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Top 10 Best Lifting Straps 2023

If your grip tends to give out before your muscles on your heavier lifts, it may be time for a pair of lifting straps. The best lifting straps can help take your training to a new level.  

When your grip is secure, you can focus on the exercise and the weight you are using. The strongest lifters from all training styles use lifting straps. 

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t either. 

Let’s dive in and take a look at the best lifting straps available!

In a Hurry? Here is our top pick:

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The Rip Toned Lifting Straps are made from cotton with neoprene padding and are endorsed by world champion powerlifters. 

Like all straps, the Rip Toned Straps let you lift more weight by supporting your grip during your heaviest lifts. 

These straps are 23” long, go on easy, and feature a lifetime money-back guarantee. 

These straps are designed for men or women, and work good for bodybuilding, powerlifting, weight lifting, Crossfit, or any sport where strength and power matters. 

All of these features make the Rip Toned Lifting Straps the best overall lifting straps.

  • Made Of Heavy-Duty Cotton
  • Features Neoprene Padding
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • May Tear Under Extreme Loads


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The Harbinger Padded Cotton Lifting Straps includes special NeoTek Padding. This provides a solid yet comfortable fit that won’t cut into your skin. This type of grip is ideal for your heaviest sets.

These straps are 21.5” long and 1.5” wide, which provides a stronger wrap on the bar. This also helps decrease grip fatigue. The high quality stitching is designed for durability and won’t rip.

The Harbinger Straps can be used with barbells or dumbbells. You can also use them with kettlebells.

These features make the Harbinger Padded Cotton Lifting Straps the best lifting straps for bodybuilding.

  • 21.5” Length & 1.5” Width Helps Reduce Grip Fatigue
  • Provides Good Support
  • Made Using Heavy Duty Cotton 
  • Padded For A Comfortable Grip
  • May Not Be As Durable As Other Straps


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The Anvil Fitness Neoprene Padded Lifting Straps advertise themselves as the “last straps you’ll ever need”. 

That’s a lofty claim, yet these straps are designed to help you put more weight on the bar and give you the grip to handle it. 

The Anvil Straps are a lasso-style strap made of durable material that’s cross-stitched for strength and durability. 

The length allows for 2-3 wraps around the bar for good support. By providing support when your grip begins to fatigue, you can keep using maximum weight for your prescribed sets and reps. 

These straps are made softer than other straps, so there’s no break-in time needed. They feature 5mm neoprene padding to help prevent bruises. 

All of these features make the Anvil Fitness Neoprene Padded Lifting Straps the best lifting straps for building muscle.

  • Made Of Soft Material – No Break-In Needed
  • Padded For Support & Comfort
  • Helps Prevent Grip Fatigue – You Can Lift Heavy All Workout Long
  • May Not Last Long Enough To Be “The Only Straps You’ll Ever Need”


The Rogue Ohio Lifting Straps are a loop style strap made of heavy-duty black cotton webbing. 

They measure 20” long and 1.5 “ wide and are made to be durable and long-lasting. 

The Rogue Ohio straps are individually sewn in Columbus, Ohio, which is where the name comes from. They are reinforced to prevent frayed edges. 

This is a simple, durable strap designed for heavy, intense use. All of these features make the Rogue Ohio Straps the best lifting straps for powerlifting.

  • Made Using Heavy Duty Cotton
  • Reinforced To Prevent Fraying
  • Made To Handle Heavy Weights
  • No Color Options – Some Users May Not Like Black As The Only Choice


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The IronMind Strong-Enough Lifting Straps are the straps of choice for Strongman competitions and considered to be among the strongest straps made. 

This is a strap that can handle world record lifts without tearing. They are made of strong nylon material, are 21” long and 1.5” wide. 

They’re double-stitched for strength, go on easy, and can wrap around the bar several times for a secure fit. They are not padded, so they may feel a little rough on your skin. 

These are some of the most durable straps on the market but can handle the heaviest weights. That makes the IronMind Strong-Enough Lifting Straps the best lifting straps for strength.

  • Inspired By Strongman Competitions
  • Extremely Durable
  • Designed To Handle heavy Weight
  • Lack Of Padding May Cause Scraps On Users Skin


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The Nordic Lifting Bundle includes lifting straps and wrist wraps. Both are made of heavy-duty cotton, and the straps are 23” long by 1.5” wide. 

