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Top 10 Best Outdoor Pull Up Bars In

If you want a simple outdoor home gym in your backyard, an outdoor pull-up bar is an ideal place to start.

There are several options, from a straight pull-up bar to an all-in-one power tower with a multi-grip lat-style bar. The key is that you can use it outside, and many of them are portable.

What could be better?

In this guide, we will look at the best outdoor pull-up bars available. Let’s get going!

In a Hurry? Here is our top pick:

Here’s an outdoor pull-up station that’s built to the specific specs of the US Army for their Combat Fitness Test.

Specifically, this unit was designed to meet the “Leg Tuck” event specs. The pull-up bar height is adjustable from 86” to 90”, and the bar is 62” wide.

This unit features heavy-duty steel construction, it’s finished in a black powder coat, and it has rubber inserts that cover all exposed metal ends.

There’s a removable step that adjusts to either 18” or 24”, and it’s red for good standout visibility. The quality of Rogue is unmatched.

The features and durability make this the best overall standard pull-up bar.

  • Designed To US Army Specs
  • Meant To Be Used Outdoors
  • The Pull-Up Bar Is 62” Wide & Its Height Adjustable
  • The Pull-Up Bar & Step May Be Too High For Some Users

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The Stamina 65-1460 Outdoor Fitness Power Tower is designed for outdoor training and features durable steel construction. It’s weather-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and paint chip resistant.

Also, the Stamina 65-1460 has special UV protection to maintain its color.

This sturdy unit can be used for pull-ups, chin-ups, push-ups, dips, and knee raises.

There are multiple grip positions so you can target your entire upper body. It should be noted that salt and similar elements may corrode the paint.

The Stamina 65-1460 has good features at a good price point. That makes this the best budget power tower-based pull-up bar.

  • Designed For Outdoor Training
  • Steel Construction
  • Weather, Corrosion & Chip Resistant
  • Assembly May Be Difficult For Some Users
  • No Weight Capacity Listed – A Search Suggests 300lbs

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The CAP Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand is manufactured using steel tubing and has a weight capacity of 500lbs.

This unit can be used for pull-ups, as well as squats, bench presses, and shrugs.

The CAP Power Rack Exercise Stand has a powder-coated finish and industrial-strength zinc hardware. Included are J-cups and plate pegs for storage.

It should be noted that this unit is not specifically meant to be exposed to adverse weather outside. This means it should be placed under a roofed enclosure, or be covered when not in use.

Still, it can be used outside as part of an outdoor home gym.

This unit is designed to be used with a bar and plates, yet features the pull-up bar for direct back and upper body exercises.

Since you can perform bench presses, squats, and other barbell exercises, the CAP Power Rack Exercise Stand is the best pull-up bar for powerlifters.

  • Steel Construction – Powder Coated Finish
  • 500lb Weight Capacity
  • Multi-Exercise Unit
  • Can Be Used Outside But Does Not Feature Protection From Extreme Weather Conditions

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The Steelbody STB-98501 is made using durable steel construction and can support up to 300lbs.

It has a reinforced powder coating that will help it resist the weather elements.

This is a multi-station tower that has a pull-up station, a leg raise station, and a dip station.

The dip bars are height-adjustable and can be moved to the bottom for push-ups. There are 3 height adjustments for dips, and 3 for push-ups.

The pull-up bar is styled like an angled lat bar.

Many of the exercises that can be done on this unit have been bodybuilding mainstays for decades.

The STB-98501 is the best choice for bodybuilders that want to add compound exercises that use body-weight resistance.

The Steelbody can be used in your home gym or your outdoor gym.

However, it should be covered when not in use, or set up under a roofed outdoor structure.

  • Holds Up To 300lbs
  • Manufactured Using Heavy-Duty Steel Construction
  • Multi-Station Power Tower
  • The Pull-Up Bar Is Not Adjustable & May Be Too High For Some Users

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The GoBeast Free Standing Pull Up Bar is a portable unit that dismantles into smaller sections that can be used for specific exercises.

For example, it can be used as a pull-up station and broken down to a lower height dip station.

It can also be leaned on its side and used for incline push-ups. It comes with a large carrying bag for easy transport.

The GoBeast is made using steel tubing, it’s lightweight and it can hold up to 300 lbs. It can be used indoors or outdoors.

The benefit is that you can dismantle it and take it back inside after your outdoor workouts. This means it can be used anywhere.

These features make the GoBeast the best portable free standing Pull Up Bar.  

  • Can Be Easily Dismantled 
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Over 30 Available Exercises
  • There Are No Rubber Or Foam Handles For An Improved Grip

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The PULLUP & DIP Portable Pull Up Dip Bar is advertised as the first indoor/outdoor pull-up/dip bar.

It’s not only the first, but it’s also the best of its type.

