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Top 11 best grip strengtheners of 2023 HomeGym101

A strong grip is something that can benefit athletes and non-athletes alike.

If you’re a bodybuilder or athlete, you’ll need one for many of your exercises. Nothing’s worse than performing a max deadlift and having the bar slip out of your hands because you can’t hang on. No doubt grip endurance, as well as grip strength, are important for deadlifts and similar exercises.

Also, a good hand grip can benefit other professions and everyday life situations.

In this guide, we will look at the best grip strengtheners available. Ready? Let’s get started! 

In a Hurry? Here is our top pick:

IronMind Captains Of Crush Hand Gripper has been on the market for over 30 years. This is our best overall grip strengthener.

The Crush Hand Gripper consists of two knurled handles held together by a spring coil. It’s made of aluminum and alloy steel. It looks like an inner aluminum arm with heavy knurling on each side of the sturdy steel spring.

Captains Of Crush Hand Gripper features unmatched quality and strength.

At first glance, it may seem like the old-fashioned hand strengtheners you see on TV. You’re not going to be able to knock out endless reps on one of these. The main reason is that there are 10 different resistance levels available. They range from 60lbs to 365lbs. That’s a lot of resistance for an adjustable hand strengthener.

Captains Of Crush Gripper is available in 4 packages. They are Beginner’s, Men’s, Advanced, King Kong. You can buy these as a package or individually.

  • You Can Choose Your Resistance Level – 60lbs To 365lbs
  • Made From Aluminum & Alloy Steel
  • Durable & Sturdy
  • Every Resistance Level Costs Extra

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Here’s a small, individual spring-loaded hand grip exerciser. The Gripmaster uses stainless steel springs. The handles are ABS plastic, with finger pads.

Users can exercise each finger individually or the hand as a whole. The Gripmaster works finger dexterity and improves strength. It’s an adjustable strengthener, with the tension ranging from 1.5lbs per finger up to 9lbs.

The PROHANDS Gripmaster is great for not only athletes but also professional musicians . For example, a guitarist may wish to develop strength in one finger, such as their pinky finger. Yet, an athlete would want a better overall grip.

It’s also a popular rehab tool.

Finally, the different resistance levels are available at extra cost. The PROHANDS Gripmaster is made of ABS plastic, Santoprene, and a stainless-steel spring.

  • Popular With Athletes And Musicians
  • Exercises Individual Fingers Or The Entire Hand
  • Features Steel Springs
  • Several Levels Of Resistance
  • The ABS Plastic Handles Lack A Knurled Grip

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Here are hand grips that fit over your barbell, increasing the diameter of the bar. Fat Gripz Pro improves grip strength and activates the forearm muscles for more growth. They are made from a durable rubber-like compound.

It’s a patented design that works with any barbell, dumbbell, or attachment. You can use it on your pull-ups for maximum forearm stimulation. It also fits a rope handle or V handle. Anyone that wants more grip strength can use Fat Gripz Pro.

There are 3 sizes and thicknesses. As the Gripz get thicker, they engage your forearm flexors more.

That makes it the best choice for bodybuilders and weight lifting athletes.

  • Made From A Durable Rubber-Like Compound
  • Increases Grip Strength And Arm Size
  • Hand Grips That Fit Over Any Bar Or Attachment
  • Some Users Don’t Like The Product’s Odor 

No products found.

This is a hand grip strengthener that targets the fingers, wrists, forearm flexor, and extensor muscles. The Marcy Grip Developer features variable resistance. It’s a compact design that will fit any size hand.

You slide your hand through it and grab the handle. The grip handle is foam-covered and the width adjusts with a simple turn of the red knobs. Then, there’s a knob to adjust the resistance. You then pull the handle forward, flexing the forearms.

The Marcy Grip Developer is one of the best grip strengtheners for both beginners and experienced users.

This durable gripper is made of heavy-duty plastic. It has a comfortable, ergonomic design and feels solid. Also, it’s compact and can be stored anywhere.

  • Fits All Hand Sizes
  • Good For Beginners & Experienced Users
  • Resistance And Grip Adjustable
  • May Not Provide Effective Resistance For All Users

This is the best hand grip strengthener for finger extension and retraction. It also improves wrist and elbow stability.

