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Weider Ultimate Body Works Review [2023]

If you’re in the market for a home gym, you have probably heard of the name Weider Ultimate Body Works. It’s one of the best home gyms on the market.

In this Weider Ultimate Body Works review, we will give you the details on how well this machine stacks up. 

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  • Affordable Price
  • 50 Total Exercises
  • 8 Incline Levels
  • 4 “SuperPack” Cables That Add Up To 50lbs Additional Weight Resistance 
  • Telescoping Design For Taller Users & Exercise Versatility
  • 250 lbs Weight Limit
  • No Extra Accessories Available
  • Must Be Assembled 
  • Not For Bodybuilders or Strength athletes

Weider Ultimate Body Works is a compact machine that uses body weight and an incline board as resistance. The board adjusts to 8 different heights for increased resistance.

There’s also an exclusive “SuperPack” system of 4 cables that can add up to 50lbs of additional resistance. 

You can do 50 exercises with the Ultimate Body Works. It comes with a sit-up/high handle and 2 pulleys, and has a unique telescoping design for taller users as well as added exercise versatility. 

It’s a space saving design that folds up and rolls for easy storage under a bed or in a closet. 

This product has several good features and a good price point that help it stand out from its rival – Total Gym. However, you don’t get any of the extras you can get with Total Gym. 

The Weider Company was founded in 1936 by Joe Weider. It was then that he  launched his magazine empire that included an equipment and supplement company.

In 1988, he bought ProForm and Weslo only to sell everything to  ICON Health & Fitness in 1994. Today, ICON is the largest manufacturer of exercise equipment in the world. 

A home gym that uses body weight and an incline board as resistance is a good choice for anyone who wants to get in shape. However, if you have serious training goals, that may not be enough. 

For those individuals that want something with more resistance, there’s several good space-saving home gym options available.

Single stack machines such as the BodyCraft XPress Pro features a 200lb weight stack which should be enough for most users.

There’s also several Bowflex models that meet the needs of everyone from fitness enthusiasts all the way up to bodybuilders. 

Here’s the things you should consider before buying a compact home gym:

  1. Space – No matter how compact a home gym is, you still have to have enough space for it. Body weight gyms such as the Weider Ultimate Body Works are small and foldable for easy storage. Other types of home gyms may be compact but may require a permanent space.
  2. Resistance – If you’re interested in a gym that uses body weight and an incline board as resistance, make sure it’s challenging enough for your training goals. A home gym like this is great if you just want to stay in shape. It’s just not going to work if your goal is serious  bodybuilding or strength training.
  3. Warranty – Quality is determined by the warranty. Always consider the warranty before you decide to buy. Some home gyms may offer a lifetime warranty while others may offer just a 90 day warranty. 
  4. Does It Have The Features I Want – Don’t buy a gym that falls short on features. This is more than just the resistance. Can you do the exercises you want to do? How hard is it to move from exercise to exercise? Will I have to make any training compromises? These are the questions you should be asking before you make your choice. 

The Weider Ultimate Body Works consists of a durable steel tube frame with an incline board attached. The board is well-padded and slides on a system of rollers.

There’s a foot plate at the bottom and a Sit-Up/High Handle at the top. There’s also two pulleys with padded D handles attached. 

For resistance, there’s 8 incline levels combined with the user’s body weight. Weider takes this concept one step further than competing gyms of this type by adding a system of 4 cables called the SuperPack. The user can get up to another 50lbs of weight resistance when all of these cables are attached. 

The Weider Ultimate Body Works also telescopes for greater exercise versatility and to accommodate taller users. The frame itself consists of two pieces. There’s a knob that tightens to hold it in place. If you loosen the knob, the bottom half can slide into the top half. 

It’s a space-saving design. Take off the footplate and high handle, and it folds up for easy storage in a closet or under a bed. It’s on wheels so you won’t have to try and carry it. 

In terms of size, the Weider measures as follows: 

Unfolded : W 26.5” x L 71” x H 49.5”

Folded: W 27.5” x L 59” x H 48” H and weighs 77 lbs. 

This unit has a maximum user weight capacity of 250 lbs. 

