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The Best Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes 2023

It’s not always easy to make all your scheduled meals. You need something quick, easy, and portable.

The best answer is a meal replacement shake! 

There are some great options but the choices become a little harder if you’re vegan.

In this guide, we find the best vegan meal replacement shakes on the market. Let’s get started!

In a Hurry? Here is our top pick:

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Here’s our pick for the best overall vegan meal replacement shake. Ample V are single-serving vegan meal replacement shakes.

They come in convenient individual-size bottles. You just add cold water or whatever cold liquid you prefer.

One serving supplies 400 calories and 20g organic pea protein, Ample V’s only protein source.

There are 23g total carbs with low sugar and 11g fiber.

There’s also 23g of fat from coconut oil and sunflower oil.

Ample V includes organic ingredients and does not contain anything artificial.

There’s a blend of sweeteners that include maple sugar, monk fruit, and stevia.

Ample K is designed to give vegan followers a clean, great-tasting vegan meal replacement shake.

  • Vegan – Organic Ingredients
  • Comes In Single Serving Bottles – Take Them With You Anywhere
  • Blends ThreeNatural Sweeteners
  • May Not Be Suited For All Low Carb Dieters

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Garden of Life Raw Organic Meal Replacement is our pick for the best organic vegan meal replacement shake.

Garden of Life Raw Organic Meal is 100% organic and contains 7 total nutrient blends.

The first blend contains 20g protein from 14 organic sprouted sources.

Raw Organic Meal supplies 130 calories and 2g total carbs with less than 1g of sugar.

Additionally, there’s a 2g organic fiber blend. Other blends include an organic fruit and vegetable blend, organic greens blend, and a whole food vitamin blend.

Finally, there’s a probiotic & enzyme blend.

Garden of Life Raw Organic Meal Replacement has no artificial ingredients.

It’s easy to use, helps control hunger, and helps you feel more energetic.

  • 20g Of A 14-Source Organic Plant-Based Protein
  • Contains Certified Organic Ingredients
  • There Are 7 Total Organic Blends 
  • Some Users May Not Like The Taste 

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Here’s a vegan meal replacement that’s our pick for the best vegan shake for bodybuilders.

Huel Black Powder is a 100% vegan meal replacement shake providing 400 calories per serving.

There’s 40g of pea and brown rice protein, 24g slow-burning carbs with 5g sugar.

Huel Black also supplies 6g fiber, plus 17g healthy fats from MCTs and sunflower oil.

Finally, Huel Powder provides 27 vitamins, minerals, probiotics, prebiotics, and omega 3’s.

Finally, add Huel Black to cold water and ice in a shaker or blender for a quick and easy high protein vegan meal replacement shake.

  • Complete Vegan-Based Meal That’s Ideal For Bodybuilders
  • 40g Pea & Brown Rice Protein Blend
  • Contains 27 Vitamins, Minerals, Probiotics, Prebiotics & Omega Fatty Acids
  • May Be Too Pricey For Some Users

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Orgain Organic Plant-Based Meal Replacement is certified vegan, certified organic, and certified plant-based.

It supplies 230 calories with 20g protein from organic pea, brown rice, and chia.

There are 27g total carbs, 1g sugar, and 6g fiber. Also, there’s an organic fruit & vegetable blend, a sprouts blend, and a greens blend.

Finally, there’s a creamer blend containing healthy fats and a food-based B-complex vitamin blend.

Orgain Organic Plant-Based Meal Replacement Powder mixes in cold water or your favorite cold beverage.

It’s our pick for the best vegan shake for the entire family.

Anyone in the family can use it as a quick breakfast or an on-the-go meal. Also, it can be a fat loss shake or a workout shake.

  • Certified Vegan & Organic Ingredients
  • A Complete Meal Designed For The Entire Family
  • Supplies 20g Plant-Based Protein Blend
  • Does Not Mix Well Without A Blender 

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You can bake with it or mix it up into a shake. Vega One Organic Meal Replacement supplies 20g pea protein and 140 calories per serving.

There are 10g carbs and 3.5g healthy fats, plus 20 vitamins and minerals.

Vega One is certified vegan, and certified organic.

It contains antioxidants, superfoods, greens, healthy fats, and probiotics.

This vegan meal replacement shake is naturally sweetened and can be mixed up in a shaker or blender.

Our pick for the best vegan shake for baking, swap out part of the flour and use it to make any vegan baking recipe. 