ClinicallyFit The Extensor fits in the palm of either hand. It has finger bands that fit on each finger and the thumb. It’s easy to use and the bands have adjustable tension. Also, The Extensor helps ease tightness in the palm.

It’s a finger exerciser that builds stronger fingers. This can help prevent finger injury. Plus, it improves range of motion and helps develop the muscles of the wrists and elbows.

It’s a reverse grip hand exerciser that’s easy to use. It only needs to be used for a few minutes each day. Also, it’s built to fit most hand sizes.

Finally, it comes as a kit that includes everything you need to begin hand grip exercises right away.

  • Finger Exerciser – Work The Fingers Separately Or Together
  • Improves Grip Strength
  • Features Adjustable Tension
  • Fits All Hand Sizes
  • May Not Provide Effective Resistance For All Users

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The Iron Crush Grip Ring trains all aspects of grip. This includes crushing, pinch grip, and finger extension. It is more versatile than other grip strengtheners. It is ideal for anyone that wants complete grip development.

The Iron Crush Grip Rings consist of silicone. Included are 3 rings with each one offering a different resistance level. There’s a 30lb, 40lb, and 50lb ring. Each resistance level is color-coded.

These rings work well for most sports and are sized for adult hands. They can be used by men or women, they’re comfortable, yet provide a challenging workout.

  • Exercises All Areas Of Grip Strength – Crush, Pinch Grip, And Finger Extension
  • Made From Heavy Duty Silicone
  • There’s Three Resistance Levels
  • May Be Too Small For Some Users Hand Size

No products found.

Here’s a 4-pack grip kit that’s designed for athletes, musicians, and general recovery from injury.

The Pacearth Grip Strengthener Workout Kit includes adjustable hand grippers, stress balls, and a storage bag.

The Grippers feature resistance from 10-132 lbs. They use piano wire spring steel for durability. You can increase the resistance by turning the screw cap-style knob.

The handle is rubber for a good grip. The handles are also ergonomically designed and longer than competitors’ grippers. There’s a 20lb and a 40lb grip ball included.

The stress ball is helpful for relieving stress and exercising the fingers.

Any age group can use the Grip Kit. This is the best Kit for hand and grip strength as well as injury rehab.

  • Ergonomically Designed Grippers Feature Resistance Up To 132lbs
  • Includes Two Stress Balls – 20lbs And 40lbs
  • Storage Bag Included
  • Some Users Feel The Resistance Is Not Adequate

No products found.

Here’s a set of spring-loaded hand grippers. The Fit2Live Grip Strengtheners use a stainless steel spring. The handles are foam-covered for comfort.

These grippers are a great choice for seniors. They are easy to use and not too hard for seniors to squeeze. They can help seniors build or maintain hand grip.

They are also a finger strengthener. The Fit2Live grip trainer works well for athletes and fitness enthusiasts of any age. As well, they are helpful for physical therapy.

The Fit2Live Grippers fit any size hand. You can use them by themselves or with other Fit2Live exercise components. 

  • Feature Soft Foam Handles
  • Stainless Steel Spring Resistance
  • Ideal For Seniors
  • The Resistance Is Not Adjustable

No products found.

Here’s a hand strengthening tool with a unique approach to grip and forearm training.

The Sidewinder Pro Plus is a straight handle-like hand grip trainer. Users simply twist/rotate the bar for complete grip training. It also develops impressive forearm strength.

Also, by changing your hand grip, you can get in some extra work for your biceps, triceps, and even your shoulders.

It’s a modern version of the old-school wrist roller. Yet it’s just a bar. It’s made from industrial steel with rubber handles.

The resistance adjusts easily and quickly with the turn of a knob. The handle is made of metal with rubber grip sections.

The Sidewinder Pro Plus is also portable. Take it anywhere, work, school, or when you’re traveling.

  • Made Using Heavy Duty Steel
  • The Resistance Is Adjustable
  • Easy To Use
  • Not Meant For Value-Conscious Users

No products found.

Here’s the best old-school-style wrist roller. The Legend Fitness Forearm Wrist Roller is a time-tested grip strengthener and forearm builder.

This is not a handle with a rope attached to it. Instead, the Legend Fitness Forearm Wrist Roller features a chrome metal bar made of steel. There are also rubber handles and a nylon rope.