The machine offers a total of 50 exercises. The combination of features on this unit means you can get a full body workout. 

Some of the exercises you can do include pullovers, bench press, shoulder press, rows, lat pulldowns, squats, leg curls, V-crunch, and sit-ups. 

As you can see, you can do virtually any exercise you want on this machine. 

However, the Ultimate Body Works is not the best choice for someone who wants to build mass and strength. You’ll need more weight and the classic free weight exercises for that. 

Still, this unit is a great choice for anyone who wants to exercise and get fit.

See it in action here:

Weider offers a 90 day warranty on parts and labor. Let’s be honest, that’s not a great warranty. 

That’s not to say Ultimate Body Works is not well built. Even though this is an inexpensive machine, it is well made. 

However, its main competition – Total Gym – offers a lifetime warranty on the frame, which is a much more comprehensive warranty.

You’ll need to assemble the Body Works. It’s an easy process that might take 30-40 minutes. This is one more area where Weider falls short and loses out to its main competition. A Total Gym comes fully assembled.

If Weider did the same and improved the warranty, as noted earlier in this Weider Ultimate Body Works Review, they’d be much more competitive.

There’s no question that the Weider Ultimate Body Works has a lot of good features for its price. 

It has several exclusive features that separate it from similar home gyms. These include the Sit-Up/High Handle, the telescoping design and the SuperPack resistance cables. Yet, the only extra is an exercise poster. 

You won’t get access to online workouts or a DVD, for example. 

While you’ll pay quite a bit more for competing machines, you’ll get much more both in terms of accessories and workout guides. 

If you’re a beginner who has never exercised, you might want to consider a machine such as Total Gym, which provides several workouts as well as a complete nutrition plan. 

Otherwise, if you’re experienced and don’t need a lot of workout guidance, the Weider Ultimate Body Works would be a good choice.

We searched the internet and found quite a few positive reviews. Most users of the Ultimate Body Works are happy with their purchase. Most feel it’s as good as Total Gym and of course, the great price makes it even better.

One word of caution, apparently some people are complaining about customer service. Also, some users don’t like the lack of workout DVDs.

The Bowflex PR1000 is an entry level model in the popular Bowflex line of home gyms. It features 210lbs of adjustable Power Rod resistance and includes an upper/lower pulley system.

The PR1000 offers more than 25 exercises. It’s not as compact as the Weider Ultimate Body Works but it is small and it provides more resistance. 

The PR1000 comes with a folding bench that converts to a rolling seat that’s meant for cardio rowing.  

Another great feature is the built-in media rack that provides 7 trainer-designed workouts, something Weider does not provide. 

Overall, this is a great choice for people who want more than what the Weider Ultimate Body Works can offer. 

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The Bodycraft Xpress Pro is an excellent single stack home gym. In fact, it’s so well built that it’s backed by a lifetime warranty. 

This home gym has a 200lb weight stack that can be converted to 400lbs. That means it will work well for anyone, even users who want to build mass and strength. 

This home gym has a lot of versatility with an adjustable cable arm system that can be set to 11 different starting points. The purpose of this is to allow dumbbell-style exercises to be performed. It’s also designed for strength training, sports specific training and even rehab exercises. 

The press arms are uniquely designed for both vertical and horizontal movements. This means you can do regular flat bench presses, as well as incline presses and shoulder presses. You can reverse it for seated rows. 

The Xpress Pro has quite a few extra cost accessories available such as a leg press station and more weight. 

This home gym will need to be assembled and it does take up more space. Still, if you want a serious home gym, this is a great option.

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The Weider Ultimate Body Works takes the body weight home gym concept and makes it affordable for everyone. 

Not only does it have 8 incline levels, there’s the option to add an additional 50 lbs of resistance. This is a big deal because it allows you to make consistent progress and not outgrow the machine too soon. 

It has a great telescoping feature that adds exercise versatility and makes it easy for tall users. 

It also includes the sit-up/high handle standard. 

We hope you find this review useful. If you want to get in shape and need a compact home gym that can be easily stored out of the way, the Weider Ultimate Body Works may be the home gym for you.

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