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Gymnastic rings are traditionally used by Olympic gymnasts to develop upper body mass and strength. 

Since gymnastic rings are an unstable way of training, they activate your core and upper body muscles in a way that traditional exercises don’t. 

The rings are not fixed, so most of the stress is placed on the core and upper body stabilizer muscles. It requires strength, balance, and focus to keep the rings as steady as possible. 

You can use gymnastic rings for calisthenics. Or, use them for CrossFit, bodybuilding, or just general fitness. They will add a new dimension to your training program.

Use this guide to help you find the best gymnastics rings available. 

Let’s check it out!

In a Hurry? Here is our top pick:

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The PACEARTH Wood Gymnastics Rings are made from birch wood and come in two sizes. 

The first size is 28mm thick. This has a load-bearing capacity of 992lbs. The next size is 32mm thick. This size can handle 1500lbs. 

The straps are 1.5” wide and have a scale on them to ensure the rings are both set at the same height. The straps are over 14’ long, and the cam buckle has a serrated edge for a secure fit.

These wooden rings include blue hand tape designed to improve grip and absorb sweat. The features make the PACEARTH Wood Gymnastics Rings our overall best gymnastic rings.

  • Durable Rings Made From Birch Wood
  • Extra Wide Straps
  • No-Slip, Sweat Absorbing Hand Tape For An Improved Grip
  • The Tape May Not Stay Secure After Limited Use

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The Garage Fit Wood Gym Rings are made from birch wood for durability and provide a solid grip. 

These wooden rings come with a 15’ long, 1.5” wide strap. There are two sizes. The first is competition size (1.11”) with a load capacity of 440lbs. The second is standard size (1.25”) with a load capacity of 550lbs. 

The straps are numbered so you can hang them at the same height. They can be hung anywhere, inside or out. This means you can train outside if you prefer, and you can take them with you if you travel frequently.

Finally, the buckles feature a better buckle design for ease of use.

  • The Straps Come In Different Colors
  • Made Using Durable Birch Wood
  • Wide Straps For Strength
  • The Straps May Be Too Long For Some Users
  • The Wood Rings May Get Ruined If They Get Wet

The Rogue Steel Gymnastic Rings were the first product ever offered by Rogue. These Rogue metal rings are built to provide a hand-made feel. Plus. these Rogue rings are made using heavy-duty 14-gauge steel tubing and come with a lifetime warranty. 

These heavy gauge steel rings are 1.25″ thick 14-gauge steel tubing. They are hand-welded, power-coated rings. That means the powder-coating is applied by a multi-step process. There’s zinc phosphate underneath.

Rogue Gymnastic Rings feature a powder exterior coating designed to promote a secure grip.

The straps are 16’ long, 1.5” wide, and use velcro fasteners. 

Like most rings, the Rogue Steel Rings can be used anywhere, inside or outside, and make a great exercise choice for traveling. 

If there’s a downside, the straps are not numbered, and no max load is provided. Still, the quality of these rings makes the Rogue Steel Gymnastic Rings the best steel rings in this guide. Plus, they are the best Rogue gymnastics rings.

  • Steel Rings Feature A Lifetime Warranty
  • Made Using 14-Gauge Steel
  • 1.5” Wide Straps With Velcro Fasteners
  • They May Be Too Pricey For Some
  • Load Capacity Not Listed On Website

Here’s a set of wooden gymnastic rings that offer 1.11″ thick wooden rings for smaller hands. The Rogue Wood Rings meet International Gymnastics Federation specs. The IGF is the governing organization of competitive gymnastics, an Olympic sport.

The Rogue Gymnastic Wood Rings also come in standard 1.25″ thickness. This size is common in CrossFit events.

The Rogue Wood Rings include 1.5″ heavy-duty nylon straps with buckles. The straps are 16′ long and include Velcro fasteners. They are designed for easy set-up and adjustments.

The Rogue rings come with standard straps, with an extra set optional. These wood gymnastics rings paired with Competition Straps are an extra-cost option.

Finally, Rogue Gymnastic Wood Rings are built to Olympic quality.

  • Available In A 1.11″ Thick Size For Small Hands – Also Available In Standard Size
  • Olympic Quality
  • Feature Heavy-Duty Straps
  • Some Users Feel The Straps Need Scale Lines

Rogue Echo Gymnastic Rings are made of durable plastic. These value-conscious rings come with the same superior strap system as the other Rogue Gymnastics Rings.

Thickness is the standard 1.25″, and they can be used both outside or inside. The straps are 16′ long.

The Rogue Plastic Rings are designed as entry-level rings. Use them for CrossFit, or simply general conditioning.

Finally, these Rogue gymnastic rings come as a set, a 5-set pack, or a 10-set pack.