It can be mounted indoors and demounts easily so you can take it outside. It can be stored in a backpack and carried anywhere outdoors.

It comes with an outside adapter that attaches to a tree or post.

The bar is adjustable and allows you to do 35 total exercises, and there’s an included workout ebook. It has a maximum load of 286lbs.

With the PULLUP & DIP Portable Pull Up Dip Bar, you can train indoors during bad weather, and take the bar outdoors during nice weather.

  • Use It Inside Or Outside
  • Mounts Easily To Your Wall – Detaches Easily For Outdoor Use
  • Over 35 Available Exercises
  • May Be Too Expensive For Some Users

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This Pull Up Bar is similar to the PULL UP & DIP unit and is designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

In this case, there are two mounting adapters.

One is for your indoor home gym and should be mounted to brick or concrete.

The other is for the outdoor spot of your choice. The outdoor adapter is portable, so you can train anywhere you like outside. It includes a carrying bag for easy portability.

You can perform numerous exercises with this unit, such as pull-ups, dips, leg raises, or resistance band upper body work. It supports up to 300lbs.

The features and good price point make the Kicode the best budget indoor/outdoor portable pull up bar.

  • Includes Two Adapters For Indoor Mounting & Outdoor Use
  • Portable, Can Be Used Anywhere Outside 
  • Holds Up To 300lbs
  • Good Price Point
  • Does Not Include Exercise Ebook
  • Can Only Be Used Indoors If It Can Be Mounted To Brick Or Concrete

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The Stamina Outdoor Power Tower Pro is designed to be used outside and features a weather-resistant finish.

The powder coat is also corrosion and chip resistant.

The Outdoor Power Tower Pro is manufactured using heavy steel construction and can be bolted into the ground at your chosen outdoor exercise area. This means it’s not portable.

It features a multi-grip pull-up station, a dip station, and a push-up station.

Finally, there’s an exclusive height-adjustable plyo box station.

The wide range of exercise stations and quality make this the best power tower-based pull-up bar.

It should be noted that exposure to salt or extreme weather conditions may deteriorate the finish.

  • Heavy-Duty Weather Resistant Steel Construction
  • Can Bolt Into The Ground For Stability
  • Features A Multi-Grip Pull-Up Station
  • Taller Users May Feel The Pull-Up Bars Are Too Low – The Bar Is Not Height Adjustable

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The Titan Fitness Outdoor Power Tower is made from heavy-duty steel and is designed to be weather resistant.

It’s a 3 station unit that’s designed for pullups, dips, chin-ups, knee raises, and push-ups.

It has to be assembled but it’s not hard to put together.

It’s finished in a heavy blue powder coat, but should be covered in extreme weather.

It should be noted that the pull-up bar is not height adjustable.

The no-frills Titan Fitness Outdoor Power Tower is easy to use and lets users work their entire upper body.

That makes it the best choice for beginners.

  • Designed For Outdoor Use
  • Weather Resistant Finish
  • Good For Multiple Upper Body Exercises
  • No Max User Weight Listed
  • Will Need To Be Covered In Extreme Weather

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This is a pull-up bar that’s height adjustable in 4” increments and can be lowered to do push-ups and dips.

It has dip handles that can also be attached to the high bar and used for neutral-grip pull-ups.

It’s lightweight and can be taken apart quickly. It can be set up in your home gym or taken outside for outdoor training in your backyard or local park.

It’s made of aluminum and strong enough to hold 350lbs.

The fact that the pullup bars can be adjusted to a low height, combined with the overall ease of use and light weight, makes this the best pull up bar for seniors.

  • Height Adjustable – Features A Pull-Up Height & Dip Height
  • Multi-Grip Bar For Regular & Neutral Grip Pull-Ups
  • Holds Up To 350lbs
  • Some Users Complain Of Wobbling During Use

Put simply, an outdoor pull-up bar is a weather-resistant bar that’s high enough to perform pull-ups.

Of course, it gets more complicated because many of the best choices are power towers. A power tower not only includes pull-up bars, it also has dip bars and options for push-ups. It can also be used for hanging knee raises for your abs. This means that you can work your entire upper body with just one unit.

Outdoor pull-up bars in any form use gravity and body weight for resistance and are a great addition to your bodybuilding, athletic, fitness, or calisthenics program. Several choices are portable and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Pull-ups are considered to be a compound upper body movement that targets the back, biceps, and forearms. It can also involve the deltoids and upper chest muscles. This is a standard exercise in the routines of many bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts alike. Like all body-weight exercises, pull-ups do not require expensive equipment. All you need is a bar. 

While it may be true that not every climate is ideal for year-round outdoor training, you can still spend several months a year exercising outdoors.

While it’s great to have a well-equipped home gym, imagine how nice it can be to work out in the sunshine, maybe with a light breeze.

Sounds enticing, doesn’t it?

