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Top 10 best knee wraps for squats 2023 HomeGym101

Squats are one of the most demanding exercises you can do.

It’s easy to use a lot of weight on these, and they work the entire body. As the weights get heavier, your form has to be perfect.

If you want maximum support, knee wraps can make a big difference. They can also help you add a little more weight to the bar.

This guide will look at the best knee wraps for squats currently on the market. Don’t load up the bar until you’ve checked it out!

In a Hurry? Here is our top pick:

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Here’s our pick for best overall. Titan Signature Gold Knee Wraps are the strongest and most durable wraps Titan makes. 

They have a reputation for strength and support among powerlifters and other athletes who perform heavy squats. They are comfortable and elastic, yet won’t slip during training. 

Also, they are long-lasting wraps that won’t wear out from heavy use. Titan Signature Gold Knee Wraps come in 3 different lengths for the best fit and they are approved for powerlifting competition.

  • Endorsed By Powerlifters & Other Athletes
  • Available In 3 Lengths
  • The Most Durable & Supportive Knee Wraps Titan Makes

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Here’s our pick for the best choice for lifters on a budget. The Harbinger Red Line Knee Wraps are 78” long and 3” wide. 

They are one-size-fits-all and will fit most men and women. The extended length is good for different styles of wrapping the knees. They can easily be overlapped multiple times. These knee wraps are competition quality for firm support. 

The Harbinger Red Line wraps will keep your knees stable during heavy squats. They are adjustable, and the elastic material supplies good compression.

  • Features Competition Quality Elastic
  • Extra Long 78”
  • Supports The Knee Joint
  • Can Slip During Heavy Squats

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Beginners will appreciate Mava Sports Knee Wraps. The reason is that they feature an adjustable hook and loop closure system for an easy-to-use, secure fit. These wraps are made using elastic fabric that stretches and provides good compression. 

Mava Wraps are 72” long, comfortable, won’t slip, and won’t come loose. These knee wraps provide good support for squats and other leg exercises. They can also be used as part of a knee rehab program.

  • These Wraps Have A Hook & Loop Closure System
  • They’re Elastic For A Good Stretch
  • They Provide Good Support
  • May Not Stay Tight Enough For All Users

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These elastic knee wraps are made from a cotton-polyester blend that absorbs moisture and has good breathability. 

DMoose Knee Wraps are double-stitched for durability. They also provide good knee support and help reduce inflammation. They feature a sturdy velcro fastener to keep the wraps secure during squats. 

DMoose Knee Wraps have a lifetime satisfaction warranty and are backed by replacement or refund.

  • Features An Elastic Cotton-Polyester Blend
  • Provides Good Support
  • Uses A Velcro Fastener System
  • No Mention Of Length Or Width In The Product Description

Rogue Knee Wraps are available in two lengths, 6’5” and 9’, and are 3” wide. These wraps are designed for powerlifting, Olympic lifting, bodybuilding, and Strongman competition. 

They’re good for any other sport where athletes perform squats. They are a blend of 40% elastic, 50% cotton, and 10% polyester. 

They feature a loop and hook velcro closure system. Rogue Knee Wraps are firm yet comfortable.

  • Available In Two Lengths – 3” Wide
  • Provide Good Support For Squats
  • Made From A Blend Of Cotton, Elastic & Polyester
  • The Velcro Closure Strap May Tear Easily

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Approved for competition by the USPA & IPL, Iron Bull Knee Wraps are 80” in length to provide good support for any sized user. 

These wraps are also good for any lifting style: including bodybuilding, CrossFit, weightlifting, and fitness. That’s why they’re our pick for best knee wraps for any lifting style. You can control the compression and support with wraps this long. 

Also, they feature a loop and hook velcro closure system. The velcro uses a double stitch zig-zag method for durability. 

Iron Bull Wraps elastic nylon and can help boost your strength on heavy squats. Good knee support means better knee stability for heavier weight.

  • Features A Double-Stitched Velcro Hook & Loop
  • 80” In Length – Fits Any User
  • Adjustable Compression & Support
  • May Not Provide Good Support On The Heaviest Squats

No products found.

Designed for both men and women, Nordic Lifting Knee Sleeves come in 6 sizes to fit any lifter. Made of 7mm neoprene, these knee sleeves provide good compression for your knees during squats and other leg exercises.

Nordic Lifting Knee Sleeves provide good support. Also, they keep your knees warm during physical activity. 

They also promote recovery and provide good injury protection. These features make these our pick for best sleeve style knee wraps.