  • Good Entry-Level Rings
  • Made Of Durable Plastic
  • Features Standard 1.25″ Thickness
  • Uses The Same Straps As Other Rogue Gymnastic Rings
  • Not Intended For Advanced Workouts

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The Titan Wood Gymnastics Rings are made to handle a load capacity of 600lbs. These wooden rings are 1.25″ thick for a good grip. The adjustable cam style straps are 15’ long and 1.5” wide. 

One of the best features of gymnastic rings is that they are portable, and the Titan Wooden Gymnastic Straps are no exception. They’re designed to be hung to a tree limb, inside a power rack, or to a pull-up bar. 

They’re easy to carry with you if you travel, and can be used for gymnastics, CrossFit, bodybuilding, or strength training.

The Titan Wooden Gymnastics Rings are durable high-quality gymnastic rings. They are truly the best choice for general training.  

  • Made To Handle 600lbs
  • Long, Wide Straps For Durability
  • Thick Rings For A Good Grip
  • No Mention Of The Type Of Wood 
  • No Markings On The Straps

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The Double Circle Wood Gymnastic Rings are made from heavy-duty wood and have a load capacity of up to 800lbs. 

The straps are 1.5” wide and have a “working length” of 7’5″. This is equal to the usable length of longer straps. They also have reinforced anchor slots and are marked so you can set both rings to the same height. 

The straps come with 4 sturdy carabiners rather than the common cam buckles. 

The carabiners combined with the numbered hook system lets the user use 4″ adjustments for exact lengths.

These features make the Double Circle Wood Gymnastic Rings the rings with the best adjustable strap system.

Finally, there’s a free ebook and online exercise video guide. This helps you get the most out of your wooden gymnastic rings.

  • Holds Up To 800lbs 
  • Straps Have Reinforced Anchor Slots
  • Included Ebook Good For Beginners
  • Some Users May Not Like The Buckle System
  • Some Users Have Complained Of Splinters

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The Elite Gymnastics Rings are made using PC plastic and while there’s no max load rating, they do have a lifetime warranty. 

The rings have a textured finish to improve grip. The straps are 15’ long and feature high-quality buckles. These buckles have a max load rating of 200 kgs or 440 lbs.

There’s a jump rope included and an online instructional video. 

One downside is that the straps are not marked, so lining them up may be difficult. Still, the features and excellent price point make the Elite Gym Rings the best budget gymnastics rings.

  • Made From The Highest Quality Plastic
  • Includes an Instructional DVD & Jump Rope
  • Good Price Point
  • No Load Capacity Rating
  • Straps Are Not Measured

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The Emerge Wooden Olympic Gymnastic Rings are made from a smooth high-quality wood that will not splinter. These wood rings are 1.11″ thick, as per FIG standards. As noted, this is the standard Olympic thickness.

These rings can handle loads up to 800lbs. They can be used anywhere, inside or out, and are convenient enough for traveling. 

The straps are made using military-grade webbing that’s 1.5” wide and 15’ long. These straps feature double-cam buckles made of steel.

Sometimes it can be time-consuming to hang gymnastics rings. Emerge Rings are designed for easy setup. There is a simple 4-step process to follow, and you’re all set!

Finally, all these features make the Emerge Wooden Gymnastics Rings the best gymnastic rings for bodybuilders and athletes.

  • Holds Up To 800lbs
  • Smooth Wood Finish Won’t Splinter
  • Professional Grade
  • Type Of Wood Used In Manufacture Not Specified

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The Nayoya Gymnastic Plastic Rings are made from PC plastic. They have a textured design for a good grip. 

These sturdy rings have a load capacity of 2000lbs. The straps are 12’ long and provide easy-to-read instructions on proper use. 

The downside is that the straps may be a little short for some users. Still, these rings are ideal for anyone that’s a beginner or on a budget. They are the highest quality plastic rings available. 

The features, price point, and quality make the Nayoya Gymnastic Rings the best plastic gymnastic rings.  

  • Made From High Quality PC Plastic
  • Advertised To Handle Up To 2000lbs.
  • Good Price Point
  • Not Much Information Provided On The Straps

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Evolutionize Power Gymnastics Rings are made from stainless steel. These steel rings afford an improved grip. They have good durability and the strength of metal. Plus, they are coated for a smooth, yet grippy, hand feel.

They have a lifetime warranty and are 3rd party verified to hold up to 1200lbs. That’s a pair of hefty gymnastics rings!

The competition-quality straps are 12’ long and 1.5” wide. The straps are designed to set the ring height quickly and easily. 

The carabiner strap system eliminates adjustable sliding buckles, as well as trying to set both rings at an even height. 

The shorter straps make them easy to use by shorter users, such as teenagers, or women. That makes the Evolutionize Power Gymnastics Rings the best choice for smaller users.

