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Top 12 best exercise machines for weight loss 2023

There’s no doubt that the best exercise machines for weight loss can make a big difference in your success. However, you need to remember that weight loss begins at the kitchen table. 

Once you understand how important your eating plan is, your next best step is the right choice in an exercise machine. 

Sure, you can use weights as part of your program, but they should be used to maintain or even build muscle. This makes a difference because muscle is more metabolically active than fat. 

Beyond that, you will need a weight loss-specific exercise machine. This guide will review the best exercise machines for weight loss and provide you with choices for each. 

Let’s get started!

A treadmill is a good exercise machine for weight loss because it does not require much skill, making it easy for beginners to begin an exercise program. 

The speed is adjustable to your fitness level. That means you can walk, jog or run, and you can do it on a flat surface or at an adjustable incline. 

A treadmill can grow with your fitness level, and the great thing is, you never have to leave your house. That makes the weather an irrelevant factor. 

For reference, a treadmill can burn approximately 300-400 calories per hour if walking, and 600-1200 calories per hour if you are jogging or running. These numbers, and all subsequent calorie counts, are estimates and will vary based on such factors as sex, age, and weight. 

Let’s take a look at two best treadmill choices:

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The Nordictrack T Series is available at several price points depending on the model you choose. The 6.5 S is a foldable treadmill that can hold a user weight of up to 300lbs. 

It includes a one-month iFit membership, which provides you with unlimited workouts. 

The 6.5 S has up to a 10-degree adjustable incline, and a speed of up to 10mph. There’s a Dual CardioGrip heart rate monitor, and one-touch controls. 

It also features easy lift assist and a compact design. There’s also real-time workout tracking and a music port with 2” speakers.

  • Easy To Lift Folding Design
  • One Month iFit Membership – Custom Workout Programs
  • Advanced Workout Tracker
  • May Be Too Pricey For Some Users

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The Xterra Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill features a large cushioned deck for a comfortable workout. 

There’s a large, easy to read display, 12 preset workout programs, and 3 incline settings for increased intensity. There are also heart rate monitors built into the handgrips. 

The TR150 is well-built and holds up to 250lbs user weight. It also includes a reading rack and storage containers. 

It folds up for easy moving and storage. These features and the low price point make the Xterra Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill the best budget treadmill.

  • Features A Large Cushioned Exercise Deck
  • Easy To Read Display
  • Includes A Built-In Reading Rack & Storage Containers
  • May Not Have Enough Weight Capacity For Some Users

One of the biggest advantages of an elliptical machine is that it offers a no-impact workout. This is a machine that can burn a lot of calories because it imitates running. 

While primarily a lower-body machine, some ellipticals also provide an upper body workout. 

For reference, an elliptical machine can burn approximately 800 calories an hour.

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The MaxKare Elliptical Machine Trainer is driven by a front flywheel and features 8 levels of magnetic resistance. It has a sturdy frame that can handle a user weight capacity of 264lbs. 

There’s an LCD monitor to track exercise performance, and there are two arm handles for a whole body workout. 

There’s also a water bottle holder and a holder for your smartphone. 

The MaxKare has wheels for easy moving and storage. These features make the MaxKare Elliptical Machine Trainer the best budget elliptical machine.

  • Features 8 Levels Of Resistance
  • Includes Arm Handles For A Whole Body Workout
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Assembly May Be Difficult For Some Users

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The Schwinn 470 Compact Elliptical Machine is a well built elliptical that has a user weight capacity of 300lbs. 

The 470 features Bluetooth connectivity and will sync with the Schwinn Trainer App. 

There’s a total of 29 workout programs, these include 1 quick-start app, 2 fitness test apps, and 12 profile apps. 

There are also 9 heart rate apps and 4 custom apps, as well as one that displays 19 locations with 27 routes. You can sync with and work out with people from anywhere in the world in real-time. 

There are also 25 levels of resistance, dual-track LCDs, and a media shelf with speakers. 

Finally, there’s an MP3 input port, USB jack, and an adjustable fan.

 All of these features make the Schwinn 470 Compact the best overall elliptical machine.

  • Includes 29 Total Workout Programs
  • Features 25 Levels Of Resistance
  • Sync With Other Users In Real-Time & Train Together
  • Assembly May Be Difficult For Some Users

A Stair Climber is a machine that imitates climbing a flight of stairs in the comfort of your own home.

A stair climber workout involves your entire lower body. You can adjust the number of steps per minute, allowing you to tailor the workout to your experience level. 

If you have a foot or knee injury, this may not be the machine for you. Other exercise machines for weight loss, such as a rowing machine, can work well instead. 

For reference, you can expect to burn approximately 600-800 calories an hour. 

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The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-1115 Stair Stepper features a simple, space-saving design, which makes it a good choice if your exercise area is limited. It’s well-built and can handle a user weight up to 220lbs. 