  • Available In 6 Different Sizes
  • Made Of 7mm Neoprene
  • Provides Good Support & Compression
  • Some Users Don’t Like The Smell

No products found.

These knee wraps provide very stiff compression. Mark Bell Sling Shot World Record Knee Wraps are approved for use in USPA, USAPL, and IPF competitions. 

These wraps provide maximum knee support and are available in either 2.5m or 3m length. They are elastic yet stiff for good support during heavy squats, deadlifts, and other leg exercises. 

Additionally, they protect users against plates and other pieces of gym equipment that could cause knee injuries.

  • Designed By World Champion Powerlifter Mark Bell
  • Very Stiff For Good Support & Compression
  • Approved For Competition By The USPA, USAPL, and IPF
  • May Be Too Stiff For Some Users

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Gym Reapers Knee Wraps are the pick for most versatile wraps. These 72’ knee wraps have a strap attachment that keeps your knees wrapped tight on all your sets. 

Gym Reapers Knee Wraps support your knees, help boost strength, and help prevent injury. Gym Reapers are made from a special branded elastic material and will stay in place during your sets. These wraps are double-stitched for durability. 

Besides knee support, Gym Reapers Knee Wraps can be used as knee braces or knee sleeves. They relieve pain as well as support the knees during any leg-dominant exercise.

  • Made From A Branded Elastic Material
  • Provides Good Knee Support
  • Can Be Used As A Knee Brace
  • The Material May Irritate The Skin Of Some Users

No products found.

Here’s our pick for the best knee wraps for women. ProFitness Weightlifting Knee Wraps are 4mm thick and made from elastic cotton material for comfort. 

They are form-fitting, and feature reinforced stitching. There’s a velcro strap to ensure a tight, secure fit. They are 72” in length and are size-adjustable. They provide good compression and support for squats and other leg exercises. 

They’re designed for women or men, but feature color options that will appeal specifically to female athletes.

  • Made From Elastic Cotton For Comfort
  • Designed For Women Or Men
  • 72” In Length
  • May Not Be Approved  By All Powerlifting Federations

Knee wraps are used by powerlifters and other weightlifters to support the knees during squats, and other leg-dominant exercises. They are typically made out of an elastic material and are wrapped, spirally or diagonally, around the knees. Typically, the best knee wraps for squats provide support to the knee, decreasing the impact on the knee, protect against injury, and help to relieve pain.

Knee sleeves can be used for the same purpose as wraps. They slide over the knee, as opposed to being wrapped around the knee. The terms “knee sleeve” and “knee wrap” are sometimes interchangeable. Sleeves would be the better choice for beginners or someone that doesn’t want to take the time to wrap each knee before a heavy workout. The biggest difference is that knee sleeves are made from neoprene, and wraps are made from an elastic material.

Here are some of the benefits of using knee wraps:

The most important benefit of knee wraps is to provide knee stability and support during exercises like squats, leg presses, lunges, and deadlifts. If you have problems with your knees or want to avoid any potential issues, knee wraps are a good investment.

By supporting knee stability and preventing unnecessary movement, you will have increased your efficiency in executing your lifts. This can lead to more weight on the squat, deadlift, and other leg-dominant exercises.

Sometimes an injury can happen as a result of unsure exercise form. Other times it may be due to insufficient warmups. If you’re using heavy weights, injury prevention should be a priority.

Always be sure of your form, and always warm up. Nonetheless, good knee support will mean less chance of an injury.

During your squat workouts, knee wraps help prevent injuries. They will also protect mild knee injuries you may already have. Needless to say, you should drop your heaviest sets if you have a knee injury. Still, good knee support and compression from high-quality wraps will allow you to keep training while your knee recovers.

Knee wraps are traditionally used by many powerlifters, bodybuilders, and other weightlifters. A knee wrap is adjustable and has good elasticity. On the other hand, knee sleeves come in different sizes but are not adjustable for tightness beyond that. Wraps can be a time-consuming process, and not everyone has the time. Still, they are the best choice for a competition, as well as the use of heavier weights while training.

Our guide includes one knee sleeve, Nordic Lifting Knee Sleeves. As noted, knee sleeves are the best choice for anyone that may not want or have time to wrap the knees. Also, beginners may prefer knee sleeves. Even more experienced lifters may prefer sleeves. Finally, you can wear knee sleeves during the day to provide general knee support.

