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Top 9 best push-up bars in 2023

One of the best body-weight exercises you can do for the upper body is push-ups. It’s an exercise that directly works the chest, shoulders, and triceps. 

If you’ve been training for a while, you may want to take the exercise to the next level. Push-up bars are the way to go. They increase your range of motion and at the same time take the stress off your wrists. Some of them also add adjustable resistance to the movement. 

If you want to improve your push-up performance, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will review the best push-up bars on the market. Let’s get started!

In a Hurry? Here is our top pick:

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The Mazzello Steel Push Up Bars are made of steel and have a user weight capacity of 440lbs.

They have foam handles for comfort and a polypropylene base that won’t slip.

They’re slightly inclined to increase the effectiveness of the exercise.

They’re easy to assemble, lightweight and portable, so you can use them anywhere you happen to be.

The steel construction and features make the Maxxello Steel Push Up Handles our best overall.

  • Made Of Steel For Durability
  • No-Slip Base
  • Can Handle Up To 440lbs User Weight
  • No Warranty Information Listed

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CAP Barbell Push Up Bars are available in black or chrome finish. They are lightweight with slip-resistant foam covered handles. They also have no-slip rubber footpads. 

The CAP Barbell Push Up Bars are simple and easy to use and make a good choice for anyone new to exercise or push-up bars. With a lightweight design and removable feet, they are easy to carry and easy to use anywhere.

The simple design, good price point, and features combined make the CAP Push Up Bars the best choice for beginners.

  • Lightweight, Portable & Easy To Use
  • No-Slip Rubber Handles & Foots Pads
  • Easy To Assemble
  • There’s No User Weight Capacity Listed

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The Power Press Original Push Up Board is a clever take on the idea of using multiple angles to target different muscles.

The Power Press consists of a large color-coded board and two oversized push-up handles. The different colors refer to different muscles: red = shoulders, blue = chest, green = triceps, and yellow = back.

There’s a free 10-week training program and calendar included, and you can access the workouts on YouTube.

These features make the Power Press the best push-up bars for versatility.

  • Provides 30 Exercises For Chest, Shoulders, Triceps & Back
  • Includes Complete 10-Week Workout Program
  • 300lb User Weight Capacity
  • May Be Too Pricey For Some Users

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The PULLUP & DIP Wooden Push Up Bars feature real wood handles and a steel base.

The handles are ergonomically designed to reduce wrist pain, and meant to fit your hand comfortably.

The sturdy steel feet have non-slip pads that protect floors. 

These push-up bars are lightweight, portable, and can be used anywhere. There’s also an exercise guide included.

The features of these bars make them the best wooden handle push-up bars.

  • Ergonomically Designed Wooden Handles
  • Solid Steel Non-Slip Feet
  • Includes An Exercise Guide

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The JBM Perfect Muscle Pushup Bars have an angled design that directly targets the chest muscles.

They’re made of polypropylene with padded handles and padded no-slip feet. The feet are easily removable for storage or portability. 

These pushup bars are lightweight, easy to use, and come with your choice of 5 different padding designs. An extra-cost option includes an ab wheel with the push-up bars.

The features and price point of the JBM Perfect Muscle makes these the best budget push-up bars.

  • Angled For Better Muscle Activation
  • Well-Padded For Comfort
  • No-Slip Padded Feet
  • There’s No User Weight Capacity Listed

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The Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Bars have a rotating handle that reduces strain on the wrist and activates the chest muscles better than regular bars.

The base uses a ball-bearing system for smooth operation and won’t slip or slide during use. The handles are made using rubber for grip and comfort.

Designed by a Navy Seal, these push-up bars are lightweight and portable.

They are designed for all fitness levels and are the best rotating push-up bars.

  • Rotating Design Reduces Wrist Pain
  • Features A No-Slip Base
  • The Handles Are Made Of Rubber For A Good Grip

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Here’s a unique version of the standard push up bar.

The Iron Master is a 4’ long flat device that holds up to six resistance bands.

There are two sliding push up bar handles that use the bands as resistance.

You can do narrow, medium, and wide grip push-ups with the Iron Master. The action of this device creates an increased range of motion. 

The Iron Master includes  6 bands and each band provides 10lbs of weight. This is designed to add resistance to the push-up bars to improve results.  

This push up machine requires no assembly, it’s lightweight and portable. It also includes an exercise and nutrition guide.

The features of the Iron Chest Master make it the best resistance-based push up bars.

  • Uses Resistance Bands For Increased Intensity & Progressive Overload
  • You Can Do Narrow, Medium, Or Wide Grip push-ups
  • No Assembly Required
  • Some Users Feel The Push Up Movement Is Awkward

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These push up bars are “S” shaped and are meant to be more stable than regular push-up bars.

They have thick foam padding for the handles and feet. The base is designed to be slip-free and not damage floors. 

The Sodeno Portable Steel Push Up Bars are lightweight and can be used anywhere.

They are made of steel and each bar can hold up to 220lbs, for a total user weight capacity of 440 lbs.

These features make the Sodeno Portable Steel Bars the best S-Shaped push-up bars.

  • Made From Steel For Strength
  • Holds Up To 440lbs User Weight
  • S-Shape Design For Stability
  • Some Users Have Claimed These Roll During Use

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The Fit2Live Pushup Bars feature a flat foot design for a more secure push-up.

They are designed with full-length rubber on the bottom of the feet to prevent slipping or sliding. The handles are foam-padded for comfort.