The hand grip strengthener features an ergonomic design that helps prevent hand fatigue.

The rope has a steel carabiner and can hold 100lbs. There’s a loading pin that can hold Olympic weight plates.

Finally, this unit is portable and easy to use. Simply maintain an upright posture, squeeze and rotate the rubber grips.

  • Old School Wrist & Forearm Trainer
  • Holds Up To 100lbs
  • Fits Olympic Plates
  • Standard Plates Won’t Fit

No products found.

Here’s a hand exerciser that is a great choice for anyone with golfers or tennis elbow. The DMoose Flex Bar is designed to strengthen your forearms.

It’s made using non-slip thermoplastic rubber. Users can bend it and twist it.

It eases joint pain, promotes injury recovery, and improves mobility.

The DMoose is the perfect rehab tool for tennis elbow, golfers elbow, and users suffering from arthritis. It’s also a good tool for athletes and musicians.

Available in 4 color-coded resistance levels. You can buy all four as a pack, or buy them separately.

  • Good Choice For Weak Grips Caused By Tennis & Golfers Elbow
  • Four Different Resistance Levels Available
  • Made From Slip-Resistant Rubber
  • May Not Provide Enough Resistance For Stronger Users

It is a piece of exercise equipment that’s used to strengthen your grip by exercising the hands, wrists, and forearms. It can also improve finger strength.

Hand Grip Strengtheners date back to the 20th century. They were originally used by bodybuilders. As they became more popular, they began to be used by anyone that wants stronger forearm muscles.

Also, musicians and individuals needing improved finger dexterity and strength have begun to use them.

Finally, they are used by anyone suffering from arthritis, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, or other injuries. The best hand grip strengtheners work all these areas. Other hand strengtheners target a specific aspect.

Here are the different types of grip strengtheners:

Coil Strengtheners – This is one of the standard hand grip strengtheners. It’s a coil spring with two handles attached. When it’s squeezed, the coil spring tightens. The best example of coil strengtheners is the Captains Of Crush Gripper by IronMind.

Spring-Based Strengtheners – This type of hand strengthener has an individual spring for each finger. There’s a long base on the bottom, and the top can be individually squeezed. It can also be squeezed at the same time. This means you can work each finger by itself, or exercise the hand as a whole. The best example is the PROHANDS Gripmaster. 

Extension Strengtheners – This type of hand strengthener allows each finger and the thumb to be placed inside a fitted hole. The unit is made of rubber and can be squeezed or extended. You can use it for hand exercise as a whole or each finger by itself. The ClinicallyFit The Extensor is the best example of this type. 

Stress Balls – This style is a ball that can provide different resistance levels. You squeeze the ball for stress relief. You can also use it as a hand grip strengthener. The best example is the stress balls included in the Pacearth Grip Strengthener Workout Kit. 

Rings – These are rubber rings that you can grasp, pinch, or extend by putting your fingers inside. They come in different resistance levels. The best example is the Iron Crush Rings. 

Twist Bars – These are straight steel bars or hard rubber bars that can be twisted and rotated. They provide different resistance levels. The Sidewinder Pro is one example. The DMoose Flex is similar and made of thermoplastic rubber. 

Wrist Roller – This is the original, old-school type of hand grip strengthener. It’s a wrist roller. Originally, it was a piece of polished wood, some rope, and a plate holder. You put weight plates on the bottom and roll them up and down. Simple but effective. Now Legend Fitness has evolved the idea by using better components. In fact, there are several hand grip strengtheners of this type on the market. All of them try to update the original design.

Barbell Grips – This is the Fat Gripz type of hard rubber pad that fits over your barbell, dumbbell, or accessory bar. The thicker grip develops grip strength and exercises the arms. 