The SF-1115 has non-slip handles and an easy to read LCD monitor to track exercise performance. 

It also has 12 easily adjustable incline settings for more intense workouts. 

These features plus the compact, easy to store design makes the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-1115 the best compact stair stepper.

  • Compact Design
  • Features 12 Incline Settings
  • Holds Up To 200lbs
  • May Not Be Strong Enough To Hold Some Users

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The Precor CLM 835 is a commercial-level stair climber that you can own for your home gym.

It has a maximum user weight capacity of 350lbs, 14 preset workouts, and 31 levels of resistance. 

You can adjust the step height from 4” to 13”. 

The console has a display to track exercise performance and has motion controls for ease of use. 

The drive system is a dual pulley design that does not require a lot of maintenance. 

There’s also a lifetime warranty on the frame, and 10 years on parts.

If you’re someone that wants to add a premium quality cardio machine to your home gym and doesn’t want an ultra-expensive machine, the Precor CLM 835 Commercial Series is the best overall stair climber.

  • Features 31 Levels Of Resistance
  • Can Handle 350lbs User Weight
  • Commercial Quality
  • May Be Too Pricey For Some Users

A rowing machine is meant to imitate the motion of rowing a boat and provides a good whole body workout. 

A rowing machine is a good choice for people that have knee problems. This is because the exercise is performed in a seated position, so there isn’t any strain on your knees. 

It’s also a good choice for beginners. This allows you to get in reasonable shape before you try more demanding weight loss machines that put more stress on the legs.

It’s important to make sure you’re using good technique when performing this exercise. 

For reference, the rowing machine can burn 600-800 calories per hour.

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The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5634 Magnetic Rowing Machine features 8 levels of adjustable magnetic resistance that’s controlled by an easy to use tension knob. 

The SF-RW5634 has a well-padded seat with non-slip grip handlebars, and a slide rail length of 48”. This length allows a user height of up to 6’4” and has a user weight capacity of up to 220lbs. 

The digital monitor tracks exercise performance, including strokes per minute. 

The Sunny folds up for easy storage when not in use. These features make the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5634 the best budget magnetic rowing machine.

  • Folds Up For Easy Storage – Includes Transportation Wheels
  • Allows User Height Up To 6’4” Tall
  • 8 Levels Of Easily Adjustable Resistance
  • May Be Hard To Fold For Some Users

The Rogue Concept 2 Model D Rower is a commercial quality machine made from steel and aluminum. It can handle a user weight capacity of up to 500lbs and has a 54” rail length. 

The Rogue has a unique quick-release system that allows the rower to be broken down into two separate units for easy storage. 

It also has ergonomically designed handles, a 14” seat height, and adjustable footrests. 

The flywheel is designed for smooth, quiet movement. 

There are 10 levels of adjustable resistance. 

These features make the Rogue Concept 2 Model D Rower the best overall rowing machine.

  • Breaks Down Into Two Pieces For Easy Storage
  • Holds Up To 500lbs User Weight 
  • 10 Levels Of Resistance
  • May Be Too Pricey For Some Users

Exercise bikes are great because they can give you the feel of the open road without ever having to leave your home. There are a few types of exercise bikes:

  • Upright – This style is more like a real bike, you sit upright with the pedals below your feet.
  • Recumbent – With this style, you sit farther back with the pedals in front of you. This type provides good back support.
  • Semi-Recumbent – Many folding exercise bikes offer a semi-recumbent position, your feet are in front of you but you are not as reclined as you are on a regular recumbent bike. 

Exercise bikes provide a low impact workout, are not necessarily demanding yet burn a lot of calories. That makes exercise bikes a good choice for seniors. 

If you want a more intense workout, you can buy a bike with upper body handles to work your whole body. 

A typical exercise bike with no upper arm handles burns about 600-800 calories per hour. 

No products found.

The NordicTrack Vr21 Commercial Recumbent Bike is a commercial-level exercise bike that’s a good choice for your home gym or exercise space. 

The Vr21 can hold up to 350lbs user weight and provides a zero-impact workout. 

It features magnetic resistance and uses a 20lb Effective Inertia Enhanced flywheel for a smooth, natural pedaling motion. 

There are 32 onboard workout programs displayed on a 5” LCD screen. There are also built-in speakers, a media shelf, and an auxiliary input. 

All of these features make the NordicTrack Vr21 Commercial Recumbent Bike the best overall recumbent exercise bike.

  • 25 Levels Of Resistance  
  • 32 Workout Programs
  • Smooth, Quiet Operation

No products found.

The Pexmor 3 in 1 Adjustable Folding Exercise Bike is a good space-saving option for users that have limited space. 

It folds up and has wheels for easy transport. 

It has arm resistance bands for a complete whole body workout. It also has leg resistance bands to stretch your legs after your workout. 

The bike has an adjustable seat back for good support, it’s height-adjustable, and has 8 levels of resistance. 

It can be used as an upright or semi-recumbent bike. 