  • Certified Organic – Certified Vegan
  • Supplies Antioxidants, Greens, & Superfoods
  • Contains Probiotics & Healthy Fats
  • Some Users Feel Vega One Tastes Artificial

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Soylent Ready To Drink Meal comes in pre-made single-serving containers.

In fact, it’s our pick for the best RTD vegan meal replacement shake. All you do is, shake, twist the lid, and drink.

There’s 20g soy protein, 400 calories, 37g carbs, and 24g healthy fats. Additionally, there’s 3g fiber and only 1g sugar.

Soylent also contains 39 total nutrients, including amino acids.

Soylent does not contain any artificial ingredients.

A pre-made RTD is the easiest way to use a meal replacement.

You can take Soylent with you anywhere, and there’s no need to find water or a beverage to mix it with.

  • Pre-Made RTDs 
  • 20g Of Soy Protein Per Serving
  • Contains 39 Total Nutrients
  • Some Users Don’t Like The Texture & Taste

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Here’s a 160 calorie SuperMeal with 10g oat protein, 6g healthy fats, and 17g total carbs.

There’s 5g sugar, 3g fiber, and a full spectrum vitamin/mineral profile.

Ambronite Drinkable SuperMeal is vegan-friendly and uses real food ingredients.

SuperMeal mixes easily in cold water and is designed to be used anywhere.

Take it to work, school, or when you’re traveling.

Drink it after a workout, or while you’re hiking.

Ambronite Drinkable SuperMeal fights hunger and keeps you feeling full for hours. It’s our pick for the best vegan meal replacement shake for hiking.

  • Vegan-Friendly
  • No Artificial Ingredients
  • A Complete Meal In A Glass
  • Resealable Pouches Do Not Seal Tight

No products found.

MRM Veggie Meal Replacement is all-natural and uses organic ingredients.

There’s 22g of pea protein isolate, organic brown rice concentrate, black rice, and flaxseed protein per serving.

This vegan meal shake contains 200 calories, 14g total carbs with 1g sugar, and 4g fiber. Plus, there are 6g healthy fats from flaxseed.

MRM Veggie Meal is a complete meal-on-the-run and provides a full spectrum nutrient profile.

This product uses natural sweeteners and flavors.

It also uses real food ingredients. It’s also vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and organic certified.

MRM Veggie Meal Replacement mixes in cold water, almond milk, coconut milk, or your favorite cold beverage.

This is the best vegan shake for seniors because it contains a multi-enzyme digestion blend that makes it easy for seniors to drink.

  • Comprehensive Plant-Based Protein Blend
  • Vegan-Certified
  • Real-Food Based Ingredients
  • Some Users Feel It Is Too Sweet

No products found.

This is the best vegan meal shake for immune system health.

It features 3 nutrient blends, plus enzymes, minerals, and probiotics. Organic Muscle Superfood Protein & Greens supplies 20g of organic pea and brown rice protein per serving.

There are 120 calories, 10g carbs, and 2.5g fats.

Superfood Protein & Greens are low in sugar and have 3g fiber.

The other 2 blends include fruit & vegetable, herb, sprouts, and mushrooms.

These 2 blends contain 35 total ingredients, with many of them supporting immune system health.  

Superfood Protein & Greens is naturally sweetened with monk fruit. There are no artificial ingredients.

Finally, Organic Muscle Superfood Protein & Greens mixes with cold water or your favorite beverage.

  • Features 20g Vegan-Sourced Protein
  • Supplies 40 Superfoods
  • Supports Immune Health
  • Some Users Feel It’s Too Sweet

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The best budget vegan shake is Purely Inspired Organic All In One. This vegan meal replacement shake is 100% vegan and certified organic.

There’s a unique protein blend of organic pea, rice, and hemp supplying 20g per serving.

Also, there are 140 calories, low carbs, low fat, 27 fruits and vegetables, plus vitamins, minerals and probiotics.

Besides being certified organic and vegan, Organic All In One is gluten-free, non-GMO, and dairy-free.

There are no artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors. Purely Inspired Organic All In One mixes easily with any cold beverage.

  • Certified Vegan & Organic
  • Features Organic Pea, Rice & Hemp Protein
  • Contains Fruits, Vegetables, Probiotics, Vitamins, & Minerals
  • May Be Too Sweet For Some 

A vegan meal replacement shake is a convenient, quick, and easy-to-make liquid meal. It’s used to replace 1-2 meals per day. A vegan meal replacement shake will supply high-quality vegan-sourced protein, low glycemic carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Also, many vegan shakes include vitamins, minerals, superfoods, greens, and additional concentrated nutrients. 

