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Top 10 best vibration machines of 2023

Vibration machines are one of the newest types of home gym exercise devices on the market. They don’t stop with exercise, however, they also help relieve pain, improve circulation, and improve bone density.

What is a vibration machine?

It’s primarily a vibrating platform that you stand, sit, or lean on while you exercise that gently shakes or vibrates your entire body.

The speed and intensity of the vibrations are adjustable and provide muscle toning, pain-relieving benefits. 

There’s a lot a vibration machine can bring to your exercise experience.

This guide will look at the best vibrations machines available. Let’s take a look!

In a Hurry? Here is our top pick:

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The Barwing Vibration Plate Exercise Machine has 3 independent motors providing linear, oscillation, and micro modes, and can be used separately or in combination. 

This provides up to 7 total vibration modes, 99 vibration speeds, 16 built-in programs, and the average exercise time is 35 minutes.

This means that unlike most machines that are pre-set for 10 minutes sessions, the Barwing can be pre-set for 35 minutes.

There’s a remote control for easy use and an LCD display that tracks your data. 

This machine is great for fitness, such as fat loss or muscle tone, improving circulation, and pain reduction. Finally, there are two resistance bands included.

All of these features make this the best overall vibration machine.

  • Provides 3 Vibration Modes With 7 Total Combinations
  • There’s 99 Vibration Speeds & 16 Built-in Programs
  • Includes Resistance Bands
  • Some Users Experienced Problems With All Vibration Modes Working

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The Confidence Fitness Full Body Vibration Machine is a compact, full-body platform with handles.

It looks similar to a treadmill with a small deck and is designed to provide a low impact, effective workout in only 10 minutes. 

This machine provides the same results as 60 minutes of regular exercise. There are two tension bands so you can do a wide variety of exercises while standing on the machine.

As long as you maintain contact with the vibrating platform, you can do standing, sitting, or floor bodyweight exercises. The vibrating action of the machine magnifies the results. 

It has a user weight capacity of 300lbs. There’s up to 50 vibration settings, and an easy to use display console with speed controls, 3 built-in programs, and a heart rate monitor.

  • Provides Concentrated Results – 10 Minutes = 60 Minutes Of Standard Exercise
  • Includes Tension Bands – You Can Also Do Body Weight Exercises
  • You Can Stand, Sit, Or Lay Down
  • May Not Be Ideal For Taller Users

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The Hurtle Fitness Vibration Platform is a small, single plate-type machine. It uses dynamic oscillating motion technology for whole-body vibration.

The high-powered vibration motor can provide up to 2300+ revolutions per minute. 

The Hurtle Platform has a maximum user weight capacity of 265lbs. There are two removable resistance bands for arm and upper body exercises. 

This machine has adjustable vibration speeds with over 20 settings. The suggested exercise time is 10 minutes. There’s a wireless remote control and the Platform has a rubber anti-slip surface. 

The Hurtle Fitness supports muscle growth, making it ideal for bodybuilders. It also supports fat loss and pain relief.

  • Provides 2300 Revolutions Per Minute With Dynamic Oscillating Motion Technology
  • Includes Two Removable Resistance Bands
  • There are 20 Vibration Speeds To Choose From
  • Some Users Complain Of Poor Customer Service

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The VT High Frequency Linear Vibration Plate Machine is a commercial-quality, single plate design.

It includes two resistance bands for fitness benefits but also provides therapeutic benefits, such as pain relief, improved circulation, and improved bone density. 

The VT consists of two steel frames connected by four springs, and each spring is encased in a durable rubber boot. It also has adjustable frequency with a low and high amplitude setting.

There are 3 programs, including P1, or detoxification, P2, or cardio, and P3, or muscle toning. 

The user weight capacity is 264 lbs. This is a compact machine designed for easy portability so you can use it anywhere.

  • Commercial Quality
  • Features 3 Programs, Detox, Cardio & Muscle\
  • Compact & Portable
  • The Resistance Bands May Not Have Enough Tension For All Users

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The MaxKare Vibration Platform Machine is a full-body standing unit with long handles. This machine has a user weight capacity of 330lbs and features a skid-proof rubber platform. 

There are two resistance bands included for arm and upper body work. This machine has 10 available programs built-in, and the display is easy to use and displays your workout data. 

According to the company, this machine will burn 500 calories with just 10 minutes of use, making it a great choice for fat loss. 

It’s a quiet machine and can be used anytime without disturbing other family members. There’s also wheels for easy moving.

  • Burns 500 Calories Per 10 Minutes Of Use
  • Includes Two Resistance Bands
  • Holds Up To 330 lbs User Weight
  • Not Ideal For Taller Users

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The LifePro Waver Vibration Exercise Machine is a compact vibration plate using oscillation-style vibration. 