These features make the Pexmor 3 in 1 Adjustable Folding Exercise Bike the best overall folding exercise bike.

  • Provides A Whole Body Workout
  • Padded Adjustable Seat Back
  • 8 Levels Of Resistance
  • Some Users Complain Of A “Clicking” Noise While Using

If budget is a concern, it doesn’t get any cheaper than a jump rope. Space is not much of a concern either because you can jump rope anywhere. 

Not to mention, you can take it anywhere. 

The best thing is, rope jumping burns a lot of calories. 

Having said that, there are a couple of potential drawbacks. Your technique has to be good for it to be effective, and it can be a little hard on your ankles and knees. 

Still, if you can do the exercise, you can burn 750-900 calories an hour. 

No products found.

The Longang 2 Pack Adjustable Jump Rope features adjustable length, with the extra rope stored inside the handles. 

You can also trim the rope if you want to. It is also designed to be tangle-free for ease of use. 

The handles are made of EVA memory foam for a non-slip, comfortable grip. They measure just over 6” and the rope length is 9’2”. 

The Longang comes as a 2-pack and has a 360-day warranty. 

These features combined with a good price point make the Longang 2-Pack Adjustable Jump Rope the best overall.

  • The Length Is Easily Adjustable
  • No-Slip Grip
  • Tangle Free

No products found.

The Sportbit Jump Rope is 10’ long and easily adjustable to work with any height user. 

The handles are .41’ long and are slip-resistant. The rope is slightly weighted to provide better control while exercising. 

The Sportbit can be used for speed skipping or regular rope skipping. It includes a storage bag and an exercise ebook so you can get the best results. 

The price point and features make the Sportbit Jump Rope the best budget jump rope.

  • Weighted For Better Control
  • Adjustable Length
  • Excellent Price Point
  • The Handles May Be Too Thin For Some Users

The estimated calories burned per hour is based on the following formulas. The calories you burn during physical activity depends on several factors, your age, your weight, your intensity level, to name a few. 

Calories Burned Per 12 Minutes For Men = [(Age x 0.2017) — (Weight x 0.09036) + (Heart Rate x 0.6309) — 55.0969] x Time / 4.184

Calories Burned Per 12 Minutes For Women = [(Age x 0.074) — (Weight x 0.05741) + (Heart Rate x 0.4472) — 20.4022] x Time / 4.184

These formulas are from The Journal of Sports Sciences, but numerous online formulas use a calculator and charts to more precisely determine the rate of calories burned per activity. 

Before making your choice on the best exercise machine for weight loss, take the time to consider the following factors.

Your height and weight matter when choosing an exercise machine. You should be sure the machines you’re considering work with your body type. If you’re too tall or too short, that may cause problems. 

Leg length matters and if your legs are long, you may not fit all exercise machines. Look for a height-adjustable machine and be sure you know the user’s weight capacity. Also, don’t try to make a machine work to your size, if it’s not right, don’t buy it. 

Do your knees or back hurt? What about your ankles? Consider your injury history and current problems when looking at an exercise machine for weight loss. Make sure your chosen exercise machine provides a low impact workout, especially if you’re a beginner.  

The activities you enjoy should be considered when you shop for your exercise machine. Do you enjoy walking or riding a bike? What about jumping a rope, or rowing? 

Since losing weight is not an instant process, consider a form of exercise you can live with. 

Remember, your results will be better if you enjoy performing the exercise. You’ll stick with it if you look forward to working out.

Your price range will determine the exercise machine you ultimately buy. 

This guide offers two choices for every type of machine. In many cases, the best budget choice is included, and usually, a higher-end choice. This gives you an idea of what’s available at both ends of the cost spectrum.

If you own a good-sized home gym and have the space for additional equipment, you can buy anything you want. 

On the other hand, if you have a corner of a room and have to store the unit when not in use, that will shape your buying decision. 

Many of the choices listed in this guide are foldable for easy storage. However, some are a reasonable size and do not fold, so you’ll need a designated space for that type of machine.

As you can see, there are several good exercise machines for weight loss. As noted above, it’s as much a matter of what you eat as it is a matter of how active you are. It takes a combination of the two, combined with enough time, to get to where you want to be. 

When it comes to choosing the best exercise machine for weight loss, it depends on several factors. If you are new to exercising, a treadmill is the best choice for you. You can start at a slow pace and work your way up in intensity. You don’t have to learn any special skills to use one, you just get on and walk. 

However, if you want an effective workout that’s easy on the knees, a rowing machine is the best choice for you. You can get in a good calorie-burning workout even if you have bad knees. 

If budget is a concern, you can’t beat a jump rope. It’s one of the most budget-friendly pieces of exercise equipment you can buy. A jump rope doesn’t take up any meaningful space, it stores away easily and it can travel with you anywhere. 

The best exercise machine for weight loss is the one that works best for your needs, budget, and space. The choice is yours!


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