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Top 9 Best Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars 2023

For many, being able to do bodyweight pull-ups is a sign of strength. In fact, a lot of people strive to hit 10 reps in bodyweight pull-ups, then add a weight belt for more resistance. 

This exercise builds a wide set of lats, a good overall back, and can develop impressive biceps. This is especially true if you use different grips and widths on your pull up bar. 

The best wall mounted pull bars vary from a simple straight bar to two angled lat bars with cross member grip handles along the entire length of the bar. Several feature dip handles, hooks for various attachments, and even a leg raise unit. 

Which one is best for you? 

Let’s jump in and find out!

In a Hurry? Here is our top pick:

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The Gronk Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar is made from tubular steel and can hold up to 800lbs. 

It features 2 long bars, one on the front and one on the back, with angled ends. 

There are also multiple grips at various angles and the entire unit has a non-slip finish. 

The Gronk Bar is 48” wide and the multiple grip options allow you to work muscles not affected by a straight pull up bar. 

It includes anchors for gym rings, resistance bands, or TRX straps. 

The Gronk Bar is a highly versatile pull-up station that’s commercial-level quality.

  • Can Hold Up To 800lbs
  • Features Multiple Grips
  • Made Using Heavy Duty Tubular Steel
  • Installation May Be Difficult For Some Users

The Rogue Jammer Pull-Up Bar can be mounted on a standard wood stud wall above any doorway frame. This means you can get in some extra sets and reps any time of the day or night. This can be especially helpful if your back is a weak point in your physique and you’re trying to do extra work for it. 

The Jammer Pull-Up Bar comes with a 43″ long stringer, or frame, and 0.375″ thick laser-cut steel brackets. You can order the custom-finished 1.125″ diameter bar with either a knurled or smooth grip, and in your choice of 22 finishes. 

The downside is that if you want to install it concrete, you may have to contact a contractor. Still, the features of the Rogue Jammer make it the best door frame mounted pull-up bar.

  • Can Be Mounted To Any Door Frame 
  • Uses Olympic Bar Knurling
  • Comes with Everything You Need
  • Not All Doorways Are The Same – Measure First!

The Rogue PV-5 Pull Up System can either be mounted to a wall or ceiling. It features 1” x 2” 11-gauge steel brackets. They measure 24” x 23” and can be mounted at a depth of 14” or 22”. 

The variable depth allows you to install two bars if you wish. 

The Rogue P-5V System includes a 52” straight bar that can be anchored to either a wood stud, ceiling joist, or concrete wall. The fact you can mount the pull-up bar to a wall or ceiling is ideal if your home gym doesn’t have a lot of space. That makes the Rogue PV-5 the best space-saving pull-up system.

  • Customizable Depth Allows 2 Bars To Be Installed
  • Can Be Mounted To The Ceiling If Space Is Limited
  • Made Of Heavy-Duty 11-Gauge Steel
  • The PV-5 Pull Up System Does Not Come With Mounting Hardware

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The TDS Wall Mount Chin Up Bar is manufactured using heavy flange and can hold up to 600lbs when mounted correctly. 

It is designed to be mounted to a wall or above a door and be reverse-mounted for reverse-grip pull-ups. 

If mounted normally, it can be used for standard close grip and wide grip pull-ups. 

The bar is angled down at the ends by 15 degrees like a lat bar and features a knurled grip on the ends and in the center. 

These features combined with an exceptional price point make the TDS Wall Mount the best budget pull up bar.

  • Easy To Install
  • Mounts To A Wall Or Door
  • Holds Up To 600lbs
  • May Not Mount In All Doorways

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The Titan Fitness HD Pull Up Bar is manufactured using heavy-duty steel and can hold up to 500lbs. 

This is a versatile pull-up bar that can be custom-mounted using one of three different widths: 16″, 32″ or 52″. 

If you mount it to a concrete wall, it can be mounted at the width of your choice up to 48″. 

It can also be ceiling mounted, and it’s height-adjustable to you and/or the ceiling. 