The straps are meant to handle heavyweights, and the wraps provide good wrist support. The combination of the straps and wraps reduce grip fatigue and wrist discomfort. 

The straps are neoprene padded for comfort, and the wraps feature a velcro closure for a tight fit. This bundle works well for senior lifters that may have joint discomfort. 

The combination of wraps and straps will allow seniors to continue to lift as heavy as they can. That makes the Nordic Lifting Bundle the best lifting straps for seniors.

  • Straps & Wraps Bundle Provides Good Support
  • Straps Are Made Of Heavy Duty Cotton
  • Straps Feature Neoprene Padding For Comfort
  • The Wraps May Not Be As Durable As The Straps


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The Dark Iron Fitness Leather Lifting Straps are lasso-style and made from durable suede leather. Additionally, they are neoprene lined for comfort. They also feature reinforced stitching over the entire length of the straps. 

The Dark Iron Straps are designed to fit tight for good support and are meant to be used by male and female athletes. 

These straps are available in two thicknesses: 2mm for loads under 400lbs and 3mm for loads over 400 lbs. 

Both thicknesses have tapered edges with extra padding for the 3mm size. 

The extra thickness and overall features make the Dark Iron Fitness Leather Suede Lifting Straps the best lifting straps for versatility.

  • Two Thicknesses – 2mm & 3mm
  • Made From Suede Leather – Padded For Comfort
  • Reinforced Double Stitching
  • May Be Too Long For Some Users


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The Cobra Lifting Straps are figure-8 style and come in 3 sizes for a good fit. 

They have been Strongman tested up to 1,000lbs and feature extra stitching for strength and durability. 

These straps support your grip, reduce fatigue, and help you focus on the lift. They are easy to put on and easy to tighten around the bar. 

Even though the Cobra Straps work well on any exercise, whether it’s a bar, dumbbell, or machine, they are specifically designed for deadlifts. The tested weight limit and ease of use make the Cobra Lifting Straps the best lifting straps for deadlifts.

  • Easy To Use Figure 8 Style Straps
  • 3 Sizes For A Good Fit
  • Tested To 1000lbs


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The Grip Power Pads Pro Metal Lifting Hooks are a 17.5” long, 2” wide padded wrist wrap with built-in steel hooks. 

This is a type of strap that simply hooks on to the bar, an easier method than regular straps for many users. 

These hooks feature a non-slip coating to ensure no slipping. 

The Pro Metal Lifting Hooks can handle up to 600lbs, making them an ideal choice for beginner and intermediate lifters. 

If there’s a downside, the hooks may not be strong enough for more advanced lifters that use heavier weights. Still, all of these features make the Grip Power Pads Pro Metal Lifting Hooks the best Hook Style Lifting Straps.


  • Metal Hooks Handle Up To 600lb Loads
  • Slip Resistant Hooks Provide A Secure Grip
  • Wraps Are Padded For Comfort
  • Available In Two Sizes


  • May Be Too Expensive For Some Users


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The GoFit Lifting Straps are a simple strap made of cotton for durability. These straps are not padded so they may cause some user’s wrist discomfort. 

This is a value-minded strap intended for those users on a budget as well as beginners. They are a good choice for anyone that wants to try a pair of straps without spending a lot of money. 

The downside is that these straps are not the best choice for very heavy lifts, they are intended more for general lifting and more modest loads. 

Still, the features and excellent price point make the GoFit Lifting Straps the best lifting straps for value-minded users.

  • Value-Minded Straps For Beginners & Budget Conscious Users
  • Good General Lifting Straps
  • Made Of Cotton
  • Not Intended For Very Heavy Loads


Lifting straps help you lift more weight when your grip is the weak link. If you’re lifting a weight you can handle but your grip gives out, lifting straps can support your grip so you can complete your sets. By taking the focus off your grip, you can concentrate on the exercise. Lifting straps can help add pounds to the bar because they reinforce your grip. 

Additionally, lifting straps can help prevent injury. Lifting very heavy weights can lead to joint discomfort. Lifting straps ease the pressure on the joints. If you are a competitive powerlifter or weightlifter, using straps during your warm-ups can save your grip for the competition. 

When choosing the best lifting straps for your needs, you’ll need to keep a few points in mind:

Ease Of Use – How hard are these straps going to be to put on? Can they be quickly adjusted for a better fit once you have them on? The key point here is that you’ll want a strap that does not interfere with the intensity of your set. 

