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Top 7 Best Alternatives To TRX Suspension Trainer In 2023

It is possible to find a TRX alternative if you’re trying to stay on a budget or looking for something slightly different. This type of suspension training is great for home use, as it can help you improve your strength, mobility, flexibility, and balance. 

People from youth to seniors can learn how to train with this equipment, and the easy storage makes it quite popular. Check out the best alternatives to TRX Suspension Trainer below if you’re looking for quality equipment without the brand price.

In a Hurry? Here is our Top Pick:

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No products found.

Intent Sports has developed a close match to the TRX bands with moderate adjustments.  This kit features very sturdy and easy to adjust straps and comfortable handles. 

The detachable foot handles make it very convenient to use. For upper body workouts where you don’t need the foot handles, you can simply take them off and they won’t be in the way. 

This is overall an affordable option to consider for home training. 

  • Strong door anchors to prevent accidents from occurring
  • Comes with two bands opposed to being attached together
  • Foot handles can be detached when unneeded
  • Commercial grade quick attach carabiner
  • The separate strap design may cause uneven tension during training
  • Dual straps may slide opposite directions when attached to the door
  • Not compatible with TRX wall mounts as a replacement
  • Adjustment feature is towards the top of bands, which can make them  difficult to adjust when hung
  • Strap edges are reviewed as sharper than normal and may cause irritation
  • A few consumers reported the straps broke after around a year of use


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RitFit has brought you the best upgrade alternative for the TRX system and at a cost-effective price. This all-in-one product comes equipped with all features that you normally pay extra for when purchasing TRX. It’s a total body training kit.

The straps are made from high-quality nylon. They can support up to 400 lbs. of bodyweight and 1000 lbs. of resistance. For an effective workout, you can quickly customize the resistance levels as needed using the buckles.

The extension cable included in the package allows you to do extra workouts. It also works great for those that are taller and need more strap length.

  • Comes with detailed workout guides
  • Provides an extension cable as part of the package
  • Strap edges are easy on the skin
  • Quick release clamps to easily adjust the settings of your straps
  • Solid interchangeable grip handle for smooth movement
  • Adjustable clips are made of cheap materials and may adjust during movements
  • No direct customer service to reach out to for inquiries


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The FITINDEX is a budget alternative to the TRX band. With this kit, you get 2 resistance straps, 4 loop bands with different weight capacities, a workout guide, and a storage bag. 

The straps are made from strong nylon. There’s numbering on them, which allows you to adjust the lengths perfectly for a balanced workout. This is a huge advantage since most other bands similar to the TRX need to be adjusted by guessing the equal lengths.

  • Numbered adjustable bands to ensure you evenly set the bands for training
  • Padded grips for comfortable training especially for those with arthritis 
  • Padded door anchor and straps to prevent damage to doors
  • Durable hoist buckles to prevent chances of snapping
  • Product comes with resistance hip circle bands and storage bag
  • Handles are large, which could make it difficult to use if you have smaller feet
  • Foam padding on the grip easily tears off during use


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The Recoil S2 Pro is an upgrade alternative to the TRX system. This product is slightly a higher price range in comparison, but you do get unique features and save costs by getting everything in one package. 

It comes with a door mount and a recoil mount, which gives you multiple mounting options. The straps length can be easily adjusted with a push button. You can adjust them from top to bottom or at any point in between. 

The tangle free pulley system makes storage easier, and will allow even distribution of the band for balanced training.

This brand has also been noted by consumers to have great customer service for any questions or concerns.

  • Largest primary adjustment range available on the market
  • Evenly adjusts the two straps to prevent disrupted tension
  • Tangle free design since cables retract into a pulley system
  • Comes packaged with a wall mount and storage case
  • Quick adjustment feature using a button during movement
  • Bolts not included with the mount
  • Cheap plastic face for the pulley mechanism causes user doubts for durability
  • Tangle free design may lead to binding issues in the pulley system


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This is another affordable alternative. The AKLAAS resistance training bundle comes with a set of hip circle bands to go with your training package. The separate band feature makes it similar to other products available, but at a slightly cheaper cost.

The main straps only weigh under 1lb., making them portable and ideal for those who want to work out while travelling. You can hook them to any door, beam, or tree, or anything stable enough. 

AKLAAS is also seen as another customer friendly brand. 

  • Detachable hand grips for variety of uses
  • Durable design with no consumer complaints of bands ripping
  • Has a large range of adjustability compared to similar products
  • Easy to set up for use
  • Door anchor cylinders not as thick as comparable products
  • Straps can shift when anchored to the door, causing instability
  • Rough edges may cause skin irritations


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Your top budget TRX alternative would be the WorldFit Iso Trainer in terms of isometric training. This strap is great for strength training, stretching, and yoga. It helps you improve your flexibility and endurance with zero impact on your joints. It’s safe to use whether you’re young or senior. 

It is a strong and sturdy strap made from US made 1st Grade Military webbing. The buckles allow for quick position changes and the latex free handles are comfortable. 

This strap is useful for training as you travel, but know that it is not a suspension trainer i.e. you do not anchor it to an object or door.

  • Durable straps design to prevent wear and tear
  • Comfortable handles for those with arthritis
  • Very affordable price for isometric training straps
  • Not a suspension trainer
  • Adjustments are not universal for those over 6’ tall
  • Lack of instructions for product use


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Eximius is another newer brand to consider for an alternative to TRX training. You get the two-strap feature with narrow cylinders for door mounting, 5 resistance bands, and cores sliders to build rock hard abs. 

The bands come in 5 different resistance levels, which allows you to get an effective workout no matter your age or fitness level.

  • Sturdy design for frequent use
  • Comes with a free set of core sliders and hip circle bands
  • Easy to follow instructions for setup
  • Solid carabiners for trustworthy use
  • Adjustable length slightly shorter than other brands


You can see from our list of products that there are several choices when it comes to a TRX alternative. If you want an upgrade, RitFit Bodyweight Resistance Training Kit would be the best choice as it includes the features that TRX would charge you extra for.  

On the other hand, if you’re on a budget, INTENT SPORTS Bodyweight Max Trainer Fitness Resistance Kit, which has durable numbered straps, would perhaps bring you the most value for the price.  


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