Here are some of the benefits of outdoor training:

  • Vitamin D Exposure – Training outside exposes you to Vitamin D, also known as the “sunshine vitamin”. Vitamin D deficiency is fairly common, and part of the reason is that a lot of people avoid being out in the sun for long. Training outside boosts your body’s intake of this important vitamin. This means you can put your D supplement away until the winter! 
  • No Excuses – With your pull-up bar or power tower outside, all you need to do is walk outdoors. You can perform a complete calisthenics routine in the comfort of your backyard. If you’d prefer the local park or beach, there are portable pull-up bar options. One option, the PULL UP & DIP Indoor/Outdoor Pull Up Bar, simply attaches to a tree or pole. Another option, the GoBeast Free Standing Pull Up Bar, easily dis-mantles and comes with a carrying bag. As you can see, you can work out anywhere. 
  • Outdoor Training Is Fun – Outdoor pull-up bars are durable and will last years. It can be a lot of fun to get outside and train. You get to see the world around you, you can interact and train with friends, and you can enjoy being out in the sun. Calisthenic-based training can work for anyone, even bodybuilders or powerlifters. It’s not uncommon to see these athletes train outside and even have a power rack sitting in their driveway or out on the back patio. The famous World Gym in California was known for its outdoor training deck where several bodybuilding legends trained, often year-round. 

Here’s what you should look for in an outdoor pull-up bar:

Most of the pull-up bars can hold at least 300lbs. Some can hold even more. How much do you weigh, and do you plan to use a dip belt to add weight? As a point of reference, the strongest bodybuilders and powerlifters will attach 50lbs to a dip belt and perform pull-ups and dips. Always be sure the unit you’re considering can handle at least 100lbs more than you plan to use. 

You have several choices when it comes to bar length and design. Many bars have multi-grip options. Some are a long straight bar with neutral-grip handles attached. Others are shorter bars that run parallel and have several handles so you can work your entire upper body. 

Like the above, many units feature height-adjustable bars. Some even rotate downwards enough to be used as dip bars. Shorter users should make sure they can adjust the height of the pull-up bars. This is more important than you might think. Some units use a fixed height that many shorter users have trouble reaching. 

In this case, we’re looking at the training options provided by a power tower-style unit. Some, Like the Stamina Outdoor Power Tower Pro, features 3 stations plus a plyo box. This option is not only good for cardio, it’s also a good option for athletes. It can also be incorporated to accommodate leg work. Unless you have a complete outdoor home gym, your best bet for a complete workout is one of the tower-style pull-up bar options. For many exercises, a well-designed power tower may be all they need for a complete workout.  

Most of these units offer a good price point. Even so, if you’re looking at one of the higher-end power towers, you’ll need to make sure it fits in your budget range. If budget is a concern, several affordable options provide all the benefits a pull-up bar has to offer. 

As noted above, many of the outdoor pull-up bars in this guide offer multiple grip positions. While some offer just a straight bar, as noted, you can still vary your hand width. Others provide bars that allow a neutral grip. In either case, you can also use an underhand or overhand grip. 

Different grips affect different muscles: you can put more emphasis on your biceps, for example, by using a close underhand grip. Based on the exercises you’re doing, you can also target different pushing muscles. Regardless of the exercise, there are three primary types of grips:

Pronated, or Overhand – Also known as palms down. This is the standard grip used for pull-ups. This grip is a popular grip for both wide and close grip pull-ups.

Supinated, or Underhand – Also known as palms up. This is the grip used for chin-ups. As noted, you can use close-grip chin-ups and directly target the biceps. 

Neutral, or Palms Facing Each Other – With this grip, your palms are facing in towards each other. One exercise that uses a grip like this is hammer curls. Also, V-bar pull-ups use this grip for direct upper back activation. (1)

Use different grips for pushing muscle work and you can use a power tower for a complete upper body workout.

There’s no doubt, adding body-weight exercises like pull-ups will increase your strength and size.

The best overall pull-up bar is the Rogue MIL Pull-Up Station. This is manufactured to the demanding specs of the US Army. This unit was designed for their Combat Fitness Test. The pull-up bar is height adjustable and the bar is 62” wide. This unit features heavy-duty steel construction, and an adjustable step to help you reach the bar if needed.

If you’d prefer an all-in-one exercise station, the Stamina Outdoor Power Tower Pro is the best choice. This unit is built to withstand the elements. It includes 3 stations and a plyo box for a complete workout.

Finally, if you’re a senior that wants to exercise using bodyweight training, the Trapeze Stand Alone Pull Up Bar is the ideal choice. It’s made from aluminum so it’s lightweight, and it’s portable. The pull-up bar height can be adjusted to be reasonably low so seniors can easily reach it. Seniors can get a great workout with this unit.

If you’re ready to get out in the sun and train, there’s an outdoor pull-up bar for you!



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