The TDS Titan bar has a 1.3” diameter and is not knurled. 

All of these features make the Titan Fitness HD Pull Up Bar the best for width versatility .

  • Can Be Mounted To A Wall Or Ceiling
  • Can Be Mounted At 3 Different Widths
  • Holds Up to 500lbs
  • No Mounting Hardware Comes With Your Purchase

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The Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull Up Bar is built using all-steel construction and can hold up to 300lbs. 

The Pull Up Bar is 42” wide with the ends angled downward like a lat bar. 

There are two handles closer together for close-grip pull-ups and all bars have foam handles for a comfortable grip. The center is also padded which provides multiple grip width options. 

The Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull Up Bar features a 10-year warranty. 

There are extra-cost options that include ab straps and gymnastic rings.

  • There are Multiple Handles For Various Grip Options
  • Holds Up To 300lbs
  • Features A 10 Year Warranty
  • Only Holds 300lbs – Not As Much As Many Other Choices

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The Merax Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar & Dip Stand is made using solid steel construction and can hold up to 440lbs. 

The Merax features a pull-up bar that’s 38” wide with angled ends, and you can grip it in narrow, parallel, or wide positions. 

There’s also a dip station, and a well-padded backrest with arm pads so you can do dips, leg raises, and other ab work. 

You can also attach accessories such as TRX straps, yoga straps, or power ropes. 

These features make the Merax Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar & Dip Stand the best combo Pull Up, Dip & Ab Station available.

  • A Multi-Function Unit In One: Pull Up Station, Leg Raise Station, & Dip Station
  • Holds Up To 440lbs
  • Features Multiple Grip Widths & Angles
  • Poor Installation Instructions May Make This Difficult To Install For Some Users

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The Merax Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar is made from heavy-duty steel and can hold up to 286lbs. 

It features a 47” long lat bar with angled ends on the front and back. There are cross member knurled handles at different points with some that are angled. 

It also includes 2 suspension anchors to attach punching bags, TRX straps, yoga straps, or power ropes for more training variety. 

The Merax is powder coated in a rust-resistant black finish. 

This is the ideal pull up station for anyone new to working out, but can also be used by more experienced trainers.

  • Features Knurled Multi-Width & Angle Grips
  • Suspension Hooks Add Exercise Variety
  • Good For Beginners 
  • 286lb limit Won’t Be Enough For Advanced Users

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The Yes4All Wall Mount Chin Up Bar is made using heavy-duty steel and is finished in a black powder coat for rust resistance. 

It features an angled lat bar with foam padding on the ends and in the middle for a good grip. 

The Chin Up Bar can be set at either a width of 16” or 24”, features multiple grip options, and can hold up to 300lbs. 

Installation is easy. It can be installed in your home gym or any room you have available, and it’s height adjustable. This means it can be used by seniors or anyone that may not be able to pull themselves over a long range of motion but still wants the benefits of a pull-up bar.

  • Features Various Width Grips
  • Holds Up To 300lbs
  • Solid Steel Construction
  • Instructions May Not Be As Clear As They Could Be For Some Users

A wall-mounted pull-up bar is a good addition to any home gym. A pull-up bar can open up a good variety of exercises for numerous muscle groups. Usually, they have width options and more than one grip option. Often, they can also be installed to your ceiling for better stability. 

If you want to develop pull up strength, work your back and your arms, the wall-mounted pull-up bar is the way to go. Here are the things you should consider before buying:

The wall mounted pull up bars listed in this guide feature several different designs. They range from a straight bar to an angled lat bar to a multi-grip style bar. 

It’s important to look at each bar design and decide what style you’d like the most. 

Some wall mounted pull up bars include add-ons such as dip bars and leg raise stations. 

Most bars are wall-mounted, and can easily be added to your home gym. 

Some are meant to be attached to a door frame, and can be installed in any room you would like. 

Some have the option of being mounted to a ceiling, which opens up space in even the smallest home gyms.

Many pull-up bars use bolt construction which means you have to assemble it yourself before you can mount it. 