This machine offers up to 99 vibration speeds, a remote control, and four resistance bands.

It has a digital display to track your information, and also includes an ebook.

There’s also access to a video library that is coached by professionals experienced in fitness and injury recovery. 

The LifePro waver has a 100% satisfaction lifetime guarantee. It’s designed to be an easy to use vibration machine for seniors that want to improve their level of fitness.

  • There’s Up To 99 Vibration Speeds
  • This Machine Features A Lifetime Satisfaction Warranty
  • Includes An Ebook & Access To Coach-Led Sessions 
  • The Ebook May Not Provide Enough Information For All Users

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The LifePro Rhythm Viberation Plate Machine is a standing unit designed to work the whole body.

It has two long handles for support, and there are two resistance bands included. There’s also 4 mini-bands, and a cup holder for your water bottle. 

You can perform exercises while standing, or you can sit or lay on the platform, and perform various moves like push-ups or triceps dips.

There’s a digital display that tracks your data, and the vibration speed is fully adjustable. 

This machine includes an ebook and access to a coach-led fitness library, making it the best machine for fitness. It will also support fat loss and pain relief. 

The maximum user weight is 330lbs, and it has a 100% lifetime warranty.

  • Promotes Pain Relief, Supports Recovery, & Improves Fitness
  • Up To 99 Vibration Speed Adjustments
  • Includes Resistance Bands
  • The LifePro Is Heavy & May Be Hard To Move For Some Users

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The Eilison Fitmax uses an oscillating-style vibration plate with an exclusive acupressure-style surface. This type of surface presses against the pressure points on users’ feet.

This can help ease back pain and headache, help insomnia, improve blood circulation, reduce muscle & joint pain, and reduce stress. 

This machine also includes Bluetooth speakers for smart device hookup.

There’s also a Smart Touch panel for easy control. There are up to 120 vibration speeds available and 3 programs, including Run, Jog, and Walk. 

The motor is quiet, this machine can be used at any time of the day without disturbing other household members. The maximum user weight is 350lbs.

  • Up To 120 Vibration Speeds
  • Features Acupressure Vibration Platform Design
  • Programs Include Walk, Jog & Run
  • The Acupressure Plate May Not Appeal To All Users

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The Powerfit Elite Vibration Plate Exercise Machine is a single plate platform that has a user weight capacity of 330lbs. It provides an oscillating vibration with 99 total vibration speed adjustments. 

With this machine, you get 3 program levels: walking, jogging and running, plus it has a remote control for easy use. There are two resistance bands included, a workout guide and an eating plan. 

This is a compact, easy to use design that can be moved and used anywhere there’s a flat surface. The digital display is easy to read and tracks your data. 

There are two sizes available, the extra-large version, which we have reviewed here, and a standard version.

The standard Powerfit is a little smaller but the main difference is the user weight drops to 220lbs. The two sizes make this the best vibration machine for user variety in size and weight.

  • Two Sizes: Extra-Large & Standard
  • 99 Vibration Speed Adjustments & 3 Programs (Walking, Jogging, Running)
  • Two Resistance Bands Included
  • The Resistance Bands May Be Too Light For Some Users

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The Axis-Plate Whole Body Vibration Platform is a full-body machine with handles and a large, non-slip platform. 

The handles feature built-in BMI sensors to monitor progress and include removable resistance bands. There are 99 vibration speed settings and 3 programs.

The vibration plate provides 500 watts of power and uses a durable, well-built motor. 

The unit features steel construction and has a user weight capacity of 265lbs. It was designed to be easy to use for beginners.

The Axis-Plate has a compact, space-saving design with transport wheels for easy moving.

  • There’s 99 Vibration Speeds & 3 Intensity Programs
  • User Weight Capacity Of 265lbs
  • Compact, Easy To Use
  • May Not Be Ideal For Taller Users

A vibration machine is a device with a vibrating platform that you can perform standing, sitting, or floor-based exercises on.

The only requirement is that part of your body must be on the vibration plate. For example, if you’re doing push-ups, your arms should be on the plate. 

The vibration speed is adjustable, and as it vibrates, it transmits energy to the body, causing the muscles to contract and relax numerous times per second. (1)

A vibration machine can be a good alternative to regular exercise for medical or injury reasons.

It’s also a good substitute or addition to normal exercise for anyone that wants variety in their workouts or just wants to take advantage of every available option. 

Vibration machines come in different types, so before you make a purchase, you should decide what type of machine you want. The main types are:

Standing – Single Plate – This consists of a vibrating platform only. You can stand on it, sit on it, or perform lying exercises while positioning yourself on the platform. This is a small unit that makes it a great choice for the home, office, or traveling. 

