 63”
  • The Bag Is Solid EVA Foam
  • Some Users Feel The Base Leaks A Small Amount Of Water

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The Move It Smart Reflex Bag has Bluetooth connectivity. It has a 6-axis gyroscope sensor right below the bag. The patented sensor calculates punch intensity from various directions. 

It can also track strike direction, accuracy, speed, and total punches. It has a personal trainer-led fitness app for your tablet or phone. 

The rebound speed of the Move It Smart Reflex Bag is adjustable. Also, the ball is high density and covered in leather. Finally, the base uses suction cups to hold it in place. You can also fill the base using water or sand. Also, it is height adjustable.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity – Tracks Performance
  • Personal Trainer Led Workouts With The Move It App
  • The Stand Is Height Adjustable – The Rebound Speed Is Adjustable
  • Some Users Would Prefer Longer Rounds On The App

A reflex bag is a free standing bag. It helps you work on your timing, accuracy, footwork, and ducking ability. The bag attaches to a pole or stand that has a spring. Also, the spring allows rebound (or reflex), so it springs back when hit. As well, the stand will be height-adjustable. Some, like The Move It Smart Reflex Bag, are adjustable for rebound speed. The base may have suction cups. Also, you can fill the base using water or sand. 

There are several benefits to using a reflex bag. These include:

  • You Can Train At Home – You can use a freestanding reflex bag in almost any size exercise space. You easily find room for it in your home gym. It can be set up outside, or in a corner of any room. Being able to train at home is a good benefit for any serious athlete.
  • You Can Train Specific Skills – Using a reflex bag allows users to develop specific skills. You can determine the degree of specific training. It depends on whether you’re using a cobra bag or a standard bag. Using a reflex bag allows you to develop timing, speed, dodging, footwork, and head movement.
  • A Reflex Bag Is Quieter Than Other Bags – Here’s another good reason to use a reflex bag. It’s quieter than using other types of reflex bags. This means you can train at home without disturbing other family members or neighbors.
  • You Do Not Need To Mount The Bag – You won’t need to attach the freestanding reflex bag to the ceiling. You can set it up anywhere. The base will keep it in place during use.

A standard reflex bag has a spring close to the bottom of the stand. When hit, the bag and stand bend at the same time. This imitates the body movements of a potential opponent as he backs off and counters. A standard reflex bag has a quick rebound. Yet, the Cobra bag, as we will see, has a much faster rebound.

A cobra reflex bag has a spring around the middle of the stand. This style of bag has a much faster rebound when hit. This style of bag is designed for timing, speed, precision, ducking a punch, and footwork.

The reflex bags in this guide have a height range from 47” to 72”. Some of the reflex bags do not go up quite as high. Still, the range of adjustments works for most users. Before choosing, make sure the height range fits your needs. Here’s a good point to remember. The reflex bag should be set at the chin height of the user. 

In general, a reflex bag is dense foam rubber covered in synthetic leather or vinyl. You will need to manually inflate several of the reflex bags in this guide. A problem with inflatable bags is that they could pop if hit too hard. They also deflate over time. 

Many bags have rebound speed adjustments. This means it can be set for any experience level. There’s a “slow-mode” for beginners. It can be set faster for more experienced users. Plus, as you gain experience, you can adjust the speed accordingly.

Bases vary among the reflex bags in this guide. Some, like the Title Boxing Lighting Strike Pro Reflex Bag, have a flat base. You can bolt the base into the floor. You can fill every other base with water or sand. A few, like the Move It Smart Reflex Bag, also have suction cups. Finally, the base size will vary. You will want to consider base size when choosing the best reflex bag for you. 

How you use a reflex bag depends on the type of training you want to do. 

Are you a boxer? Then using a reflex bag is a good way to work on your overall skills. As noted, this includes footwork, speed, timing, and precision. You can practice moving and throwing jabs. With a fast rebound, you can practice ducking and dodging. 

Are you an MMA athlete? Then you can practice elbow hits, punches, elbows, and even jumping knees. Also, you can practice defensive moves as the bag rebounds towards you. 

Regardless, a reflex bag is a sound investment for your home gym.

You can fill most reflex bags with either water or sand. Water may be easier to use. This is because it’s not hard to drain. Still, sand is heavier. It’s a good choice if you don’t plan to move your freestanding reflex bag. 

Have you decided to add a reflex bag to your training routine? The best place to start is with our best overall. The MaxxMMA Advanced Cobra Reflex Bag Kit 2.0 is a fast rebound bag. Even so, it’s speed adjustable. It can be set for any experience level.  It has an adjustable stand that ranges from 48” to 61.5”. Finally, it has a base that can be filled with water or sand.

Would you prefer a reflex bag that you can bolt into your gym floor for stability? The Title Boxing Lightning Strike Pro Reflex Bag will be the most stable of any bag in this guide. The stand is height adjustable. Also, the bag itself consists of medium density rubber.

Finally, are you looking for something with a personal-trainer led workout? Something that connects online so you can use an app? The Move It Smart Reflex Bag has Bluetooth connectivity. You can use the Move It App. 

Also, there’s a sensor on the stand that tracks your performance. Stats include directional punch intensity, speed, and total punches. The Move It Smart Reflex Bag is also speed adjustable.

No doubt there’s a reflex bag for any experience level. The best reflex bag is the one that fits your training routine the most. Use this guide to make your choice, then get out there and train!


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