If you want to use the Fit2Live Pushup Handles outside, or anywhere you happen to be, the handles are easily removable for carrying.

You also get a downloadable Fit2Live workout app for your smartphone or device.

This is a detailed app that tracks users stats such as weight, goal weight, BMI, and bodyfat %.

There’s also numerous exercise videos that you can follow along with. 

4.5 Stars.

  • Flat Foot Design For Stability
  • No-Slip Rubber Padding On The Bottom
  • Includes Fit2Live App For Your Smart Device

The push-up is a direct chest exercise that works the chest, shoulders, and triceps. These muscles are considered pushing muscles. This exercise uses gravity and body-weight for resistance.

Variations to the standard push-up include grip width which targets different aspects of your chest more than others.

As well, you can change your grip to target the triceps more, and you can adjust your grip and positioning to involve the upper back.

An example of how different grip styles and positions effects the exercise is the Power Press Original Push Up Board.

One look at how this board is set up clearly shows how many push-up variations there are and the muscles worked by each one. 

The two exercises are similar in that they are both considered to be compound movements. This means they work more than one muscle group. As noted above, in this case, it’s the pushing muscles.

The biggest differences are that the bench press uses weights, which puts stress on the spine. In comparison, the push-up does not involve the spine. 

However, there should not be a “which is better” discussion because they both work the same muscles. The best choice for you is based on your goals.

Are you a bodybuilder going for maximum chest mass?

Then you need to get under the bench press bar and progressively add weight over time.

The same is true if you’re a powerlifter training for maximum strength. In these cases, push-ups can be a useful part of the routine but are not the main chest exercise.

Other people may be interested in general fitness, or may not have much space. In these cases, push-ups are a great place to start and will be the main chest exercise.

When done as part of an overall body-weight program, you can perform effective exercises with minimal equipment and minimal expense. 

Any serious bodybuilder or powerlifter will turn to bench presses as the best chest exercise.

However, push-ups have their place in your routine.

First of all, not everyone is a bodybuilder or powerlifter.

If you’re training for general fitness, push-ups are a great choice. Like any other calisthenic exercise, they require no special equipment and no real space. You don’t have to pay anything to do them.  

Like bench presses, push-ups develop the chest, shoulders, and triceps. You can change your grip to work on different aspects of your chest or target your triceps more.

Like the bench press itself, they are one of the primary upper body exercises in any calisthenic-style routine. 

If the standard push-up has a shortcoming, it’s that they can strain the wrists and hands. Using a push-up bar adds several advantages, such as:

  • Easing wrist pain 
  • Adding difficulty to the exercise
  • Increasing the range of motion
  • Ease of use – you can do narrow, medium, or wide grip push-ups just by moving the bars closer or farther apart.
  • Some options allow the user to work their entire upper body, such as the Power Press Push Up Board. This device has predetermined spaces laid out on the board which allows users to easily perform up to 30 exercises. 

For many exercisers, push-ups are easy to add to your routine.

If you want to make them harder as well as ease wrist strain, using the push-up bars of your choice makes a lot of sense.

If you aren’t a serious bodybuilder, have limited space, or are on a strict budget, using body-weight style exercises is a great way to get in shape.

Push up bars are among the most inexpensive pieces of equipment that can be added to create an effective full-body routine.

Here’s what you should take into consideration when choosing push-up bars:

Push-up bars can be made of plastic, wood, or steel. Most handles use some form of foam padding, others may use rubber or wood. The strongest will use steel and will be able to withstand more weight than the typical user can ever generate. 

Budget plays a role even in what is seemingly a simple piece of equipment. Some of the choices in this guide may be surprisingly pricey. Others will fit almost anybody’s budget. 

Space is not an issue with these. Most of them are lightweight and can be easily carried anywhere. If you travel frequently, some of them can be disassembled easily. In general, push-up bars can be used anywhere you prefer to train. 

The type of handles can make a big difference in performing the exercise comfortably. Make sure you choose a comfortable type of padding on the handles, and that the padding covers the entire area your hands will be gripping.

Do you have any history of wrist injury? For the most part, push up bars ease wrist strain. The positioning of the bars also can help reduce elbow discomfort. If an injury is a real problem, you should consult with your medical practitioner before purchasing any equipment. 

Push-up bars can have one of many designs. The simple basic bars are just one choice.

There’s also S-shaped bars, various “machine” type designs, and some that have a rotating base.

Some may be a little gimmicky, but each of the designs presented in this guide has something to offer.

Whether it’s added resistance or multi-positioning, the best push-up bars can bring more to the basic push-up.

Adding a pair of push-up bars will help increase the intensity of your routine. Our best overall choice is the Mazzello Steel Push Up Handles. These bars are made using steel construction and feature non-slip feet. They can be used anywhere. Push-up bars that are this well made will withstand anything. 

If you want to get the most out of your push-ups, the Power Press Original Push Up Board is the way to go. This board is designed to accommodate the push-up bars at various angles, effectively working your entire upper body. The multiple angle variations allow you to perform 30 exercises. 

Finally, if budget is your biggest concern, the JBM Perfect Muscle Pushup Bars are the best choice. These are made of heavy-duty polypropylene, feature different colored foam padding, and can be easily taken apart for portability. 

Which one should you choose?

The best push-up bars are the ones that fit your goals and budget the most.

Are you ready to ramp up your chest workouts?

This guide gives you the best push-up bar choices on the market. 

Good luck with your training!


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