Consistently eating real food meals is the best way to get well-balanced nutrition. The thing is, many people lead busy lives. There is not always time to sit down for a whole food meal. On the other hand, there is time to drink an easy-to-make vegan meal replacement shake. All you need is your shaker cup, cold water, and powder. In some cases, such as Soylent RTDs, you just shake, open, and drink. Replacing 1-2 meals a day with a well-balanced vegan shake helps you stay focused on your nutritional goals. There’s nothing worse than having to sacrifice your goals by resorting to fast food or junk food meals. You have time for a vegan shake!

Whether you’re following a fat loss or lean muscle gain diet, consistent, nutritious meals are key. Regularly timed meals keep you feeling full and satisfied. Eating regularly when losing fat keeps your metabolism active and keeps you feeling satisfied. Not to mention, building lean muscle requires consistent high protein meals. A vegan meal replacement shake provides a nutrient-dense meal that’s proportionally correct. 

This is also true even if you’re not trying to build muscle or lose fat. If your goal is to improve health & well-being by eating healthier, vegan meal replacement shakes will help. 

Here are some things to consider while shopping for the best vegan meal replacement shakes.

When considering a vegan meal replacement shake, look for vegan-certified products, or at least “vegan-friendly” on the label. A strict vegan follower does not eat any animal or animal-created products. This includes such things as dairy and honey. Some vegans only eat raw foods. A shake such as Garden of Life Raw Organic Meal fits well with this type of vegan diet. Beyond this, all of the vegan meal replacement shakes will work for any type of vegan diet. 

A quality vegan meal replacement should provide a good macronutrient/micronutrient profile. Some vegan shakes, such as Ample V and Huel Black, provide between 400 and 600 calories per serving. Additionally, Huel Black provides 40g protein, making it the best choice for anyone trying to build lean muscle. 

Most vegan shakes provide 200 or fewer calories, making them a good choice for anyone following a fat loss program. Many of these shakes promote fullness and keep users feeling satisfied. 

Shakes like Garden Of Life Raw Organic Meal or Orgain Organic Meal Replacement Powder are good choices for health-conscious users. These shakes provide comprehensive nutrient profiles for optimal health & well-being. 

The standard vegan protein sources are pea and brown rice. Pea isolate is the best form of pea protein and the best vegan proteins. Some meal replacement shakes use other protein sources with or without pea and brown rice. Soylent uses soy protein, and others, such as Garden of Life, uses a 14-source protein blend. The best vegan meal replacement shakes should not have any artificial ingredients. Finally, most of them will have several comprehensive nutrient blends beyond macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals. 

Meal replacements as a category, whether or not they are vegan, can be expensive. The original meal replacement used the marketing approach of being exclusive, therefore a high priced, product. Currently, vegan shakes come in at all ends of the budget spectrum. There’s a good vegan shake for any budget. 

One thing to keep in mind is that a vegan meal replacement shake should not replace more than 1-2 meals a day. It should not be a replacement for solid food. Whenever possible, real food meals are the best choice.  Use a vegan meal replacement when you can’t make a meal, after a workout, or to supplement your daily nutrition.

When using, follow all label directions. If you’re on the run, some powder, a shaker, and cold water are all you need. Many shaker cups have built-in storage compartments for 1-2 servings of powder. They screw on to the bottom of your shaker. In other cases, such as with Ample V, just add water. Soylent is even easier, it’s a pre-made RTD. Keep it cold for the best flavor, shake, and drink. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

As noted, vegan meal replacement shakes are a great option for any vegan follower that leads a busy, hectic lifestyle. These shakes can be used for workouts, and by any vegan follower interested in optimum health.

Our best overall vegan shake is Ample V Meal Replacement Shakes. These shakes come in single-serving containers. Add the cold beverage of your choice and you have an instant high quality vegan meal. 

Are you a bodybuilder, or are you using resistance training to build more muscle? Huel Black is the best choice for you. This vegan shake provides 40g of plant-based protein to help build lean muscle. There’s 400 calories, yet only 24g carbs and low sugar. Huel Black provides a complete micronutrient blend for recovery as well and good health. 

Finally, if you’re vegan and want only 100% organic ingredients, Garden of Life Raw Organic Meal Replacement is the best choice. This shake has 14 sources of plant-based protein, and several organic nutrient blends. It helps control appetite and supports natural energy.

If you’re a vegan and looking for the best vegan meal replacement shake, our guide is the place to start!


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