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Top 9 Best Jump Ropes For Double Unders

A great way to get in your cardio is to use a jump rope. It’s an easy, space-saving, budget-conscious option.

One of the most effective exercises you can do with your jump rope is double unders.

In case you aren’t sure, a double under means that the rope swings twice for every single jump you do.

Sound hard? It can be and the right rope is a must.

In this guide, we review the best jump ropes for double unders. Ready? Let’s jump right in!

In a Hurry? Here is our top pick:

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Here’s our best overall. The Fitness Master Jump Rope is designed to achieve the maximum number of rotations per second for fast spinning.

It’s adjustable, lightweight, and made for double-unders. It’s also our best overall. The handles turn at 90 degrees, with no tangling or friction.

Made of steel, you can adjust the cable to any length, and it can be easily shortened. This jump rope can also be used for regular jumping and slower double unders practicing.

The Fitness Master Jump Rope is portable and includes a carrying bag as well as a spare screw kit. 

  • Lightweight Adjustable Steel Cables
  • Durable Plastic Handles With Rotating Rods
  • Easy To Adjust
  • Some Users Feel The Steel Cable May Fray Easily

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This Jump Rope includes a free ebook that contains 20 jump rope workouts. 

The Masters Of Muscle Jump Rope features a fast spin handle that turns 90 degrees. The rope itself is a wire cable that does not tangle, bend, or kink.

The cable is easily adjustable to suit users of any height. Screws hold your chosen length securely.

This jump rope is light and compact so you can work your double unders anywhere you happen to be.

It also has an excellent price point, making it our pick for best budget jump rope for double unders.

  • Includes A Free eBook With 20 Jump Rope Workouts
  • Features An Adjustable Cable
  • Compact, Light, & Portable
  • Using This Rope Outside On A Windy Day Throws Off The Rope’s Balance

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The Elite Surge 3.0 has an upgraded ball bearing design in the handle for improved spinning efficiency. 

This new design eliminates the use of screws to adjust cable length. The handles now have a key/screw system that allows you to properly size the cable to your chosen length. This upgrade makes the Surge 3.0 the best choice for a jump rope that adjusts quickly and easily. 

Additionally, the handles are aluminum, lightweight, and can spin at 7 revolutions per second. The cable is nylon coated and at 10’ will fit users up to 6’6” tall. 

The cable will not kink, tangle or bend. Finally, there’s a storage bag for easy carrying.

  • Features An Upgraded Handle System For Adjusting Cable Length
  • Aluminum Handles Only Weigh One Ounce
  • 10” Nylon Cable Fits Users Up To 6’6”
  • Some Users Find The Screwtop On The Handles Do Not Stay Tight

The Rogue Sr-1L has a 10’ nylon cable and features a 7.5” nylon resin handle. 

This version of the Sr-1 is designed for taller users with large hands, and it’s the best jump rope for tall users. The handgrip rotates and the tapered handles are adjustable. 

Additionally, the wider ends promote a better grip. Also, there are 4 precision ball bearings per rope, with 2 in each handle for faster spinning.

  • Designed For Taller Users
  • Adjustable, Tapered Handles
  • 11’ Nylon Cable Adjusts Easily
  • The Screws Used To Hold The Rope Length In Place May Loosen

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The RPM Comp4  features an adjustable cable that fits any size user. The handles are aluminum, precision machined, and include a 5-year warranty. They use a dual bearing system for good spin and balance. The handles are patented and will stay securely attached to the ends of the cable. 

Additionally, they have a knurled design for a good grip. The features of the handles make this the jump rope with the best patented design.

This lightweight jump rope includes a travel bag for easy portability.

  • Features A Patented Handle Design
  • Made Of Precision Machined Aluminum
  • Adjustable Cable Fits All Users
  • Trimming Cable Length May Be Difficult Due To Cable Thickness

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Here’s our pick for the best weighted jump rope for double unders.

Designed for advanced users, the Crossrope Get Strong Jump Rope is weighted for improved strength. Double unders done using a weighted rope will increase workout intensity.

Additionally, it will work the arms and back harder. The Crossrope comes in 1lb and 2lb versions and includes fast clip handles for easy length adjustments. There are 4 sizes available to fit users of any height.

Finally, there are free apps and tutorials for increased motivation.

  • Weighted Jump Rope – 1lb and 2lb Versions
  • Increases Double Unders Intensity
  • 4 Sizes Available To Fit Any Height
  • Some Users Feel The Smooth Handle Rotation Decreases With Use

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Here’s a rope designed to help beginning athletes master double unders. It’s the best rope for beginning athletes just learning how to do double unders.

The WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope has a patented 4-bearing system. There are two bearings in the 6.75” handles and two more on the tips. This helps hold the steel cable in place during use.

The nylon resin handles swivel and has a tapered end for a solid grip. The 10’ cable is coated cable and can be adjusted using a cable cutter. There’s a spare cable included at no extra cost. 

Finally, there’s a carrying bag for easy portability. 

The WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope is recommended for use on flat surfaces only.

  • Features A Patented 4-Bearing System
  • The Nylon Resin Handles Are Tapered For A Better Grip
  • Includes A Spare Cable & A Travel Bag
  • Some Users Feel The Quality Is Poor

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This rope is the best choice for competitive athletes looking for the best jump rope for double unders. 

The Bullet COMP® is patented with a unique handle design and a frictionless spinning action. No tools are required to adjust cable length.

The handles use dual steel ball bearings for a fast spin. The 5.5” aluminum feature a non-slip knurled grip. Each handle weighs 1oz, and the nylon cable is 10’ in length.