As noted, putting on knee wraps can be time-consuming. Some wraps can be harder than others to put on. It may be difficult for some users to stretch the elastic material while wrapping. The best knee wraps have a hook and loop velcro closure system. This makes it easier to secure the wraps once you have your knees wrapped. The bottom line is, you have to give yourself time and make using wraps a part of your pre-workout preparations.

Knee wraps come in various lengths. They can range from 72 inches to as long as 9 feet. Think about the length in relation to your height and leg size before buying. Even if the wrap seems too long, you can still wrap it around your knee. However, you want it to fit properly. A good fitting knee wrap for your knee and quad size will feel better and be more supportive. Also, they won’t be too bulky as you perform squats and your other leg-dominant exercises.

The amount of stiffness is one of the more important choices you will make regarding knee wraps. A stiff wrap, such as Mark Bell Sling Shot World Record Knee Wraps, is a good choice for competition and using heavy weights. They provide very good support and may help you lift a few more pounds.  Still, a stiff wrap can be irritating to the skin and even cause bruising.

A softer wrap, such as ProFitness Weightlifting Knee Wraps, are cotton. despite being softer, these wraps provide good support and compression. Still, a wrap like this will not be the best choice for a powerlifting competition. It will be a good choice for bodybuilders and athletes doing squats and other leg-dominant exercises. However, lifters should not try using maximum weights with knee wraps this soft. A softer wrap can be used for general knee support or any type of exercise.

If you’re a competitive lifter, you’ll need to be sure any wraps you’re considering are competition-approved. Several of the knee wraps in this guide are competition-approved. Iron Bull Knee Wraps are approved for competition by two federations: the USPA & IPL. Also, Mark Bell Sling Shot World Record Knee Wraps are competition-approved by three federations: the USPA, USAPL, and IPF.

Be sure that the knee wraps you’re considering are well made. They should have reinforced stitching and should be made of a quality elastic material. Look for a good warranty which is always a good indicator of quality.

As always, your budget will be a primary consideration. First and foremost, choose according to your goals. Length and stiffness will affect cost. If you compete, you will have fewer options because you’ll need approved wraps. Not every brand is competition-approved. Otherwise, you can choose whichever knee wraps fit your goals and your budget the best.

There are different methods of wrapping your knees for squats. These include the cross method and the spiral method. With the spiral method, you overlap layers up and down the knee. With the cross method, the wrap is overlapped across the knee in an “X” shape. Regardless of the method used, here are some tips to remember:

  • Sit down to wrap your knees.
  • Pre-stretch your knee wraps tightly to make them easier to apply
  • Stretch your leg out straight while wrapping
  • Be careful when stretching the wraps to the right level. If you stretch them too much you may end up with movement problems. If they are not stretched tight enough you will not have good support.

This is an easier way to wrap your knees for squats:

  1. Begin by laying the end of the wrap on the outside of your calf, at the top where it starts to narrow.
  2. Pass the wrap behind your leg, up and over the front of the top of your shin.
  3. Make sure you’re pulling tightly every time you go from behind to front.
  4. As you bring the wrap around, move up half of its width with each wrap.
  5. Do not pull to either side when you’re wrapping your knee. You don’t want to pull your knee cap out of place.
  6. Stop where it’s comfortable at the bottom of the quads but above the kneecap.
  7. Wrap downward until you run out of material. Loosen the last wrap and use it to tie a knot. Also, you can use the hook and loop closure system if your wraps have one.
  8. Make sure you’ve used up the entire wrap. Don’t leave any skin exposed.

This is also known as the X technique. It crosses your wrap over your kneecap multiple times.

  1. Begin by starting above the knee and wrapping horizontally around the leg.
  2. Once you are at the side of your leg, angle the wrap downward and wrap it over your kneecap.
  3. Wrap horizontally around the leg below the knee.
  4. Now wrap diagonally upward over the knee to form an X shape.
  5. Repeat, then tie off or use the hook and loop closure system to finish the wrap.

Knee wraps for squats make a big difference in knee security and stability. You can get more out of your sets with the right pair of wraps. 

The best overall are Titan Signature Series Gold Knee Wraps. These are the strongest, most durable wraps Titan makes, and they have a reputation for quality. 

If budget is your primary consideration, Harbinger Red Line Knee Wraps are the way to go. They’ll fit men or women lifters while providing good support and compression. 

If you want knee wraps with the best possible warranty, you’ll want DMoose Knee Wraps. These wraps have a lifetime warranty. If you aren’t satisfied, you can get a replacement or refund. 

The best knee wraps for squats are the ones that fit your goals the most. You can find the right ones for you in this guide. 

Now, load up the bar and start squatting!


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