Material – You’ll want to be sure you choose a material that is durable enough for your lifting style. Another thing to keep in mind when choosing the material is, how heavy do you lift, and can the material handle it? Also, you have to wear them, so how important is comfort? We will review the material used in the next section. 

Style – There are several styles of lifting straps that you should become familiar with. The style largely determines the ease of use. Once you understand each style, you can make the best choice based on your needs.

The first step in choosing a good pair of lifting straps is to understand the different types of material used. Let’s look at the options:

Cotton – This is a commonly used material. Cotton provides a good grip and is often padded for comfort. The downside of cotton can be that’s it’s not as durable as other materials. 

Nylon – This is another common material. Nylon straps usually have a lower price point yet are the strongest material. They are also more durable than other materials. The downside of nylon is that it can cut into your wrists. 

Leather – This material provides a good grip and is easy on the skin. It will be stronger and more durable than cotton, but not quite as strong or durable as nylon. 

Before you decide to buy a pair of lifting straps, you should know what the different styles are. There are several types and each one is used differently. It’s a matter of personal preference whether a type of strap is the best fit for you. Familiarize yourself with the different straps available and then choose one that you’d like to try. 

This is the simplest type of strap. It’s just a loop of material that’s thicker at one end. Here’s how you use this type of strap: the loop goes around your wrists, you then wrap the end around the bar. They won’t strap your hands directly to the bar. Instead, they support your natural grip. 

This type has an adjustable loop that goes around your wrist, and the end goes around your barbell. With the lasso style, you can adjust the fit to your personal preference before wrapping your bar. This type of strap works like a single loop by supporting your grip. It does not strap the bar to your hands. If you fail in a lift, all you have to do is loosen your grip and the strap will unwind. Then just let go of the bar. 

Like the name implies, this strap looks like a figure “8”. The Figure 8 is an easy strap to use, your wrist goes through the first loop, then you wrap the center of the strap around the bar. Your wrists then go through the second loop. The Figure 8 strap provides a solid grip. One important safety note is that should you fail, this strap won’t come off even if you drop the bar. For safety, you will need to work your heaviest lifts in a rack. 

Lifting hooks are a little different. The primary part acts as a wrist wrap while the lower part is a hook that sits in your palms. When you work your heavy lifts, you put the hooks around the bar. This provides a good grip because it’s the hooks, not your hands, that are holding the bar. 

Lifting grips are similar to hooks, they include a wrist wrap-type section and a gripping pad. The pad goes over your palms and out to the tips of your fingers. To use this style, just attach the wrist wrap section to your wrists and grip the bar with the grip pads. They are like lifting hooks and will effectively support your natural grip on the bar. 

With all of these various types of lifting straps, it may be hard to make a choice. You need to remember that lifting straps are designed to help you improve your grip. Our guide can help you choose the best lifting strap for your needs.

In the above section on styles of straps, we gave a brief description on how to use them. Additionally, directions will be provided with whatever lifting straps you decide to purchase. For easy reference, here’s a general step by step guide on how to use lifting straps:

  1. Put one end of the strap through the loop at the other end (this step is not required for loop straps or lasso style straps).
  2. Put your hands through the loop you created in step 1. If you are using a loop strap, put your hands through the loop, and secure it.
  3. Wrap the other end of the strap twice around the bar.
  4. Secure the end by pressing your palm on the bar and the strap.
  5. You’re all set!

There’s no doubt that lifting straps can make a huge difference in your grip. 

If you’re looking for a pair of straps but price is an issue, the GoFit Lifting Straps are simple cotton straps made of cotton. They are the ideal choice for beginners or anyone that wants a strap that’s value-priced. However, they should not be used for heavier lifts. 

For more versatility, the Dark Iron Fitness Leather Suede Lifting Straps are made from durable suede leather and neoprene lined for comfort. Additionally, they use reinforced stitching over the entire length of the straps. They also come in two thicknesses for loads over 400lbs and under 400lbs. 

If you want the best overall lifting straps, the Rip Toned Lifting Straps are made from cotton with neoprene padding. They are endorsed by world champion powerlifters. These straps are 23” long, go on easy and are lifetime guaranteed. Who can ask for more? 

The best lifting straps are the ones that fit your needs the most. 

Let’s go!


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