Standing – Full Body – This type has a vibrating platform and long handles. It looks sort of like a treadmill without the long deck. It’s not portable, so it’s meant for home use. Many brands have transport wheels on the front so it can be moved to another room for storage.

As stated above, vibration machines transfer energy to the body which causes the muscles to contract numerous times per second. (1) It’s suggested to use a vibration machine for just 10 minutes at a time, although some may suggest the option of longer sessions.

A vibration machine offers a low-impact workout that produces quick results. Many manufacturers state that you can see the same results in a 10-minute session that you would see in 60 minutes of regular exercise. 

Here are some of the benefits of a vibration machine (1): 

  • Increase metabolism, which promotes fat loss
  • Improved circulation
  • Supports muscle growth
  • Helps relieve joint pain
  • Helps decrease bone loss

There are two primary types of vibration plates: oscillating and linear. 

Oscillating vibration plates oscillate from a centrally located pivot point. That means they vibrate up and down; one side rises and the other side goes down. 

Linear, or Vertical, vibration plates – This type vibrates uniformly in an up and down pattern.

There’s usually a motor underneath the main vibration platform.

Your personal goals should dictate the type of vibration machine you purchase. Are your goals fitness related or injury rehab related? 

Vibration machines support fat loss, muscle tone, circulation, and pain relief, among other benefits. Therefore, it’s important to understand the primary benefits of the machines you are looking at and choose accordingly. 

Additionally, the number of users is an important factor, and the goals of all users need to factor into the ultimate purchase.

This aspect also ties into the quality and durability of the machine. If multiple people are using it, it needs to be able to stand up to the wear and tear. 

As suggested above, directly related to your goals and more specifically, the number of users is the quality of the machine. Choose a machine with a good reputation of quality, and one that reflects that with a good warranty.

The question of experience with a machine like this relates directly to your goals.

Do you understand how to use it?

If you want one to help ease pain, it’s important to talk with your doctor first.

This is especially true if you have heart problems or a pacemaker, and this step is crucial regardless of your goals. 

This is partially related to the type of machine you want – a single portable platform, or one that has handles and is harder to move. You have to be able to use it comfortably, especially if you’re doing resistance band work on it. 

When considering your vibration machine, the space you have available is important. A single plate platform model can fit almost anywhere you have a flat surface.

However, you’ll need enough space for the type of exercise you’re doing. Let’s say you’re doing push-ups, you’ll need enough floor space to be able to correctly perform the exercise. 

If you travel frequently, you may want one that’s portable enough to take with you.

On the other hand, you may want a larger machine with handles, and you may have a designated spot for it in your home gym.

Or, since many of the bigger machines have transport wheels, you can just move it out of the way when not in use.

You’ve decided on your machine, and know the budget range you have to work with.

One of the most important considerations will be making sure the machine has enough available vibration speeds.

As well, some may not be strong enough for your intended purpose.

What about the resistance bands?

Will they have enough tension for your needs, or too much?

All of these questions can be answered by careful consideration of the features. Additionally, looking at customer reviews can be enlightening.  

Most machines have the same basic features, such as resistance bands.

Some may offer more than two bands. Some machines offer speakers for your smart device, so you can listen to music while using the machine.

Other machines offer such basic extras as a water bottle holder.

It’s more important to make sure you have the basics covered, then worry about what extra features the machines you’re considering may have.

Most machines have an automatic shut-off mechanism in case of an emergency. It’s never a bad idea to think about the safety features. You’re using the machine at home, maybe alone, therefore keeping safety in mind is always smart.

Vibration machines are the next step in home fitness equipment. Yet, they go beyond fitness and target overall quality of life. They do this by providing pain relief, improving circulation, and even supporting bone density. 

If you are new to exercise and want to use the best vibration machine for beginners, the Axis-Plate Whole Body Vibration Platform Machine is the best choice. It’s a standing unit with handles and it was designed specifically for beginners by offering ease of use and effective results. 

If you’d prefer a single-plate platform design, the best design of this type and our best overall is the Barwing Vibration Plate Exercise Machine. This unit has 3 independent motors providing linear, oscillation, and micro modes. You can use them in any combination, and there’s 99 vibration speeds, 16 built-in programs. You can also preset it for 10 minutes, or 35 minutes. 

Finally, if you want a full standing unit with handles but have limited space, the Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Machine is the best choice. It’s designed to fit in a small space and can be easily moved to another area for storage. 

As you can see, there’s several choices when it comes to vibration machines. This guide gives you the best choices available. The ultimate choice is yours!



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