  • Holds 1200lbs
  • Textured Steel Rings 
  • Straps Feature Carabiner Clips Instead Of Buckles
  • Straps May Be Too Short For Some Users

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REP Fitness Wood Gymnastic Rings are made using natural baltic birch wood for durability. These wood rings are designed for users with large hands to help provide a firm grip. 

These REP Wood Gymnastic Rings are lightweight, portable, and easy to set up. They are an effective choice for building core and upper body strength.

The straps are numbered and are 1.5” wide. They can be ordered with or without the numbered markings. 

There are two strap lengths available: 7.5’ or 14’ long. The straps feature no-slip 1.5″ solid cam-style clamps.  Also, the buckle system has a Velcro retention loop that keeps excess strap in place during training.

There are also two ring sizes, 1.11” and 1.25”, and the max load capacity of these REP Rings is 600lbs. 

All of these features make the REP Wood Rings the rings that provide the best versatility.

  • Rings Available In Different Sizes
  • Two Strap Lengths To Choose From
  • Can Hold Up To 600lbs
  • The Buckles May Not Seem Secure to Some Users 

No products found.

Here’s a set of ABS plastic rings that have a 2,000 lb. rating. Iron Bull Rings are 1.11″ thick as per competition standards.

These plastic rings are versatile, you can do virtually any exercise with them. How do muscle-ups, pull-ups, dips, and rows sound?

These Rings feature a textured grip for a comfortable grip.

Our 1.5” wide nylon ring straps use a thick webbing texture for durability. They are 15′ long and use printed scales with incremental numbers every 6″ for fast and accurate setup. These nylon straps feature heavy-duty steel buckles.

Iron Bull Gymnastic Rings are designed to be set up, adjusted, and in use within 5 minutes. That makes Iron Bull Rings the best gymnastic rings for easy installation.

  • Made Of Durable ABS Plastic
  • Very Easy To Install
  • Thick Nylon Straps
  • Some Users Feel Plastic Rings Are Too Slippery

Gymnastic rings have been traditionally used in strength training and of course gymnastics.

In fact, gymnastics is a recognized Olympic sport. The governing federation is called the International Gymnastics Federation. They organize all official gymnastics competitions.

Also, they have educational courses available, making them an excellent gymnastics rings resource.

For those that do not compete, gymnastics ring exercise has become a popular part of all styles of training. 

As an example, you can use gymnastic rings for calisthenics, CrossFit, and even bodybuilding.

If you’re new to gymnastics rings, or new to training in general and are interested in trying a gymnastic ring set, it’s important to have a base level of strength. This helps you get the most out of using gym rings in your workout routine. 

Having said that, it’s important to understand that using gym rings does not require knowledge of or training in gymnastics. The rings can be used by anyone. But it may take time to build up your strength enough to get reasonable use out of them. 

To get the most benefit out of gymnastics rings, you should be able to perform a minimum of: 

  • 15 ring dips
  • 15 ring push-ups
  • 5 ring pull-ups

If you aren’t strong enough yet, keep working at building your strength, and do what you can on the gymnastic ring set.

As you build your strength, here’s a good video that demonstrates a gymnastics rings routine and covers rings exercises for beginner, intermediate, and advanced:

If you’re more advanced, good exercises to add might include muscle-ups, leg raises, assisted pistol squats, ring dips, and pike push-ups.

The best gymnastic rings offer the following benefits:

  • Gymnastics rings provide a challenging workout
  • Gymnastics rings work the important stabilizer muscles more than other types of gym equipment
  • Gymnastics rings are portable and make a good travel fitness equipment option.
  • Gymnastics rings are one the best ways to develop grip strength
  • They are budget-conscious
  • Gymnastics rings are fun

The best gymnastic rings brands are the ones listed in this guide. Our best overall, PACEEARTH Gymnastics Rings, is one of the best brands available.

Of course, Rogue Gymnastics Rings are always near the top of the list. They make a strong showing here with steel rings, wood rings, and plastic rings.

Other popular brands include Rep Wood Rings and Titan.

All the rings in this guide are the best gymnastic rings for a specific category. In other words, there’s a set of gymnastic rings for every training need.

The three materials used to make gymnastics rings are: 

These are durable and are designed to provide a good grip. They are smooth to prevent splinters. 

Wooden gymnastic rings are used in the Olympics.

That’s because wooden Olympic gymnastics rings, especially birch wood, feel good in your hands. Even if you sweat, they provide a good grip without using non-slip tape.

Of course, the tape can be used as desired to improve your grip.

Best for inside use, many wooden Olympic gymnastics rings are coated. This means they can also be used outdoors.

The best wooden rings are Garage Fit Wood Gym Rings. Another good choice is Rogue.

  • Provide The Best Grip
  • Use Inside Or Out
  • Long-Lasting

This is a less expensive material and has a textured finish for a solid grip. They are less expensive than steel or wood rings. That makes a plastic ring set a good choice for beginners or budget-minded users.