Here are the benefits of using a hand grip strengthener:

  • They let you hold more weight on your lifts. The big lifts that depend on grip strength include deadlifts, cleans, curls, and weighted-carry exercises. A stronger grip means you can handle more weight. 
  • They increase endurance. Sometimes even if you could complete more reps, you fail due to not being able to hang on to the bar. By strengthening your grip, you won’t have to end a set early. 
  • A stronger grip improves your arm workouts. Some grip strengtheners, such as Fat Gripz, claim to promote overall arm development. All of them help develop the forearms. 
  • Your grip will enhance your body weight exercises. Pull-ups and chin-ups depend on it. From the starting position on the pull-up bar to the end of the movement, hand grip strength is crucial. By strengthening your grip, you will be able to complete your bodyweight reps and sets.
  • A strong hand grip can improve your quality of life. A hand strengthener can help ease arthritis pain and improve injuries such as golfers or tennis elbow.
  • Also, some professions demand good wrist and finger mobility. They also demand a good grip. This includes musicians, all types of athletes, and heavy computer users. 

When it comes to resistance, there are two types of hand grip strengtheners: fixed-resistance and adjustable resistance.

Fixed resistance is easy to use. However, if you want something with more resistance, you’ll have to buy something else.

Adjustable resistance allows users to build strength over time. It’s easy to gradually increase the resistance. The mechanism will vary based on the type of hand grip strengthener. 

There are four main types of grip action. The first is crushing. The second is pinching. Next, there’s twisting or rotating. Finally, there’s finger extension and retraction.

The best grip strengtheners will exercise all aspects of grip strength. Still, the focus of any hand strengtheners you’re considering should depend on your personal needs. 

As noted above, grip strengtheners work in different ways. Some focus more on finger extension and retraction.

Finger strengtheners work well for musicians, especially those who play a stringed instrument. Finger strength and flexibility are an important part of this profession. 

Make sure you buy a grip strengthener you understand how to use. Some, like the Captains Of Crush Grippers, are easy. All you do is squeeze the handles.

Others, like the Marcy Grip Developer, may be more complicated. Some are more goal-specific.

Options like Fat Gripz or the Legend Fitness Wrist Roller are popular with bodybuilders. Others, such as ClinicallyFit The Extensor, are more profession-oriented. 

The answer is yes. Grip trainers work. The reason is simple, you are exercising the muscles involved with grip strength. You are also increasing resistance as you build strength. The hand muscles, including those of your individual fingers, become stronger as you continue to exercise.

Since your forearms are involved in hand grip strength, your forearms also become stronger. This means your ability to grasp and hold things improves. That’s important if you lift weights, use bodyweight exercises, are involved in sports, play an instrument, or have a job that demands a sure grip.

As noted, the hand grip strengthener that’s best for you is the one that will help you achieve your goals. The best grip trainer fits in with your exercise program.

For example, the classic bodybuilding grip trainer is a wrist roller. For someone that spends a lot of time on a computer, a finger strengthener may be the best choice.

It can contribute to more size, but it’s the wrong tool if muscle growth is your primary goal.

Here’s a look at exercises that build forearm size and hand strength. Before doing any routine, make sure you warm up to prevent injuries.

To specialize on a strong grip, use the hand grip strengthener of your choice as directed. Depending on the brand, you can either use it anytime you want or as part of a specific forearm routine.

Forearms exercises include reverse curls and wrist curls. You can do these with your hand grip strengthener. Try 3 sets of 10-12 reps of each.

Also, bicep and back exercises heavily involve your grip. These are pulling muscles.

In addition, try doing Farmer’s Walks. You experience a forearm burn like you never have before. It’s also involved in any pushing exercise, but not as much.

There can be no doubt, using a grip strengthener can improve your workouts. Also, it’s a good tool for any type of athlete and musician. Anyone that depends on good grip, forearm strength, and finger mobility will benefit from grip training.

If you want our best overall, IronMind Captains Of Crush Grippers is the choice for you. It features a steel coil with knurled aluminum handles. There are 10 resistance levels available.

Are you interested in finger extension as well as grip strength? ClinicallyFit The Extensor is your best choice. This has bands with adjustable resistance that fit on each finger and your thumb. It’s good for finger flexibility, mobility, and grip strength.

Some of the best hand grip strengtheners use an old-school design, like the Legend Fitness Forearm Wrist Roller. This is an updated design and works well for anyone wanting more grip strength. It’s also a great choice for forearm development.

The choice is the one that fits your personal needs. Are you an athlete, musician, or someone that needs a better grip? The best hand best grip strengtheners work all these areas. Use our guide to find the best one for you.


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