Includes a carrying bag so you can work your double unders anywhere.

  • Designed For Competitive Athletes
  • Features A Patented Handle Design
  • 10’ Cable Length Fits Any User
  • Spins To Fast For Average Users

No products found.

The RAGE Fitness R1 Speed Rope is 11’ long but can be adjusted to fit any user height.

This jump rope is advertised to be the “fastest” speed rope. It features an ergonomic handle and coated lightweight cable made of nylon. 

The coated is designed to increase speed and decrease friction. The RAGE Fitness R1 was designed specifically for speed. 

The R1 underwent years of testing to achieve this goal.

  • Designed Exclusively For Speed
  • Ergonomic Lightweight Handles
  • Coated Nylon Cable Reduces Friction
  • Some Users Find The Cable Wears Out Quickly

A jump rope is a good choice for a simple, budget-minded form of cardio. It burns calories and improves balance as well as agility. Since they are portable, you can use them anywhere. 

A double under is when you perform a single jump but the rope rotates or spins around your body twice. While this may sound simple, the technique is not. It may be hard to master, but the results from performing double unders can be impressive. They are an excellent form of cardio. 

Popular in CrossFit, double unders originated in 2001. It was used for conditioning and training, but it has since grown in use and popularity. There are now competitions world-wide. It’s also in the Guinness Book of World Records. 

This is the type of rope that’s primarily used for double unders. The rope, or cable, is thin and able to spin fast. Mots speed ropes are made of coated nylon or steel. The rope fits through the handle and rotates. 

The handles should be light. Heavy handles cause the forearms and hands to fatigue quickly. A lightweight handle allows users to complete more reps. The best jump ropes have handles that weigh 1oz each. Also, they are knurled to improve grip. 

One method is to use your arm length as a guide. Another method is based on height. For example, if you are 5 feet tall, you should start with a 6-7 foot jump rope. If 6 feet tall and over, start with a jump rope that’s 9-10 feet long. 

This is important if you need to adjust cable length or replace a cable. Most cables are adjusted by cutting a portion off to shorten the length. Some jump ropes, such as the Elite Surge 3.0, feature an in-the-handle design that includes a tool for cutting the cable. Others, such as the Bullet COMP® Jump Rope, do not require any tools to adjust the cable length. 

Jump ropes are available in two angles. The first is 180 degrees, and the cable rotates directly from the handles. The second one is where the cable connects at a 90-degree angle. Either angle will work for double unders.

Your jump rope should be durable. It needs to be able to survive hitting the ground without breaking. The handles outlast the cables, but they can be easily replaced. Some jump ropes, like the WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope, include an extra cable. 

If you’re new to double unders, here’s some tips to help get started:

Your hands should line up with your pockets. Your arms should be relaxed and fully extended. The jump rope handles should be pointing straight out the sides. You will find that this is the most comfortable position. If your rope length is relatively short, it forces you to maintain this position. Using your fingers, hold the rope with a light grip. You can achieve better dexterity by pinching the jump rope handle between your thumb and index finger.

You will be able to spin from your wrists by using the hand position as described above. Remember to keep your hands tight to the body. Also, they should be just in front of the body. From there, they should be lined up directly over your toes.  Remember, when you are jumping, the rope has to clear the balls of your feet. For this reason, you want the peak of your jump rope swing to be directly under your toes. 

It’s common to push your elbows forward, but you should strive to keep your elbows back. The peak of the rope’s swing should be aligned with the ground contact point. Or, as noted, your wrists need to line up with the balls of the feet. If you allow the elbows to push forward, the rope contacts the ground in front of the feet. This may lead to the rope hitting the toes. The same thing will happen if you let your hands change position. Keep the elbows back, and your hands in front. This position leads to a relaxed shoulder position. It also results in the proper ground contact of the jump rope.

As noted above, the correct elbow and hand position allows the correct ground contact of the rope. The harder you let the jump rope hit the ground, the more it will slow down. Like your heels, the rope should lightly touch the ground as you jump. You can get auditory feedback from the rope lightly grazing the ground. This helps you maintain your rhythm. 

Two immediate problems can arise when you begin double unders. The first problem is that you might feel that lifting your feet gives you more hang time. This makes you think you can clear the rope under your feet. The fact is, you don’t have the time you think you do. The second problem is trying to spin the rope quickly. This might stop you from relaxing and allowing your body to extend as you jump. The answer in both cases is to keep practicing your double unders. Your goal should be to minimize all movement in the air. Try to keep the body relaxed. 

Every jump rope in our guide allows for easy length adjustment. How do you know what the length should be? Here’s a good tip: 

Hold the jump rope handles, and take one step onto the center of the rope. Pull the slack out of your jump rope and stand up straight. The part of the jump rope that meets the handles should be even with or right below your nipples. With most jump ropes, you cut off excess length. For this reason, adjust the length a little at a time until you have the correct length. 

Unless you’re an advanced athlete used to doing them, double unders are not easy. The first step is to use the right rope.

The best overall jump rope for double unders is the Fitness Master Jump Rope. It’s designed for speed, and the unique handles keep the cable at a 90-degree angle.

If you want to build strength while doing your double unders, you need a weighted jump rope. The best choice is the Crossrope Get Strong Jump Rope, available in 1lb and 2lb versions. This rope will build your arms and back muscles while you do your double unders.

Do you compete? The best rope for competition use is The Bullet COMP®. This rope features a patented design that will help you excel at your competitions. Double unders are a great way to burn calories and get in shape.

If you’ve chosen to get started, this guide has the best rope for you. Good luck!


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