Plus, PC plastic gym rings are much more durable than you might think. Finally, they are not affected by climate or moisture.

The best plastic rings are made by NAYOYA.

  • Durable
  • Good Entry Level Rings
  • The Grip Is Not As Good As Wood Rings
  • They Become Slippery From Excess Sweating Quickly

This is the sort of material you’d expect to see at the playground in your local park or school. They are extremely durable and are textured for a good grip. Metal gymnastic rings are not as common as wood or plastic.

Metal rings are heavier. With a goof coating, they provide a solid, comfortable grip. When combined with strong straps, you can perform calisthenics with metal gymnastic rings.

For a sure grip, it’s a good idea to wear gloves or use tape. This also applies to plastic rings.

Metal rings are easy to care for, they can be hand washed. Just use a moist cloth and then wipe them dry.

Thes best metal rings are made by Rogue.

  • Very Durable
  • Easy To Care For
  • The Grip Is Not As Good As Wooden Rings

Gymnastics rings come in two sizes: 

1.11” (28mm) – This is known as Olympic competition size. These rings meet the gymnastics standards used by professional gymnasts in Olympic competitions. 

1.25” (3.1mm) – This is the standard gym size. You’ll usually find this size in most gyms.  It’s also the size used in CrossFit events.

You can buy either size for home use. The 1.11” size is best for users with smaller hands, and the 1.25” is a good choice for those with larger hands. Also, the extra thickness of the 1.25” size helps ensure a good grip. 

Most straps are 1.5” wide, and many are 14-15’ long. The buckle system will vary from brand to brand. 

When you see the load capacity of gymnastic rings, it’s referring to the straps. After all, the straps are what support your weight. You’ll want to choose a set with a good load rating. 

Some rings can handle well over 1000lbs, but since they just have to support your body weight, a set that can handle up to 600lbs is more than enough. 

Many straps come with measurement markings so you can line up the rings easier. The manufacturer will include proper use of the strap system when you buy your gymnastics rings.

There are primarily two types of buckles: 

Cam – Many gymnastic rings use a cam buckle. This is the same kind of buckle that’s used to secure heavy loads before they are transported to their intended destination.

They don’t slip, they’re durable, and they do a good job supporting your weight. The downside to this style of buckle is the time it takes to adjust them. Unless your straps have measurement markings, it can be difficult to adjust the rings to the same height.

Carabiner – This style is similar to the system used by mountain climbers on their harnesses. This style uses pre-set distances, making adjustments quick and easy. This style can be expensive, but it’s the preferred buckle system.

Most companies provide instructions on how to set up their rings. Since many companies use different straps and buckles, you’ll want to follow their specific instructions.

Having said that, here’s a general 4 step guide to setting up gymnastics rings safely:

  1. Hang your straps over your chosen structure – do not tie gymnastics rings straps to your structure
  2. One end of the straps goes through the ring
  3. The same strap end goes through the buckle system, and this is where companies will have different instructions. It helps if you understand how your specific strap system works.
  4. Adjust to the height you want and you’re all set

You can hang gymnastic rings from any beam or structure. Plus, you can hang them inside or outside. 

Here are the most common structures you can hang them from:

  • Outdoor pull up bar (such as you’d find at the local park)
  • Pull-up bar that’s either wall or ceiling mounted
  • Doorway pull-up bar in your home, as long as it is secure. 
  • In a hotel room if you travel a lot. Just make sure whatever you hang them from can support your weight
  • Anchor set specifically designed for gymnastic rings. This allows them to be hung in your home gym 
  • Your power rack
  • Any sturdy tree branch

Since they are mainly used for strength, gymnastics rings help build functional strength and flexibility. Other types of exercise equipment can cause injuries.

With gymnastic rings, you’re working the important stabilizer muscles. These muscles support the body during your lifts and help prevent injuries.

Wooden rings provide a better grip than metal or plastic. This fact alone makes them a better choice than either metal or plastic rings.

Gymnastics rings can add an entirely new twist to your standard training program. As noted above, the instability of training with rings triggers stabilizer muscles and develops core strength. 

If you want the best overall gymnastic rings, the PACEARTH Wood Gymnastics Rings are made from strong, durable birch wood. These rings come in two sizes. The 28mm size is capable of handling 992lbs and the 32mm size has a load capacity of 1500lbs. 

If you would prefer steel rings, the Rogue Steel Gymnastic Rings are made using heavy-duty 14-gauge steel tubing and come with a lifetime warranty. 

If you need a budget-conscious set, the Elite Gymnastic Rings are made using PC plastic and have a lifetime warranty. They also have a great price point. 

There are gymnastics rings suitable for most styles of training, from sport-specific to bodybuilding to general fitness. The best choice is the one that fits your needs the most.

Use our guide to get started!


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