Some wall mounted pull up bar units may be welded together, saving you assembly time. They are more stable but typically more expensive. Still, if your budget allows, this is often the best choice. 

Grip positions vary among pull up bars and are the most important element of the design. 

Mounted pull up bars include a long bar that is either straight or angled on the ends like a lat bar. 

Some pull up bars are designed with a front and back long bar with several cross member bars. These cross bars can be straight or at an angle to allow the use of a neutral or close-grip. These bar variations open up quite a few possibilities for back and arm work.  

Some have dip station bars that can also be used for pull-ups. 

Others add to the versatility of a pull-up station by adding a leg raise station and anchor hooks for various straps. If you’re considering a station like this, make sure you have the room for it. 

Changing up your grip can affect different aspects of your back, shoulders, and biceps. There’s three primary types of grips:

Pronated, or Overhand – Also called palms down, this is the standard pull up grip and the same as you would use on a lat pulldown machine. Of course, grip width is also a factor and this is a popular grip for both a wide grip and a closer grip.

Supinated, or Underhand – Also called palms up, this is ideal for close grips chins, an exercise that directly targets the biceps. 

Neutral, or Fingers Out – A neutral grip is like a handshake, or in other words, your palms face towards each other and your fingers extend out. To visualize a neutral grip, imagine doing hammer curls. This type of grip allows for greater chest and back engagement. Some of the crossbar style grips on many of the pull-up bars in this guide allow a neutral grip. (1)

As you can see, multiple grip options target different upper body muscles more directly than just one grip can. 

To install your wall-mounted pull-up bar, you will need to drill some mounting holes. Unless you’re using concrete, you will need to locate the wall studs to drill into. 

Do not try to mount straight into drywall because it’s hollow, so it  does not have the strength to support a bar. 

Wall studs are usually 16” apart, but check and be sure because yours might not be the same. Some studs may be spaced as wide as 24” apart. For this reason, it’s important to check your wall for stud spacing before you purchase your pull up bars. 

Once you know the stud spacing, you’ll need to decide where you can mount the bar. The bars in this guide will mount to any wall, and some can be mounted to a door frame or your ceiling.

These mounting options mean that you can find space no matter how small your exercise area is. Finally, make sure you thoroughly follow all instructions for secure, stable mounting. 

Generally, there are two depth primary levels for wall-mounted pull-up bars. One will only have a single bar, this is meant to go above a door frame. This style is compact and works well in small home gyms or no home gym at all. This is a more limiting style of pull up bar, and you’ll want to measure first because not all doorways are the same.

In contrast, wall-mounted bars attach 24”-30” from the wall. This style of bar will be larger and will have more grip options. It can also be used from either side and will have more available accessories. Sometimes it will have a long bar on the front and back, with assorted cross member bars  attached along the length of the unit. You can install a wall mounted pull up bar at any height. It will work in all but the smallest home gyms. 

Most users will just be lifting their body weight when using a pull-up bar. Some advanced users will strap a couple of plates to their waist for added resistance. 

This means you should consider the amount of weight you plan to use when choosing your wall mounted pull up bar. 

Most units can hold at least 300lbs, and many go up to 500 or even 600lbs. If that’s not enough, our best overall can handle an amazing 800lbs!

The addition of a wall-mounted pull-up bar to your home gym or exercise space can make a big difference in your training results. 

If you want the best overall, the Gronk Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar is a commercial quality pull up station with two lat-style long bars and several cross member bars. It features a non-slip grip and installs easily. It’s a durable unit that can hold as much as 800lbs. 

If you need something more budget-friendly, the TDS Wall Mount Chin Up Bar can’t be beat. It has an exceptional price point, can hold up to 600lbs, and mounts to a wall or above a sturdy door frame. 

If you need something that’s more than just a pull-up bar, the Merax Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar & Dip Stand is our best combo pull up bar. It features an angled long bar, accessory hooks, a dip station, and a leg raise station. This is a good space-saving way to get in a great upper body workout. 

As always, the best choice is the one that fits your space, budget, and goals the most. Happy Training!



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